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White Sand Beach with tree and swing
White Sand Beach, tree and swing


White Sand Beach, Koh Chang’s northernmost beach, has become the island’s most popular resort. Therefore, the beach is among one of the busiest and tourist beaches on Koh Chang. There are many bars, restaurants, stores, travel agencies and accommodations here. Most of the stores can be found in the south and middle of the bay. You have everything close by. For those seeking peace and quiet, it’s good to know the further north you go, the quieter it gets.

On White Sand Beach there are beautiful resorts and swings hanging in the trees for hours of entertainment for little ..and a lot of adults too! The beach, narrow at high tide, has many shady spots and slopes gently into the sea. This allows small children to enjoy the warm sea water. Swimming is possible but first you have to walk a bit into the sea.

Shade of palm tree on the beach of White Sand Beach

Eating and Drinking

Along the beach are almost contiguous resorts, restaurants and massage parlors. Because the beach is narrow, you soon find yourself with your feet in the sea while sipping a nice drink.

When the sun goes down, White Sand Beach becomes bustling. The many restaurants and bars set the tables in the sand for dinner and drinks while the sun sets in the sea. Regularly there is a beautiful Thai fire show on the beach or you can enjoy a live band or electronic music at one of the bars.

A bit more Thai style and equally delicious food can be found at the street stalls on Rural Road which runs parallel to the beach. At the end of the day the street stalls appear with the most delicious Thai street food and dishes. In addition, in this street you will find all kinds of stores, massage shops, travel agencies and restaurants.

In short, if you like to have everything within a short reach, White Sand Beach is the place to be on Koh Chang!

Dining on the beach by candlelight

The northern part of White Sand Beach

The northern part of White Sand Beach is not comparable to the southern busier part of White Sand Beach. To get to the northern part of White Sand Beach you walk all the way down the beach, you will come to a narrow staircase that leads to a restaurant. When you arrive at the restaurant, a walkway will show you which way to go. Of course you can have a drink at the restaurant first, but that is not mandatory.

the walk to North White Sand Beach

Image: Thailandmagazine.com

When you walk all the way to the end, you will pass rustic looking bungalows in a beautiful green setting just a few steps from the sea. These simple bungalows belong to the White Sand Beach Resort. There are usually at least half as many people on the beach as on the southern part of White Sand Beach.

Simple wooden huts on the beach

Image: Thailandmagazine.com

Most people come to the northern part of White Sand Beach for the tranquility and simple island life. When the tide is low, you can possibly walk along the beach to the busy part of White Sands Beach, here you will find the plenty of bars, restaurants and massage shops. In the far north of White Sand Beach, there are practically no amenities other than those of the resort where you are staying. Perfect if you come for your peace and quiet, otherwise a scooter is essential to take the steep road up.

Simple bungalows on the beachfront of White Sand Beach.

Image: Thailandmagazine.com

Nightlife at White Sand Beach

Do you feel like a relaxing evening or do you want it a bit wilder? You can have both! White Sand Beach has plenty of nice beach bars like the cozy Sabay Bar, a must visit! This bar is known for its beautiful dance and fire shows and regularly good bands. During the full moon parties you can dance here until the sun rises, but also watch a sports game or a game of snooker is possible here.

The Beach Tango Restaurant has a beautiful location on the beach. The atmospheric lighting and affordable prices do the rest.

Sabay Bar, tables under the lighted trees on the beach
Fire dancer on the beach

When you drive from the pier to White Sand Beach you pass a viewpoint. From here you can overlook almost all of White Sand Beach!

White Sand Beach Resorts

Resorts on White Sand Beach come in all shapes and sizes, from small cabins to large villas with private pools. Most hotels are located directly on the beautiful beach, even the simple cheap bungalows! You don’t necessarily have to have a big wallet to fall asleep with the calming sound of the waves. Most stores are in the south and middle of the bay, so you will have everything close by. The further north you go, the quieter it gets.

Bna Na Resort

Simple affordable little wooden huts on the beach, they are still there! The simple bungalows have a private bathroom with a hot shower and a veranda. The big plus is the good location under the shade of the trees on the beach! You step from your veranda into the warm sand and in a few steps you are in the blue sea. The Bna Na Resort is located in the quiet northern part of White Sand Beach. There is no road to the resort, you can only reach it by a 300 meter long beach walk. There you will be met by the friendly owner and the friendly dog. The coffee and tea are free.
More information about Bna Resort

Simple bungalow on White Sand Beach
Beach in front of Ban Na Homestay, Koh Chang

KC Grande Resort & Spa

The KC Grande Resort is one of the most popular luxury and upscale resorts on and nearby the sea. The modern Thai-style rooms have wonderfully soft beds and luxurious bathrooms. Rooms have balconies with views of the green mountains or over the sea. While stores and bars are a short walk away. Breakfast is extensive and there are several restaurants and swimming pools. One of the pools is located on the roof and offers fantastic stunning views of the surrounding area. Dont miss the sunsets!

Luxury villas that have direct access to the pool or overlook the beach are also available. The KC Grande Resort is an excellent place if you are looking for luxury and relaxation.
→ Read more about KC Grande Resort

Swimming pool overlooking the beach and sea and tropical palm trees
Luxury bungalow on the beach at White Sand Beach

The southern part of White Sand Beach is rockier. Be sure to pay attention to this if you’re looking to book a hotel on White Sand Beach. In the middle and north of the beach like the hotels described above, you’ll be fine anyway.

View on Rural Road and the sea from the balcony
Swimming pool on the roof of the hotel with a view of the sea and sunset


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