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White Sand Beach and Coconut Beach, elongated white beach with blue sea, Khao Lacquer
White Sand Beach and Coconut Beach, elongated white beach with blue sea


White Sand Beach and Coconut Beach are located right next to each other and are often seen as one beach because they blend into each other. But for those who want to know exactly, after Pakarang Beach / Cape follows first White Sand Beach and then Coconut Beach.

White Sand Beach and Coconut Beach are located in the southern part of Pak Weep Beach. The bays of Khao Lak are divided into smaller stretches of beach with their own name, this can sometimes cause some confusion.

Rust in the clear blue sea and beach of Khao Lak

Most beautiful beaches on Khao Lak

White Sand Beach and Coconut Beach are often mentioned as the most beautiful beaches of Khao Lak. The lovely beach is wide with large trees that provide natural shady spots. The light yellow almost white sand is powder soft. The bright blue sea slopes slowly and even during low tide swimming is possible. That doesn’t sound wrong, does it?

Shells garlands on a branch with in the background the beach and the sea
white beach and blue sea and tree trunks

Abandoned beaches

There are not many accommodations on this part of Khao Lak yet, so you can enter the beach in many places. Coconut Beach is the most quiet, almost deserted part. At White Sand Beach there are resorts and you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas for 100 baht per day. Here it can be busier in high season. Luckily there are plenty of places where you can put a towel in the fine sand. A very large part of Coconut Beach is not built-up, those who come for peace and quiet only have to walk a few hundred meters for (almost) deserted stretches of beach.

Loungers on White Sand Beach, Khao Lacquer

Day trip to White Sand Beach

Most people visit White Sand Beach as a day trip from various other places in Khao Lak. Bang Niang Beach and Nang Thong Beach are only 15 to 20 minutes drive from White Sand Beach. Of course you can sleep at this beautiful piece of beach in Khao Lak! There are a few beautiful and luxurious resorts but that does have a price tag. If you are willing to walk a little more there are also some good accommodations for a lower price near White Sand Beach and Coconut Beach. So you can still enjoy these two beautiful beaches every day.

Snacking on the beach

Scattered over the beach are a few nice (small) restaurants where you can go for a snack, fruit shake or dinner. This gives the beach a cozy look, but it doesn’t feel fully built. Because of this good balance White Sand Beach & Coconut Beach are beaches that many people like.

tables on the beach of White Sand Beach, Khao Lak
Sunbeds with umbrellas for rent on the beach of Coconut Beach, Khao Lak

Spending the night on White Sand Beach

Currently you can only sleep at White Sand Beach, Coconut Beach has no accommodations yet. But if you sleep at White Sand Beach, Coconut Beach is never far away. Here are some nice resorts right on the beach.

The Sarojin

The Sarojin has 56 beautiful luxury rooms located in a 10 acres tropical garden with direct access to a secluded white sandy beach. Here you will be completely pampered by the extremely friendly and committed staff. The company and staff are also committed to community activities such as supporting education for disabled children, cleaning and mangrove planting. You can participate in these activities if you want, but you are already doing your bit by sleeping in The Sarojin.
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Kantary Beach Hotel, Khao Lak

The Kantary Beach Hotel is a spacious modern hotel with three swimming pools, including a children’s pool. Opposite the hotel lays a large stretch of private beach. You can choose from spacious suites or villas on the beach. Kantary Beach Hotel even has its own supermarket and ATM on site. Although everything is within easy reach, there are also shuttles to surrounding beaches / places such as Bang Niang Beach, which is about 15 minutes drive away.
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Luxury 2 person loungers at the pool of the Resort de Sarojin Khao Lak
Sunbeds with parasols at the pool at Kantary Beach Hotel Villas & Suites Khao Lak

Ao Thong Beach Restaurant and Bungalow

This accommodation is the cheapest option right on the beautiful White Sand Beach. The basic but clean and comfortable bungalows are just steps away from the beach. The bungalows have a porch, air conditioning and a hot shower. The hotel has a popular and well appreciated restaurant overlooking the beach. In short, here you have everything you need for an affordable price.
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Spending the night in the White Sand Beach area

You can also choose to sleep near White Sand Beach, such as Pakarang Beach. Many cheap accommodations are not near White Sand Beach. In our opinion Coconut Homes & Cafe is the best choice, especially if you are traveling with children.

Coconut Homes & Cafe

Coconut Homes is a child friendly hotel with a swimming pool and is located 900 meters from Coconut and White Sand Beach. The bungalows have two bedrooms, a living room all with air conditioning, a bathroom and a kitchenette. There is also a small porch to sit on. Children’s bicycles and toys are also available on site. There is also a separate children’s area in the swimming pool. You can borrow bicycles free of charge to explore the surroundings of White Sand Beach. The family makes their own cheese, apple pie and chocolate cake. Yummmm!
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Ao Thong Beach Bungalows in Khao Lak
Pool of Coconut Homes & Cafe

Good eats at White Sand Beach

By far the most popular restaurant in this area is the White Sand Beach Khao Lak Restaurant. The restaurant is located directly on the beautiful white beach. The beach here is a private beach. You can use it if you rent sunbeds for 150 baht per day (2 sunbeds and 1 parasol). If you order something to drink the sunbeds are often free of charge. There is also an outdoor shower that you can use.

White Sand Beach Khao Lak Restaurant

This restaurant is located on the sand under the shade of the trees. There are swings, hammocks and in the trees there are lights and decorations, making it look cozy. The menu is very extensive and the prices are not very expensive considering the location. For a fresh coconut you pay 60 baht, a can of fresh 30 baht, a large Chang 120 baht. Most snacks like sate, tempura and spring rolls cost 100 baht. It’s a very nice place where you can spend the whole day watching the sun set in the sea.

White Sand Beach & Coconut Beach, Khao Lak

Beach walks

Other nice places at the beach are Noks Restaurant (fresh smoothies!), Boatyard and Mama’s Restaurant. You will meet them by yourself when you take a walk on the beach over White Sand Beach. The prices of the restaurants at this beach don’t differ much. Unless you go for the really luxurious restaurants that belong to the luxury hotels like The Edge & Beach Bar by The Sarojin. But you will recognize them by the nicely set tables.

white deserted beach with colorful sunset

Nice bars on the beach

If you feel like having a drink during and/or after sunset you can go to the restaurants on the beach. Almost all of them also sell cocktails, beer, wine and fruit / coffee shakes. There are also a couple of separate bars on the beach.

A nice walk northwards brings you to the So Lonely Bar on Coconut Beach. This bar is the only one left of the former Similana Resort that was destroyed by the tsunami. Here you can see the former swimming pool which is now completely covered with plants. The drinks at this simple bar are not expensive. The coffee and fruit shakes cost 50 baht and you can also enjoy a cold beer, cocktail or wine.

Walking street?

Coconut Beach and White Sand Beach do not have a shopping street where stores and restaurants and massage shops are centered. Most amenities can be found at White Sand Beach. Five minutes drive to the main road is a mini mart, 7-Eleven and a few restaurants. you can get there in two minutes. Places with a lot of restaurants, shops and hotels together are Bang Niang and Nang Thong, which are about 15 minutes drive from White Sand Beach. Also at Pak Weep Beach, the slightly north neighboring beach are shopping opportunities.

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