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A beautiful white beach with blue-green sea on Koh Kradan
A beautiful white beach with blue-green sea on Koh Kradan


Koh Kradan, man you are so beautiful! We often thought that during our stay on this heavenly island in the Andaman Sea. Although there is not much to do, we were completely upside down because of this island! On Koh Kradan you mainly come to relax but for those who want to, there is also something to discover on Koh Kradan!

Girl on swing on Koh Kradan

Best time to travel to Koh Kradan

First of all, it’s nice to know in which period you can travel best to Koh Kradan. In the months December to March you have the most chance of dry weather. April until June are reasonable to do just like the month of November. The months July to October are not not recommended. There is a but… We ourselves have been on Koh Kradan in August, although it was sometimes cloudy, we had good weather. Keep in mind that travelling to Koh Kradan in low season is not as easy as in high season.

Do Good Get Good on a longtail boat on the way to Koh Kradan

Hiking on Koh Kradan

Since Koh Kradan belongs largely to a national park of Thailand and there is no motorized transport, it is an ideal place for a good hike. Of course you can do this on the beach but you also can take a walk through the jungle of the island. There is a path from Kradan Beach (also called Paradise Beach) all the way to Sunset Beach. About halfway you will come across the Paradise Lost Resort where you can have a drink in high season.

The beaches of Koh Kradan

On Koh Kradan are a few beaches, the main beach is Kradan Beach. There are also a number of other smaller beaches such as Sunset Beach, Ao Pai and Ao Niang Beach. They are all beautiful and definitely worth a visit. Stay at least three days on Kradan and enjoy the beautiful nature and beaches that this island has to offer!

Rainbow above Koh Kradan
Relaxing in a hammock on top of Koh Kradan
Enjoying nature on Koh Kradan

Kradan Beach

The main beach of Koh Kradan listens to many names such as Paradise Beach and Sunset Beach but is usually just called Kradan Beach. The name Paradise Beach needs no explanation as soon as you see the beach. The name Sunrise Beach betrays that when you get up early you can admire the sunrise here! If you get up later you can still enjoy the view of the islands Koh Mook, Koh Libong and some smaller islands. Kradan Beach consists of fine powdery sand and is very inviting for a nice walk on the beach. At Kradan Beach almost all resorts are located and that isn’t for nothing. This main beach is in fact ideally located compared to the other beaches we describe below.

The main beach Kradan Beach on Koh Kradanvan

Ao Pai Beach

In the northeast of Koh Kradan is a small beach of 200 meters what is called Ao Pai Beach. The best way to get there is to walk all the way to the end of Kradan Beach and take the path to the left into the jungle. After about 100 meters you will arrive at Ao Pai Beach. Keep in mind that this beach is sometimes littered with plastic junk which is washed ashore by the current (the main culprit is mankind). From the beach you have a view on a number of other islands such as Koh Mook, Koh Cherg and Koh Whan. An advantage of this a bit remote beach is that it is not very crowded.

Ao Niang Beach

In the south of Koh Kradan is Ao Niang Beach, especially in high season (December to March) we recommend you to visit this beach before 11 AM and after 4 PM. The beach is hardly visited by tourists who are on excursion with the speedboat. The beach is a snorkel beach par excellence! Not surprising that here a stopover is organized during an island tour! You get to Ao Niang by walking from the main beach Kradan Beach all the way to the southern tip to the Hat Chao Mai National Park ranger station. Then you follow the beach with the curve and during low tide you can walk around the rocks which serve as a natural barrier. During high tide you have to swim or take the path at the end of Kradan Beach into the jungle where you have to walk for 10 minutes.

Swing on Ao Niang Beach of Koh Kradan

Ewu Beach

Ewu Beach is a tiny beach on the west coast of Koh Kradan. This beach doesn’t get a beauty award but if you have time left you can go kayaking here or take the path through the jungle of Kradan. You get there by walking across the lawn near the mobile phone mast on the island and follow the path into the jungle. After a maximum of fifteen minutes you will arrive at this small rocky beach.

Koh Kradan's 3G mast seen with a drone

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach, also called Ao Chong Lom Beach, is a few hundred meters wide. This is the beach for a magnificent sunset! To get to Sunset Beach you go from the main beach, 100 meters after The Sevenseas Resort into the jungle path towards the Paradise Lost Resort. After passing this resort it is a ten minute walk through the jungle until you can follow a path down. Voila Sunset Beach at your service!

Sunset on Koh Kradan from Sunset Beach

Viewpoint about Sunset Beach

Go in the direction of Sunset Beach and go left instead of down towards the beach. If you do this to see the sunset, at least bring a flashlight!

Sunset Beach on Koh Kradan seen from a drone

Depending on the season, wind direction and current, a lot of plastic and other man-made junk can wash ashore. For us it was really a shock to arrive here after a walk through the jungle. You’re ashamed to be human! Luckily the resorts on Koh Kradan clean Sunset Beach with some regularity but what a mess it was on this beautiful little beach!

Plastic junk on Sunset Beach, Koh Kradan

Nature on Koh Kradan

The moments of doing nothing at all are scarce for us. And if we don’t have to do anything for a few days, we can enjoy the little things in life to the fullest. The hermit crab for example … We admire and can look for hours at these cute little creatures. NATURE, how beautiful!

Hat Chao Mai National Park

The Chao Mai National Park consists of a number of islands such as Koh Mook, Koh Waen and of course Koh Kradan. And because this is a protected nature reserve, nature can go its own way here. Different species of hornbills and other birds have a good time here. Yes Koh Kradan is not only a paradise for humans!

Hermit crab on Koh Kradan
Nature on Koh Kradan

Snorkeling and diving on Koh Kradan

Especially at the border of the reef you can snorkel fantastic! The best spot is in the sea opposite Ao Niang Beach. But also opposite the main beach, Kradan Beach, you can snorkel great! Swim about 50 meters and you have arrived! Here you will find mighty beautiful coral and a variety of tropical fish and other marine life!

In the high season (December to March) you can also book diving and snorkeling tours through a number of resorts. For example, you can cruise along a number of beautiful locations near Koh Chueak and Koh Waen, also called Ring Island. Both islands belong to the Hat Chao Mai National Park. You even can take diving lessons.

Tours from Koh Kradan

Tours from Koh Kradan are only possible during high season. You can for example book a trip to the Emerald Cave on Koh Mook often in combination with a snorkel tour.

Snorkeling on Koh Kradan

Kayak rental on Koh Kradan

At several resorts on the island you can rent a kayak. For a whole day you’ll pay around 500 baht. In this way you can explore the coastline of Kradan all day long! Who knows, you might find that little bay you’ve always dreamed about!

Kayak rental on Koh Kradan

Shop till you drop…

Yes you can shop on this tiny island! At one shop! The KBR mini market! This supermarket mainly sells snacks and beverages, but it’s not cheap! This small supermarket belongs to the Kradan Beach Resort and can be found at, yes you guessed it, Kradan Beach!

Buy some snacks and drinks in advance if you want to watch your budget. On the island prices are high and there is much less to get.

Koh Kradan seen from a drone

Spending the night on Koh Kradan

Almost every resort on Koh Kradan is located on the main beach Kradan Beach. We stayed at The Sevenseas Resort at this beach. But there are also a number of resorts on other places on Koh Kradan. For example, on the road from Kradan Beach to Sunset Beach is the Paradise Lost Resort and at Ao Niang Beach is the eponymous Ao Niang Beach Resort.

Keep in mind that in most resorts an overnight stay, especially in high season, is not cheap. Of course you will get a stay on a very beautiful island in return! We have listed a number of good accommodations for you!

The Sevenseas Resort TIP

The Sevenseas Resort is a beautiful resort located on Kradan Beach. Here you have a choice of bungalows on the beach for couples but also for families. The cheapest option is the Deluxe Room. The price includes breakfast and the rooms have air conditioning, minibar, a safe and comfortable beds. On site is a swimming pool and there are plenty of sunbeds on the beach! Also read our review of The Sevenseas.

The grounds of The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan seen from a drone

Kalume’ Eco Boutique Resort

Friendly Italian owners who can also cook delicious Italian dishes for you! They are very committed to a clean Koh Kradan and that’s why they made the Kalume’ an eco resort. That means no air conditioning and no plastic. But it does mean plenty of enjoyment and a great atmosphere among the staff and guests! In terms of rooms there are several options and all including breakfast! A nice resort on Kradan Beach!

The Kalume Eco Boutique Resort on Koh Kradan

Paradise Lost Resort

Paradise Lost is an ideal place for the visitor to Koh Kradan with a small budget! This small resort is located exactly between the west side (Sunrise Beach) and east side (Kradan Beach). The simple bungalows are located in the jungle and apart from this resort there is nothing else. But don’t worry because within 10 minutes you are on the main beach of the island. All rooms are clean and have a fan. A simple resort located in the beautiful jungle of Koh Kradan!

Paradise Lost Resort on Koh Kradan

Ao Niang Beach Resort

In the south of Koh Kradan lies the Ao Niang Beach Resort. The beach of the same name is the place for snorkel lovers! Here you can book a basic room with fan for up to three people. In the accompanying restaurant you can eat typical Thai dishes. If you are looking for the place to snorkel on Koh Kradan then book a room at this resort. Do you want to go to the busier main beach or to Sunset Beach? In a walk of 15 minutes you are already there.

Ao Niang Beach Resort on Koh Kradan

Coral Garden Resort

On Kradan Beach is the well maintained Coral Garden Resort. A great place for a carefree and relaxing holiday on Koh Kradan. The team and the Italian owners do everything they can to give their guests a fantastic time! All rooms have air conditioning, terrace, minibar and a safe. By the way, breakfast is included in the price. And whether you sleep here or not, eat here at least once because the Italian dishes taste delicious!

Bungalow of the Coral Garden Resort on Koh Kradan

Camping on Koh Kradan

In high season you can also camp on Koh Kradan, but this is very basic… You can camp on the official camping site of the Hat Chao National Park in the south of Kradan Beach. To start with you pay per person a park fee for the national park of 200 baht. In addition, you pay 30 baht per person per night with your own tent or 300 baht per night to rent a tent.

Restaurants & Bars on Koh Kradan

Since Koh Kradan doesn’t even have a village and therefore no independent restaurants and bars, you can visit a number of resorts. Below in the InfoBox we indicate which restaurants and bars we think are the best on Koh Kradan.

Outdoor dining at The Sevenseas Restaurant on Koh Kradan
Italiano Restaurant at Coral Garden on Koh Kradan
Restaurant & Bar at Kalume' on Koh Kradan

Good eats & drinks on Koh Kradan

Going out on Koh Kradan

Listen to the rhythm of the sea as you enjoy the sparkling light show of the stars in the sky, or at least there is nothing to go out on Koh Kradan.

Read our article on the easiest way to travel to Koh Kradan or fill in the widgets below to easily plan your trip to and from Koh Kradan!

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