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The Mud Crap Sculpture, the Krabi Town monument
The Mud Crap Sculpture, the Krabi Town monument


Krabi Town is the capital of the province of Krabi. The airport of Krabi is 15 kilometers away. Because of this it can happen that you end up here in transit. Most people don’t visit Thailand especially for Krabi Town, the city has a lot of competition from the special environment that Krabi has. In the city you almost stumble over the travel agencies that offer tours to various beautiful destinations in the province of Krabi. Yet it is certainly not a punishment to end up in Krabi Town because there are plenty of fun things to do, you just need to know! Therefore we give you a couple of tips about what to do when in Krabi Tow. Maybe you’ll stay much longer than you planned!

Street scene with scooters and cars with a white temple in the background.

Image: ThailandMagazine.com

1. Walk along the Pak Nam river

What everyone in Krabi Town seems to be doing is an evening walk along the Pak Nam River. Along the river there is a footpath and at this footpath is the figurehead of Krabi, the Mud Crab sculpture! Across the river you can see mangrove forests and in the distance you can see the two famous protruding rocks (Khao Khanab Nam). Along the boulevard you see many people picnicking and chatting. If you look closely you see the arrow on the picture above a light, there is the golden Buddha of the Tiger Cave Temple!

Walk along the Pak Nam river in crab, where that light shines on top of the mountain is the Tiger Cave Temple.

Image: ThailandMagazine.com

2. The Krabi (Town) Weekend Night Market

The Krabi Weekend Night Market is surprisingly fun! The market doesn’t have that typical tourist market feeling yet and it probably just isn’t. At the night market there are many delicious snacks for sale such as satay, Thai pancakes, sushi and much much more! Also for clothing, sunglasses and gadgets you are in the right place. In the middle of the market is a square with a kind of (cocktail) bar and a number of restaurants. On the square is a stage where every night there are a few performances. When we were there there was for example a cool fire dance show. Throughout the market there are also all kinds of performances of school children raising money for charity. The market can be found in the streets around Soi 8 also called Krabi Walking Street.
Open: Friday to Sunday from 5 – 10 PM.

Krabi Weekend Night Market in Krabi Town
Streetfood at the Krabi Weekend Night Market
Listening to music on stage with a beer and snack at the Krabi Weekend Night Market

3. Poo Dam Night Market

Not on weekends in Krabi Town? Luckily there’s also the equally fun Poo Dam Night Market! Also here you can buy the famous tasty Thai snacks and clothing. There are regular live performances here as well. You can find the market near the Mud Crab sculpture on the river. Take the Vicer Road and the market will be on your left after a few minutes.
Open: Monday to Wednesday from 5 – 10 PM.

The Poo Dam Night market in Krabi Town
Mango Sticky Rice at the Poo Dam Night market in Krabi Town.

4. Mangrove boat trip

You can make a 1 or 2 hour boat trip for 500 / 800 baht. You sail over the river and through the mangrove where you go looking for monkeys. You will also visit the impressive Kanab Nam Cave (30 baht) where old rock paintings can be seen. If you book the long trip you will pass a fishing village with a fish farm and a fish restaurant where you can eat fresh fish. Part of this trip can also be done by kayak. You can book the mangrove trip on the spot on the promenade near the Mud Crab sculpture, you will be addressed!

Longtail boat with driver on the brown river

5. Forest walk to the Khao Khanap Nam Cave

You can also visit the Khao Khanap Nam Cave without a tour or guide. For this you make a nice short walk of 1.5 km through the mangrove forests over a raised path (kind of walkway). In the area live several birds and you have the chance to meet monkeys. At the end of the path is a small pier where you can take the ferry to the other side if you want to visit the cave. The ferry to the other side costs 100 baht return, the entrance of the cave is 30 baht. The forest walk starts all the way on the north side of the promenade along the river.

Focus on the Khanap Nam Cave from Krabi Town, Thailandp the Brown River
The stairs to the Khanap Nam Cave in Krabi
The Khanap Nam Cave near Krabi Town

6. Tiger Cave Temple

Our favorite! Although the Tiger Cave Temple is not directly in Krabi Town, this trip is very easy to make from Krabi Town. You can get there in less than half an hour by taxi, songthaew or scooter. The Tiger Cave Temple is a beautiful temple complex with a large golden Buddha on top of a mountain. To be able to see the Buddha up close, you first have to climb 1,237 steps, but then you have a 360 degree view over the surroundings of Krabi! Definitely worth it! The Tiger Cave Temple is also called the Wat Tham Sua.

Want to know more about the Tiger Cave Temple? Read our article about this beautiful temple near Krabi Town.

The beautiful golden Buddha on top of the mountain of the Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Sua) near Krabi Town
Large golden Buddha statue on top of the mountain of the Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Sua) with 360 degree view over Krabi

7. Railay

Half an hour by boat from Krabi Town is one of the most beautiful beaches of Thailand! Railay in the province of Krabi is a beautiful peninsula which consists of a total of four beaches; Railay West, Railay East, Ton Sai Bay and Ao Phra Nang Beach (our favorite). All these beaches are surrounded by enormous limestone rocks. And especially the last one, Ao Phra Nang Beach, is really beautiful! You can visit Railay as a day trip or stay overnight (recommended!).

Want to know more about Railay? Read our article about this great area. Or about the best restaurants or best accommodation in that area.

The beautiful surroundings of Railay, in this case Railay West near Krabi Town.
Ao Phra Nang Beach at Railay near Krabi Town
Ao Phra Nang Beach at Railay near Krabi Town

Images: ThailandMagazine.com

8. Emerald Pool & Blue Pool

The last tip is a bit further from Krabi Town, but you’re too close to miss it; The popular Emerald Pool and the bluer than blue, Blue Pool! The Emerald Pool is a lovely place where you can swim in a natural pool with beautiful blue/green water. The “pool” is surrounded by lush jungle. The water seems to contain minerals that are good for your health, so that’s a bonus!

From the Emerald Pool it is about 15 minutes walk to the Blue Pool, here you are not allowed to swim, but nature is beautiful and you can take beautiful pictures! From Krabi Town you are about an hour and a half by scooter. Organized with a tour visit from Krabi Town is of course also possible, often there are combinations (possible) with for example the Tiger Cave Temple. Attention! Blue Pool is closed to the public between May and October.

Would you like to know more about these two insanely beautiful springs? Read our article about the Emerald Pool & Blue Pool.

The Blue Pool near Krabi Town
The Emerald Pool near Krabi Town

Sleeping in Krabi Town – Which hotel?

There are quite a few accommodations in Krabi Town. When booking a place to stay, make sure it’s near the river or the weekend market. It’s not nice if you’re always dependent on a taxi. Sleeping in Krabi Town is nice if you’re passing through or if you’re looking for a city instead of a beach. The city can then be an excellent base for the many excursions that you can easily book on site. Also the Weekend Market, the Tiger Cave Temple, the Emerald Pool & Blue Pool are for many people a reason to spend the night in the city of Krabi.

River View Hotel

The River View Hotel is located directly on the Pak Nam River and a few minutes walk from the Krabi Weekend Night Market and Poo Dam Night Market. That’s why it’s ideally located. The neat rooms have balconies with seating and direct or partial views of the river. The rooms are spacious and clean. Underneath the hotel is a restaurant and near the hotel is a pick-up point for the songthaew (minibus).

double bed with river view, Hotel River View

Krabi Pitta House

Krabi Pitta House is a super nice hotel just a few minutes walk from the Pak Nam River and in fifteen minutes you are at the two night markets of Krabi Town. For 30 baht you can use a washing machine including detergent. The rooms are clean and have air conditioning, a refrigerator and a small balcony. There are also beds in a dormitory. In the morning there is free coffee/tea including snacks (patongo, a kind of Chinese doughnut, super tasty!).

hotel room pita house, with fresh white decor and wood accents.

Transportation in Krabi Town

Scooter Rentals in Krabi Town

With a scooter you are free to go wherever you want, you can get to places you wouldn’t otherwise get to so quickly. Only rent a scooter if you have enough scooter experience, because it can be quite busy on the main roads there is a lot of driving. Price: 250 – 300 baht per day.

Taxi in Krabi Town

Krabi Town, like every city in Thailand, has more than enough taxis. Most taxi drivers will try to agree a fixed price with you, this is always more expensive than the price if you would drive on the meter. It is also possible to rent a taxi for a whole day or part of a day to visit self chosen attractions. In that case you will have to agree on a price with the driver in advance. More information about the use of taxis in Thailand can be found in this article.

Songthaew in Krabi Town

The songthaew drives a fixed route between Krabi Town and Ao Nang (Beach). There are fixed pick-up places but you can also keep them on the street. On the songthaew there is an indication what the destinations are. A fixed pick-up point in Krabi Town is on the Utara Kit Road on the river, just past the corner of the River View Hotel. Price: 50 – 100 baht per person.

Red Songtaew waiting in Krabi Town

Images: ThailandMagazine.com

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