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I Love Thailand - Thailand Magazine campagne november 2020
I Love Thailand - Thailand Magazine campagne november 2020


Eind 2020 zijn we gestart met de #ilovethailand rubriek. Het doel van deze rubriek is de Thai laten zien dat we aan ze denken in moeilijk Covid-19 periode waarin we leven. Je kunt alle berichten bekijken door op de balken hieronder te klikken. Ingezonden berichten worden ook gedeeld op onze Facebookpagina.

We zouden het leuk vinden als ook jij een mooie herinnering uit Thailand wilt delen. Meer info kun je vinden op WE LOVE THAILAND. Thanks!

Khao Sok vroeg in de morgen

Dear Khao Sok Local Guide Gai, family and loved ones,

For me, the honor of kicking off our new campaign with you my friends! We just wanted to let you know that we think of you all and that we loved spending our time in Khao Sok National Park with you!!

Let me share a memory that I will never forget in my whole life. Here we go:
Its early morning and I mean really early before 5 a.m.… I go outside the little simple floating hut on the lake where we had spent our night. It’s dark and humid but wait…What’s that sound?? WOW, it’s the howling of Gibbons, such a mystic and unique sound!

Ilonka and I will never forget that very first time laying in front of our basic hut on Cheow Lan Lake while listening to that magical sound emerging from the jungle of Khao Sok National Park. Such a special moment in our life, it made us realize that we live in such an amazing beautiful world.

So every time we visit the Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park we get up early and sit in front of our floating raft house on the lake. We can’t wait for the day that we return and hear that howling again…

Dear Khao Sok Local Guide, family and all dear people living in Khao Sok.
We think of you and miss you mak maaaaaaak!!!

From the Netherlands with LOVE!


Riel (& Ilonka) from the Netherlands

Almost a year ago in November 2019. For the second time this holiday with our friends from Co van Kessel in Bangkok. For the people who don’t know Co moved to Bangkok with his wife. Because he was an avid cyclist, he drove through the Bangkok area. Preferably the back streets. The narrow paths along the river and through green Bangkok were also Co’s favorite. He always wrote down the routes so that he could cycle them again. Because people keep adding whether they were allowed to cycle along, a very nice company was eventually established.

My holiday buddy Ben van der Kaa missed the bend during the ride along the river bank. Then it was either the plump or just fall. Ben thought that he would fall with street eczema as a result. Co van Kessel’s guides gave him the necessary loving care.

I also developed a good relationship with Co’s daughter, called Nok, via Instagram. Our birthdays are on the same day. I sympathize with the people who try to keep a well-designed company afloat. So my hug and love is for @covankessel #covankessel


Bert from the Netherlands

Our second journey to Thailand was in december 2018, to Phuket, we stayed at Kamala Hotel in Kamala, a lovely small village. At our second day we discovered a little restaurant at the end of the beach, Pakarang Restaurant with the most friendly owner mr. Sutee and his lovely staff, they serve delicious thai food, and fresh fruitshakes! He managed to make a restart after the Tsunami and nowadays we wonder how is he cooping with this awful crisis. We think about him a lot!  He made our visit to the lovely island of Phuket unforgettable! 


Yvette from the Netherlands

Bangkok is my favorite place in Thailand, just because I like cities and crowded areas. I am not an island lover. I always like to spend some months in Bangkok during the European wintertime. Unfortunately this winter I must stay in The Netherlands, but as positive as I am I hope the future will be bright again.

I like to share one of my favorite memories with you:

“January 26, 2013. As usual I always check twitter and facebook and some other media to look for some events or happenings in and around Bangkok. I read about a pilgrimage of 1128 monks, wandering barefoot 460km through Bangkok and surroundings.

I was surprised and decided to go to an area where I could witness this. But that was not easy, because I couldn’t find details. Northern Bangkok was mentioned, as they were walking to PathumThani, Wat Dhammakaya, as the final destination.

But I wanted to give it a try and took a ride on the MRT to Phahon Yothin, and walk north on Phahon Yothin Road. There were no signs of a pilgrimage to see……. I already thought that it was in vain and not the right place.

I remember that it was not too hot and so I kept on walking northwards.

And YES……..after 15 minutes I noticed more and more people dressed in white. I tried to ask someone if this was the place where I could see the monks passing by. But my English was not understood, and my Thai language was not good enough. I had no data on my phone, so I couldn’t show a picture. But I was almost sure this was the place to be.

On the left corner of the next street I saw a sort of red carpet and people in white were sitting on the street. Yes, now I am 100%. But must I wait hours and hours before I could see the monks ?

I walked in the street on the left all the way to the Vibhavadi Rangsit road, that is the road to Don Meuang Airport.  The red carpet was everywhere and people were now putting flowers on the carpet.

I crossed the road via a walkway, and had a good view in the left and right direction. The monks must come from the left I realized. So I waited on the walkway and after 15-20 minutes there was action. TV crew and photographers were preparing for the happening.

And finally I could see the long line of 1128 monks walking  towards the walkway where I was standing. So a good place for me to take pictures.

And this was the beginning of a few unforgettable hours. Please check my pictures if you want to be part of my memory.

I hope we all can visit Thailand soon again and enjoy the beauty and hospitality of the Thai people”

More images can be seen on https://goo.gl/photos/69R5DSqNschZwpkZ6



Our first stay in Thailand in 2018 was immediately a memorable one. We decided to stay in a small hotel called Baan Yenchai in Hua Hin. It was a really long trip coming from Bangkok but our host was willing to drive us from the bus stop to the hotel. We really wanted to get some rest!

But first, like many tourists, we needed to get to an ATM to get some cash. Once at the ATM, the worst scenario happened: our credit card was immediately blocked. Tired and without any cash to start, we got back in the car.

Luckily, our host went out of his way to make us feel comfortable. He contacted a local bank and arranged a meeting, brought us to the bank to see what could be done and then he brought us to a local restaurant so we didn’t have to worry about looking for a place to eat. He even offered to call him when we’re done so he would drive us back to the hotel. It’s such an amazing (and free!) service that made us fall in love with Thailand. 


Jorgen & Deborah from Belgium

Trekking door de jungle van Chiang Rai

In July 2018, we visited Thailand for the first time. We landed in Bangkok where they picked us up for a 17 day tour.

We stayed two nights in very nice and chic hotels, we traveled from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi to Sukothai to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and from there with an inner flight to Phuket. 

What we especially remembered is the bike tour through Bangkok with Co van Kessel, it was really worth it.
The visit to the Grand Palace was wonderful as well as the visit to Wat Mahathat Sukhothai Historical Park.

Unfortunately our visit to Khao Sok literally and figuratively fell into the water due to the persistent rain. We did sleep there in the typical rafthouses on the Cheow Lan Lake, but the trek through the rainforest was canceled because it was too dangerous.

The jungle trekking in the Chiang Rai area with BambooTours is highly recommended, preparing your own food in bamboo sticks in the middle of the rainforest was an experience and certainly worth repeating.

Highly recommended for dinner is Lillo Island Restaurant Bar, very tasty food, soooooo friendly and right on the beach. Prime location!

And of course the beautiful temples, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Wat Rong Khun, the Big Buddha in Phuket and the Erawan waterfalls are also worth a visit.

The last 7 days we stayed in the B&B Kai Mook Hill a must for those who love peace and quiet, to be pampered by the hostess Saw and host Wout (Belgian). Definitely worth a stay, very handsome and clean rooms, delicious Belgian / Thai breakfast, quietly on top of a mountain, with the scooter you are right on the sea.

If all goes well, we will return to Thailand in March 2021 to make sure to do the trek through the rainforest in Khao Sok National Park.


Ann en Benny from Belgium

In May 2019 my sister and I travelled through Thailand for a few weeks and whilst in Chiang Mai we would always go to ‘Vegan Heaven’. No matter if it was breakfast, lunch or dinner, the food was always amazing! We saw that they offered a cooking lesson so we decided to try it out. We were taught how to make 5 vegan Thai dishes and it was so much fun! The best part was eating it all afterwards haha! We were also given the recipes in a booklet to take home with us and I still cook the dishes today. Thai food and the Thai people will always stay close to my heart 



Dann & Jade from England

I’ve met this beautiful lady in Nongkhai in 2015 when I was volunteering in Thailand. She started talking to me randomly on the street, telling me she wanted to speak english with tourists. She offered to show me around Nongkhai and took me to places I wouldn’t have gone without her. From that moment a beautiful friendship started and we kept in touch meeting each other each year. Her dream was to work with tourists and teach them more about Thailand and their culture. Right now she is teaching English to young children, so that hey will be able to communicate with tourists later.


Irene from the Netherlands

Schildpad in Koh Tao

Thailand is a beautiful country. Each place has its own character and is special in its own way. Despite all the beautiful places Koh Tao is my favourite place in Thailand, just because I like the beach and the endless clear water. 

In July 2019, my boyfriend and I went to Thailand for the first time. The best part of the trip was also the last island we visited. The long roads in Koh Tao lead you by scooter along endless beaches. You can rent one everywhere. With the scooter you can explore the whole island.

You can also snorkel well on Koh Tao. We went along with Oxygen Tour for one day. We went to the most beautiful places and the clearest waters of Koh Tao. The tour was amazing and the delicious food was included!

Every evening we had a great dinner at Cafe del Sol. The taste of the food is amazing and their hospitality is great. Koh Tao is one of the best islands in Thailand you want to have been.

Thailand, you’ll see us soon!

Nelissa from the Netherlands

Hello dear Thailand-goers and fellow Thailand-addicts,

I too have been asked to share with you one of the nicest or most beautiful memories from Thailand.

It is July 2017 when I go back to Thailand together with one of my best friends. After a few days of partying in Bangkok it is time to rest, time for us to explore the islands and beach life. We chose Koh Chang.

It is the rainy season so it’s very quiet. We explore the island a little bit and our eye falls on a quiet, little rock oriented bar called Joy Cottage. There is a very relaxed atmosphere, the staff is hanging out and the house cat is somewhere on the bar. If you wanted a beer you walked to the bar yourself, you ticked on a sheet of paper what was drunk that evening and then you paid. Of course we have been here several evenings, we felt at home.

One of the evenings we met a guy from Switzerland. The three of us are chatting. It is nice, we share many stories about cultures and how our experience is in Thailand for that holiday. The conversation I usually don’t feel like having is starting to take place. Namely; do you prefer a dog or a cat? I don’t care… I enjoy my beer and let the gentlemen continue their conversation. The music stops. Believe it or not… The cat is lying on the 3 cd changer, gets up. looks a bit cocky at the swiss man who was more for dogs, turns around again. Presses open the cd. Wait patiently until the drawer is open. Throws the cd out, and looks how the drawer closes after a few seconds and lies down quietly again and looks satisfied at us. All three of us didn’t say anything for a minute out of surprise.

 I miss Thailand and my friends in Thailand

Ked teung Thailand! Chok dee na krup!

Maarten from the Netherlands

Dear readers,

My visit to Thailand in February 2018 was very special to me. I was going through a hard time. My husband died in 2016  at the age of 49 after being ill for several years. I had to be strong and had to put all my feelings aside. My work was also very difficult with lots of angry clients every day. The wall I had built around me was huge.

In February 2018 I visited Thailand, I made a roundtrip with a group organized by Fox Reizen. One of the destinations in Thailand we were visiting was Kanchanaburi. During the day we visited the bridge over the river Kwai, the JEATH War Museum and the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery.

That night we were doing a floating dinner on a raft on the river Kwai organized by Kanchanaburi Raft Boat Dinner Cruise. At some point we were approaching the river Kwai bridge with its beautiful lights in the darkness and on the floating raft they were playing the song ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by Simon and Garfunkel. At that point, something happened to me. I felt some kind of energy and I cried!!! This was not possible for so many years but at that point I could not stop it anymore. I could feel again, and since that time my life is good again. I saw the goodness of people again through the eyes of the Thai people. All there loving thoughts and way of living with Buddhism.

My trip to Thailand changed my life forever and I will never forget this.

I planned a trip to Thailand again this February but unfortunately I had to cancel this. As soon as it is possible again, I will go back to this beautiful country with all these loving people!


Esther from the Netherlands

The greatest delight in Thailand I experienced was get into the closed lagoons. Particularly impressive is the way to a secret place, after which it is such happiness – relaxation in a special place.

The hidden lagoon on Koh Mook can be reached at low tide through the Emerald Cave. We reached the cave by boat, and then – wearing a mask and fins. Sunlight, breaking through the water column, magically illuminates its magnificent precious color. The walls in the dark depths of the cave also flicker from the light of the lantern in some kind of shiny stone blotches. This is magic!

We spent some nights at the amazing Koh Mook Sivalai Beach Resort – Thank you crew for our nice stay and services!

The path to the secret Princess Lagoon on the Railay peninsula lies through the pass over the rocks. Wearing non-slip slippers, holding tightly to the ropes, trying not to slip on the red clay, you first climb 160 m up a steep clay slope, and then down a steep rocky slope. The thrill from the opening landscape of the lagoon after such an unaccustomed road is indescribable!

In Railay we stayed in Rayavadee, an amazing resort and exclusively located on the Phra Nang Cave Beach. WOW!! Thank you dear crew for the great period of our stay!

Thailand, we LOVE you madly! With your nature, warm water beaches, delicious fruits, local cuisine, and your always smiling inhabitants! Sabai!

Svetlana and family from Russia

Dear Meir Jarr Hotel crew,

Let me share a great memory from last year.
It’s December 2019, I arrive in Phuket for the first time. I look around and it seems to me that I have always been there, to be at home. The scent of food that comes from restaurants and street stalls from the road.

Together with a friend I go to buy a ticket for the ferry that would bring us to to Phi Phi in the next few days, we pay the tickets and go back to our hotel.

The next day the hotel staff of Meir Jarr Hotel in Patong, an amazing place and very kindly people, tells us that someone of the agency we bought the ferry tickets from has called to inform us that they had forgotten to give us the change of 100 baht for the tickets. They were on their way to bring the 100 baht. So crazy, I never imagined so much honesty and for such a ridiculous amount, I love these Thais! I love their smiles!

In the end we would never go to the Phi Phi Islands. I decided to split from my travel friend and leave Phuket behind for the last days of the holiday. Staying in Thailand, even if for a short time, being there alone was one of the most beautiful experiences.

In the afternoon of my last day I go up to the swimming pool on the roof of my hotel for relaxing time and in the background the music played a track perfectly suited for the moment, “Everyday Life” by Coldplay, everyday life, as I wish it were … forever. I closed my eyes and hoped that i would never return to Italy while I hold back from crying… Within weeks, the pandemic would break out.

I miss Thailand!

Andrea from Italy

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From Thailand with LOVE! Juni 2020
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