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We Love Thailand - Thailand Magazine campaign November 2020
We Love Thailand - Thailand Magazine campaign November 2020


Hi Thailand lover(s)!

With this feature we want to collect beautiful, precious, crazy, funny, touching, special memories from Thailand. We share the submitted messages on this site and on Facebook.

Besides the fact that these messages are very nice to read, we want to show that we did not forget the friendly Thai and their beautiful country in this difficult period during Covid-19. Participating will cost you nothing, at most half an hour of your time.

So if you do love Thailand as much as we do, join us! We are sure this feature will give a lot of people some good feelings! Hopefully it offers some extra positivity that we all could need in this period we all are facing.

Whether you participate or not, please spread this message through social media to as many people who love Thailand as much as you (and we) do. You can use this link: https://bit.ly/welovethailandcampaign.

– Examples can be seen here
– Think of your favorite memory from Thailand you want to share with us
– Also consider if it’s possible to tag a company (hospitality) or someone in Thailand
– Can you also submit a photo?
– You can email the message to ilovethailand@thailandmagazine.com
– We won’t use your information for a mailing list or anything like that
– Below (click the bar) all the info your need about our campaign and the these mentioned points

First of all, we really appreciate your participation!
We assume that you, like us, have many wonderful memories from Thailand. Think about which one you would like to share with us. Useful to know is that we prefer to tag a person, location or company so that the Thai themselves are involved in our feature as well. Our main goal is to show the Thai that we think about them.

Because the Thai tourism / hospitality industry is having a very hard time, we prefer to tag a location such as a hotel, resort, hostel, bar, coffeeshop restaurant, etcetera. This way we let a group of people know that we are thinking about them at once. Of course you can let a person or other type of business know that you are thinking of them as well. By the way, it isn’t mandatory to address your memory to a location or person, but it’s welcome.

Please keep your text as concise as possible and mention the place of destination and the year of your Thailand visit. Preferably send us an accompanying photo as well. By the way we will check the message for spelling so don’t worry about that part.

You can mail us at ilovethailand@thailandmagazine.com. Also for questions about this feature you can reach us there. Of course we can be reached through our Facebook or Instagram page as well.

With the #ilovethailand feature we want to show as many Thai as possible that we think of them! By sharing good memories from Thailand hopefuly we will turn that beautiful Thai smile on their faces. Thailand isn’t called the land of smiles for nothing also now in 2020/2021!

Our WE LOVE THAILAND campaign:
From April 2020 until October 2020 we worked on the From Thailand with LOVE campaign. With this campaign we wanted to share a loving message from Thailand. Over 100 small and large companies from Thailand participated. With this feature we want to turn things around and show the Thai that we miss and think of them.

We really appreciate your contribution!
From Thailand Magazine with LOVE!
Chock dee kaa / krub,

Ilonka & Riel
Thailand Magazine

We don’t use your mail address and data for a mailing list or anything like that, This feature is just a spontaneous action from the heart.

We Love Thailand - Thailand Magazine campaign November 2020
From Thailand with LOVE! June 2020
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