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Vertigo and Moon Bar on the roof of Banyan Tree Bangkok
Vertigo and Moon Bar on the roof of Banyan Tree Bangkok


The duo Vertigo and Moon Bar have been sharing the rooftop of luxury hotel Banyan Tree Bangkok since 2002. It’s the combination of factors that make Vertigo and Moon Bar THE place you MUST visit when in Bangkok. The super service from the friendly staff, the delectable food and drinks prepared with passion by talented chefs and mixologists, the extraordinary architecture of the 61st floor and the best factor of all, the dazzling view of the metropolis of Bangkok. An evening at Vertigo and Moon Bar is an experience you will never forget!

The name Vertigo comes from the similarly named feature film from the late 1950s, directed by none other than Alfred Hitchcock. This psychological thriller and legendary classic is about a detective who suffers from vertigo and his insane love for Madeleine. According to many film fans, Vertigo is one of the best movies in film history.

The insanely beautiful view of Bangkok from Vertigo and Moon Bar on the roof of Banyan Tree Bangkok

Where in Bangkok is Vertigo and Moon Bar located?

The golden duo share their location on the rooftop of an unprecedented Bangkok landmark. For 25 years, the distinctive tower of the Banyan Tree Bangkok hotel has dominated Bangkok’s skyline. On the 61st floor, Vertigo and Moon Bar have been a fixture of the hotel for many years and the talk of the town when it comes to exceptional hospitality venues.

Banyan Tree Bangkok is located in the Sathorn district, practically on the main street Sathorn Road. Many visitors to Bangkok know the Sathorn area thanks to Lumpini Park, Bangkok’s most famous park. Vertigo restaurant and Moon Bar are easily accessible by public transportation. Just under a twenty-minute walk away are BTS (skytrain) stations Sala Daeng and Chong Nonsi, even closer is the Lumpini subway station. You can also take a (Grab) taxi, tuk tuk and even MuvMi (electric tuk tuk), from much of Bangkok you will be in front of the Banyan Tree Bangkok Tower in no time. 

Traffic in Bangkok can be very, very busy. Especially during rush hour from 17:00 to 19:30 hours, we recommend traveling by Bangkok public transportation.

The luxury five star hotel Banyan Tree Bangkok

In July 2022, we stayed several nights at the fabulous Banyan Tree Bangkok. During our stay we enjoyed a superb couple massage, authentic Cantonese dim sum at Bai Yun and we even went on the Saffron Cruise dining along the Chao Phraya River.

From our One-Bedroom Suite to the roof of the hotel was a snap, a side benefit of staying at the Banyan Tree Bangkok, and a great reason to end a fantastic time in the hotel with a literal and figurative highlight: a sumptuous dinner at Vertigo and cocktails at the Moon Bar.

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The Banyan Tree Bangkok hotel

On our way to Vertigo and Moon Bar in Bangkok

The first time we visited Vertigo and the adjacent Moon Bar we did so by public transportation. From Siam BTS station we took a skytrain to Sala Daeng station where we got off fifteen minutes later. From there we were left with a short walk of about fifteen minutes before we walked into the luxurious lobby of the Banyan Tree Bangkok hotel.

After passing the gigantic hotel lobby, we took the elevator to the 59th floor, where Bai Yun is located, a Cantonese restaurant specializing in dim sum. A friendly-looking hostess welcomed us, and directed up a wide spiral staircase. We continued our way up until we reached the 60th floor where Vertigo Too is situated.

After a few more steps up we reached the landing leading to our final destination where we were immediately captivated by the indescribably beautiful view reaching far across Bangkok. From here it is a short climb up a narrow staircase to reach the top, home of Vertigo and Moon Bar, one of the most beautiful sky bars in Bangkok

In front of the Banyan Tree Bangkok hotel with rooftop Vertigo and Moon Bar

Image: Thailand Magazine

The dynamic duo Vertigo and Moon Bar

With Vertigo restaurant on one side and Moon Bar on the other, Banyan Tree Bangkok’s rooftop terrace truly offers visitors the best of both worlds. A foodie paradise where tasty dishes and superb cocktails are prepared by the hotel’s talented chefs and mixologists. Vertigo and Moon Bar are a dynamic duo that, when it comes to quality, service and location, rise high above the rest of Bangkok. Speaking of heights, fear of heights shouldn’t think too much about the fact that they are 200 meters above the ground… What a cool view of the city this particular location offers.

Vertigo and Moon bar during sunset

Image: Thailand Magazine

We highly recommend visiting Vertigo and Moon Bar at sunset, to be dazzled by the slanting rays of the setting sun that give that warm orange tinge to the sky before twilight sets in and finally dusk with the myriad city lights all around you coming to life. Because of its open nature and unobstructed 360-degree views, Vertigo and Moon Bar’s rooftop terrace reminds us of the prow of a futuristic (space) ship sailing through the sky high above Bangkok. 

Of course, everyone wants to experience a sunset at a special sky bar like Moon Bar. Therefore, it is extra crowded around that time. On weekends, make sure you’re at the door promptly at 5 p.m. to secure the best spot.

The terrace that houses Vertigo and Moon Bar looks just like a (space) ship sailing high above Bangkok

Moon Bar

The Moon Bar… First of all, it is good to tell you that we have now visited more than twenty sky bars in Bangkok. With such a so-called track record, we have quite a bit of comparison material. So take it from us that the Moon Bar at the Banyan Tree Bangkok is one of the coolest sky bars in Bangkok. Of course, we are very curious about what you think about this sky-high bar after visiting it. So let us know via our Thailand Magazine Facebook group or our Thailand WhatsApp group.

The Moon Bar, the sky-high bar on the roof of Banyan Tree Bangkok

Moon Bar, the highest point of the 61-story skyscraper where you look over and down on Bangkok from a height of just over 200 meters far. A visit to any sky bar is an experience to remember, especially the one at the Moon Bar in Bangkok. Although the Moon Bar itself is not terribly large, there is room for 80 people standing at any given time, though it does get more crowded than this. With any luck, you can even sit on a stool at one of the high tables. 

For us, a visit to a sky bar or rooftop bar is synonymous with a delicious cocktail or mocktail. Of course this costs a bit, but it’s not every day you visit one of the very best sky bars in the world, right? If you have less to spend then just order a soda or beer. At least you get some savory nibbles with every order, see that makes a difference. 

De bar at Moon Bar in Bangkok

Cocktails and other beverages 

Obviously, the last night we slept at Banyan Tree Bangkok had to end in style (and a tad tipsy). Both the start and end of the evening took place at Moon Bar. We kicked off with a Beautiful Ending consisting of Amaretto, white Crème de Cacao, Banana Liqueur, Crème de Framboise, salted berry syrup and cream.

Two delicious cocktails on a bar table at Moon Bar in Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Then we quietly sipped our second cocktail as we took in our surroundings from our seats. We could easily spend hours gazing out over the Bangkok skyline without getting bored. Thanks to the upcoming sunset, the sky over Bangkok colored up beautifully, almost as colorful as our Loud and Proud cocktail with the ingredients BFT Rum, SELECT Aperitivo, soda water, mango, passion fruit, pineapple, and lime juice. 

Loud and Proud cocktail at the Moon Bar because of Pride
Cocktail Festival at Banyan Tree Bangkok's Moon Bar

Moon Bar in Bangkok also hosts themed nights. Every now and then, the team organizes special events where a drink (brand) or special day is the theme. For example, the Loud and Proud stayed on the cocktail menu after the Pride theme was held at Moon Bar. Keep a close eye on the Moon Bar’s calendar on Facebook, for example. 

Elite Vodka night during the Cocktail Festival at Moon Bar in Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Elite Vodka night during the Cocktail Festival at Moon Bar in Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

After eating our delicious four-course dinner at the adjacent Vertigo, we decided to end our evening at the Moon Bar. By closing time, we were still enjoying our own afterparty where we were able to get two stools in the back of the bar. We ordered the Piña Colada Spritz and Vertigo Sunset and enjoyed what turned out to be a grandiose evening. That night, Tuesday night July 12, 2022 is one to remember – Thanks Khun Deepak, Khun Banyat and team!

Two delicious cocktails on a bar table at Moon Bar in Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Cocktail at Moon Bar in Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

During our visit in July, there were 14 cocktails on the menu. Our good relation, Deepak the Banyan Tree Bangkok Beverage Manager said, ‘Order whatever you guys want even if the cocktail is not on the menu.’ ‘Make it up and we’ll make it’ he then said jokingly. To that we replied ‘it’s up to you to surprise us’. Deepak told us about the hotel’s 25th anniversary and that the whole month of August would be dedicated to this, ‘there is even a special cocktail in the making, would you like to taste it?'”. Uhm yes of course we would!!! Not much later we got the tasty anniversary cocktail Khor Iik Nung, which was not on the drink menu at that time.

Want to know what cocktails or other drinks are currently on the Moon Bar’s menu and what the prices are? Then check out Vertigo and Moon Bar’s menu.

Tables from Vertigo with the Moon Bar behind them.

Deepack and his amazing Moon Bar team  

When we arrived at the Moon Bar, Deepak, the Beverage Manager, gave us two shots of botanical Whitley Neill Gin. A warm welcome in the form of a light gin with ginger and rhubarb extract packaged in a luminous pink bottle. Always nice to receive a nice welcome drink from a friendly, but mostly talented mixologist. Deepak is officially from India, but has been living and working in Bangkok for years. Together with his top-notch team, they take care of all those happy people you see when you visit Moon Bar.  

Deepack the beverage manager of Banyan Tree Bangkok and his Moon Bar team

Moon Walk

Oy…before we forget…The Moon Walk…The ultimate “photo spot” at the Moon Bar! The Moon Walk is a small platform in between the Moon Bar and Vertigo. The small platform seats a few people and extends a bit, making it suspended above the ground. The perfect spot for that cute photo or selfie! The Moon Walk is completely see-through which gives a nice effect to the photo. Do you dare to step on it?

The Moon Walk, part of Vertigo and Moon Bar on the rooftop terrace of Banyan Tree Bangkok


Vertigo is so far (2022) the most beautiful rooftop restaurant we have eaten at. Located 200 meters above sea level, the restaurant is not only highly regarded in Thailand, but is undoubtedly one of the top rooftop restaurants in the world. Every evening, up to 240 lucky guests can be seated on the roof of Banyan Tree Bangkok to enjoy an exclusive al fresco dinner. So do we because every now and then we take it out and unpack by dining al fresco at an upscale sky bar or (rooftop) restaurant. In 2022, we finally had the chance to sample Vertigo’s four-course menu. A literal and figurative highlight of our stay at Banyan Tree Bangkok.

Tables from Vertigo with the Moon Bar behind them.

Phenomenal four-course dinner

The first dish shoved in front of us was an amuse bouche of sea bass in a fresh dressing which included three different types of crusty warm bread. As an appetizer, we could choose from the Crispy Duck Salad, Soft Shell Crab Salad or Chicken Roll Quinoa. We both chose the same dish, the crispy duck with lettuce, avocado, orange segments and toasted sesame seeds, delicious!

The pumpkin soup as 2nd course was creamy and full of flavor, however, we found the breadstick a tad on the bland side. Before we started the next course, we were offered a small orange sorbet. For the purpose of resetting the taste buds, palate cleansing as it is called in culinary jargon. Time for some good quality meat!

Crispy Duck Salad at Vertigo Rooftop restaurant on the roof of Banyan Tree Bangkok
Nice piece of beef at Vertigo Rooftop restaurant on the roof of Banyan Tree Bangkok

After our taste palate was blank again, we decided to order a good glass of red wine to accompany our Australian Sirloin Beef in red wine sauce. The buttery 180-gram sirloin steak was served with green asparagus, cherry tomatoes and a portion of baked potatoes. As requested, the sirloin steak was medium rare and perfectly prepared. The matching Merlot from Chile completed this third course. As an alternative to the sirloin steak, Vertigo offered a grilled Snow Fish in lemon butter. This is accompanied by asparagus, caper apples and cherry tomatoes. 

Table with fantastic view over Bangkok at Vertigo
Red wine at Vertigo and Moon Bar in Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Finally, as many as four different desserts could be chosen from. The four options offered were the Pina Colada, Peanut Chocolate Mousse, Caramel Apple Tart Tatin or Berries Yogurt Panna Cotta. We each chose a different dessert so we could share it, it became the Pina and Peanut! The coconut mousse with lime, coconut sorbet, pineapple compote, mango salsa and a hint of vanilla was delicious, but the rich chocolate mousse with a Chantilly cream, peanut crunch and yuzu ended up being our favorite! 

Desserts at Vertigo on the rooftop terrace of Banyan Tree Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

A four-course dinner at Vertigo costs (ex tax and service fee) THB 3,100 excluding and THB 4,500 including wine. A sloppy 100 euros for a delicious meal at Bangkok’s highest rooftop restaurant. A great price for the quality, the taste, the service and of course the priceless view! 

Table with fantastic view over Bangkok at Vertigo
Table with fantastic view over Bangkok at Vertigo

The menu at Vertigo, the unique rooftop restaurant in Bangkok

The restaurant’s extensive menu currently (2022) consists of about a dozen appetizers such as oysters, tuna and salads, as well as two types of soup to order. Main courses come in many forms such as pasta (Spicy Seafood Linguine or Pan-fried Gnocchi), seafood such as grilled salmon or tiger prawns and meat such as grilled lamb chops or BBQ spare ribs. For sides, you can order such things as grilled asparagus with pancetta, steamed edamame beans or gnocchi sauteed in almond butter. 

Vertigo's Exquisite Selection of Oysters at Vertigo, Banyan Tree Bangkok's rooftop restaurant
Spicy Seafood Linguine at Vertigo, Banyan Tree Bangkok's rooftop restaurant
BBQ Back Pork Spare Ribs at Vertigo, the rooftop restaurant of Banyan Tree Bangkok

It is mostly (modern) Western dishes that adorn the menu at Vertigo. All of them of high quality with the finest ingredients and prepared by renowned chefs and their kitchen brigade. Not only the chefs are professionals, the entire Vertigo team guarantees outstanding service and an unmissable ambiance. Despite Vertigo being an upscale restaurant of the highest order, we had a great time with the friendly staff. 

Vertigo’s menu is changed on a regular basis. You may find that some of the dishes listed above are no longer available. Curious what’s on the menu? Check the menu on the site of Banyan Tree Bangkok.

Dining at Vertigo by Banyan Tree Bangkok

Vertigo Too

Vertigo Too is located on the 60th floor and works as a great alternative to Vertigo and Moon Bar when it rains. At the time of writing (Oct 2022), Vertigo Too is primarily used for Worldtigo. A visual and digital spectacle including four-course dinner. This is this concpept a temporary concept. More information on the future of Vertigo Too will follow.

Seats with insane views of Bangkok from Vertigo Too on the 60th floor of the Banyan Tree Bangkok hotel
Worldtigo concept at Vertigo Too on the 60th floor of the Banyan Tree Bangkok hotel
Worldtigo concept at Vertigo Too on the 60th floor of the Banyan Tree Bangkok hotel


Regular jazz performances are held at Vertigo and Vertigo Too. They often feature Jazziam, a jazz band from Bangkok run by the talented Athalie de Koning. Athalie is a Dutch singer and voice actor who has lived in Bangkok for many years. Together with Jazziam, they play at numerous events held by Banyan tree Bangkok. Not only in Vertigo Too, but also for example during New Year’s Eve on the roof of the hotel.

Jazziam performance at Banyan Tree Bangkok
Jazziam performance at Banyan Tree Bangkok

Regular information such as address and opening hours

Location: Vertigo and Moon Bar are located on the roof of Banyan Tree Bangkok (61st floor).
Opening hours: Moon Bar is open from 17:00 to 01:00 hours, whereas dinner in Vertigo is available from 18:00 – 22:30 hours. Opening hours are subjected to weather conditions.
Address: 21/100 S Sathon Rd, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120
Address in Thai: 21/100 ถ. สาทรใต้ แขวง ทุ่งมหาเมฆ เขต สาทร กรุงเทพมหานคร 10120
Phone number: +66 2679 1200 (Banyan Tree Bangkok)
Reservations: Mail to hostesses-bangkok@banyantree.com

View from Vertigo & Moon Bar over Bangkok's sky line

What is the dresscode at Vertigo and Moon Bar?

The dress code for both Vertigo and Moon Bar is smart casual. For men, this means no shorts, no sportswear, no open sandals or flip-flops and no singlets. Men are advised to wear long pants, a neat shirt or shirt (preferably with long sleeves) and closed shoes.

Most ladies will not have much trouble with a smart casual dress code, they often look nice and groomed enough on a night out to a sky bar. Ladies no flip-flops, but neat sandals are ok.

Neatly dressed at Vertigo and Moon Bar in Bangkok

Vertigo and Moon Bar price indication

Admission at Vertigo and Moon Bar is free, but of course you have to order something. A cocktail at Moon Bar costs about 500 THB and a mocktail 350 THB. A beer is available from 300 THB and a soft drink costs 180 THB. Prices at the Vertigo restaurant range from 550 THB for a tasty salad and 850 THB for a Crispy Chicken Burger to 1,250 THB for a serving of spare ribs and 450 THB for a dessert.

In restaurants and bars such as Vertigo and Moon Bar, prices are shown excluding 7% tax and 10% service charge. Therefore, calculate a small 20% percent on top of the price you see on the menu. Tip is not necessary, but is of course allowed. For a price indication of the dishes and drinks check the menu and drinks menu of Vertigo and Moon Bar.

People around the Moon Bar of the Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok


Of course we would like to thank Khun Deepak, Khun Banyat and the entire Vertigo and Moon Bar team for the unforgettable evening we experienced in July 2022. Also thanks to Laura Majetti and Khun Jib! You all truly made our stay at Banyan Tree Bangkok complete – THANKS!

The terrace that houses Vertigo and Moon Bar looks just like a (space) ship sailing high above Bangkok

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