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Aerial view of a few pool villas of Trisara in Phuket
Aerial view of a few pool villas of Trisara in Phuket


Trisara is a hidden paradise in the northwest of Phuket between Banana Beach and Layan Beach. The luxury resort is one of the very best resorts on Phuket. Many guests even say it is one of the best in Thailand. The PRU Restaurant is internationally acclaimed by many, including the Michelin Guide team. Trisara is the place for a special holiday such as a honeymoon.

The Trisara crew welcomes its guests

Where on Phuket is Trisara and PRU Restaurant located?

From Phuket’s international airport (HKT), you can be in the garden of paradise in 15 minutes. Of course you will be picked up from the airport after you land. The service and helpfulness of Trisara is unprecedented, you will not lack anything. Although Trisara is located in the quiet north-west of Phuket, it’s only 45 minutes to popular tourist areas like Phuket Town and Patong or Kata. For a more relaxed vibe, you can go to Bang Tao, Nai Yang or Nai Thon Beach, for example. The latter two beaches are part of Sirinat National Park, Phuket’s only national park. The main entrance to the park is a 15-minute drive away. The location of Trisara ensures that you can enjoy the sunset every day.

Trisara’s surroundings are heavenly! The resort is located in a small bay including a small peaceful private beach. A lush rainforest surrounds the resort giving guests the feeling of not being in busy Phuket but on a quiet intimate tropical island. Our conclusion is that the Trisara property is in an excellent location in Phuket. Their slogan is not for nothing “The garden in the third heaven”.

View of the Trisara area seen from the sea with a drone

What does Trisara offer its guests?

Trisara isn’ t one of the very best luxury resorts in Thailand for nothing. During your stay, there are plenty of fun activities to do and experience. Besides a full cooking course, you can explore the island of Phuket together with a Trisara host. This host will show you the most beautiful, known but also the undiscovered places of Phuket. Of course there are also trips to nearby islands like Koh Phi Phi or Koh Yao Yai possible. Do you want to capture all those special moments forever? Then take a professional photographer from the Trisara Digital Studio with you. A great addition to that dream trip / honeymoon!

Bring your own photographer during your stay at the Trisara on Phuket
Discover Phuket's Old Town while staying at the Trisara resort

See, sand and a saltwater pool

Trisara is situated in a small bay surrounded by lush jungle, a great place to relax. The bay has a beautiful small beach with fine white sand and a floating pier. From here, a speedboat can transport Trisara’s guests to various destinations in the region. In the months of December to April, for example, trips to Phang Nga Bay are organised. But there is more… Trisara has a stunning 45 m2 saltwater pool surrounded by comfortable seating and sunbeds.

The private beach of Trisara on Phuket, Thailand

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Daytrip with Trisara to beautiful places in Thailand
The saltwater pool with sea view of Trisara on Phuket, Thailand

Jara Spa

The Jara Spa is the ultimate place to find inner peace and cleanliness during your stay at the Trisara on Phuket. At the Jara Spa of Trisara, guests can book a variety of spa and massage treatments. We recommend the Royal Trisara Massage. During this treatment, you will be massaged by not one, no not two, but three pairs of hands.  All your worries will disappear like snow in the Thai sun.

The massage therapists of Trisara have followed massage training in the Wat Pho, better known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok. An intensive and professional training where all the tricks of the trade are learned.

A variety of spa treatments at the Jara Spa of Trisara Phuket
Walking meditation from the Jara Spa of Trisara Phuket


While visiting Trisara, guests can borrow sailing boats to explore Phuket’s west coast on their own. If you are unable to sail, no problem, a kayak is also an option. You can snorkel at the rocks on either side of the bay, but you can also book various diving excursions at the resort. If you want to go the extra mile, you can hire a yacht from Trisara and explore the waters of Phuket in style.

Sailing during your stay in Trisara on Phuket
Yacht hire during your stay at Trisara on Phuket

Yoga and other sports

If you prefer to stay on land, you can participate in various organised activities such as yoga at sunrise. Something a little less zen is a Muay Thai lesson or a game of tennis on one of the resort’s tennis courts. And of course, you can stay fit on the high-tech fitness equipment in the dedicated gym. That’s good, because you will certainly be eating well in one of Trisara’s restaurants!

Yoga during your stay at Trisara on Phuket, Thailand
Tennis during your stay at Trisara on Phuket, Thailand

Read a good book or stroll through the tropical gardens 

You can also choose to borrow a good book from Trisara’s library. Enjoy reading on a sunbed in the shade of your own pool villa. Or take a stroll through the beautiful tropical gardens of the resort. 

Enough fun for the kids

Trisara also offers plenty of entertainment for children. There is a spacious children’s clubhouse where the kids can have the time of their lives. Here, among other things, they play games, make beautiful drawings, tinker, read and watch funny films. There are also many fun activities for children. After a day of fun, the little one can choose from a special children’s menu. Parents can have a romantic get-together while a babysitter looks after the little one(s).

Plenty to do for the children at the Trisara Resort on Phuket
Plenty to do for the children at the Trisara Resort on Phuket

Dining in Trisara

Obviously a quality and luxury resort like Trisara can’t do without a quality restaurant? It’s here where Phuket’s only Michelin star restaurant is located! Nice detail is that the chef of this restaurant is a Dutchman. Something we, as Dutch, are very proud of! Besides the Michelin star restaurant PRU, there are two more restaurants in Trisara, The Deck and Seafood at Trisara.

Dining at The Deck at the Trisara Resort on Phuket, Thailand
Dining at Sea Food at the Trisara Resort on Phuket, Thailand
Dining at PRU Restaurant in the Trisara Resort on Phuket, Thailand

PRU Restaurant

Let’s start with the best restaurant right away, which contains three letters. PRU. No, these letters of PRU do not stand for a well-deserved Michelin star three years in a row… PRU stands for Plant Raise Understand. Not surprisingly, with a name like that, you’ll be awarded Thailand’s very first Michelin Green Star in 2020. PRU Restaurant grows and cooks with exclusively ingredients from Thai soil. The people of PRU sow, harvest and then cook the Michelin stars from the air. Or rather out of the ground! Below, we take a closer look at what PRU stands for …

PRU Restaurant in Trisara, in the north of Phuket
Inside at PRU Restaurant on Phuket
Inside at PRU Restaurant on Phuket

Plant Raise Understand

PRU Restaurant was founded in 2016 by Dutchman Jim Ophorst, who also is the restaurant’s chef. PRU stands for the love and respect for mother earth. Especially in these times (I’m writing this article in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis), it’s important that we learn to take better care of the planet we may live on. That is why Jim and his team choose to work with exclusively sustainable Thai ingredients. The team works exclusively with suppliers who stand by PRU’s values as much as the star restaurant itself. 

Plant: PRU Restaurant in Phuket
Raise: PRU Restaurant in Phuket
Understand: PRU Restaurant in Phuket

From soil to sea

Because PRU’s suppliers and producers care for their products with such reverence, it not only benefits our earth, but also the taste. And that from all corners of Thailand. For example, the deliciously sweet strawberries from Chiang Mai and its surroundings or the very best oysters from Surat Thani. All ingredients prepared at PRU are bought in the right season for optimal taste and freshness. PRU works with Thailand’s best products and you can taste that!

Carrots with caramelised coconut and sweet potato for dessert at PRU Restaurant on Phuket
Crayfish from the Tapi River in Surat Thani

Now it’s your turn!

In our perspective, PRU Restaurant stands as an ideal example for many other restaurants in the world. Of course, there are many chefs who are already working in a sustainable and environmentally-conscious manner, but we hope that more will follow! From high-end chefs to home cooks… as yourself.

Chef Jim Ophorst in the PRU kitchen
Chef Jim Ophorst on land

Michelin Star

PRU is so far the only restaurant on Phuket that has managed to earn a Michelin Star, that already since 2018! The first year PRU received a Michelin star, PRU was the only restaurant outside Bangkok to win a star. Now, a few years on (early 2021), PRU has earned another Michelin star last year. It’s time for a second star Jim!

2021 Michelin star for Pru Restaurant on Phuket
2020 Michelin star for Pru Restaurant on Phuket

Michelin Green Star

In fact, PRU Restaurant has been awarded two stars in 2020. A “regular” Michelin star and the Michelin Green Star of which PRU is the only one in Thailand to have achieved this honour. To “earn” a Michelin star is of course quite an achievement, but with the Green Star on top of that, it’s an exceptional and unprecedented achievement! A restaurant is awarded a Green Star when it actively strives to be as sustainable as possible.

From kitchen to suppliers and from management to the use of materials in the restaurant itself. By management, we mean among other things working in an energy-neutral way and combating food waste. In addition to its sustainable efforts, the restaurant is also of great value because of the example it sets. What an achievement and how proud we are (as Dutchies) that a Dutchman and his team have managed to achieve this!

A Michelin Green Star for PRU Restaurant in 2021
A Michelin Green Star for PRU Restaurant in 2021

The unique interview with Jim Ophorst, with questions that not only we but also several Michelin-starred chefs asked.

Chef Jim Ophorst and his super team

A Dutch cook who, as a youngster, goes to Bangkok to pursue his dreams with passion and persistence. Its sounds like a great book and it’s the story of Jim Ophorst. And mark our words this master chef has only just begun! He and his team are not only great cooks, the team is a true institution. In fact, guests around the world learn so much more about food and the wonderful products that are served in the restaurant when they visit PRU. Jim and his team are constantly on the lookout for special products from all over Thailand. Often, these wonderful products not only have a sublime taste, but also a beautiful background story. Thus, a dinner at PRU is not only a feast for the mouth, but also for the mind and the brains. Eating is so much more than just a bite…

Chef Jim Ophorst and his super team of PRU Restaurant

Jim, who grew up in Westland (Netherlands), did an internship with the famous Gaggan for six months. Of course, he gained a lot of experience there, but Jim chose his own path and with success! 

Jim Ophorst of PRU Restaurant (Trisara) at the resort's farm in northern Phuket

Jampa Farm

PRU Restaurant itself has a very large piece of land on Phuket where they grow countless herbs, spices, vegetables and fruit. Everything that is cultivated on this Jampa farm is done as ethically and ecologically as possible. In terms of technique, they go back to the time when people were purely dependent on their own piece of land. This way of farming is called permaculture and stands for the most efficient and practical way of dealing with the land. Plant, Raise and Understand, exactly what PRU stands for!

The PRU Jampa farm of the PRU Restaurant on Phuket, Thailand
The PRU Jampa farm of the PRU Restaurant on Phuket, Thailand

7-course dinner

At PRU restaurant in Phuket, you pay 6,000 baht (about € 165,-) for an amazing 7-course dinner. With matching wines, this ultimate culinary experience at PRU comes to 10,000 baht (€ 275,-). Every two or three months, PRU reinvents its menu. Curious about the latest menu? You can find the March 2021 menu here

Dishes at PRU Restaurant in the Trisara Resort on Phuket, Thailand

The Deck

In a country like Thailand, we prefer to eat outside. At The Deck at Trisara, it’s exactly that. Eating outside with seaview and in good company. So take a seat at the teak wooden terrace and enjoy delicious (international) meals with possibly a good glass of wine. From Chicken Cashew to a pizza and from a Caesar Salad to Tom Kha Gai. And to finish, a delicious cocktail with the sound of the waves in the background, mmmmm holiday tastes good! 

The Deck of Trisara in the north of Phuket, Thailand

Seafood at Trisara

Lovers of fish dishes are in good hands at Seafood at Trisara. The various dishes are prepared by Trisara’s “mama”. The countless recipes have been passed on from generation to generation and finally ended up with this “mama”. In other words, enjoy a crab in a coconut cream or oysters prepared in a “secret” Thai way. 

Mum cooking at Seafood at Trisara on Phuket
Delicious dishes at Seafood at Trisara on Phuket

Trisara Villas and Suites

There are about 65 villas, suites and residences on Trisara’s grounds. Below, we will take a closer look at the different types of accommodation that can be booked here. Be warned, once you’ve been a guest at Trisara, you’ll definitely want to return! 

>> More information or book a stay at Trisara.

Trisara Resort on the island of Phuket in Thailand
Trisara Pool Villa on Phuket, Thailand

Signature Ocean View Pool Suite

The Signature Ocean View Pool Suite is a 230 m2 villa consisting of two rooms. From the living room and bedroom, guests have an amazing view of the Andaman Sea. This pool villa is a fantastic option for a family with two children.

>> More information or book a stay at Trisara.

Floor Plan of the Signature Pool Suite with Ocean View of the Trisara on Phuket, Thailand
The Signature Pool Suite with Ocean View at the Trisara on Phuket, Thailand

Ocean View Junior Pool Suite

This Ocean View Junior Pool Suite is “only” 135 m2 and offers couples all the comfort they could wish for! Of course this suite has its own private pool with a view over the sea.

>> More information or book a stay at Trisara.

Map of the Ocean View Pool Junior Suite at the Trisara Resort on Phuket, Thailand

Ocean View Pool Villa or Ocean Front Pool Villa

The Ocean View Pool Villa and Ocean Front Pool Villa are equal in size (240 m2). They consist of a bedroom / living room area and offer fine accommodation for a family with children or a group of three friends. The only difference of the Ocean Front Pool Villa is that it’s located on the edge of the property. That is, on the rocks overlooking the sea.

>> More information or book a stay at Trisara.

Map of the Ocean View Pool Villa of Trisara
The Ocean View Pool Villa of Trisara

2-Bedroom Ocean Front Pool Villa

There also is a two bedroom villa. And of course, this villa has a pleasant private pool and wonderful sea views. This enormous pool villa is 300 m2 and offers space for six people.

>> More information or book a stay at Trisara.

Floor Plan of the Signature Pool Suite with Ocean View of the Trisara on Phuket, Thailand
Living area of the 2-bedroom Ocean Front Pool Villa at Trisara on Phuket, Thailand

Trisara Residences

In addition to pool villas and suites, the Trisara Residences can also be found on the immense property. These are the very finest accommodations you can book while staying in paradise. The smallest options have two bedrooms with private bathrooms and a living room. The surface area is no less than 1,600 m2! That’is the smallest option…There are residences from three to eight bedrooms to book.

>> More information or book a stay at Trisara.

The map of the Trisara area on Phuket, Thailand
Exterior view of a Trisara Residence on Phuket
Exterior view of a Trisara Residence on Phuket

Private Pool 8-Bedroom Residence

The Private Pool 8-Bedroom Residence is like a resort in itself. This residence of an incredible 8,046 m2 is really gigantic!  Besides eight bedrooms, all with private bathrooms, there is a small cinema, gym, recreation room and much, much more. Of course, you also get a swimming pool with a length of 25 metres. Nice for your next company or bachelor party? You can accommodate 25 adults in this extraordinary residence.

>> More information or book a stay at Trisara.

The Trisara Residences on Phuket seen from the air
Exterior view of a Trisara Residence on Phuket

The ultimate luxury holdiay experience

Trisara & PRU represent the ultimate luxury holiday experience, don’t they? We could write so much more about spending some time at this heavenly resort with that fantastic restaurant! Tell you what, we’ll write more after we’ve slept and eaten here ourselves, deal?!

The ultimate luxury holiday feeling at Trisara on Phuket
Snacks during dinner at PRU Restaurant on Phuket


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