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Tri Trang Beach and the emerald sea water seen with a drone
Tri Trang Beach and the emerald sea water seen with a drone


Less than a ten-minute drive from Patong in Phuket’s Tri Trang Beach, also known as Emerald Beach. Today, Tri Trang Beach is primarily the domain of the super-luxurious Rosewood Phuket which opened its gates in 2017. The beach is just over half a kilometer long and actually divided into two sections which is well shown in the video by our friend Thailand Tony who has been living on Phuket for years. 

The first and western section of the bay is easily accessible by public road. At the large stone Tri Trang Beach letters you first walk over a concrete section after which you can enter the beach / sea (depending on low / high tide) with stairs. For people in wheelchairs, the concrete part of Tri Trang Beach is a nice addition so you can see more of the beach and sea. At the end of the concrete section, take the stairs and walk towards the second part of Tri Trang Beach.

During high tide, you are guaranteed to have to walk through knee-high seawater, but you do get a nice beach not far from Patong in return. Speaking of Patong, from the beach, across the sea, you overlook Patong and Kalim Beach. The second part of Tri Trang Beach consists of soft sand with some (palm) trees adjacent. Yet we recommend you to bring an umbrella against the blistering sun. Although, especially on busy days, drinks and food are sold by street food stalls, it is advisable to bring your own.

Tri Trang Beach with its emerald green waters and near Patong

Image: Travel Wild

The seawater of Tri Trang Beach is clean, clear and emerald green in color, hence the nickname Emerald Beach. Unfortunately, there are many stones and rocks on the seabed, and therefore water shoes are welcome! A snorkel is also welcome here, because the sea of Tri Trang is great for snorkeling, especially if you compare it to the water of Patong on the other side. Keep in mind that especially at low tide you have to go a bit into the sea to be able to snorkel properly. 

Tri Trag Beach on Phuket is not called Emerald Beach for nothing
The seabed full of stones, rocks and dead coral of Tri rang Beach on Phuket

Tri Trang Beach is less than a ten minute walk from Merlin Beach, perfect for combining!

How to get to Tri Trang Beach in Phuket

Patong and Tri Trang Beach are close to each other, this means that you can be on the beach in fifteen minutes by car or scooter. You can also walk there, but expect a solid walk of one hour. If you go further south, you will first pass Paradise Beach and Freedom Beach to finally arrive in Karon. Karon Beach is about a twenty minute drive away and from Phuket Town it is over half an hour drive to reach Tri Trang beach.

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Spending the night, eating and drinking in the area of Tri Trang Beach on Phuket

There is only one resort on Tri Trang Beach that really counts and that is the Rosewood Phuket. An incredibly luxurious resort where you can stay or eat and drink. As a visitor to the beach, you can also find some nice restaurants on the west side of the bay. Both locations we mention here have a beautiful view over the beach, the sea and the town of Patong.

Ta Khai Restaurant by Rosewood Phuket at Tri Trang Beach

Ta Khai Restaurant | Image: Rosewood Phuket

Rosewood Phuket

Phuket is bursting with super-luxury resorts, but Rosewood Phuket is one of a different order! There are not many like it on Thailand’s largest island. A stay at the Rosewood Phuket is therefore for those lucky few who can afford it. Of course, you walk straight from your resort onto the beach of Tri Trang and, hups, straight into the warm clear sea! And Patong is only a ten minute drive away, if you ever want to leave a resort like this! Rosewood has a grandiose infinity pool with sea view and you can eat and drink extremely well in the four designated dining areas. Children are also thought of because of the many activities and games available at the resort.  

The lobby of Rosewood Phuket at Tri Trang Beach
Rosewood Phuket's infinity pool at Tri Trang Beach
Kids won't be bored at Rosewood Phuket on Tri Trang Beach either

Dinner is served at Ta Khai from 18:00 to 22:00, where the menu offers a variety of fish dishes, but you can also enjoy a grilled meat dish on the barbecue.

In Red Sauce the day really starts when you sit down at the breakfast table after passing the buffets and filling your plate. You can also enjoy an ultimate high tea on Saturdays and Sundays. During the evenings, it’s the Italian dishes that steal the show!

The Shack offers guests of Rosewood Phuket dishes from the open kitchen from 11:00 to 22:00 and then there is Mai, a cozy chill out with fine views over the pool and sea. An ideal place for cocktails and snacks!

Red Sauce Restaurant by Rosewood Phuket at Tri Trang Beach
Shack at Rosewood Phuket at Tri Trang Beach
Mai Pool Bar by Rosewood Phuket at Tri Trang Beach

Mai (Pool Bar) | Image: Rosewood Phuket

All 71 pavilions and villas located on the wonderful grounds of Rosewood Phuket overlook the sea and all have a private pool. The smallest space is a whopping 130 m2 spacious, but the real gem of this resort, on Emerald Bay, is The Ocean House. This spacious villa of no less than 796 m2 of luxury has two bedrooms and bathrooms and makes a family vacation more than complete. Grandma and Grandpa will be pretty happy!

>>> More information or book a stay at Rosewood Phuket

Ocean House Villa by Rosewood Phuket at Tri Trang Beach

The Ocean House | Image: Rosewood Phuket

Coconut Heaven

A steep walk of about five minutes from the large Tri Trang Beach letters lies Coconut Heaven. Here you can enjoy a snack and drink while gazing over the sea and the beach of Tri Trang. Further on, on the other side, you can see the beach and the center of Patong. Coconut Heaven’s extensive menu includes satays, spring rolls, curries and many more Thai dishes. Just enjoying the view and ambiance with a soda, beer, cocktail or coffee is also possible. 

Dishes at Coconut Heaven overlooking Tri Trang bay on Phuket
Coconut Heaven near Tri Trang Beach overlooking Patong

Sunshine View Restaurant

Closer to Tri Trang Beach is the Sunshine View Restaurant and this restaurant also offers a beautiful view of the sea and beaches of Kalim, Patong and Tri Trang itself. Whether you’re craving Thai, European or even Indian meals, it’s all here! From pizza to pineapple fried rice and steamed fish to chicken tenders. And stay until the sun goes down, because then you can see the lights of Patong shining so beautifully across the street. A great spot if you’re near Tri Trang Beach or Merlin Beach!

Especially in the high season, there is a company that lets you play with elephants on the beach. Maybe fun for the kids and Instagram, but personally we don’t think it’s really a party for the elephants. It’s still a difficult story, but we recommend you don’t support this.

Drinks at Sunshine View near Tri Trang Beach on Phuket
Sunshine View staff near Tri Trang Beach on Phuket

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The map of the southern part of Phuket

Especially for you we made a map of south Phuket. It shows the beaches, the best places to eat and drink, fun sights and other activities. Have fun!


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