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On the background clouds over the mountains of Khao Sok and Cheow Lan Lake with rain in the foreground
On the background clouds over the mountains of Khao Sok and Cheow Lan Lake with rain in the foreground


Are you planning a trip to Thailand and want to know the best time to visit Khao Sok National Park? Or are you tied to the school holidays in the rainy season and doubt whether that’s a good time to travel? In this article we answer all your questions about the weather in Khao Sok. But one thing is for sure, weather or no weather Khao Sok is incredibly beautiful and as far as we’re concerned, it shouldn’t be missed on your tour of Thailand!

You can also book a tour on Khao Sok Lake (Cheow Lan Lake) through us. There are many possibilities, such as spending the night on the lake in a luxury or basic house or making a daytrip with a group or private. You can reach us by mail, Facebook or Instagram.

Khao Sok’s climate

The environment of Khao Sok consists mainly of rainforest and the days and nights are humid, clammy and warm. You can call the climate in Khao Sok tropical! This tropical climate has three seasons: The dry season, the hot season and the wet season. The wet season is also called monsoon, it can rain heavily! Everyone’s season has its pros and cons.

Double rainbow in Khao Sok

The dry season (November to February), best travel time Khao Sok

The months November to February are, according to many visitors, the best months to travel to Khao Sok. In these months normally the least rain falls. In Thailand this season is also called the cold or dry season. But don’t be fooled by the term cold season, because according to our Dutch standards it’s really not going to be cold! In the dry season you have the least chance of prolonged rain, but tropical showers are still possible, Khao Sok is and remains a rainforest. The temperature in the dry season is around 26 to 27 degrees and the humidity is about 77%. The average amount of rain that falls is 25 to 26 mm per month.

Despite the fact that this season is a good time to visit Khao Sok, there are also a few disadvantages. Towards the end of the dry season, in the month of February, the water level in the river Sok is regularly so low that it is difficult or impossible to tub and kayak. Nevertheless in this dry season a visit to the Cheow Lan Lake is highly recommended! Because there is less waterfall, wild animals like the elephant and the tapir will come to the lake faster to drink water. Besides this there are also trekkings available that are hardly possible during the wet season such as a hike to the viewpoint or a visit to the Nam Ta Loo cave.

The famous three-pointed rocks on Cheow Lan Lake
A remote rafthouse on Cheow Lan Lake

The hot season from March to May

During the hot season, also called Thai summer, the weather in Khao Sok is the warmest. Hot season in this case often means sweating! The average temperature is around 29 degrees. April is usually the hottest month. Because of the drought, nature can be less green and sometimes even dry. Chances are that tubs and kayaking on the sock river is not possible because the water is too low. In the months March to May you have the most chance to see wildlife along the shores of Cheow Lan Lake!

The humidity is highest during this period and even higher than the average 77% from the dry season. You would think that in the hot season the humidity would have to be lower. But nothing could be further from the truth, the air gets cooler after a heavy shower and therefore the humidity is lowest in the rainy season. The hot season often equals sweating! But it’s worth every drop of sweat!

During the hot (or dry) season, book a hotel with a swimming pool such as the Khao Sok Morning Mist Resort or Montania Lifestyle Hotel. This allows you to cool down at the hottest moment of the day!

The pool at the Khao San Morning Mist Resort with surrounding tropical garden and distant limestone rock formations

The rainy season (June to October)

The weather in Khao Sok only really changes in the months June to October, it is during this period that the monsoon moves over the area and causes heavy and sometimes prolonged rain showers. That is why this period is also called the monsoon or green season. In the rainy season the temperature in Khao Sok is coolest and the wet months are a feast for the adventurer who wants to kayak, raft or tub over the Sok river. The biggest advantage of this period is that the jungle of Khao Sok is beautifully green, lush and vital. There are lots of flowers and many kinds of fruit in large quantities! Also waterfalls are spectacular in this period! A disadvantage is that the chance of seeing wild animals during your visit to Cheow Lan Lake is again a lot smaller because of a surplus of food and water.

If you want to travel to Khao Sok during the rainy season, or if you are bound to the school holidays, we advise you to go as early as possible during the rainy season, in June and July the real rainy season often has to get going and the showers are less long and heavy than in (late) August and September.

If you ask us, visit Khao Sok National Park when you have the chance! Of course it’s nice when it’s dry and the sun shines occasionally, but even in the rain Khao Sok is overwhelmingly beautiful!

In Khao Sok there is about 3,500 mm of rain in one year? Here in our home country the Netherlands just under a quarter! And we are always complaining about the weather …

Clouds around mountains, rainy season in Khao Sok

Image: ThailandMagazine.com

Our experiences in July and August

We ourselves traveled to Khao Sok twice during the rainy season and out of the total of 8 days we spend here, there was one rainy afternoon in between, the morning and evening were dry and alternately cloudy. Furthermore, we had completely dry days and days with a few short showers. The sun was always shining in between. During our last night on the Cheow Lan Lake we didn’t witnessed a drop of rain and this was in the beginning of August. Unfortunately we can’t give any guarantees but we want to let you know that the rainy season also has just dry and sunny moments.

In the rainy season of Khao Sok a number of treks are sometimes not possible such as a visit to the viewpoint and certainly not to the Nam Ta Loo cave. Read all about the tours in Khao Sok in this article.

Dead trees sticking out of Cheow Lan Lake with a dark sky as if it's going to storm at any moment
Mountains in the fog of Khao Sok National Park

Temperature in Khao Sok

In Khao Sok it’s never really cold, it usually doesn’t get colder than 20°C. The coolest month is September with an average of 24°C and the warmest month is April with an average of 31°C.

Rain in Khao Sok

Due to the location of Khao Sok, the weather is influenced by both the western and eastern monsoon rains. In the Khao Sok region, the average rainfall is therefore the highest in the whole of Thailand. That is why many people talk about two seasons instead of three. The dry season from December to April and the wet season from May to November with the wettest month September. In this month the average rainfall is 375 mm. That is almost half of what falls in the Netherlands in one year! If there is one month in which we would advise against travelling to Khao Sok, it is the month of September. By the way, the driest month is February with an average of 30 mm rain, if you want as little rain as possible February is the best travel time for Khao Sok.

The Cheow Lan Lake viewpoint with a rainstorm in the background
Sunbeams coming out of the cloud cover over Cheow Lan Lake

Best months to travel to Khao Sok

The best months to travel to Khao Sok are November, December and January. The rainy season is coming to an end and is turning into drier weather where nature is not yet very dry. Also the chance of a few days of rain in a row is small.

Sunset on Cheow Lan Lake
The Cheow Lan Lake with the mountains in the background shrouded in clouds

Hotels, restaurants and other fun things to do in and around Khao Sok can be found in the info box below!

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  • Pawn’s Restaurant | In the center of Khao Sok TIP
    Our personal favorite! Try the Massaman curry here and you’ll see why!
  • The 99 km Coffee House Khao Sok | 10 km from Khao Sok
    Maybe the best coffee from Khao Sok! Wake up with phenomenal views and a nice cup of coffee!
  • Bamboo Bistro Khao Sok | In the center of Khao Sok
    Bamboo Bistro is run by a very friendly man who speaks very good English, let’s put it this way, his English is as good as his dishes – very good!
  • Chao Italian Ristorante and Thai Food | In the center of Khao Sok
    For pizza you have to be at Chao’s! This restaurant is also known by locals as the best pizzatent! Ciao bella ciao!
  • Wind Song Bar & Restaurant | In the center of Khao Sok
    Top place for a bite to eat and delicious cocktails. That sounds like music to your ears!
  • The Misty Restaurant | In the center of Khao Sok
    This restaurant belongs to the Khao Sok Morning Mist Resort. Eating in a restaurant with an amazing view of the limestone cliffs of Khao Sok.

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