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The Wonderful Atrium Of The Siam In Bangkok

Image: The Siam


Is this a unique museum or the coolest boutique hotel in Bangkok and maybe in the entire Kingdom of Thailand?

Immediately upon entering we knew that a few special days awaited us. A stay at The Siam is something special, something exclusive and yet familiar. The Siam is above all a hotel where you must have slept once if you stay in Bangkok. At least, if the hotel is not fully booked. After all, The Siam is a small boutique hotel with less than forty rooms. Popular with Thailand’s “rich & famous” and loved by anyone who loves the highest quality and outstanding service, The Siam is a unique hotel where art and culture go hand in hand with the highest form of hospitality! 

The Siam Exterior

Image: The Siam

Where in Bangkok is The Siam Hotel located?

After our flight from Krabi to Don Muang Airport in Bangkok, we reached The Siam in the quiet Dusit district within half an hour by cab. This district, inspired in the early 1900s by King Rama V’s many travels and love of Europe, is known for its European flair and wide avenues. Central to Dusit is the Dusit Palace Plaza, with the royal palace surrounded by beautiful fields of flowers. The Wat Benchamabophit, a temple clad in marble, is also in this district.

Just a half-hour walk from Dusit Palace you’ll find The Siam Hotel, beautifully situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. A big plus is the hotel’s free shuttle service, which takes you to Central Sathorn Pier, just below the Taksin Bridge. Next to this pier is the important BTS Station Saphan Taksin. From here you travel easily by skytrain (Green Line / Silom Line) to the Siam stop, the heart of Bangkok’s shopping district with malls like Siam Paragon, CentralWorld and MBK Center and close to the Jim Thompson House & Museum and the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

Closer to The Siam, fifteen minutes by cab and even 10 minutes with the free boat shuttle that The Siam provides, are cultural attractions such as the Grand Palace, Wat Arun and Wat Pho, better known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. A little further away is Bangkok’s most famous backpacker street, Khao San Road, with the cozy and much quieter Rambuttri Road/Alley nearby.

Bangkok’s international airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport, is about a 45-minute drive from The Siam.

The Siam, much more than just an exclusive hotel!

Designed by renowned architect Bill Bensley, The Siam Hotel is a unique blend of Art Deco and Asian antiques, located on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Featuring 38 spacious suites and pool villas with rooftop terraces, this extraordinary urban resort offers a serene, luxurious experience in the vibrant heart of Thailand. With facilities such as adapted restrooms and elevators, The Siam is also wheelchair accessible.

Upon entering the lobby, one immediately notices the elegant fountain surrounded by comfortable chairs and sofas. The marble floor and lush hanging plants give this space a special atmosphere. A little further on, a small store opposite the check-in desk offers an assortment of exclusive, unique items.

A long corridor leads to the hotel’s main building, where the suites are located. This atrium has a striking water basin with surrounding palms from the first floor that provide a sense of grandeur; the immense palm fronds reach almost to the glass roof. Each of the suites is decorated with special newspaper clippings, photographs and other mementos that fit the theme of the suite. For example, we slept in the elephant suite, how appropriate with our Thailand Magazine elephant logo.

The Siam interior

Image: The Siam

Atrium at The Siam with huge palms

Image: The Siam

Antique at The Siam

Image: The Siam

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The phenomenal design and huge art collection

Krissada Sukosol Clapp, a Thai musician, movie star and antiques collector, developed The Siam with his mother on the family’s three-acre riverfront property, owned since the late 1970s. The hotel also serves as a gallery for the Sukosol family collection consisting of some as many as 25,000 items! From antiques and vintage trinkets to military uniforms to Ming dynasty ceramics to unique photographs and paintings.

When I approached to building The Siam, it was no different from how I approached a song or building a character on film…I tried my best to give it ‘soul’. Which is not easy…because it’s something intangible and inexplicable…you just have to feel it…whether you feel it when hearing a good song, walking out of a theatre after beautiful movie, or walking into a hotel that is simply different…you can feel it when something’s special…and that’s simply what I tried to achieve at The Siam. I totally understand that our hotel is not for everybody…but I tried the best I could. 🙏🏻”
– Krissada Sukosol Clapp –

Art at The Siam

Image: The Siam

Antique at The Siam

Image: The Siam

Art at The Siam

Image: The Siam

When we stayed at The Siam in 2023, there was a small gallery run by Bill Bensley in an annex in the hotel’s garden. All income from the sale of these artworks supports various conservation projects – Shinta Mani Foundation & Wildlife Alliance. The Siam promotes sustainability by giving refillable water bottles as gifts to its guests, which helps reduce waste.

Our time at The Siam flew by, and with each exploration we discovered something new, from historical newspaper clippings to ancient relics and Buddha statues. When we asked about the oldest object in the hotel, they replied with: “A Buddha statue from the 16th century, do you want to see it?” – Of course we wanted to see it! Even during our last day, we learned more about the Horse Carriage from the Han Dynasty (200 BC) and discovered areas we had not been to before such as the Bathers Bar.

The Siam is a paradise for lovers of (Thai) art and history, with its rich collection and fascinating stories behind each work of art.

Old Buddha statue at The Siam

Image: The Siam

Artifcats at The Siam

Image: Thailand Magazine

Decoration at The Siam

Image: Thailand Magazine

Welcome in The Siam!

Upon our arrival in the lobby of The Siam, we were warmly greeted by the team. We were offered a refreshing drink and a cool refreshment towel on a small wooden tray, which was very welcome after our trip from Railay to the Dusit area in Bangkok.

We were explained about the hotel and the schedule for the next few days. We were also introduced to our personal butler. This friendly young man was always available throughout our stay. For questions about things inside or outside the hotel, we could contact him via Whatsapp or LINE. 

Every guest at The Siam gets his/her own butler, a personal guide ready to serve his/her guests. The hospitality was not limited to our butler; the entire team at The Siam, right down to the general manager Nick, was extremely attentive and helpful. The Thai hospitality was truly fantastic!

Lobby at The Siam

Image: Thailand Magazine

Suites and Pool Villas

The Siam has 38 rooms, including 28 suites and 10 villas. The smallest suites are the Siam Suite, the Garden View Suite and the River View Suite with an area of 80 m2. Next come the Premier Garden View Suite and the Premier River View Suite. Both premier suites are a whopping 100 m2! Finally, there are two types of impressive Pool Villas: the Courtyard Pool Villa and the Riverside Pool Villa, located in the hotel’s spacious garden, close to the river.These villas are both 130 m2 and offer absolute privacy with a private courtyard and pool. The pool villas also have a rooftop terrace and are perfect for guests seeking an exclusive and secluded experience. 

For specific room rates and more information, please visit  Agoda or Booking.com.

Each room is equipped with super-fast Wi-Fi, HD televisions with a wide range of on-demand movies, a freestanding bathtub (those in the villas are particularly beautiful!) and separate shower, very comfortable slippers and soft bathrobes. In the living area, coffee and tea facilities are available free of charge, along with various snacks such as chocolate, mixed nuts and house (banana) chips. A lovely detail are the fresh flowers and fruit guests receive during their stay. The Siam takes excellent care of its guests and guarantees a perfect stay for everyone!

Villa at The Siam

Image: The Siam

Garden Villa at The Siam

Image: The Siam

Villa at The Siam

Image: The Siam

Our amazing Siam Suite

Our Siam Suite was located on the second floor of the main building and offered a spacious 80 square meter room with a high ceiling and a beautiful wooden floor. Due to the elephant theme, the walls were decorated with original artwork, documents, prints and photos of elephants. This thematic approach was already evident in the large frames with a collection of photos and documents at each suite. The colonial furniture may not have been quite our style, but it fit seamlessly into the luxurious setting of The Siam. The combination of dark wood furniture and art deco lamps completed our experience.

The air conditioning in our room was excellent; the room stayed wonderfully cool and the air conditioner worked silently. Another big plus, applicable to the entire hotel, was the super-fast and stable wireless Internet – ideal for those who wanted to get some work done.

The Siam Suite was divided into three living areas: the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom at the end of the suite.

Siam Suite Floorplan

The living area of the Siam Suite

Upon entering our suite, the Siam Suite (80 m2), we found ourselves directly in the living area. Although this was the smallest part of the suite, it felt cozy and homey. There was a comfortable three-person sofa with a coffee table, and the mirrored walls on both sides of the room created a spacious and light effect, thanks in part to the outside light falling in through the frosted glass. A clever and original solution!

The bar area was equipped with a low mirrored cabinet that housed the minibar and on top of that the coffee and tea facilities, including a Nespresso machine. When the coffee cups ran out or we wanted more, they were quickly replenished. Free snacks and soft drinks were also replenished daily. We enjoyed all the goodies, especially the chocolate which was of exceptional quality!

The living area and sleeping area could be separated by a huge thick curtain, which served as a partition wall.

Living area at Siam Suite

Image: Thailand Magazine

Welcoming gifts at Siam Suite in The Siam

Image: Thailand Magazine

The bedroom of the Siam Suite

The main part of the Siam Suite was the sleeping area, centered around a huge, super-soft bed. Across from the bed were two armchairs and an ottoman, perfectly positioned in front of the LCD TV.

Behind the bed was a work desk, and in the partition between the bathroom and the living room were two large closets, including an anchored safe. The Siam combined classic elegance with modern amenities; for example, there were plenty of (usb) connections on both sides of the bed and at the desk for laptops and cell phones.

The bedroom offered a spacious feeling, with more than enough walking space around the bed. Although there were no windows in the bedroom, the room was surprisingly bright.

Bedroom at Siam Suite

Image: Thailand Magazine

Bathroom at Siam Suite

Image: Thailand Magazine

The bathroom of the Siam Suite

Finally, the large bright bathroom was found behind a partition from the bedroom. As soon as the door opened we saw a freestanding classic bathtub on a super cool black and white tiled floor. The partially frosted glass windows brought plenty of natural light and our suite overlooked the street side of The Siam, nothing fancy, but inside the hotel we had plenty to look at.

Something I personally found unfortunate was that the his and her sinks are really both on opposite sides of the bathroom. The space is so big that you are literally meters from each other brushing your teeth. Of course, what I see as a small disadvantage can also be seen as a big advantage. At least you have enough space to yourself, something that is sometimes really disappointing in other accommodations. The toilet and shower were both located in a separate enclosed area.

Bathroom at Siam Suite

Image: The Siam

Bathroom at Siam Suite

Image: The Siam

The many facilities The Siam Hotel in Bangkok has to offer

Where to start. The Siam offers an array of facilities such as the Opium Spa, an in-house hair and nail salon, and even the opportunity to get a unique Sak Yant tattoo during your stay. Although our time was limited and we were only able to use some of the facilities, these experiences were impressive in their own right. Below we share more about what we experienced, but don’t forget to explore the other options the hotel has to offer.

The library at The Siam

Image: The Siam

Connie's House at The Siam with art from Bill Bensly

Image: The Siam

The Siam Cruise over the Chao Phraya river

On our arrival day, we immediately took the Siam Cruise during sunset. Our beautiful teak boat left at 5:30 p.m. and returned at 6:50 p.m., a trip of nearly an hour and a half down the Chao Phraya River.

Hurried but eager, we took our seats, whereupon our attentive butler served us two refreshing mocktails as a welcome gift. “For during the trip,” he said with a smile. We sailed past several familiar points we had previously seen on the Manohra Cruise, including the Rama VIII Bridge, the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, the iconic ICONSIAM mall, and back from Sathorn Pier.

The Siam’s free shuttle boat service offers multiple times for guests to sail back and forth to Sathorn Pier. It is important to book in advance with your butler or the check-in desk. For the most up-to-date times, it is recommended to inquire directly with the hotel.


The Siam – Central Sathorn Pier (Saphan Taksin BTS Station)

The Siam PierCentral Sathorn PierThe Siam Pier

From the BTS station, take exit no. 2 and walk straight under the overpass to the “Sathorn Pier”. The Siam Cruise docks at the “Hotel Shuttle Boat” Pier.

The Siam cruise runs on a fixed schedule and is by appointment only.

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED, please call +66(0) 2206 6999.

Siam Cruise

Image: The Siam

Wat Arun in Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Riverside Infinity Pool

During our second day at The Siam, we enjoyed relaxing by the 23-meter pool overlooking the river. The sunbeds were extremely comfortable and ranged from classic loungers to some very large “sunbeds. Poolside service was outstanding, with a welcome drink and also a carafe of cold water for each guest. Sunscreen was also available free of charge.

With the high temperatures in late March in Bangkok, the infinity pool offered a pleasant coolness. It was a beautiful sight to watch the boats on the river go by as we relaxed in the water. “Sigh, what an amazing time we had.”

Riverside Infinity Pool at The Siam

Image: Thailand Magazine

Beds at Riverside Infinity Pool at The Siam

Image: Thailand Magazine

SunbBeds at Riverside Infinity Pool at The Siam

Image: Thailand Magazine

Speciale movie and music rooms at The Siam

On the second floor of The Siam’s main building, you’ll find a very special room that connects my former work in the music industry with my current passion for sharing my love of Thailand: The Vinyl Room. In a secluded corner of the building, under a unique round window, is a record player surrounded by hundreds of vinyl records. This room is a true paradise for music lovers; you can put on a record and enjoy it. Also, don’t forget to walk outside and take in the view from this extraordinary Bangkok hotel.

Movie lovers are also spoiled at The Siam with the presence of The Movie Room on the first floor. You can even reserve this room for a movie night, and watch a classic like E.T., which will even keep you company during your movie experience!

Music Room at The Siam

Image: The Siam

Movie Room at The Siam

Image: Thailand Magazine

Wellness & Sports

Although we didn’t have time for a spa treatment at The Siam’s Opium Spa, we did take a look and were given a tour by a friendly staff member. The spa is located in the basement and feels like another world. At the center is an immense open space with a fountain and comfortable couches surrounding the walls, which serve as a welcome lobby. The corridors to the treatment rooms are divided into two narrow paths on either side. At the end of the corridor is an impressive relaxation room, which really amazed us. Next time, we are definitely planning a spa treatment!

On our next visit to The Siam, we also want to try a Muay Thai class in the boxing ring of the classic-looking gym, which features several modern exercise machines for strength and cardio workouts next to the ring. What we don’t plan on doing is getting a Sak Yant tattoo. Although these traditional and religious tattoos are done by a Buddhist monk or trained Tattoo Master – known as Ajarn, we haven’t decided if we want one yet. Either way, the studio, decorated with various works of art and masks, is worth a visit, whether you come for a Sak Yant or not.

The Siam's Opium Spa

Image: The Siam

Image: Thailand Magazine

Sak Yant Studio at The Siam

Image: Thailand Magazine

There is so much more to experience at The Siam!

You can easily entertain yourself for weeks at The Siam without getting bored for a single moment! Once you’ve spent the dozens of hours admiring art and curios, watching movies, listening to all the vinyl, by now a fit and relaxed Muay Thai warrior with a Sak Yant tattoo, you can browse around the quirky trinket store across from the lobby. Or visit Connie’s Corner in the resort’s garden, where you’ll find a Jim Thompson store. And if you really want something special, you can purchase a unique piece of art by the famous Bill Bensley upstairs at Connie’s! Rather boost your creative Thai cooking skills? The Siam’s cooking school will teach you how and what.

Whatever you do, when you sleep at The Siam, go out and explore!

Bill Bensly making some art

Image: The Siam

Cooking Class at The Siam

Image: The Siam

Exceptionally delicious food!

During our stay at The Siam, we enjoyed an outstanding a la carte breakfast daily at the semi-open Chon Thai Restaurant, and on our arrival day we relaxed late afternoon with an Afternoon Tea at The Story House, where we dined extensively late in the evening. Our last evening, before leaving for the Netherlands, we spent as much quality team as possible at The Pier, the outdoor terrace of The Siam located on the Chao Phraya River.

A special thanks to New Zealand chef Blair Mathieson and his team for the outstanding meals. The Thai breakfast was a highlight, and we look forward to another visit to talk more about (Thai) life together. Chok dee krub!

Chef Blair in front of Chon Thai Restaurant at The Siam Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Chon Thai Restaurant

Chon Thai Restaurant, located in a semi-open Thai teak house in The Siam’s large garden, offers views of the Chao Phraya River. Guests can choose to have breakfast, lunch or dinner outside al fresco or inside with air conditioning.

The menu offers a wide selection of Thai dishes, including starters, salads, soups, curries, grill and wok dishes, and desserts. The wine list offers several options, with guests also able to choose by the glass. For champagne and dessert wine lovers, these are available by the bottle only.

The chef’s tasting menu, consisting of four snacks, four dishes and a dessert, is priced at THB 2,250 per person, excluding 10% service charge and 7% tax, which is a reasonable price considering the quality offered by this restaurant at The Siam.

Chon Thai’s opening hours are as follows:
Dinner: 16:00 – 23:00 hrs (Last order at 22:30 hrs)
Lunch: 11:00 – 16:00 hrs
Breakfast: 06:00 – 11:00 hrs

Outside Chon Thai Restaurant at The Siam Bangkok

Image: The Siam

Inside Chon Thai Restaurant at The Siam Bangkok

Image: The Siam

Superb breakfast at Chon Thai!

Every morning we started the day with a fantastic breakfast at The Siam. This luxury hotel does not offer a buffet, but an a la carte menu of European and Asian breakfast dishes. Among our favorites were the Ham & Cheese Toast, rich with Serrano ham, ricotta cheese, fig and truffle honey, and The Siam Bakery Basket full of hot treats such as a chocolate roll, croissant, blueberry muffin and toast with butter and jam. Eggs, such as boiled eggs or omelets, completed our generous breakfast.

For an authentic Thai experience, I chose the Khao Niew Moo Yang, with an irresistible sauce, and the noodle soup with chicken (Guoy Teow Nahm) was also a hit. The drinks, including freshly squeezed orange or watermelon juice and a good cup of coffee or cappuccino, fully met the expectations of a five-star hotel.

A slight delay in serving our iced coffees was resolved by pouring them into take-home cups made of recycled paper, allowing us to take our iced cappuccino on the way to our suite. What a top-notch service!

Breakfast at Chon Thai Restaurant at

Image: Thailand Magazine

Breakfast at Chon Thai Restaurant at The Siam Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Thai breakfast at Chon Thai Restaurant at The Siam Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

The Story House

At The Story House, we shared our stories and memories during our last days in Thailand. Located on the street side of the hotel, this restaurant offers a relaxed and intimate atmosphere thanks to its layout. The Story House is divided into several large and small spaces and therefore, if it is not too crowded, guests can somewhat seclude themselves and enjoy privacy in good company. In terms of design and layout, Bill Bensley along with Krissada ‘Noi’ Sukosol Clapp have done their utmost here as well! 

At The Story House, it is only possible to book a High Tea or Dinner. The opening hours of The Story House are as follows:
High Tea: 14:00 – 17:00 hrs
Dinner: 18:00 – 22:00 hrs

The Story House in The Siam Bangkok

Image: The Siam

High Quality High Tea

Not long after checking in, we were already at the table at The Story House at The Siam for one of the best high teas we have ever had. From the high tea menu, the savory sandwich with truffle and egg, the quiche with crab and gruyere, and the Peking duck with hoisin sauce in rice paper stood out. Among the sweets, the lemon meringue tart, the chocolate blueberry tart, and especially the soft chocolate tart with salted caramel and honeycomb were our favorites. 

The high quality tea and scones with clotted cream, lemon curd and strawberry jam completed the experience. The price of this exquisite high tea is THB 2,350 for two people, excluding 10% service charge and 7% tax.

Staff presenting High Tea at The Story House in The Siam Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

High Tea at The Story House in The Siam Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Dinner at The Story House

Although we were unsure about having Thai dinner at Chon Thai, we opted for a Western dinner at The Story House. Earlier that day, we saw some dishes on the menu that we had to try, and 1,650 THB for a three-course meal at a luxury hotel like The Siam is obviously a bargain! 

As a snack/appetizer, we ordered the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls with a secret sauce, a very original and tasty snack! For the main course, we were served the Steak Frites and TSH Burger. The ribeye of the Steak Frites was okay, not fantastic, but the burger certainly was. The bun combined with the gruyere cheese, bacon, smoked bbq sauce and especially the pickled jalapeños put this burger in the “heavenly” category. 

We really could only finish one dessert and decided to share the Hot Cinnamon Donut. A good choice, but how glad we were to stick with just one dessert! Indeed, the hot donut with sugared cinnamon was served with a generous ball of dulce de leche ice cream and caramelized banana.

Starters at The Story House in The Siam Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Dinner at The Story House in The Siam Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

The Pier and more

Toward the end of the day, the shuttle boat pier transforms into The Pier, an atmospheric terrace with breathtaking water views. Guests here can enjoy delicious cocktails, wines, beers and other drinks found on the extensive beverage menu.

For those who prefer to enjoy a good drink inside, there is the bar behind the Chon Thai restaurant. This unique bar is notable for the huge wind instruments hanging above the bar. A visit is definitely worthwhile and offers an excellent opportunity for a great photo!

In summary, The Siam also offers a rich culinary experience where guests can enjoy themselves for weeks!

The Pier at The Siam Bangkok

Image: The Siam

Hanging instruments at a bar in The Siam Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Five reasons to book a stay at The Siam in Bangkok:

  1. An Amazing Museum: The Siam is not only a beautiful and luxurious boutique hotel, it is also a real museum! With its unique collections and works of art, it offers an enriching experience beyond accommodation.
  2. Premium Service: Guests are assigned their own butler, highlighting the sublime service and attention to detail. Even without a butler, the service is of the highest quality.
  3. Spacious Suites and Villas: With the smallest room option of 80 m², each accommodation area offers luxury and comfort. This makes an overnight stay at The Siam a unique experience.
  4. Exclusivity: With only 38 suites and villas on a large property, The Siam offers an intimate and exclusive atmosphere not easily found elsewhere.
  5. Delightful Dining: The all-you-can-eat à la carte breakfast is a culinary experience not to be missed. It offers a wide range of both local and international dishes, perfect for every taste.

Video: The Luxury Travel Expert (YouTube)

In conclusion

The Siam is undoubtedly one of the most unique boutique hotels we have stayed at in Thailand. This hotel seamlessly combines classic cultural elements with modern hospitality. Standards and values are upheld and each guest is treated with equal care and attention. The team at The Siam strives to make your stay as comfortable as possible, so you will miss home. The personalized service is extraordinary and few accommodations in Bangkok can match this.

Moreover, The Siam is more than just a hotel; it is a unique museum and an extraordinary art gallery where Thai art and history are curated and guarded. The Sukosol family deserves credit for their commitment in preserving Thai culture.

Special thanks to Khun Nick and his team! Khun Nollada also made sure we did not lack anything during our stay. Many thanks to the entire team at The Siam; you were all so amazing!!

Een deel van het team van The Siam

Image: Thailand Magazine

General information about The Siam in Bangkok

Check-in at The Siam is available as early as 2:00 pm and check-out is until 12:00 pm. For current prices of this exclusive boutique hotel on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, please check Booking.com and/or Agoda. In addition, you support Thailand Magazine by booking through our partner links. We receive a small commission on your booking. This costs you nothing extra and this allows us to continue working hard on our great passion, sharing our deep-rooted love for Thailand and thus promoting the land of smiles. 

Address: The Siam 3, 2 Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit District, Bangkok 10300
Phone number:+(0)66 2206 6999
Website: www.thesiamhotel.com
Facebook: The Siam
Instagram: The Siam

Buddhabeeld in The Siam Bangkok

Image: The Siam

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