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The grounds of The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan seen from a drone
The grounds of The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan seen from a drone


Would you like to experience the ultimate relaxing holiday and unwind? Then a tay at The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan! It’s an ideal place to achieve this goal! This beautiful resort was opened in 2008 and is located on the largest beach of Koh Kradan, Koh Kradan is one of those islands of which you can see the pictures in travel magazines when it comes to tropical destinations. A beautiful paradise!

Sun loungers on the coast on the grounds of The Sevenseas Resory on Koh Kradan

Right on the beach!

The Sevenseas is located directly on the most famous beach of Koh Kradan, Paradise Beach but mainly called Kradan Beach. Kradan Beach is an elongated stretch of beach with white sand as fine as powder on the east coast of the island. From this beach you overlook the busier island of Koh Mook (Koh Muk). The relaxing resort is hidden between the greenery that provides you with fine shady spots. The resort is spacious so you really experience the feeling of privacy. Peace and relaxation guaranteed!

View of the Andaman Sea and Koh Mook from Kradan Beach for The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan

In the sea opposite the resort is a reef where you can snorkel, you jump into the water, swim a little further and the beautiful fish greet you! The Sevenseas Resort is located on the main beach Kradan Beach, but a relaxed beach walk of about 15 minutes brings you to two other beaches.

In the south of the main beach you find Ao Niang Beach where you can snorkel and in the north a small beach of a few hundred meters long called Ao Pai Beach. To the furthest beach, Sunset Beach, you walk in a half an hour via a small path through the jungle to the other side of it. From this beautiful little beach you can enjoy the sunset over the Andaman Sea.

The reef opposite The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan
Watching the sun set from Sunset Beach on Koh Kradan

Activities Sevenseas Resort

The Sevenseas Resort consists of a main building where the lobby and Sevenseas Restaurant are located. Here you can play a game or read a good book during the day. In the lobby there is also a closet where you can borrow DVD’s and books. Opposite the main building is the swimming pool surrounded by a number of sunbeds with next to it the Barnacles Bar where you can buy a drink by the pool or on the beach. The beach is a one minute walk from the pool! It’s your choice.

In high season you can book a massage or diving lessons at the resort. From October first till June first the Coral Cave on Koh Mook is open, In that period it’s possible to take an excursion from Koh Kradan.

The lobby and Sevenseas Restaurant of The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan
The pool at The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan

The Sevenseas Restaurant

At The Sevenseas Restaurant you can enjoy breakfast inside or outside the main building in the morning. In low season you can order breakfast from the menu. For example, you may choose from toast with jam or a fried egg. With every order you get a portion of fresh fruit anyway. In high season there is a buffet so you can make your own breakfast.

Poolside breakfast at The Sevenseas Resorts on Koh Kradan in Thailand

During lunch and dinner there are various western and Thai dishes available at the Sevenseas Restaurant. Keep in mind that the prices are considerably more expensive than on the mainland but that’s not surprising, you’re staying in a high class resort and most ingredients come by boat from the mainland.

What do you have to count on? Massaman chicken for 300 baht, Pad Thai with prawns 220 baht and a hamburger with a portion of fries 380 baht. Drinks are also more expensive, so order a Cola for 80 baht and a fruit shake for 130 baht. Over all amounts you also have to pay 7% tax.

The ordered meals can also be taken in your own bungalow or on your own terrace. The resort and the island of Koh Kradan give you an absolute feeling of freedom.

The Sevenseas Restaurant on Koh Kradan in Thailand

The Barnacle Bar

At the Sevenseas Resort’s Barnacle Bar you can enjoy delicious cocktails at 270 baht. You can choose from a number of Aperitif Cocktails such as the Negroni and Campari Sweet to whet your appetite. But the classic cocktails can also be found on the menu. Like the famous Pina Colada, Mojito and Margarita. The Barnacle team has also put together a number of special Sevenseas Cocktails with appropriate names like the Emerald Cave and the Sevenseas Sunset.

The Barnacle Bar also makes fantastic alcoholic shakes for 270 baht! We ordered the Kahlua Smoothie with Kahlua and Cream de Cacao and the Choco Fever with Dark Rum, Bailey’s and Kahlua. An ideal nightcap and dessert in one to top your meal with.

Beachfront cocktails at The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan in Thailand
The Barnacle Bar of The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan

The rooms and bungalows

When we visited Koh Kradan in the summer of 2019, there were 39 bungalows/rooms. There are double rooms and (family) bungalows available. There is only wifi at the main building and not in the rooms. A Thai SIM card offers the solution or just enjoy a few days without internet!

The Sevenseas Resort site plan

 Image: ThailandMagazine.com

The Deluxe and Premier Deluxe rooms

At the back of the Sevenseas grounds are the Deluxe and Premier Deluxe rooms. On the ground floor is the Deluxe room of 44 m2 with a small terrace. On top of the Deluxe room are the Premier Deluxe rooms. These are slightly larger (51 m2) and have a balcony, where you have a little more privacy than on the terrace of the Deluxe room.

Both rooms are equipped with all necessary amenities such as air conditioning, a mosquito net, a very good bed, hot water, safe, minibar, TV and so on.

The Deluxe and Premier Deluxe rooms from the outside view of The Sevenseas Resort

The Siam Villa

Just in front of the villas overlooking the sea are the Siam Villas. These are semi-detached bungalows of 51 m2 with a large double bed and a special bathroom. In the bathroom there is space left for a piece of beach with vegetation. Really nice and creative idea that piece of nature in the bathroom! The Siam Villa also has a sitting area outside on the terrace, a great spot in the shade!

The Siam Villas of The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan seen from above

The Siri and Santi Villas

The Siri and Santi Villas have direct sea views.  As soon as you step outside you will be in the sea in a minute! We slept in the Siri Villa, what an amazing bungalow! Unfortunately we could only stay for a few nights on Koh Kradan because we would have easily wanted to spend a full week on this earthly paradise!

The room of the Siri and Santi Villa’s are huge, 81 m2! It contains a masterful large and good bed of 2.40 with sea view. The villas have many windows and glass doors all around. When you open all the curtains it looks like you slept in the jungle on the edge of the beach!

The Santi Villa outside of The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan
The Santi Villa with sea view from The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan
The huge bed in the luxury bungalows of The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan
The Santi Villa inside of The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan

The bathroom is also very spacious where, just like the Siam Villa, a part is saved for a piece of mini jungle! Awesome! Outside you also have your own terrace but there is more… These two types of bungalows also have a covered lounge area! A great place to relax and enjoy your holiday!

The special bathrooms with courtyard garden n the luxury bungalows of The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan
The lounge area for luxury bungalows of The Sevenseas Resort on Koh Kradan

The owner of The Sevenseas Resort is also the owner of a beautiful resort on Koh Lanta. This resort is called Twin Lotus and we have written about this as well.

Bye Bye Koh Kradan

The days we stayed at the Sevenseas Resort were so relaxed that time really flew by. Before we knew it, we took the longtail boat to our next destination Koh Mook.

What else is there to do on Koh Kradan?

To be honest, not very much. And what to do can be found in the InfoBox below.

The Sevenseas Resort
เกาะกระดาน, ต. เกาะลิบง 221 Kantang District, Trang 92000, Thailand
Tel : +66 82 490 2442

Good eats & drinks on Koh Kradan

Going out on Koh Kradan

Listen to the rhythm of the sea as you enjoy the sparkling light show of the stars in the sky, or at least there is nothing to go out on Koh Kradan.

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