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wooden temple, Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya from a distance
wooden temple, Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya from a distance

Image: suronin 


The Sanctuary of Truth is one of the most unusual and photogenic buildings in Pattaya. Many people call it the wooden temple because the entire building is made of wood. The temple contains many small details that are all handmade. In doing so, the highest point is over 100 meters and you can admire it from afar.

Not a single metal nail or screw was used in the entire building. Only wooden joints are used, real craftsmanship! It is impossible to capture the atmosphere, the beauty and the small details in a photograph, you have to see The Sanctuary of Truth for yourself when you are in Pattaya!

Wooden carved ceiling of The Sanctuary Of Truth

Image: マキシマムザ亮祐くん

Why the Sanctuary of Truth?

With the construction of The Sanctuary of Truth, founder Khun Lek hopes that art connects people from all over the world. so that they can live together in peace. Inner joy, truth and spiritual happiness is far more important than materialism, which is only temporary.

There are four sections in the building, each of which, through refined carvings, tells its own story. These sections are dedicated to Thailand, Cambodia, China and India. As a result, The Sanctuary of Truth is not only a temple but also a museum and a learning and working place for woodworking at the highest level.

Woodworker at work in The Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya

Image: Natalya

The owner of The Sanctuary of Truth is also the owner of the Erawan Museum and The Ancient City in Bangkok, these are just as special and beautiful!

Small details in the wood and Buddhas of The Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya

Never ending story

Everyday people work on the complex to maintain it and add parts. Maintenance will always be necessary because the wood is exposed every day to the sun and the salty air because of its location directly by the sea.

The repair and manufacture of parts is done in the building itself and in an adjacent warehouse, where you can also take a look. More than 200 people work on the complex, not a day goes by that it is not worked on. Therefore you must wear a safety helmet during your visit to The Sanctuary of Truth. At the entrance, these are loaned free of charge.

You could get the impression that The Sanctuary of Truth is very old, but that is actually not so bad. Construction began in 1981 and the original design should be finished by 2050.

large wooden Buddha statues on the roof of The Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya

Entrance fee and opening hours of The Sanctuary of Truth

Entrance fee: Adult 500 baht, children no taller than 130 m 250 baht. Children smaller than 110 m may enter for free. Opening hours: The Sanctuary of Truth is open every day from 08:30 to 17:00.

Appropriate clothing

Although The Sanctuary of Truth is a museum as well as a temple complex, you are asked to dress respectfully. This means no bare shoulders and knees. You can optionally rent a sarong for 200 baht which you will get back when you return the sarong.

There is a Thai dance performance under the shade of the big tree twice a year at 11:30 and 15:30.

wooden female statue in The Sanctuary Of Truth, Pattaya
images with small details cut out at The Sanctuary Of Truth Pattaya
The outside of The Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya

More actvities 

Around the temple complex in Pattaya are also all kinds of other activities possible, you can buy a combination ticket at the entrance. For example, it is possible to take a speedboat from the sea to see The Sanctuary of Truth. Other options are shooting at a shooting range or the Petting Zoo with such goats that you can feed. Unfortunately, it is also possible to take a ride on the back of an elephant.

Wooden stairs to the top of The Sanctuary Of Truth in Pattaya

Image: マキシマムザ亮祐くん

How to get to The Sanctuary of Truth?

The Sanctuary of Truth is located in the north of Pattaya, right by the sea. It is about a 15-minute drive from central Pattaya, with the quickest and easiest way being a cab or group tour.

The cheapest option is the baht bus, which you take north to the dolphin traffic circle (Dolphin Circle). Get off at Naklua Road Soi 12 at the 7-Eleven (use Google Maps). From the 7-Eleven it is another 15 minute walk. There are often motorcycle cabs waiting to take you the last bit to the wooden temple if necessary.

Costs: For the baht bus / Songthaew you pay 20 baht per person and about another 20 baht per person for the last bit with a motorcycle cab. With a group it can be cheaper to take a private songthaew or cab.

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