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Tables and chairs of The Grotto in the sand in Railay (Krabi province)
Tables and chairs of The Grotto in the sand in Railay (Krabi province)

Image: Thailand Magazine


The Grotto is one of the most extraordinary restaurants in Thailand and in our opinion it must be in the top 100 list of most impressive restaurants around the world. The restaurant is located in the province of Krabi on the peninsula Railay. To be exact, right at our favorite beach in Thailand, Phra Nang Beach and the restaurant itself is part of the magnificent Rayavadee. This resort is THE place to stay if you have something to celebrate like a honeymoon. Without a doubt, this is the very best resort we have stayed at in Thailand so far. The amazing crew and the service they provide, the grounds, the rooms (pavilions and villas) and of course the restaurants with the food, including the most beautiful of the 4 of them, The Grotto, are top notch.

Tables and chairs of The Grotto in the sand overlooking Phra Nang Beach and Happy Island in Railay (Krabi province)

Image: Thailand Magazine

The location

You’ll find The Grotto right on Phra Nang Beach in Railay (Krabi province), overlooking Happy Island in the Andaman Sea. And believe us, you are definitely going to be happy when you stay here! The Grotto is partly located, as the name suggests, in a cave. Many visitors who have been to Railay will recognize The Grotto. But for those who have never visited Phra Nang beach we will go into a little more detail here.

The Grotto exists thanks to the large limestone cliff that borders Rayavadee and Phra Nang Beach. This extends from the beach to a covered opening where there are all tables. In front you look out over Phra Nang beach with the rock Happy Island towering out of the water in the sea. The large limestone stalactites that hang down provide a rustic and impressive image. 

At The Grotto you dine in half a cave
Chairs in the sand at The Grotto overlooking Happy Island
The Grotto, Rayavadee's restaurant in Railay overlooking Phra Nang Beach and the Andaman Sea
The Grotto, Rayavadee's restaurant in Railay overlooking Phra Nang Beach and the Andaman Sea

In the back of the restaurant you have the feeling that you are dining in a cave, because it all looks a bit more compact and narrow. The Grotto also has a small bar where you can have a drink. A little further on is a number of benches with tables. An ideal place for a nice lunch or cocktail! 

At the back of The Grotto restaurant, it all looks a little more narrow

Dining at The Grotto is only available to guests of the Rayavadee of which The Grotto is a part. Also read our review of this earthly paradise in Thailand, where we stayed for several nights in December 2021.

Menu and beverage list at The Grotto in Railay

Guests can enjoy the special ambiance of The Grotto at both lunch and dinner. The lunch menu consists of a number of salads, dishes that you can easily share, pastas, fish dishes, sandwiches and burgers, Of course, there is also a number of desserts to order. In terms of price, you should assume 3,000 THB for two people, where you then also have really good food. We also assume that you have drunk water or a soft drink. 

Waitress at The Grotto in Railay
Sandwich and pasta at The Grotto in Railay

The menu for dinner is almost identical to the lunch menu. Only the burgers and sandwiches have been replaced by grilled dishes, including succulent lamb chops or the 1.2 kilo Tomahawk that you can’t eat by yourself. Expect to pay 5,500 THB for a good two-person dinner including water or soda and coffee after dinner. If you want a good bottle of wine paired with your dinner, count an extra THB 3,500. Just for the location, a dinner here is worth every baht! We ourselves opted for the Sunset BBQ.

Beautiful dish at The Grotto, part Rayavadee in Railay, Krabi, Thailand
Tiger Prawns at The Grotto, part Rayavadee in Railay, Krabi, Thailand
Grilled fish dish at The Grotto, part Rayavadee in Railay, Krabi, Thailand

Getting hungry? Check The Grotto Lunch menuDinner menuDrink list and Sunset Barbeque menu.

Caesar Salad at The Grotto in Railay
Pasta at The Grotto in Railay
Lamb chops at The Grotto in Railay

Sunset Barbeque

The restaurant The Grotto of Rayavadee offers for lovers of a tasty sunset a Sunset Barbeque for which you should count THB 10,000 including drinks including a good glass of wine. If you would like to enjoy a Sunset Barbeque, you need to let us know before 15:00. Details for reservation are below this article at regular information.

Sunset BBQ at The Grotto

You can choose from three different set menus. For the fish lovers there is the Andaman Seafood set, with a delicious salad beforehand and as grilled BBQ dishes a mix of lobster, scallops, sea bass, mussels and tiger prawns. With that you get two sauces, a dessert and coffee or tea. The second option is the Ocean & Earth set, think of it as a surf and turf set including lobster, Wagyu, tiger prawns and lamb chops. Of course you get a salad, two sauces, dessert and coffee or tea with this too. 

Barbeque dishes at The Grotto

Ourselves, we chose the Rayavadee set (how could it be with such a beautiful name). We got fresh Burrata as an appetizer and a crisp Caesar Salad. The BBQ platter consisted of Wagyu, lamb chops, marinated chicken, spare ribs and Sai Oua (a deliciously spicy sausage from Chiang Mai). The matching sauces were the homemade BBQ and Pepper sauce. The side dishes we chose, as newly engaged couples, were potatoes and beans with dessert being a white chocolate/ green tea cake with banana ice cream and of course a good cup of coffee. 

The Rayavadee Sunset BBQ with a buratta and ceasar salad as starter

Image: Thailand Magazine

The Rayavadee BBQ at sunset at The Grotto, Railay, Thailand

Image: Thailand Magazine

The Grotto is the ideal place for a marriage proposal, celebrating a wedding or simply love. Such romantic places like these are very scarce. It’s therefore not surprising that we got engaged here. With that, also our BIG THANKS to the wonderful staff, we couldn’t have wished for a better place!!! Khun Bew – thanks for filming everything you are so lovely!!!

Thailand Magazine marriage proposal at The Grotto @ Rayavadee, Phra Nang Beach, Railay in Thailand

Image: Thailand Magazine

The Grotto in Railay is the ideal wedding location


A nice cocktail overlooking the beach in one of the most beautiful restaurants in Thailand, yes you can at The Grotto. You can order a number of Rayavadee Creations, such as the Raya Colada (light rum, Malibu, mango juice and coconut cream) or The Grotto cocktail with rum, Malibu, amaretto, white mint liqueur and coconut puree. In total, there are eight specials on the menu. We’re sorry, we didn’t drink them all … Then there are fifteen classics on the menu, such as the Mai Thai, Mojito, Margarita, Whiskey Sour and Long Island Ice Tea. Assume 400 to 500 THB per cocktail including tax and service charge. Considering you’ll often spend more in a Bangkok sky bar, we think this is a true bargain for a place like The Grotto.

Cocktail @ The Grotto, Rayavadee in Railay, Thailand
Cocktail @ The Grotto, Rayavadee in Railay, Thailand

Regular information

You’ll find The Grotto on Phra Nang Beach in Railay, Krabi province.
The Grotto is part of the heavenly resort of Rayavadee.
Address: 2R4Q+6GP, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi, Thailand.
Address in Thai: 2R4Q+6GP ตำบล อ่าวนาง อำเภอเมืองกระบี่ กระบี่.
The Grotto is open daily from 12:00 pm to 10:30 pm.
Dress code = Casual, bikinis and swim trunks are not allowed.
Reservations (recommended): +66 (0)2301 18613
Lunch menuDinner menuDrink list and Sunset Barbeque menu.

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De map of Railay

Especially for you we have made a map of Railay. It shows the beaches, the best restaurants, cozy bars and fun attractions. Have fun in Railay!

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