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Image: Thai Ubon


One of the best Thai restaurants in the Netherlands

In this feature, we ask some questions to one of the very best Thai restaurants in the Netherlands. The second restaurant in this series is for Thai Ubon in Landsmeer.

What is the story behind the name of your restaurant?

Ubon is a city in Thailand.

When did you start and why?

I took over January 2021, but had been working here for 11 years. The restaurant has existed since October 1999.

Image: Thai Ubon

Image: Thai Ubon

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Tell us more about your restaurant/location, what can guests expect when they visit Thai Ubon in Alsmeer?

We are located in a Landsmeer, a small village near Amsterdam/Purmerend/Zaandam. We are a takeaway restaurant with open kitchen so you can have a good look. Every week we have a new “weekly menu” that any of us may have come up with. There is also much freedom in making adjustments, if you do not like mushrooms or pineapple for example, then we leave it out.

Except for a few things, our menu is also gluten free, which in this day and age is quite important so for many people a certain freedom in eating. We also make all our own entrees and any accompanying sauce, so the soups, spring rolls, satay, chicken in leaf, spareribs, fishcakes and for example the pangsit we all make ourselves.

We are a small team, but therefore also very close together, which makes the atmosphere very pleasant.

Which dish on the menu should every guest try and why?

The chicken with cashew nuts was in the newspaper at the time as Landsmeer’s most popular dish (#22), so I would definitely recommend this one if you’re having trouble choosing what you’d like. Personally, I love curries! I really like the red curry with chicken (#17) and the for those who like spicy I would take the stew chicken in green curry (#23).

I also love ginger and especially the one with steak! (#27), but what is also widely eaten is the Phad Thai with noodles and chicken (#61). Shrimp with garlic and cilantro is also great (no 44), by the way, you shouldn’t have date plans in the evening because that garlic is fierce haha.

What is the most authentic Thai dish you serve and where did it originally come from?

According to many, our dishes here are very similar to those in Thailand, so we are pretty authentic and we do strive for that.

Image: Thai Ubon

Image: Thai Ubon

When you visit Thailand, which destinations do you visit regularly?

I have never been to Thailand. When I was ‘just’ working here and still in school I never thought about it. Now of course it is different, but at the moment there is no time for it, but it is my intention for the future!

Next time we visit Thailand, do you have a tip for us?

I could ask the cooks this, but they are currently hard at work haha.

What is the most exotic ingredient you use and how did you come to include it in your dishes?

We have Thai eggplants (large and small) and two types of Thai basil that we use in Ubon cuisine.

Image: Thai Ubon

Image: Thai Ubon

How does the menu reflect the various regions of Thailand?

We do focus on part of Thailand, not from all corners.

Do you have any tips for travelers who want to explore Thai cuisine while in Thailand?

Try to memorize some Thai words from a menu here in the Netherlands, Kai = chicken for example. English is spoken quite a bit everywhere these days, but it’s still nice if you study a little.

Image: Thai Ubon

What advice would you give to someone who wants to cook authentic Thai at home?

Cook on high heat and with the right ingredients.

General information about Thai Ubon

Opening hours: Thai Ubon is open daily from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. except Saturday, when they are closed
Address: Dorpsstraat 62 A / 1121 BZ in Landsmeer
Phone number: +31 (0)20 482 6102
Website: Ubon

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