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Thai Thai Poppetje In Amsterdam Gezien Vanaf Het Straatbeeld

Image: Thai Thai Poppetje


One of the best Thai restaurants in the Netherlands

In this feature, we put some questions to one of the very best Thai restaurants in the Netherlands. The honor of the first in this series is for Thai Thai Poppetje in Amsterdam.

What is the story behind the name of your restaurant?

The name Thai Thai Poppetje came about one evening around St. Nicholas. I was eating a Taai Taai cookie and it looked like a puppet. Then I thought ‘Hey this is a nice name, Thai Thai Poppetje!’ If I ever open my Thai restaurant, this is what it’s going to be called. Here I have adhered!

When did you start and why?

In 2019, we found this property and were able to take it over thanks to crowdfunding. We are super grateful to all the investors for helping us. In 2019, we felt it was time and that we were ready to start this restaurant and that there is a demand for it.

Image: Thai Thai Poppetje

Image: Thai Thai Poppetje

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Tell us more about your restaurant/location, what can guests expect when they visit Thai Thai Poppetje in Amsterdam?

When you enter our restaurant you imagine yourself on the streets of Bangkok. We have recreated the restaurant as I see Bangkok when I lived there. There are flags, power lines, posters, corrugated iron walls, you name it where. It’s like Thailand when you’re with us. In terms of menu, we concentrate on dishes that you won’t easily find in the Netherlands. We develop a menu like we eat in Thailand. With us you will not find the standard green, red, yellow curry, nor Pad Thai or Chicken cashew nuts. We do this on purpose, for the people who want to get to know Thailand in a different way.

Which dish on the menu should every guest try and why?

Khao Soi, this is also our Signature Dish. Khao Soi showcases Thailand in 1 bowl. It’s a red turmeric curry with coconut milk, then we top it with pickled mustard cabbage, shallot, cilantro, lime, chili, crispy noodles and an egg. You can choose to eat this dish with chicken, tofu or jackfruit. It’s a great taste sensation, from sweet to salty to slightly spicy to an acidity and a crunch too. What more could you want? Comfort in a bowl!

What is the most authentic Thai dish you serve and where did it originally come from?

We make different authentic dishes, our monthly dish changes every month and we do always try to make something special here, like this month we have Khanom Jiin Nam Ya on the menu. A rice vermicelli bowl with a tuna, red curry, topped with pickled mustard cabbage, bean sprouts, horapa Thai basil, pointed cabbage and long beans. You won’t find this almost anywhere in Thailand unless you’re at the Thai Festival! But if you look at a dish that every Thai restaurant should have and which is super traditional and found everywhere throughout Thailand, it is Som Tam Thai, the green papaya salad with carrot, long beans, tomato, peanut, dried shrimp, fish sauce and tamarind.

Image: Thai Thai Poppetje

Image: Thai Thai Poppetje

When you visit Thailand, which destinations do you visit regularly?

We are always a big part in Bangkok anyway, because my mother’s family lives there. We see where we want to go outside of Bangkok each time, one time we go north, another time south and then suddenly east. It varies each time!

Next time we visit Thailand, do you have a tip for us?

In terms of islands, I love Koh Chang, well the big Koh Chang in the Gulf of Bangkok, close to Cambodia. It’s quiet, big, wonderful place to be! I also love Chiang Mai and of course Bangkok.

Image: Thai Thai Poppetje

Image: Thai Thai Poppetje

General information about Thai Thai Poppetje in Amsterdam

Opening hours: Thai Poppet is open daily from 5:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. except Sunday, when they are closed
: Van Speijkstraat 157 HS / 1057 GX in Amsterdam
Phone number: +31 (0)20 337 4722
Website: Thai Thai Poppetje
Instagram: Thai Thai Poppetje
Facebook: Thai Thai Poppetje

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