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The Tanote Bay on Koh Tao

Image: ThailandMagazine.com


Tanote Bay is known for its excellent diving and snorkeling! It hardly matters where you walk into the sea, after a few meters you are among the beautiful tropical and colorful fish! And then you haven’t even swam a beat! The sea is usually clear and calm. In the middle of the bay is a huge boulder where you can climb up and jump into the sea if you dare. Around the rock it is also very nice snorkeling. The rocks underwater give it an extra dramatic effect. In the bay you can also get your diving license at one of the diving schools. Tanote Bay is a popular diving and snorkeling destination in Koh Tao, almost every snorkel or dive tour brings a visit to this beautiful bay.

A huge rock on the beach of Tanote in Koh Tao

Image: ThailandMagazine.com

The beach of Tanote Bay

The beach is surrounded by lush green hills and rocks. A few hotels / restaurants have chairs on the beach with a sun bed here and there. But for the rest, everyone just lies on the beach with a towel or sarong. There is also a small massage parlour on a plateau on the beach. Snorks and swimming fins can also be rented here, sometimes a deposit of 1,000 baht is required. Renting a canoe is also possible. In short, this beach has everything to entertain you for a full day! By the way the sand on the beach consist of very small granite, rocks and coral, sometimes it doesn’t feel very nice on bare feet.

Water shoes are pleasant in this bay because of the sometimes sharp rocks in the water.

Beach and blue sea in front of the Mountain Reef Beach Resort.

Image: Booking.com

Spending the night on Tanote Bay

Tanote is a great place to relax and if you can’t get enough of the great snorkeling in this beautiful bay. The evenings on Tanote are quiet and most restaurants close early.

Montalay Beach Resort
Montalay Beach has spacious comfortable rooms in two buildings. It is only a two minute walk to the beach. Each room has sliding doors to a private balcony. There is also a flat-screen TV, minibar and ceiling fans. Air conditioning can be booked for a fee. Directly on the beach is a lovely swimming pool, diving school and restaurant. In addition, the resort also has more Thai-style bungalows among the trees behind the beach. These bungalows all have a balcony and fan.

Swimming pool at the beach

Montalay Eco Cottages
The Eco Cottages are probably the most affordable option on the beach of Tanote Bay. The basic but neat cottages are connected in pairs. You share the bathroom with the adjoining cottage. The cottages have a fan and are situated in a lush green garden. An air conditioner can be booked. The Eco Cottages are also part of the Montalay Beach Resort, so you can also use the pool.

cottages of Montalay Eco Cottages in green surroundings

Mountain Reef Beach Resort
Mountain Reef has lovely spacious bungalows. Some family rooms are located directly on the beach of Tanote Bay. You immediately stand with your feet in the sand. A few more steps into the water and it looks like you are in an aquarium! The double rooms have a balcony and overlook the green hills of Koh Tao and the beach is a very short walk away. The resort has a restaurant from where you have a beautiful view of the bay of Tanote.

hotel room with double bed and sliding door to balcony

How to get to Tanote Bay

Scooter: The road to Tanote now consists entirely of concrete slabs, keep in mind that the road is quite steep in some places.
Taxi indication: From Sairee Beach to Tanote Bay: 150 baht per person / minimum 4 persons, one way.

To use the beach of Tanote Bay you have to pay 100 baht.

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