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The bay of Surin Beach on Phuket seen with a drone
The bay of Surin Beach on Phuket seen with a drone

Image: stryjek


In the following article we will not only discuss the beautiful Surin Beach but also some other beaches in the immediate vicinity. For example, in the north you have Pansea Beach, a beach where two super nice resorts are located. To the south of Surin Beach lies Laem Sing Beach or, to use the Thai expression, Haad Laem Sing. Haad stands for beach in Thai.

Surin Beach on Phuket

Image: rostovdriver

In addition to the above beaches, we also discuss a number of fun activities and attractions that you can combine with your beach day at Surin Beach. We also tip you off to the best accommodations, restaurants and (beach) bars in the area. Surin Beach is a beautiful beach on Phuket but keep in mind that from November to February it can be quite busy (high season). Not strange because look below what a beautiful place Surin Beach is, have fun!

The north side of Surin Beach in central Phuket seen with a drone
The beautiful blue-green sea water of Surin Beach on Phuket

Image: Travel Wild

Surin Beach

Surin Beach is a popular beach less than a kilometer long and located in the middle of Phuket. Ten kilometers north are the beaches of Bang Tao Beach and Layan Beach. Partly due to the location near these beaches, you can choose from many good restaurants, bars and resorts in the vicinity. If you go south you come to Kamala Beach and go even further south you come to the super popular and mega touristy Patong Beach.

The south side of Surin Beach in central Phuket seen with a drone

What we really like about Surin Beach is that parallel to the beach is a path where many market vendors have decorated their stuff. This is also where street food is sold. More about that later in this article. If you visit the beach by scooter or car there is more than enough parking space at the edge of the beach. Surin Beach is worth a visit but sometimes it can be crowded, but in most cases it is peaceful.

Due to the popularity of this small beach, it can be very busy during the high season, especially in the months of December and January. Some visitors turn up their music very loud and completely ignore the other visitors to this beach. 

Surin Beach with the market stalls behind it

The beach of Surin

The sand of Surin Beach is just not white but rather a bit yellow but it feels soft and pleasant. Maybe that is why it is such a popular beach on Phuket. The beach is less than a kilometer long and fairly wide. In the high season you can rent umbrellas and beach beds everywhere. Assume 200 to maximum 300 baht for two beach beds including an umbrella for a whole day at Surin beach.

Parasols on the beach of Surin Beach, Phuket

At the edge of the beach towards the rows of displayed market stalls, palm trees and Australian Pines (Casuarina trees) provide the necessary shade. Also here on the edge of Surin Beach you can enjoy a nice day at the beach. What strikes us is that the beach is kept clean. Is it the people from the market stalls or the locals who work in the surrounding resorts? We have no idea but more should do that!

Enjoying the shade of the trees on the edge of Surin Beach on Phuket

The sea of Surin Beach

The sea at Surin Beach is nice and calm especially in the months of November to April, making it nice to swim in. Families with small children should take extra care in the sea of Surin as the sea floor here slopes quickly. It quickly gets deeper the further you walk into the sea. Besides various water sports like sailing and kayaking, you can also do some pretty good snorkeling. It is not Koh Tao but still you see enough beautiful tropical fish in the clear water. Especially on the southern and northern side of the bay, near the rocks, you can snorkel well. No snorkel gear with you? At the stalls at the edge of the parking lot you can rent or buy snorkel gear.

The beautiful sea of Surin Beach in high season

Image: Travel Wild

At the rocks on the north side of Surin Beach, you can snorkel well

Also on Surin Beach in the low season (May to October) you have to take into account strong large waves and a dangerous current. In our Mai Khao Beach article we mentioned the same but we can’t mention it often enough. Pay attention to the warning flags and always follow the advice of the lifeguards. In addition, use your common sense.

Waves during rainy season in the sea of Surin Beach on Phuket

Image: stryjek

The market and street food stalles at Surin Beach

Less than 100 meters parallel to Surin Beach you will find dozens of market stalls and street food stalls. If you are looking for snorkeling gear or a fun inflatable to use for floating in the sea, you will surely find it here. The street food stalls provide delicious Thai snacks and quick Thai meals. But also a shake, cocktail, coffee or beer can be bought right here on the beach of Surin.

Market stalls and street food stalls on the outskirts of Surin Beach on Phuket
Parked scooters on the outskirts of Surin Beach on Phuket

Surin Beach, Party Beach?

Where the stalls are now, there used to be a proliferation of different restaurants, bars and stores on the edge of the beach. Surin was a lot more popular than it is today (2021) and especially after sunset, it was a busy place. Surin Beach was one of the most popular party beaches in Phuket. Even VIPS from all over the world came to this beach to go all out. In 2014, the authorities decided that the restaurants and bars had to make way to ensure that Surin Beach became the quieter environment it is today. 

There used to be numerous restaurants, bars and stores located on the edge of Surin Beach on Phuket
There used to be numerous restaurants, bars and stores located on the edge of Surin Beach on Phuket

The royal family’s residence at Surin Beach

Phuket authorities didn’t like all that partying at Surin and decided that the area needed to be reinstated. Surin Beach was, in fact, a vacation spot for the royal family of Thailand for many years. In the 1920s, King Rama VII and his wife built a house on Surin Beach including a nine-hole golf course. Today this golf course has been returned to nature but in fact this was Phuket’s very first golf course. In 1959, the previous and much loved King Bhumibol (Rama IX) and his wife visited Surin Beach for the last time.

The grounds behind Surin Beach seen from above, this used to be the first golf course on Phuket

The Surin Beach Temple

The Surin Beach Temple is actually a pavilion built in honor of the time when the royal family regularly visited Surin Beach. The nature surrounding this “temple” is actually the 9-hole golf course from 1920 and the intention is to turn it into a beautiful park.

De Surin Beach Temple on Phuket

Where on Phuket is Surin Beach located and how to get there?

Actually, Surin beach is one of the best beaches on the island of Phuket to book your overnight stay. The beach is located in the west compared to the north, south and east because it is ideal. By car / cab it is almost everywhere on Phuket just as far. This way you can easily explore Phuket.

How to get to Surin Beach from the northern part of Phuket?

A cab from Phuket’s international airport really shouldn’t cost more than 1,000 baht.

How to get to Surin Beach from Phuket Town in the western part of Phuket?

How to get to Surin Beach from the southern part of Phuket?

What to do in the area of Surin Beach on Phuket?

For Surin Beach, you can easily schedule half a beach day. Sunbathing, swimming, a snack here and a drink there. But what else is there to do around this beach? Below we give you a number of possibilities to do and / or visit during your stay at Surin Beach. You can always enjoy the beautiful sunset that the west of Phuket offers.

Sunset over Surin Beach on Phuket in Thailand
Sunset over Surin Beach on Phuket in Thailand
Sunset over Surin Beach on Phuket in Thailand

Water sports

Besides swimming and snorkeling, you can also surf, canoe and kayak in the sea of Surin. These last two options come in handy when you want to paddle to the southern Laem Sing Beach or northern Pansea Beach. In the sea, keep in mind that there are rocks in the middle of Surin Bay, it would be a shame if you get stranded there.

Massage at Surin Beach

Fans of a Thai massage will be pleased to know that several massage parlors are located here on Surin Beach. Some are nothing more than a small canopy and a few massage places. Nevertheless, we hear many positive stories about the massages available here. Assume 400 baht for a one hour massage.

Massage on Surin Beach, Phuket

The Plaza Surin

A ten minute walk from Surin Beach is The Surin Plaza. A small shopping center of three floors with different types of stores. You can shop for clothing, footwear, souvenirs, art and other trinkets. Keep in mind that many of the entrepreneurs who were located in The Surin Plaza had to close their doors due to the Covid-19 crisis. It will be a while before everything is back to normal, unfortunately….

Surin Beach Viewpoint

Besides the easily accessible Laem Sing Viewpoint, there is also a viewpoint on the other side of the bay overlooking Surin Beach. Personally we find this viewpoint less beautiful but in case you want to visit the Surin Beach Viewpoint we herewith explain how to get there. Take the road opposite the Surinatra Boutique Resort (Google Maps location) that leads up to the viewpoint. Keep following the path and at some point you will come to two small abandoned pavilions. From here you can shoot a few photos of Surin Beach. 

The view of Surin Beach from the Surin Beach Viewpoint on Phuket

Did we almost forget to mention some small nice beaches near Surin Beach? I don’t think so!

Pansea Beach

Pansea Beach (Pansea Surin Beach) is located north of Surin Beach and is the domain of two luxury resorts. This makes Pansea Beach seem exclusive to those who stay at the resorts Amanpuri or The Surin. This is not the case because in Thailand it is not possible to have a private beach, of course the road leading to it can be made of private land and so it appears to be a private beach. We recommend that you just try a visit to Pansea beach. Be friendly and polite and say you want to come for a drink and who knows, maybe you will be chilling on Pansea Beach afterwards. In the picture below you can see Pansea Beach at the very bottom and that very long beach behind it is Bang Tao Beach.  

Aerial view of Phuket with Pansea Beach in the foreground and Bang Tao + Layan Beach in the background

Image: Otvalo

If the above strategy does not work or you want more security you can rent a kayak or canoe and paddle to Pansea Beach. Occasionally there is also a longtail boat on Surin Beach that will take you to Pansea for 100 to 200 baht, the price depends on the number of people. Take enough to drink and possibly something sweet. Once you arrive at Pansea Beach you can enjoy a beautiful and peaceful beach. And because the resorts keep the beach clean, it is spotless. Another option to enjoy Pansea Beach is to choose a few nights in Amanpuri or The Surin to sleep!

Pansea Beach on Phuket in Thailand

Laem Sing Beach

The bay of Laem Sing Beach (or Laem Singh Beach) is tucked away in the south between Surin and Kamala Beach. Laem Sing is a small lovely beach less than 300 meters long with clear blue-green water. In low season it often feels deserted and in high season it can be busier. Laem Sing is a tropical paradise where the hustle and bustle of Phuket often seems far away.

Laem Sing Beach on Phuket, Thailand
The clear seawater of Laem Sing Beach on Phuket, Thailand

If you go to the beach of Laem Sing keep in mind that until 14.00 hours there are shady spots on the beach to find. After that a parasol or something similar is more than welcome. On the beach there are / were also a number of eateries. It may be that all these places are now stopped because of the Covid-19 period. You can of course also bring something to snack and drink along with that umbrella….

Laeam Sing Beach on Phuket

How to get to Laem Sing Beach?

The clean beach at Laem Sing Beach was accessible by land at first, not now, but still secretly. The thing is… The land with the path to Laem Sing Beach belonged to a landowner who thought he was smart. He asked for 200 baht to use the path leading to Laem Sing Beach. After a number of people complained to the Phuket authority about this, the landowner was taken to task. In response, he erected a large fence in 2017 and thus no one could cross the land to Haad Laem Sing….

But there are several roads that lead to Laemsing Beach… This road is completely free and with about twenty minutes including some climbing, scrambling and flying you arrive at your destination… Watch the video below and you will understand that this route may not be for everyone. In addition, we can not guarantee that this path is always passable. Your own risk we will say. Be careful and take some water with you. We love these kinds of trails. They show how resourceful, creative and persevering the Thai are. Where there is a will there is a way!

Fortunately, there is also an easier and lazier option to visit this beach. At set times an orange-red boat sails from Surin Beach to Laem Sing. The ferry costs 100 baht per person for a single trip. You can also take a longtail boat that will take you there for 200 baht per person, one way. Or you can rent a canoe or kayak and just paddle there, this way you are not dependent on anyone.

Laem Sing Beach on Phuket

Laem Sing Viewpoint

Then there is the Laem Sing Viewpoint, the nice thing is, you only have to climb a whopping seven steps to get there. Even visitors in wheelchairs or people who are no longer able to walk can enjoy the beautiful view. The Laem Sing Viewpoint is located on the road from Surin Beach to Kamala Beach, the 4030. So you can easily get there by car, moped or cab (location on Google Maps). It is nice to be able to enjoy a viewpoint without having to climb more than 1,000 steps (Tiger Cave Temple @ Krabi) or climb steep rocks like at the John Suwan Viewpoint on Koh Tao.

Laem Sing Viewpoint on Phuket, Thailand

Image: Ed Harley

What are the best accommodations in the Surin Beach area on Phuket?

By donating us a virtual iced coffee or booking your accommodations and trips through the links on our website. This doesn’t have to be an accommodation in Thailand or one that we recommend. We will receive a small commission from our partners like Booking.comAgoda and 12GoAsia. This costs you nothing extra. Thanks a lot!

Novotel Phuket Surin Beach Resort

The Novotel Phuket Surin Beach Resort is less than a five-minute walk from Surin Beach. Surrounding the renowned resort are plenty of great restaurants and fun bars where you can enjoy your vacation on Phuket. Not only you but also the rest of the family will have an unforgettable time at this resort. This is because the resort is highly regarded as a family resort. There are two swimming pools, one of which includes a water slide. You and the kids can also make free use of numerous activities such as a real arcade room. In addition, a dartboard, pool, ping pong and foosball table are also present. Are the kids looking for adventure? The Siam Adventure Club knows what to do! After all that sport and play, you can relax during a movie in the in-house cinema. Or how about a delectable ice cream in the special ice cream store at this great child-friendly resort!

Swimming pool with slide of the Novotel Phuket Surin Beach

In terms of rooms, you’re also in good hands at the Novotel Resort of Surin! The Superior room of 32 m2 has a large king size bed including a balcony. You can also choose to book the Family Run Room. This version comes with two twin beds where there is enough space for the family. Want a little more space to celebrate this unforgettable vacation with family? The Paradise Suite King Pool Side offers 56 m2 consisting of a bedroom with king size bed and a living room containing a sofa bed. Outside, you can enjoy the view of one of the pools on your terrace. Should you want to explore the surroundings of Surin Beach, the resort has a shuttle service that will take you to various spots nearby. Long live vacations!

>>> More information or book a stay at the Novotel Phuket Surin Beach Resort

Room of the Novotel Phuket Surin Beach Resort
Outdoor dining at the Novotel Phuket Surin Beach Resort

Surin Park

Surin Park is located exactly between Bang Tao Beach, Pansea Beach and Surin Beach. For example, in a walk of less than ten minutes you are on Surin Beach and in fifteen minutes on Bang Tao Beach. Near the hotel is a supermarket which can be useful because this accommodation has a small kitchen. A snack is thus easily achieved and prepared. A good hotel to book for a somewhat longer vacation period. You can choose from apartments with one, two or three bedrooms. The spotlessly clean apartments have a comfortable bed, neat bathroom, balcony or terrace. There is also good wifi free to use and you can use the gym or the pool.

>>> More information or book a stay at the Surin Park

The apartment complex of Surin Park ni near Surin Beach on Phuket, Thailand
Apartment of Surin Park ni near Surin Beach on Phuket, Thailand


In the late 1980s, the beautiful Amanpuri was built on the beach of Pansea. At the time, this property was perhaps the most luxurious resort in all of Phuket. Today, this resort still gets very good reviews from visitors worldwide. Not surprising because Aman, the parent company of the resort, has leading resorts all over the world. You can find the brand in America, Europe and of course in Asia.

Amanpuri at Pansea Beach on Phuket, Thailand
Amanpuri at Pansea Beach on Phuket, Thailand
Amanpuri at Pansea Beach on Phuket, Thailand

The resort has several bookable options. There is the 230 m2 Ocean Pool Pavilion with, as the name suggests, a view of the Andaman Sea, a bedroom with patio doors to the terrace and private pool. A wonderful accommodation for couples. For the lucky family looking to visit Amanpuri, we recommend the Two Bedroom Pool Pavilion. A beautiful accommodation of 350 m2 with two spacious bedrooms, beautiful terrace and of course a private pool.  

Amanpuri at Pansea Beach on Phuket, Thailand
Amanpuri at Pansea Beach on Phuket, Thailand

A stay at Amanpuri on Phuket is not for everyone … If you may spend some money and you’re looking for a phenomenal five star resort with excellent service and a virtually private beach. Think of the Amanpuri on Pansea Beach Phuket. You can also choose to dine in the quality Arva Italian Restaurant which is part of the Amanpuri. 

>>> More information or book a stay in the Amanpuri

Pool of Amanpuri on Pansea Beach on Phuket, Thailand
Pool of Amanpuri on Pansea Beach on Phuket, Thailand

What are the restaurants in the Surin Beach area on Phuket?

Despite the fact that our selected locations in Phuket have a very good reputation, it’s possible that due to (for example) new management the quality has become less good. Or unfortunately locations have been forced to close their doors because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic… If you have useful information, please let us know! Also, if you have a favorite restaurant or other great tip for Phuket, be sure to let us know through our Thailand Magazine Facebook group, or Instagram and Facebook page. Via e-mail is also possible. THANKS!

Butterfly Restaurant 

Guests can order a western breakfast at the Butterfly Restaurant at any time of the day. In addition, the menu consists of a wide variety of Thai dishes that are well priced for both Thai and (Western) tourists. The owner and staff are extremely friendly and there is a cozy atmosphere. The nice thing about the Butterfly Restaurant near Surin Beach is that you can also follow Muay Thai lessons. Next to the restaurant is a small gym including a boxing ring. The restaurant is closed on Sundays, the rest of the days they are open from 09:00 – 16:30 and from 18:00 – 22:00. 

Butterfly Restaurant near Surin Beach on Phuket, Thailand
Butterfly Restaurant near Surin Beach on Phuket, Thailand

Wagyu Steakhouse Phuket

Lovers of a good piece of meat and outstanding cocktails will be pleased with Wagyu Steakhouse near Surin Beach. From rib eye to tomahawks, try them all here! But also lamb or fish dishes are possible here. And for dessert you can order a board with delicious savory cheeses or a dreamy dessert like the Dark Chocolate Fondant. And then, there are the cocktails that the mixologist of Wagyu Steakhouse Phuket mixes up with playful ease before your eyes. Some of the classics on the menu are the Negroni, New York Sour or Cosmopolitan. 

Different kinds of meat at Wagyu Steakhouse Phuket near Surin Beach
Meat on the grill at Wagyu Steakhouse Phuket near Surin Beach
Wagyu Steakhouse Phuket near Surin Beach

Khun Yaa Seafood

At Khun Yaa Seafood you can not only feast on fresh dishes with delicacies from the sea but you can also order other Thai dishes. For vegetarians and meat eaters there is also plenty of choice! But we ourselves would obviously go for the fish! Steamed, grilled, fried or baked, the choice is yours! And don’t forget to order the morning glory, so delicious! You will find Khun Yaa Seafood at the 4030, the main road leading to Kamala Beach.

Various (seafood) dishes at Khun Yaa Seafood near Surin Beach on Phuket, Thailand
Various (seafood) dishes at Khun Yaa Seafood near Surin Beach on Phuket, Thailand

Arva Italian Restaurant

As regular readers of our site know by now, there are a few world cuisines that we have a soft spot for. First and foremost of course Thai cuisine but also Japanese and Italian cuisine make our culinary hearts beat faster. Arva is part of the Amanpuri mentioned above. The Italian chef ensures that guests of Arva on a gastronomic level don’t lack anything. As a starter guests can choose from a traditional panzanella but we ourselves would opt for the fried artichokes with a nice salad. After this delicious appetizer we go for a delicious homemade pasta with a sauce of three types of peppers for example. Preferably a fish or juicy piece of meat prepared in the Italian way, is also possible of course! And for dessert? Uhm the white chocolate with Italian lavender and crème brûlée looks good to us, nom nom nom!

Arva is a tribute to the authentic flavors of la bella Italia!

Dish at Arva Italian Restaurant of the Amanpuri on Pansea Beach, Phuket
Dish at Arva Italian Restaurant of the Amanpuri on Pansea Beach, Phuket
Dish at Arva Italian Restaurant of the Amanpuri on Pansea Beach, Phuket

The map of central Phuket

Especially for you, we made a map of middle Phuket. It shows the beaches, the best places to eat and drink, fun sights and other activities. Have fun and enjoy!


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