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Sale of crazy ears at the Sunday Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Sale of crazy ears at the Sunday Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand


The Sunday Night Market is the place to be if you like to stroll for hours, do a little bit of shopping  and enjoy tasty snacks and street food! Located in the old historical center of the city, this crowded market is an attraction for the many tourists, expats and digital nomads who live in Chiang Mai. And you will notice that too, because once in a while you can almost walk over heads, it’s so busy!! Besides numerous of street food stalls, there are also many market stalls with art, antiques, clothing, (home) decoration, crafts, accessories and souvenirs.

Very busy at the Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai

Where is the Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai?

The market stretches from Tha Pae Gate via Ratchadamnoen Road and also branches out into its side streets. The Tha Pae Gate is a very well known place in Chiang Mai. In front of the entrance is a square that is also used regularly for all kinds of performances. Every local will be able to show you the way. The market is also located at a beautiful temple called Wat Sum Pow. It is located at the junction of Ratchadamnoen Road and Ratpakinai Road.

Negotiating the price is very common in Thailand, especially if you plan to buy several products at 1 stall.

Sellers at the Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai

The Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai

In addition to the merchants, the market also features various artists and musicians who show their skills to visitors of the Sunday Night Market. From small children singing songs to people with disabilities playing typical Thai instruments. In addition, you will also come across various striking figures who attract attention with various acts or performances in any form whatsoever.

In between we recommend a nice foot massage of an hour, chill out between shopping, eating and strolling around. For around 250 baht you have a massage of one hour and afterwards you can get back on track full with renewed energy.

Straatmuziekanten op de Sunday Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand


As with most markets in Thailand, there is no lack of food and drink or street food. Also here you will find a range of different (vegan, fish, meat, chicken) snacks such as curries, satay, roti (pancakes), noodles, and bbq dishes such as Sai Ua.  One of our favorite street snacks and a typical sausage from the north of Thailand. 

If you are a meat lover and like spicy food then we really recommend the typical northern sausage Sai Ua. Bit spicy but full and rich in flavor.

Sai Ua salesgirl in Chiang Mai

Information Sunday Night Market

Open: Sunday from 16:00 to approximately 00:00
Entrance: Free
Address: Surroundings Tha Phae Gate junction of Ratchadamnoen Road and Ratpakinai Road in Chiang Mai

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