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Uitzicht op de skyline van Bangkok en het Lumpini Park vanaf de infinity pool van SO/ Bangkok
Uitzicht op de skyline van Bangkok en het Lumpini Park vanaf de infinity pool van SO/ Bangkok


A very good choice, that was the conclusion after our stay at the last hotel in Bangkok before we flew back to the Netherlands in mid-August 2022. Want to make the most of your last vacation days in Bangkok? Then do as we did, book a room at SO/ Bangkok, enjoy a breakfast and lunch at Red Oven, dine at SOSHI, get a comprehensive massage at the hotel’s award-winning SO/ SPA, sip a cocktail (or two) at HI-SO on the rooftop and enjoy the amazing views of Bangkok and the verdant Lumpini Park from the pool. 

Yep, our last three days in Thailand felt like a mini vacation in Bangkok during our vacation in the land of smiles, all thanks to SO/ Bangkok!

De infinity pool van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Where is SO/ Bangkok located?

The luxurious five-star hotel SO/ Bangkok is located at the intersection of Sathorn Road and Rama IV Road. You will find the Lumpini MRT (subway) station right across the road. It’s always convenient to have Bangkok’s public transportation such as the metro on your doorstep. The Sala Daeng BTS (sky train) station is a 15-minute walk from the hotel. It will take you, for example, to the popular Siam district where there are amazing shopping malls such as Siam Paragon, MBK and Central World. If you take the sky train in the other direction, you can visit one of Bangkok’s most popular attractions the Mahanakhon (SkyWalk) or take a cooking course at the world famous restaurant Blue Elephant Bangkok.   

Lumpini Park, Bangkok’s most famous park, is located precisely opposite SO/ Bangkok, in a few steps you are in the middle of a green oasis where you are greeted by monitor lizards. We bought some street food snacks there and settled on a bench in the shade while watching the crowd jogging and walking by. One of the many great moments of our Thailand trip in the summer of 2022!

Another unforgettable moment was our four-year anniversary on July 12. We celebrated this milestone at the popular Vertigo and Moon Bar. This hip sky bar including restaurant is a ten-minute walk from the hotel. You read it, there is plenty to do in the SO/ Bangkok area.     

Lees over het meest iconische gebouw van Bangkok de King Power Mahanakhon
Lees hier alles over het Siam Paragon winkelcentrum in Bangkok
Lees alles over Lumpini Park in Bangkok

Everyone is welcome at SO/ Bangkok!

On February 28, 2012, the SO/ Bangkok hotel proudly opened its doorsThe SO/ Bangkok tower was designed by Thai architect Smith Obayawat. At various places in the hotel you will find pictures of the famous French fashion designer Christian Lacroix. He and a team of five renowned Thai interior designers largely designed and created SO/ Bangkok. The hotel’s stunning design is inspired by the Feng Shui philosophy and the use of natural elements such as water, earth, wood and metal. The concept of these elements can be found in the hotel’s rooms or restaurant. 

SO/ logo
De grote SO letters bij binnenkomst in het hotel

Image: Thailand Magazine

Franse modeontwerper Christian Lacroix en het SO/ Bangkok team

Image: Thailand Magazine

However, the true soul has been created by the variety of guests who have visited the hotel in recent years since the opening. In fact, the luxury five-star hotel SO/ Bangkok is there for everyone. At SO/, the pigeonholing spirit is out of the question and you immediately feel welcome at the first step down the hall. Both business visitors and vacation guests feel right at home at SO/!

The different types of (business) people we met during our visit clearly do too. There is a casual atmosphere at SO/. SO/’s doors are open to everyone, regardless of the religion, social class and sexual preference you have. SO/ Bangkok is there for the open minded people! All for one and one for all!

De kerstboom van SO/ Bankok bij de incheckbalie in het MIXO Bar gedeelte

Image: Juthamas Carranco @ SO/ Bangkok

Welcome to SO/ Bangkok! 

When we were dropped off in front of SO/ Bangkok from The Standard Bangkok, our backpacks were immediately removed from the cab by two helpful SO/ employees. They told us we could check in on the ninth floor and that our luggage was in good hands. Our compliments to SO Tony! He and his friendly colleagues were extremely helpful to us for the last three days in Bangkok and gave us advice and tips on fun things to do in Bangkok.

The ground floor

On the ground floor of SO/ Bangkok, you are not only receiving a friendly welcome, you are also greeted by the sweet smell of chocolate. Chocolab, a small chocolate store opposite the KOF, a small coffee shop, is located here. Coffee and chocolate, a perfect combination! Furthermore, there are bikes parked outside by the entrance lobby that you can even borrow for free d. A nice initiative to explore the area around the hotel.  

Gratis fietsen te leen bij SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Het kleine winkeltje met kunst op de begane grond van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Check in is on the the ninth floor of the hotel

Almost immediately after getting off the elevator on the ninth floor, we walked into the large welcome area with huge floor-to-ceiling windows. We found ourselves at the Park Lobby where the reception desk is located. A friendly lady from behind the reception desk approached us. We were allowed to take a seat in two of the many comfortable armchairs. “Welcome to SO/ Bangkok, may I have your passport please, I will check you in”. 

Park Lobby van SO/ Bangkok

Meanwhile, two poison green drinks with a large bell were placed on the table in front of us, a welcome drink that we had never received before. The big bell burst and smoke rose, very original and it was clear that SO/ Bangkok is different from many other accommodations. We looked around while passports were copied. Large and small works of art by French artist Chloé Kelly Miller were hanging everywhere.

After the lady at the front desk explained our room to us, we were escorted to our room by another colleague. To get to the elevators to the rooms, we had to walk through an artful tunnel, the Evolution Art Tunnel, with works of art by Chloé all around.

Gifgroene welkoms

Image: Thailand Magazine

De receptie van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

De Evolution Art Tunnel gemaakt door kunstenaar

Image: Thailand Magazine

SO/ rooms and suites

There are eight different room types spread across a total of 237 rooms/suites. All the rooms are inspired by four natural elements, namely wood, metal, water and earth. We were allowed to immerse ourselves in the luxury of the water element in the SO Suite. More on that later. First we will briefly zoom in on the other types of rooms and suites available for booking. Guests who have difficulty walking or want to visit SO/ Bangkok in a wheelchair, can use rooms adapted for them.

Roomstypes like the SO Cozy and SO Comfy can be booked with a double (large double bed) or twin (two single beds). Of course, all 200+ rooms at SO/ Bangkok come with an Illy coffee machine, safe and of course an air conditioning. Some rooms overlook Lumpini Park. As a gift, SO gives all its guests a stocked minibar, all for free. 

By the way, you might be wondering where the fifth natural element “fire” is used for. This element is destined for Red Oven, SO/ Bangkok’s place of delicious food and drink.

De SO Comfy slaapkamer van SO/ Bangkok met als element metaal

SO Cozy

At 38 m2, the spacious SO Cozy room is the smallest of the bunch. This room comes in three elements; earth, wood and metal. Each bathroom of the SO Cozy features a bathtub and free-standing shower.

SO Comfy

The 45 m2 SO Comfy can be booked in all four elements of SO/ Bangkok. Which one do you choose? Wood, earth, metal or water. From the spacious bathtub you can look out over the city or the Lumpini park, what a life!

SO Club

The SO Club is basically the SO Comfy room, but upgraded to the SO Club. This exclusive club lounge of SO/ Bangkok offers some unmissable benefits. You can read more about it in our piece on the Club Signature.

SO Studio

Guests who book the SO Studio, get a stunning accommodation in Bangkok with an area of 65 to 74 square meters. The SO Studio is available in earth, metal and wood elements. We think the wood theme is super gorgeous! Why? Check out that view!

SO Suite 

In August 2022, we slept the last three nights of our stay in an SO Suite with insane views of Bangkok. This one comes in the earth and water element. Further below you can read more about our suite with the nature element of water as its theme.

SO One Bedroom Suite

The 67 to 89 m2 luxurious one-bedroom suite comes in wood element and only three suites available. Located on the 11th floor, SO One-Bedroom Suite boasts a separate sitting room and compact kitchen unit perfect for extended stays.

SO Lofty

Want to feel like you live in Bangkok for a while? Then book the SO Lofty. The loft with sleeping and living area ranges from 95 to as much as 120 m2. The SO Lofty can be booked in the elements of water, metal and wood.

SO VIP Duplex Suite

Finally there is only one like the SO VIP Duplex Suite. The best of the best that can be booked in SO/ Bangkok! Two bedrooms, a living room, dining room and a bathroom with everything you could want. All this on two floors with a total area of 233 m2. The element of water has the honor of serving as the theme for the SO VIP Duplex Suite.

Our SO suite was SOooooo sweet!

After opening the door to our suite number 10 on the 28th floor, we found ourselves in a fairly long hallway. “The first on the left is your bedroom and the second is your living room,” said the nice hotel employee who had walked with us. “Coffee, tea, snacks and soft drinks are a gift” as he pointed to the minibar and Illy coffee machine in the cabinet at the end of the corridor. “If there is anything we can do, please call the front desk or room service, have fun in SO/ Bangkok.” 

Onze suite, nummer 2810 in SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Koffie en thee in de SO Suite van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

The SO Suite bedroom

To the left in our SO Suite bedroom was our super comfy soft bed and to its right was the door to the bathroom. The bedroom of just under 100 square meters is so spacious that there is more than enough room for a work desk and sofa. We walked to the windows and were hypnotized by the amazing view we had from our bedroom. “What is that TV doing here, with a view like this we don’t need it, Bangkok I love you!” I thought as I peered out.

De slaapkamer van onze SO Suite in SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

De slaapkamer van onze SO Suite in SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

In the back left is another small room hidden away. In it stands a large closet containing a safe, ironing board, soft bathrobes and hip SO slippers that you get to keep. Against the wall is a makeup table with a mirror. We are sure that in 2012, when the luxury five-star hotel had just opened, this must have been one of the very nicest hotels in Bangkok. Not surprisingly, after 10 years, we did see some signs of aging and wear and tear. In our opinion, however, it won’t be long before SO/ Bangkok begins a thorough renovation.

De slaapkamer van onze SO Suite in SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

De slaapkamer van onze SO Suite in SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

The SO Suite bathroom

Through the window we had already seen the bathtub, but upon entering it was completely obvious. A large round double bathtub with the freestanding shower next to it. Frankly, we didn’t find the bathtub very comfortable for two people, but it looked very cool. On the other side of the elongated bathroom stands a his & hers washbasin topped with a box containing numerous his & hers amenities such as a folding comb, toothbrushes and a shaving kit.

De badkamer van onze SO Suite in SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

De badkamer van onze SO Suite in SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

The SO Suite living room

Not only our bedroom, but also our SO Suite living room offered us an incredible view over Bangkok. Even more beautiful because the living room was located on a corner. Thanks to the huge windows on two sides, we looked out over the city, with “One Bangkok” Bangkok’s tallest skyscraper under construction across from us. Near the window in the living room was a very large corner sofa and a second TV. 

After we returned from a very nice day-long bicycle tour with The Other Side of Bangkok, we were surprised by management with a box of chocolates from Chocolab. These had been placed on our large round table in the living room because of our wedding on Koh Samui earlier that month, very thoughtful! Adjacent to the living room is a second toilet, one with the greatest views we have ever seen from a toilet.

De woonkamer van onze SO Suite in SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

De woonkamer van onze SO Suite in SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

De woonkamer van onze SO Suite in SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

The facilities at the SO/ Bangkok hotel

SO/ Bangkok offers its guests a number of fantastic facilities including a blissful infnity pool with pool bar, an acclaimed spa that has won numerous awards and an extensive fitness center. Downstairs, there are four meeting rooms and a grand ballroom for events, conventions and meetings.

Club Signature

When booking various rooms like the SO Club, you get access to the exclusive club lounge on the 25th floor of the hotel. There you can enjoy free refreshments and snacks such as salads, sandwiches, cakes, cocktails and soft drinks, beers, wines (iced) coffee and tea.The Club Signature is open daily from 06:00 to 23:00 hours. There is an outside and inside area.

De Club Signature van SO/ Bangkok

The spectaculair infity pool with poolbar

“An amazing pool with phenomenal views of the city,” Ilonka and I unanimously agree! From the sun beds and lounge sofas you overlook the magisterial skyline of Bangkok with the green Lumpini Park in the foreground. During our visit to SO/ Bangkok, we regularly lay in the first row, namely on the sun beds placed in the water of the pool. From our loungers, we almost only had to turn around to splash into the pool. The SO/ Bangkok pool on the tenth floor of the hotel is one of the most beautiful hotel pools in Bangkok!

De infinity pool van SO/ Bangkok met Lumpini Park en de skyline van Bangkok als uitzicht

At the pool bar in the back you can order a refreshing coconut or other delicious beverages. If all that chilling by the pool has made you hungry, there are plenty of bites to order at the pool bar. If you turn left just before the pool bar, you will walk to the “Solarium” A luxurious name for a simple but large sundeck. Big cushions and sunbeds are placed on the green artificial grass. We preferred to stay right by the pool. In the Thai heat, it’s very pleasant to seek out the refreshing water of the super-fine infinity pool in seconds. 

Next to the pool is a small bubble bath. Not very big, but for bubbling the hot tub does an excellent job. The infinity pool of SO/ Bangkok extends over 32 meters and has a maximum depth of 1.3 meters. Opening hours are from 06:00 to 22:00 hours.

De infinity pool van SO/ Bangkok gezien vanaf de SO SPA

Image: Thailand Magazine

De infinity pool van SO/ Bangkok met zitjes

Image: Thailand Magazine

Het Solarium van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

SO Pool Party

Fancy a party? Every last Saturday of the month, the infinity pool hosts the famous SO Pool Parties. Renowned (inter)national DJs come to play while a hip crowd goes crazy to the Bangkok beats. During the eight-hour pool parties, not only tracks are mixed, but also the tastiest cocktails thanks to SO/ Bangkok’s professional mixologists. The SO Pool Party will be held from 13:00 – 21:00 hours. Admission (including 1 drink) costs via presale for 595++ THB and at the door for 680++ THB.

DJ draait tijdens een SO Pool Party in SO/ Bangkok


The gym and the team at SO/ FIT will make sure you stay in shape during your trip. The gym has numerous Technogym strength and cardio machines, as well as dozens of dumbbells up to 24 kg. SO/ FIT also has an aerobics room where free weekly yoga classes are available. The SO/ Yoga classes are free to attend on Mondays from 14:00 – 15:00 hours. If you need exercise under the guidance of a professional trainer, then SO/ FIT overlooking the infinity pool is the place for you! SO/ Bangkok’s gym is open 24/7 for hotel guests.

That massage at the SO/ SPA felt SOooo good!

The SO/ SPA is a phenomenon that has won a legion of awards. We too had heard a lot about it. After finally being able to take a massage there ourselves, we can tell you that it felt amazing, what professionals! Words are not enough and therefore I will keep it short, because for a massage at the SO/ SPA you simply have to experience it yourself.

First we were kindly received and had to fill out a form. Where to massage and where not to massage, how hard, other wishes and so on. The things that belong to a class massage in a luxury accommodation such as SO/Bangkok. Then we were taken to our own massage room including a freestanding bathtub and shower. A one-hour Thai oil massage followed, super good!

Massage bij SO SPA van SO/ Bangkok

It’s not for nothing that year after year SO/ Bangkok’s massages have won awards. Whether you sleep there or not, highly recommended for those who love a good (Thai) massage treatment. After reminiscing over a cup of tea, we ran into a Thai resident of Bangkok who books a SO/ SPA massage at least once a week. “Because these are the best masseurs in town” she kindly replied when we asked why.   

Prijzen van de SO SPA van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Massage bij SO SPA van SO/ Bangkok
Drankje na de massage bij SO SPA van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Good eats at SO/ Bangkok

At SO/ Bangkok, you can easily spend a week eating and drinking without having tasted anything twice beforehand. That’s how much choice there is. With two different restaurants and three bars, which also offer bites, this is perhaps not all that surprising. The culinary heart of SO/ Bangkok is Red Oven and here every morning we enjoyed an extensive international breakfast buffet. We even had the opportunity to have a great brunch on Sunday afternoon

During the first evening of our three-day stay, we wanted to enjoy the luxury hotel to the max and not leave SO for a second. Fortunately, we were able to visit SOSHI, SO/ Bangkok’s sushi restaurant. Before our departure back to the Netherlands we ended our Last at HI-SO, SO/ Bangkok’s sky bar.

Lekker eten in SO/ Bangkok

Red Oven

From 06:00 to 22:30 hours, guests can visit Red Oven to enjoy delicious Thai, Japanese, Italian and French cuisine, among other international cuisines. Even though Red Oven is “only” located on the seventh floor, this fiery culinary heart of SO/ Bangkok offers an extremely nice view of Lumpini Park opposite and the Bangkok skyline beyond. Cleverly conceived, the large windows offer a panoramic view. On the other side is a giant map of Bangkok, if only we had the space for something like that at our own home….

Red Oven, het restaurant van SO/ Bangkok met panoramisch uitzicht op Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Red Oven, het restaurant van SO/ Bangkok met panoramisch uitzicht op Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Red Oven has several cooking and buffet islands. Guests can feast on these indefinitely. Once you have your plate full, you can take a seat at the many tables, some of which feature a soft bench for seating. Red Oven also has an outdoor terrace, but when we were there it looked more like the smoking area. There were no tables and chairs, just people smoking. Too bad, because this seems like a nice place to enjoy a delicious breakfast outside.    

Red Oven, het restaurant van SO/ Bangkok

Waking up heavenly during breakfast at Red Oven

Wanting to get as much out of our last days in Bangkok as possible, we were at Red Oven’s doorstep every morning at six am sharp. An added benefit was that we could choose from the best seats in the restaurant. Because there is so much choice during breakfast at Red Oven, we chose a different variety of breakfast each time. The three days we slept in SO/ Bangkok, we ordered different types of egg dishes such as an overcomplete omelet or an egg benedict with smoked salmon.

Ontbijten bij Red Oven van SO/ Bangkok

Personally, I again enjoyed a delicious hot and nice spicy (ped maaaak) breakfast like the Thai does. For example, noodles with many, many chili flakes in them. Ilonka on the other hand was thrilled with the different kinds of cheese and cold cuts with various crackers displayed at Red Oven. (A recognizable problem for the Dutch among us, the lack of cheese in Thailand). There was an abundance of many more delicious breakfast dishes. We are 100% sure there is something delicious for everyone, even ice cream!

Thai Boat Noodle Soup als ontbijt bij het ontbijt in Red Oven

Image: Thailand Magazine

Kaas in Red Oven van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Brood in Red Oven van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

A recurring ritual for us was ending our delectable breakfast with a plate of fresh seasonal fruit and a super healthy smoothie. Needless to say, a good cup of coffee as a start could not be missed. The cappuccino served in large red mugs tasted buonissimo! Nice and strong with a good layer of firm foam on top. What a nice way to wake up at SO/ Bangkok!

Brunch in Red Oven van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Vers seizoensfruit bij het ontbijt in Red Oven

Image: Thailand Magazine

Cappuccino bij het ontbijt in Red Oven

Image: Thailand Magazine

Luxurious Red Oven brunch

Every Sunday between noon and 15:00 hours it is extra festive at Red Oven in Bangkok. It’s then time for the popular “Sunday Brunch.” Coincidentally, we also slept in SO/ Bangkok on a Sunday, how lucky! Of course, we couldn’t skip a feast like the legendary SO Sunday brunch.

The variety was enormous! Seafood, smoked salmon or chicken, numerous cheeses, including hefty chunks of Parmigiano, various meats, you name it. When we took our seats at our table, we were almost immediately presented with half a lobster in front of us, a delicious bonus of the house we were told. To make it extra festive, we ordered a glass of Prosecco with it, “nice and decadent” we joked to each other as our glasses clinked.  

Salade in Red Oven

Image: Thailand Magazine

Halve kreeft tijdens de brunch in Red Oven van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

In addition to cold dishes, dozens of hot dishes are also served at Red Oven. Think roasted meats and Thai meals, all prepared from the live cooking island. From spicy curry to fresh crab and from perfect pasta to tasty salads, there is SO much to choose from! 

Of course, the sushi and sashimi from the sushi restaurant SOSHI is also on the menu. Don’t forget to save room for dessert such as a tart, scoop of ice cream, mousse or an exquisite Crêpe Suzette.

Brunch in Red Oven van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Taart in Red Oven van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Lunch and dinner at SO/ Bangkok

Lunch and dinner is obviously possible as well at Red Oven. 

  • Red Oven Buffet – Lunch – Tuesday to Friday from 12:00 – 15:00
  • World Buffet & Robata Grill – Sunday through Thursday from 18:00 – 22:00
  • Weekend Buffet Extravaganza – Friday and Saturday from 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Children up to four years old can join for free and children from five to 12 can join for half price.

Whether you’re having breakfast, lunch, brunch, snack or dinner, Red Oven is HOT HOT HOT HOT!

Lekker eten bij Red Oven

SOSHI Robatayaki & Sushi Bar

You can always wake us up for sushi and sashimi, which is why we were extra excited to find out that SO/’s Japanese restaurant, SOSHI, is located on the seventh floor of the hotel. “That will be Japanese tonight, we don’t have to leave the hotel at all!”, we said to each other after we had just checked into SO/ Bangkok.

Khun Sornnarin, the Japanese Chef and his team have ensured that SOSHI’s menu showcases a wide selection of Japanese (fusion) dishes Gyoza, Noodles, Nigiri, Maki, Sashimi, Don Buri and Yakimino (grilled specialties). You can also choose from Robatayaki, which is also called Robota. Robota is a cooking technique similar to barbecuing. Nom nom nom!  A good Japanese restaurant cannot do without a selection of sake. At SOSHI, there are more than ten different types of sake on the menu. 

SOSHI, het Japanse restaurant van SO/ Bangkok

We were starving when we walked into SOSHI and chose the All You Can Eat option. For a flat fee we could enjoy SOSHI’s sublime Japanese cuisine without restriction. For THB 500 more per person, a selection of thirteen exclusive Japanese dishes could be chosen as an extra.

That evening, we enjoyed the several times our table was completely filled with portions of sashimi, different types of sushi and a number of yakitori sticks, among others tasty Japanese dishes. Like us, do you love Japanese cuisine and sleep at the hotel SO/ Bangkok? Then make a dinner reservation at SOSHI. 

Sashimi en mee bij SOSHI in SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Heerlijk Japanse eten bij SOSHI in SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Jakitori bij SOSHI in SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Cheese at SO/

Us Dutch, like many other Westerners, love cheese. It is therefore an understatement to say that we were a tad excited when we heard about the Cheese at SO/ event. Our disappointment was therefore great when we learned that this festive cheese buffet is held every first Friday of the month from 19:00 to 21:00 hours at MIXO Bar. Unfortunately, this evening passed us by as we were already back in our own homeland that day. Anyway, a good excuse to come back to SO again! For we are already looking forward to a pleasant evening of wine, cheese, music and that phenomenal view of Lumpini Park from the lounge on the ninth floor of the hotel.

The Cheese concept offers some thirty imported cheeses mostly from Europe. Some of the cheeses you can enjoy to your heart’s content for two hours include a Dutch Edammer, Italian cheeses like Parmesan and Provolone, an English Cheddar, the Swiss Raclette and of course, many, many cheeses from the cheese country par excellence, La France. The Morbier, Comté, Brie de Meaux, Camembert au Calvados, Cœur de Neufchâtel, Roquefort and the Petit Gros Lorrain.

Verschillende soorten kaas tijdens Chees at SO in SO/ Bangkok
Verschillende soorten kaas tijdens Chees at SO in SO/ Bangkok

Of course, a variety of artisan breads, dips and even numerous meats are also included, even pizza and potatoes are part of the cheese festival in Bangkok! To make the party complete, there will also be a DJ playing during SO/ Bangkok’s Cheese night. After nine pm you can have an after-dinner drink at HI-SO on the roof of the hotel.

Cheese is best enjoyed with wine, and for an additional cost, the wine flows plenty. There are red and white wines from southern France, Chile, New Zealand and Australia, for example. For 850++ THB per person you can join the cheese show, for 1,273++ THB per person you get wines to go with it and for 1,699++ THB you can enjoy the wine sommelier selection.

Verschillende salades tijdens Chees at SO in SO/ Bangkok
Verschillende soorten brood tijdens Chees at SO in SO/ Bangkok


At Chocolab in Bangkok, it is even possible to take a real chocolate cooking class. In an hour and a half, a professional chocolatier will teach you the intricacies of this craft. After you’ve made your own chocolate, of course you get to eat it too, a fun and especially delicious activity on a rainy day in Bangkok. Chocolab also offers guests a special Chocolab Hi-Tea. for 790 THB you can enjoy Chocolab’s chocolate creations for two. Chocolab is open daily from 08:00 to 18:00 hours

Opposite Chocolab is a small coffee shop called KOF, where you can quickly order a good cup of (iced) coffee.

Chocolaatjes van Chocolab als huwelijksgechenk tijdens ons verblijf in SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Chocolab op de begane grond van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

KOF op de begande grond van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine


SO/ Bangkok’s luxurious lounge, with floor-to-ceiling windows for unobstructed views of Lumpini Park and Bangkok’s skyline. MIXO Bar is the ideal space to meet friends and enjoy a refreshing cocktail made by the professional mixologist. We found MIXO a fine place to relax and at times it reminded us more of a spacious art gallery than a bar. In fact, in August 2022, when we were here as guests, several artworks by French artist Chloé Keller Miller were hanging there. Thanks in part to the artwork, there was a nice serene atmosphere and the staff was extremely friendly and service-oriented. 

At SO/ Bangkok’s MIXO Bar, not only can you socialize with cocktails, classy wines and other tasty drinks, but you can also fully enjoy a delicious high tea or the already popular monthly Cheese at SO/ event.

MIXO Bar, onderdeel van SO/ Bangkok

HI-SO, SO/ Bangkok’s rooftop bar

Finally, we end this review with HI-SO, just as we ended our last evening of our three-day stay in SO/ Bangkok here. HI-SO is a small but fine rooftop bar with unobstructed views of Bangkok’s skyline and its most famous park, Lumpini Park. Over the years, we have visited HI-SO several times, but each time the weather didn’t allow us to really enjoy our visit. Too bad! 

You can find HI-SO on the 29th floor of SO/ Bangkok where you can enjoy classy cocktails and some small bites. During our last visit in August 2022, unfortunately the weather was not cooperating. Next time, we will have bright skies without heavy wind and rain. 

HI-SO, de rooftop bar van SO/ Bangkok

HI-SO is open daily from 17:00 to 00:00 hours. Prices of cocktails range between 350 and 450 THB and a beer costs around 250 THB.

Next to HI-SO, you can also find a bar called The Cassette Music Bar. This bar itself is not part of SO/ Bangkok, but guests of the hotel are of course welcome. More information about Cassette can be found at this link: https://www.facebook.com/thecassetteskybar/ 

The next time we visit SO/ Bangkok, most likely on a bright sunny first Friday of the month, we will definitely have a drink with Cassette’s neighbors as well!

HI-SO, de rooftop bar van SO/ Bangkok
HI-SO, de rooftop bar van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Casette, naast HI-SO, de rooftop bar van SO/ Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine


We would like to thank the team at SO/ Bangkok for our last three amazing days during our honeymoon in Thailand. As a newly married couple, we couldn’t have wished for a better place to spend our last days! Thank you to Khun Natt, Khun Mat and the entire amazing team for making sure SO/ Bangkok is and will continue to be a very unique accommodation in Bangkok!

Although SO/ Bangkok is starting to feel a bit outdated, we were amazed by the service, beauty, delectable food, infinity pool and massages at the SO/ SPA. The view SO offers of Bangkok is magnificent! 

Het team van SO/ Bangkok

Bangkok Airways

Hereby also our special thanks to Bangkok Airways who made sure that our suitcases including the wedding dress were taken back and forth from Bangkok to Koh Samui and back again in one piece and in one piece.

Opposite SO/ Bangkok not only lays the famous Lumpini Park, but also Bangkok’s tallest tower is being built that will be part of the ONE Bangkok complex. Another reason to book a room at this fantastic five-star hotel in the future!

Het nieuwe gebied ONE Bangkok dat tegenover SO/ Bangkok wordt gebouwd

Image: Thailand Magazine

General information and current prices

Check-in at SO/ Bangkok is possible from 15:00 hours and check-out is allowed until as late as 12:00 hours. For current prices of this unique hotel in Bangkok, check Booking and/or Agoda. In addition, you support Thailand Magazine by booking through our partner links. We receive a small commission on your booking. This costs you nothing extra and this allows us to continue working hard on our great passion, sharing our deep-rooted love for Thailand and thus promoting the land of smiles. 

Address: 2 N Sathon Rd, Pathum Wan, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Address in Thai: 2 ถ. สาทรเหนือ แขวง ปทุมวัน เขตบางรัก กรุงเทพมหานคร 10500
Phone number: +66 (0)2624 0000
Website: https://www.so-bangkok.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sobangkokth
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sobangkok/ 

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