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The lobby of the Skyview Hotel Bangkok
The lobby of the Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine


Early July 2022, we were guests at the wonderful Skyview Hotel Bangkok. A fantastic 114 meter high five star hotel located in the middle of the EM District of Bangkok. You will find this hotel almost directly next to a BTS (sky train) station and two luxury shopping malls.

The Skyview Hotel in Bangkok has a number of outstanding facilities including the infinity pool, a modern gym, no less than two sky bars and a great all day dining restaurant called PRIME. Then there are plenty of room options with all rooms and suites feeling like new and super clean. We can’t wait to come back here again!

View from a Skyview Bangkok hotel room


Skyview Hotel Bangkok located at Sukhumvit 24 is very easy to reach by public transportation thanks to the BTS sky train. You find the hotel located almost next to the Phrom Phong BTS Station in the EM District. In a walk of less than five minutes you walk into the vibrant lobby of the hotel. The EM District is mainly characterized by the two luxury shopping malls EmQuartier and Emporium. As a Skyview guest, you can spend many an hour in these two luxury shopping malls. 

One BTS (station) stop away you arrive in the Asok area. This is the stop for the Terminal 21 shopping center, Korea Town and the Benjakitti (Forest) Park. Benjasiri Park is even closer, being right behind the hotel. Always convenient for an early morning walk or for a pleasant picnic in the park.

In addition to a wide variety of good restaurants in the adjacent shopping malls, you can also find plenty of quality dining options around the hotel. Our tip, just have a nice dinner in your own hotel, at PRIME Restaurant and/or at MOJJO Rooftop Bar & Lounge. We enjoyed the delicious dishes served here, you’ll read more about that below.

Welcome in Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Sometimes you walk into an accommodation and you know right away, I’m in good hands here! Even before we walked through the doors of the lobby of the Skyview Hotel Bangkok, we had that feeling. Right after stepping out of our taxi, we were kindly greeted by a team of friendly enthusiastic people who placed our bags on a cart.

We were handed a card with a number for our luggage and told that our backpacks were being taken to our room. The helpful gentlemen escorted us through the doors of the hotel, welcome to the beautiful Skyview Hotel!

The Skyview Hotel Bangkok team of concierges

Image: Thailand Magazine

The lobby of the Skyview Bangkok is grand! There’s a light installation hanging from the ceiling that changes colors, you can take a seat anywhere on the comfortable seats, and there’s a large front desk where you’ll be kindly checked in. Compliments to the team that provides the initial welcome, Khun Lobster, O and Green in particular.

Skyview Hotel Bangkok is there also for the little ones. The responsible Skyview team offers a baby sitting service, and if you let them know you’re checking in with kids, they might even get a present. If you request a crib for the baby, it will be ready in the room immediately. Of course, there are also children’s menus in the restaurant. In short, a perfect accommodation in Bangkok for families with (small) children.

The lobby of the Skyview Hotel Bangkok with colorful lighting installation

Image: Thailand Magazine

Different type of rooms and suites at Skyview Hotel

Skyview Hotel Bangkok has a total of 285 rooms divided into seven types of rooms/suites. All are clean and feel like new. The bedrooms have comfortable beds that are neither too hard nor too soft. Each room has a virtually noiseless air conditioning system.

What warms us, despite that good air conditioning system, are the floor-to-ceiling windows that offer majestic views of Bangkok. This gives the rooms a spacious feel and a unique look of the city’s surroundings/skyline. Each room has access to high-speed internet and is equipped with a 43-inch TV. Of course, coffee and tea making facilities are also available. For the ultimate in relaxation, the comfortable bathrobes and slippers can’t be missed of course. Yes, you will soon feel at home in the Skyview Hotel!

Two girls in a bed at the Skyview Hotel Bangkok

We regularly struggle with finding the right light switches in a hotel room. Skyview has named the light switches, easily solving this problem. The hotel has usb charging points in addition to normal height outlets, they are moving well with the times! In some accommodations, the outlets are placed at floor level or are missing on one side of the bed. You don’t have to worry about that at this amazing accommodation.

Like more and more modern accommodations in Thailand, Skyview Bangkok also uses an online app. This allows numerous things to be arranged online. Think of room service or questions to the service desk, such as a drying rack or extra pillow. You scan a QR code in your room and enter a handy system with which you have direct contact with the service team.

Skyview Hotel Bangkok labels light switches

Image: Thailand Magazine

Skyview Hotel Bangkok also uses a convenient app

Image: Thailand Magazine

Premier Room, Grand Premier Room and Club Grand Premier Room

The least expensive room option is the Premier Room of 30 m2. Guests can choose from a room with a double bed or two single beds. The use of color and materials in the rooms provides tranquility and the bathroom is partly made of marble tiles. This gives the bathroom a luxurious look.

Of course there is a minibar in the room which is integrated into the desk. Above the desk hangs a modern TV. There is also room for your bag/case on the designated elevation or in the closet. The Grand Premier Room at Skyview Bangkok is just a bit larger, at 32 m2. Then there is the Club Grand Premier Room. This offers additional access to the Silver Lining Club Lounge.

Grand Premier Room at Skyview Hotel Bangkok
Grand Premier Room at Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Grand Executive Room and Club Grand Executive Room

The Grand Executive Room at Skyview Bangkok has an area of 33 m2. The luxurious bathroom features a bathtub that overlooks part of Bangkok’s skyline thanks to the bathroom’s large windows. In addition, there is a shower stall with a rain shower. After a hot day strolling in Bangkok, it is very pleasant “coming home” in these rooms. The Club Grande Executive Room also offers access to the Silver Lining Club Lounge.

Grand Executive Room at Skyview Hotel Bangkok
Bathroom of the Grand Executive Room of Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Skyview Grand Suite

Your own home in Bangkok, that’s how the suites feel in this hotel. The Skyview Grand Suite has an area of no less than 48 m2 and is divided into a bedroom and living room including kitchenette. An ideal stay for families of three or four. Below, we take a closer look at our own suite, the Skyview Executive Suite. This is a lot more spacious than the Skyview Grand Suite, but has quite a few similarities.

Are you staying at the hotel with a larger group? Then please indicate this in advance. The top team will then ensure that rooms are booked with a connecting door. In this way the rooms are connected and you can walk from room to room.

Skyview Grand Suite with interconnecting rooms
Bedroom of the Skyview Grand Suite

Skyview Executive Suite, our suite in the Skyview Bangkok

Due to our pre-honeymoon, we were lucky enough to stay in this outstanding suite of a whopping 62 m2. The Skyview Executive Suite at Skyview Hotel Bangkok is the ultimate suite consisting of a corner room as a bedroom, with an adjacent huge luxurious bathroom. In addition, the suite consists of a spacious living room including an open kitchen. If you can afford it or are traveling with a family of four, book this suite at this Skyview hotel in Bangkok, you will feel right at home!

Living room with kitchenette of the Skyview Executive Suite in Skyview Hotel Bangkok
Bathroom of the Skyview Executive Suite in Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Welcome in the Skyview Executive Suite!

After arriving on the 27th floor by elevator, we stood in front of our room… 2718 was written on the door. Next to us giggled one of the extremely friendly concierges who had walked with us. After opening the door, we were immediately surprised by a heart of rose petals placed on the cabinet near the entrance.

Before our departure, I had let the Skyview Bangkok team know that we would be getting married in Thailand. We continued our way to the living room to the right of the hallway. Here on the dining table was a bottle of red wine with two wine glasses including a vase of beautiful roses and more rose petals on the table and kitchen counter.

Heart of rose petals during check-in in our suite at Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Bottle of red wine and rose petals during check-in in our suite at Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

We were completely surprised and were taken to our bedroom by the smiling concierge. There we were once again overwhelmed by the huge bunch of roses including balloons that had been placed on our gigantic bed. There were also two swans made of towels and they were again completely decorated with, how could it be otherwise … even more (heart shaped) rose petals.

The work and love put into this is unprecedented… Thank you to everyone at Skyview who worked on this! The romantic picture was completed by the bathtub in the bathroom filled with… you guessed it, rose petals. An unforgettable experience!

Below we give you our view of our suite without the romantic touch and… rose petals…

Forest of roses and heart of rose petals during check-in in our suite at Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Bedroom at the Skyview Executive Suite

In our bedroom, a corner room of 24 m2, a double closet is built in with enough space for our clothes. The closet also includes an ironing board including iron, umbrellas, bathrobes, slippers and safe. Next to the closet is the desk that almost reaches the window. The minibar and even more storage space is expertly tucked under part of the desk. The 43 inch TV is mounted on the wall above the desk. We hardly heard the air conditioning in the room, but felt it. One of the best air conditioning systems we’ve had recently during our stay in Thailand.

Desk in the bedroom of the Skyview Executive Suite

Image: Thailand Magazine

On the other side of our fine bedroom was the masterful king-size double bed with plenty of power points on either side and clear light switches with name indication. A full nightstand could not be missing with a modern phone with speed dial on one side for the lobby, room service and other things. The back of our bed consisted of a large window that provided the room with extra light and a grandiose view of the Bangkok skyline.

Bedroom with large bed of the Skyview Executive Suite

Image: Thailand Magazine

Bedroom with large windows overlooking Bangkok of the Skyview Executive Suite

Image: Thailand Magazine

What we found unfortunate is that the gigantic bed is framed by a wooden frame, something we would not have liked. Nevertheless, the bedroom of the Skyview Executive Suite is fantastic! In addition to the wooden frame, the carpet ran into marble and there was a place created for luggage. Through a sliding door, we emerged into the gigantic bathroom.

Bedroom of the Skyview Executive Suite at Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Bathroom at the Skyview Executive Suite

The huge bathroom of 9 m2 consists largely of gray and white marble where a freestanding bath is placed in front of the large windows. Behind the deep bathtub and next to the shower stall is a fully automatic toilet (washlet). The windows in the executive suite bathroom offer views of Benjasiri Park and part of Bangkok’s skyline. For more privacy, the blinds can be used which also run from ceiling to floor.

Bathroom of the Skyview Executive Suite with freestanding bathtub and views of the Bangkok skyline

Image: Thailand Magazine

In the corner of the bathroom is a shower stall, with rain and hand shower. The marble washbasin next to the shower offers more than enough room for towels and other items. The mirror above the sink is almost as wide as the entire bathroom cabinet. Of course, in a five-star hotel like Skyview Bangkok, you get a lot of amenities. Think shaving kits, body lotion (we loved it!), a sewing kit, a comb and two toothbrushes including toothpaste.

Bathroom of the Skyview Executive Suite with washlet, freestanding rain shower and large bathroom cabinet

Image: Thailand Magazine

Living room at the Skyview Executive Suite

The living room (24 m2) of the Skyview Executive Suite can be reached by turning immediately right after entering the hallway. After you have passed the many closets of the entrance, the large bright living room presents itself. The living room consists of two parts, with the kitchenette on one side and the living area on the other. In the middle of the living room is a four-person table with pleasant soft comfortable chairs.

Living room of the Skyview Executive Suite with dining table and sofa

Image: Thailand Magazine

Living room of the Skyview Executive Suite with views of the Bangkok skyline

Image: Thailand Magazine

In the living room there is a two-seater, part of which serves as a chaise longue. On the other side of the sofa you will find the large TV with various connections for your laptop. We felt right at home here and the first evening we were already lying on the couch enjoying our arrival in Bangkok! It’s therefore not surprising that during our stay in this beautiful five star hotel we made use of the room service and one evening we had a nice meal together ‘at home’…

Living room of the Skyview Executive Suite with dining table and sofa

Kitchenette at the Skyview Executive Suite

The kitchenette contains plenty of cupboard space with various types of plates, glasses and other kitchen and cooking utensils. Coffee can be made with the Zanetti machine where different types of coffee cups are provided. Would you like more? Call the service desk and you can get back to enjoying a quality cup of coffee while gazing over the Bangkok skyline.

Although we don’t assume you’ll be cooking, it’s possible to let loose on the electric stove and/or with the combination microwave. We used the oven to reheat the pizza via room service because we were distracted by our phenomenal view of Bangkok from our living room. Underneath the kitchen counter is a modern washing machine and a large refrigerator with freezer can’t be missing in a suite like this, of course. In short, the Skyview Executive Suite offers guests of Skyview Hotel Bangkok everything for a fantastic stay in the heart of Bangkok!

Kitchenette of the Skyview Executive Suite with washing machine, combination microwave, stove and large refrigerator

Skyview Hotel Bangkok facilities

The hotel has a very nice infinity pool and modern gym both found on the eighth floor of this great hotel. Unfortunately, there is no spa, but there are plenty of quality options nearby. What the hotel does have is a cigar bar for cigar lovers. Of course, a quality five-star hotel like Skyview Bangkok can’t do without a club lounge. If you have a party to celebrate, you can use the Sky Ballroom, a room that can be rented out for parties and celebrations.

Pool with behind it the gym of the Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Silver Lining Club Lounge

Several rooms and the suites of Skyview Hotel Bangkok offer additional access to the Silver Lining Club Lounge. A nice place where you can enjoy a free snack and drink in peace. Due to the aftermath of the Covid-19 virus, this Club Lounge was unfortunately closed during our visit. We will save an addition about Skyview’s Silver Lining Club Lounge for our next visit.

Silver Lining Club Lounge at Skyview Hotel Bangkok
Silver Lining Club Lounge at Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Infinity pool 

The infinity pool on the eighth floor of the hotel is WONDERFUL! It is large, nice and fresh, there are a number of sunbeds (about 10) at the pool and there is even a jacuzzi. The pool with a depth of 1.20 meters offers a beautiful view over the city and you can swim a few laps in it, of course you can also just float. Upon entering is the bar with a large seating area. Here are not only tables and chairs, but also lounge sofas. There is also a children’s pool with a depth of 60 centimeters.

The infinity pool at Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

The Liquid Pool Bar offers guests a variety of drinks including cocktails, fruit and coffee shakes. You can also order something to eat such as a pizza or a burger. The pool is open from 08:00 – 20:00.

The infinity pool at Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Jacuzzi at the infinity pool at Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Chairs at the infinity pool of Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

The Liquid Pool Bar regularly hosts theme parties. In our case, there was a reggae party going on one night.

Reggae party at the Liquid Pool Bar of Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Yamyamm

Modern gym 

Also on the eighth floor, partly overlooking the infinity pool, one finds the gym. Not just any gym, but a large room with various modern cardio equipment and countless weights. Every morning around six o’clock we gratefully used this high tech gym. Very nice that it is open 24/7!

The gym at Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Food and beverages

Skyview is a true Valhalla for foodies! The days we spent at the hotel we feasted on the delicious food and drinks. The hotel has a number of restaurants such as La Stella, the Italian restaurant, with contemporary Italian dishes. Unfortunately, Stella was closed during our visit, so we cannot comment on this restaurant in detail.

Below we describe the restaurants and bars of the hotel that were open and that we did visit. Each unique, with quality dishes and delicious beverages, prepared and served by a professional team of people working with a love for the trade.

La Stella, the Italian restaurant of Skyview Hotel Bangkok

For example, there is MOJJO Rooftop Lounge & Bar where delicious South American dishes are prepared. Or the sky bar all the way up on the roof, the Vanilla Sky Bar, where we extra enjoyed the grandiose view of the city with a good cocktail in hand.

After an hour of working out, our day was started at PRIME Restaurant, where we enjoyed a delectable breakfast. We will never forget lunch at PRIME, the dishes were so incredibly good! Whether or not you sleep at Skyview Hotel Bangkok, PRIME Restaurant is highly recommended if you are in the area!

Cozy dining at PRIME Restaurant in Skyview Hotel Bangkok

MOJJO Rooftop Lounge & Bar

MOJJO Rooftop Lounge & Bar can be found on the 32nd floor of Skyview Hotel Bangkok and is open daily from 17:00 to 01:00. This atmospheric rooftop lounge/bar has an indoor and outdoor area where guests can order cocktails and other alcoholic beverages until 23:30. Non-alcoholic drinks and the delicious dishes can be ordered until 00:30.

MOJJO Rooftop Lounge & Bar offers plenty of South American-inspired dishes such as tacos and churros, as well as flavorful meat dishes with a temperamental twist. We opted for some delicious dishes after sipping some signature cocktails.

MOJJO Sky Bar & Lounge at the Skyview Hotel Bangkok
South American dishes at MOJJO Sky Bar & Lounge of the Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Check the MOJJO menu. Want to know what other cocktails we had or what else we enjoyed? Or do you just want more information about this cozy sky bar in Bangkok? Soon our extensive review of MOJJO Rooftop Lounge & Bar will be online.

MOJJO is very popular so we recommend, especially for a little later in the evening, that you make a reservation. Ask for a spot outside, what a view!!!

The bar of MOJJO Sky Bar & Lounge of the Skyview Hotel Bangkok
Cocktail overlooking Bangkok's skyline at MOJJO Sky Bar & Lounge at Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Vanilla Sky Bar

Vanilla Sky Bar can be found all the way up on the roof of Skyview Hotel Bangkok. This skybar is the ultimate spot in the EM District from where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset including quality cocktails. The skybar on the 35th floor (the roof) of the hotel is open between 18:00 – 01:00 from Tuesday to Sunday. The last round for alcoholic drinks is at 23:45 and other orders can be made until 00:00.

Vanilla Sky’s menu is not particularly large; about thirteen dishes can be ordered. In terms of cocktails, there is plenty of choice, as the cocktail menu is shared with the downstairs neighbors of MOJJO Rooftop Lounge & Bar. Of course the classics like a Mojito, Negroni and Mai Tai can not be missed, but there are also numerous signature cocktails mixed. Do you want to know which signature cocktails are available, or do you want more general information about Vanilla Sky Bar? Soon our extensive review will be published. Check the Vanilla Sky menu.

Sunset seen from Delicious food at Vanilla Sky Bar of the Skyview Hotel Bangkok
Delicious food at Vanilla Sky Bar of the Skyview Hotel Bangkok

PRIME Restaurant

For PRIME Restaurant on the seventh floor alone, you should stay at Skyview Bangkok! We had breakfast here every morning, lunch once and enjoyed a PRIME dinner via room service once. All times were spot on! The restaurant consists of three sections, which include relaxing couches, high tables with bar stools, and several tables from two to eight people.

PRIME Restaurant by Skyview Hotel Bangkok
PRIME Restaurant by Skyview Hotel Bangkok

PRIME is clean, uncluttered and looks very spacious. Compliments to Chef Mee and all the other (chef) cooks, but also to the serving and service-oriented staff such as the friendly Khun Kwang. We insanely enjoyed all the delicious food at PRIME on the seventh floor. Life is wonderful, next year we will be there again!

Check the menu of PRIME Restaurant.

La Vita E Bella at PRIME Restaurant by Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Want to just chill out without having to leave your hotel room? Then order something from the room service menu. This can be done 24/7 and the menu offers enough variety. Relaxing in your own room or suite. For us, that moment was the second evening after our arrival in Bangkok. Together we had a very nice evening and enjoyed a delicious pizza, pasta and two desserts.

Room service at Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Breakfast at PRIME Restaurant in the Skyview Hotel Bangkok

In terms of breakfast, you can enjoy numerous Asian and Western dishes. Think of a freshly boiled, fried, poached or scrambled egg prepared in front of you from the egg station. Or how about the numerous Thai dishes such as curries, noodles and rice. Of course there were various types of bread, rolls and pastries available. Prefer to go on the healthy tour? How about fresh fruit, various types of cereals with milk or yogurt. Whether you’re having breakfast with a fruit juice, coffee or tea, there’s plenty of choice at PRIME Restaurant! You can have breakfast at PRIME Restaurant between 06:00 and 10:30.

Breakfast at PRIME Restaurant in the Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Breakfast at PRIME Restaurant in the Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Breakfast at PRIME Restaurant in the Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

You can sleep in on Saturday and enjoy an unlimited PRIME brunch between 12:30 and 15:00. For 990 THB per person you can eat 90 minutes including unlimited soft drinks. For 1,390 THB unlimited alcoholic beverages such as beer and (sparkling) wine are added.

Brunch at PRIME Restaurant in the Skyview Hotel Bangkok
Brunch at PRIME Restaurant in the Skyview Hotel Bangkok

All day dining bij PRIME Restaurant

Then there is the varied menu of the All Day Dining concept. Starting at 12:30, guests can fully enjoy a huge menu consisting of quality dishes. During our late lunch a DJ (ToBi) played a track by Kraak & Smaak. Three producers from our city Leiden and whom we personally know well.

Dinner with a DJ playing tunes at PRIME Restaurant at Skyview Hotel Bangkok

What a treat it is to have lunch at PRIME Restaurant! We ordered the Northern Thai style pork patty burger, which was similar in taste to the famous Sai ua sausage from Chiang Mai. In addition, a serving of Italian gnocchi and juicy shrimp in spicy sauce arrived on the table. To top it off, the torched wagyu beef, which we ordered not once, not twice, but three times, so incredibly delicious!

We advise you to book a room at the Skyview Hotel Bangkok or at least have lunch, brunch or dinner at PRIME Restaurant. All Day Dining can be done at PRIME Restaurant between 12:30 and 23:00 where the last order must be made by 22:30.

Delicious dishes at PRIME Restaurant in the Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Delicious dishes at PRIME Restaurant in the Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Image: Thailand Magazine

Actual prices, check in times, address and other regular information about Skyview Hotel Bangkok

Check-in is possible from 14:00 and check-out until 12:00. For current prices of this super nice hotel it is best to check  Booking and/or Agoda. You also support Thailand Magazine by booking through our partner links. We receive a small commission on your booking. This doesn’t cost you anything extra and this way we can continue working on our great passion, sharing our love for Thailand and promoting the land of smiles.

Address: 12 Sukhumvit 24 Alley, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Address in Thai: 12 สุขุมวิท 24 แขวง คลองตัน เขตคลองเตย กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110
Phone number: +66 2011 1111
Website: skyviewhotel.com

Infinity Pool at Skyview Hotel Bangkok

There is also a Skyview in Phuket. This one is owned by the same owner as the Bangkok location and also has a MOJJO Rooftop Bar. The beautiful resort can be found in the island’s most famous beach resort, Patong.

The pool of Skyview Resort Phuket Patong Beach

THANKS to the entire Skyview Bangkok team!!

Our Thailand trip in July/August 2022 was mostly about our own wedding on August 4th at the island Koh Samui. We could not have wished for a better start than our first nights in Thailand at the Skyview Hotel Bangkok! Immediately upon entering our suite, we were surprised with an overwhelming and romantic decoration, a real touch of class! Never before have we had so many rose petals in one room haha. Not only did we receive a beautiful bouquet of roses and a bottle of red wine, but most importantly what we received was a truly wonderful memory that we will never forget. Thank you to everyone who is part of the Skyview team! Special thanks to Khun Markus, Khun Pimpisa , Khun Sun, Khun Ranukar and of course Khun Vik. Until next year, we can’t wait = La Vita e Bella!

Skyview Hotel Bangkok - I Love You

Image: Thailand Magazine

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