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Sirocco @ Lebua seen from above with a drone
Lebua de Hangover Sky Bar bij nacht gefotografeerd vanuit de lucht

Image: Lebua Hotels & Resort


The Sirocco & Sky Bar @ Lebua is Bangkok’s most famous sky bar. This is partly due to the movie Hangover 2 which was shot here. The sky bar is also known by many visitors as The Hangover Sky Bar, The Dome or simply just the name The Sky Bar. How many names can a bar have? This sky bar is probably on your wish list as well! And that is completely understandable! Lebua is a beautiful sky bar with a magnificent view over the city and the river!

View over the sky line of Bangkok from Sirocco @ Lebua

Update 2019: New management Lebua

We’ve been informed that the Lebua has a new management since a few months. We hear and read less and less positive reactions about Lebua Sky Bar lately, way too many to ignore. Unfortunately, since the takeover we haven’t been to the Lebua Sky Bar ourselves to confirm or disprove the negative reactions. Visitors indicate that they are first brought to a champagne bar, where pressure is applied to first take a very expensive champagne cocktail before you are allowed to go to the normal cocktail bar. We would like to hear what your experiences are through the Bangkok in Thailand Facebook group.

The famous dome at the Lebua State Tower in Bangkok

The rules…

Lebua’s fame has meant that it can be quite crowded around the bar. There are therefore a number of rules to ensure that everything runs smoothly. For example, on the famous stairs in the movie The Hangover, you can’t stand still to prevent accidents (which have taken place). If you do stand still you are kindly but urgently requested to continue walking. At the very top of the stairs there is a special section where you are allowed to take pictures. Around the bar, where there are only pitches, you are not allowed to use selfie sticks. But the security (which is often present) has almost a kind of double role and if you ask, with pleasure and passion, makes very good pictures for you! Free and for nothing!

The Lebua State Tower in Bangkok
The famous dome at the Lebua State Tower in Bangkok
View over the sky line of Bangkok from Sirocco @ Lebua

Conviviality and good cocktails

Thanks to its popularity and the rules that have been drawn up, Lebua Sky Bar can make you feel hurried. If you are looking for peace and romance, Lebua is probably not the most suitable sky bar for you. But if you come for hustle and bustle, coziness and really good cocktails you will appreciate this sky bar! Even if you are considering to dine in the beautiful Sirocco restaurant it is highly recommended, the restaurant has received numerous awards. You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings at your own table and you can say that you have dined in the highest open air restaurant of Bangkok.

Do you like cocktails but also want to lounge quietly overlooking the beautiful skyline of Bangkok? Then the still relatively unknown Three Sixty Lounge of the beautiful luxury Millennium Hilton Bangkok Hotel or Cielo Sky Bar are really something for you!

People on the stairs famous from the movie The Hangover at Sirocco @ Lebua
Secret ingredients for the cocktails at Sirocco @ Lebua

Prices Sirocco Sky Bar and Sirocco Restaurant

Lebua has a name to uphold, for the famous Hangovertini you pay 590 baht. That’s a bargain compared to a glass of rosé of 800 baht. The high price of the cocktails is somewhat justified by the good quality of the cocktails. The cocktails are made with care and only homemade syrups are used. If you want to avoid a hangover you can switch to soft drinks for 310 baht or mineral water for 190 baht (30 cl). For an imported beer you pay 400 baht. A 6-course tasting menu from the chef in the Sirocco restaurant will cost you 4,800 baht, (drinks not included) The average price of a main course is 2,000 baht. With all prices mentioned you can add 10% service tax, but you get the beautiful view for free.

Cocktails at Sirocco @ Lebua
Cocktails at Sirocco @ Lebua
Cocktails at Sirocco @ Lebua

Dresscode Sirocco Sky Bar and Sirocco Restaurant

Lebua’s clothing regulations have often caused confusion. It was mainly unclear to men what was expected of them. We inquired with Lebua and it appears that the clothing policy has been changed for the past year. Previously, men were only allowed inside with neatly closed shoes. But Lebuea noticed that this could be awkward. Now men are still expected to wear closed shoes, but it doesn’t matter what kind of shoes, so sneakers are also allowed. It is mandatory for men to wear long trousers, where long jeans are also allowed. Damaged and/or frayed clothing, shorts and singlets are not allowed. Ladies are allowed to wear open shoes but an elegant version, beach slippers are not allowed. Before you can get in the elevator to the 63rd floor there is a kind of (semi nondescript) clothing check.

Sirocco Restaurant @ Lebua

Image: Lebua Hotels & Resorts

Information Sirocco Sky Bar @ Lebua

Open: Daily from from 18:00 – 01:00 (closed when it rains)
Lebua at State Tower 63 road,1055 Silom Road, Bangkok. 63rd floor
+66 (0)2 624 9555
Route BTS: Station Sala Daeng + 7 minute walk


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