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Sculpture of the dove of peace with olive branch in her mouth in Santhiphap Park in Bangkok, Thailand.
Sculpture of the dove of peace with olive branch in her mouth in Santhiphap Park in Bangkok, Thailand.

Image: Fred


Santiphap Park is a 10 minute walk from the Victory Monument in the Pratunam area. The park is also called the Peace Park. This in honour of the end of the Second World War, exactly 53 years later, the park was opened on 18 August 1998. That’s why one of the ponds contains a bronze sculpture with the dove of peace. In the Santiphap park you will not only find this pigeon but also more than 30 other different birds. Besides the many bird sounds, many open air concerts are held here, which makes this park probably the most musical park of Bangkok.

The layout of the Santiphap Park

The Santiphap Park is small and compact compared to the famous Lumpini Park. Despite its size, Santiphap is a nicely decorated park where there is plenty to see and where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. The park has an entrance in the south, west and north and is about 100 meters wide and half a kilometer long. Thanks to the winding footpaths you can stroll through the park for about an hour at your leisure. If you’re looking for a toilet, there are two situated in this small park (in the middle and in the north). The entrance in the west opens onto an area where concerts and other festivities are regularly organised. Along the footpaths, three ponds have been created, two of which have a fountain. In the largest pond in the north of the park is the sculpture of the bronze dove of peace with an olive branch in its mouth.

The bronze statue of the dove of peace in the pond is inspired by Picasso’s work.

the pond in Bangkok's Santiphap Park
the pond in Bangkok's Santiphap Park
the pond in Bangkok's Santiphap Park

What does the Santiphap Park have to offer?

The park is gladly visited by locals from the area. Elderly people, families with children and couples are all too happy to take a walk here or eat something along the water’s edge of the ponds. The park is also frequently used to keep fit and vital. Here you can see people jogging, work out at the gym or join in the free aerobics classes. These aerobic classes start daily at 18:00 (if you want to join in). Of course you can also enjoy the beautiful flowers, plants, chirping birds, playing squirrels and … the Baiyoke Tower that towers above the park! Of course it is and remains Bangkok! Santiphap Park is a lovely park to chill out in the shade, go for a walk or do some sports. Therefore, if you are in the neighborhood of the Victory Monument and you need some greenery then you know where to go!

Fitness equipment in the Santiphap Park of Bangkok
Playground in the Santiphap Park of Bangkok
Information in the Santiphap Park of Bangkok

Images: Fred

Information Santiphap Park

Open: Daily from 05:00 – 21:00
Entrance: Gratis
Address: Between Ratchawih Road and Rang Nam Road
District: Ratchathewi
Route via BTS: Victory Monument + 6 minutes walking

the pond in Bangkok's Santiphap Park

The Santiphap Park in Bangkok in the evening

The surroundings of the Santiphap Park

We’ve looked up some great options for you in the area. Like well-appreciated places to sleep, restaurants, shopping malls and sights worth seeing, you’re here now anyway! We hope this will make your visit to Bangkok even easier and more fun!

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