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Sai Nuan 1 Beach on Koh Tao
Sai Nuan 1 Beach on Koh Tao

Image: ThailandMagazine.com



Sai Nuan Beach 1 & 2 are two bays that can be put on a postcard or on your fancy  Instagram page. The bays have nice little beaches with white powdery sand and clear blue water. The two beaches are connected by a short walk on the beach. The atmosphere on both beaches is very relaxed. Most people come here to sunbathe, swim, snorkel and above all to do totally nothing.


Clear blue water Sai Nuan 1 on Koh Tao

Relaxing, do it here!

If you’ve had enough of the sun there are enough palm trees for a bit of shade. The beaches also have a few nice restaurants that invite you to lounge with a cool drink. Despite the fact that recently (2019) a road has been constructed it is still fairly quiet on these two beautiful gems of Koh Tao.

Good for snorkeling!

A top spot for snorkeling is at the rocks sticking out of the water right opposite Sai Nuan Beach 2. But also at the rocks between Sai Nuan Beach 1 & 2 you can see a lot of fish. Sai Nuan Beach is anyway known for the great diversity of fish that swim around here, you won’t get bored easily! And if luck is on your side, there is also a chance that you will encounter a turtle!

If you don’t have a snorkel with you, you can rent it at Sai Nuan 2 for 100 baht.

Shadow under the palm trees on the beach of Sai Nuan in Koh Tao

Sleeping on Sai Nuan Beach

You can sleep on Sai Nuan Beach if you like to do nothing and if you don’t feel like partying (for a while). The Banana Rock Bar is the place to have a drink, read a book or meet other travelers. From the cool bar you have a beautiful view so just staring in front of you is also an option. On the 2 beaches next to the Banana Rock Bar there are also 3 restaurants.

Hotels on Sai Nuan Beach

On Sai Nuan 1 & 2 are two places where you can spend the night, the Tao Thong Villa 1 and Char Bungalows. Both locations are a good place to stay if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and if luxury is not a must for you. There are basic bungalows with cold showers and fans. You flush the toilet with a bucket. It’s the relaxed atmosphere and the view from your hammock on the balcony that counts here.

Snorkeling at the rocks of Sai Nuan on Koh Tao

How to get to Sai Nuan Beach 1 & 2

Taxi indication: Taxi from Sairee Beach / Mae Haad Pier to Sai Nuan Beach 500 baht for 1 or 2 persons. Then 100 baht per person extra. You can also take a taxi to Jansom Bay.
Scooter: The road from Sairee Beach to Jansom Bay is good. You can also drive all the way to Sai Nuan. But the road is pretty steep. There are also stretches that are in bad condition (although they are being worked on). If you go by scooter you will arrive at Sai Nuan Beach 2.
Taxi boat: The easiest way is to take a taxi boat near the Mae Haad Pier. Because there are regular boats arriving at Sai Nuan Beach 1 to bring people, it is also possible to walk around and take a longtail boat back. We paid 250 bath for 2 persons one way.

Signpost to Sai Nuan beach on Koh Tao

Walking route to Sai Nuan 1 & 2

It is perfectly possible to walk from the Mae Haad Pier to Sai Nuan Beach 1 & 2. At first you follow the signs to Jansom Bay. If you want to rest on the beautiful Jansom Bay it will cost you 200 baht, passing is just free. The route follows the coastline and has height differences, steps, bridges and beautiful views. There is a path all the way with regular signposts, if you want to get lost you will have to do your best. A large part of the route is in the shade and that’s a bonus! Just to be on the safe side, bring mosquito repellent as well as water.

If you walk in one piece you are about 30 minutes from the pier. We are not trained hikers but thought it was good to do and walked from Sairee Beach, then you are a bit longer on the way. Don’t make it a rush job and above all enjoy the beautiful surroundings!

Walking route to Sai Nuan on Koh Tao with a beautiful view of the sea
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