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The famous Red Sky arch atop the CentralWorld shopping mall in Bangkok
The famous Red Sky arch atop the CentralWorld shopping mall in Bangkok


Red Sky is located in the middle of Bangkok’s liveliest shopping area and can be found on the 55th and 56th floors of Centara Grand at CentralWorld. A visit to Red Sky can be perfectly combined with a day of shopping because of its location in the middle of the bustling Siam shopping district. Even next door to Red Sky is an insanely large shopping mall (CentralWorld). During a visit to Red Sky you can dine extensively in the excellent restaurant, but for a soft drink, beer or cocktail you are of course also welcome. This way, almost every guest, with every budget, can enjoy the phenomenal view of the Bangkok skyline. 

The famous colored arch of Red Sky in Bangkok, Thailand

Red Sky actually consists of two restaurants, Red Sky Restaurant and Red Sky Bar. A striking feature of Red Sky is the gigantic illuminated arch that constantly changes color. The sky is not always red, but can also be orange, pink, purple, blue and even white. This creates a different ambiance each time and, thanks to this characteristic arch, Red Sky can be seen from miles away. Read more about this cool location in the heart of Bangkok below.

De iconische boog van Red Sky verandert telksens van kleur zoals blauw, groen, paars en natuurlijk rood
View of the Bangkok skyline as seen from Red Sky

Red Sky Bar

The Red Sky Bar of the Centara Grand Hotel can be found on the 56th floor and shares the floor with the Red Sky Restaurant which mainly uses the 55th floor. The 120 seats are divided into seating areas for two people or for larger groups. At Red Sky Bar, order a tasty cocktail or other drink while enjoying the expansive views and Bangkok skyline from a comfortable seat. Despite the crowds on the weekends, the friendly staff takes their time and the atmosphere is very friendly. 

Tables at Red Sky Bar in Bangkok

360-degree view over Bangkok

Because Red Sky is located in the bustling heart of Bangkok, the view of the city thanks to the many skyscrapers around is extra beautiful. At Red Sky you can walk all the way around, which offers a 360 degree view of the twinkling lights and towering buildings. If you’ve visited Bangkok more than once, you may recognize plenty of other buildings such as two of Bangkok’s famous Sky Bars, namely Baiyoke Sky and MahaNakhon. We could spend hours peering at a view like this! 

From Red Sky you have 360 degree views of Bangkok

Many Bangkok visitors like to end their last day in this amazing metropolis with a drink at a Sky Bar. Just keep in mind that this fun plan can literally and figuratively fall into the water. Bangkok can also experience heavy rain from time to time. Since many Sky Bars are largely open-air locations, they are then (temporarily) closed. We have experienced this at MahaNakhon and Octave. Therefore, our tip, if the opportunity arises, just go and don’t postpone your visit until the very last night in Bangkok. Celebrate each day as if it were your last!

Fireworks over Bangkok with Red Sky as the centerpiece


A good cocktail and a visit to a Sky Bar in Bangkok belong together, at least we think so. There is no shortage of good cocktails at Red Sky Bar, they come in different varieties. A classic Mojito or Strawberry Caipiroska costs 390 baht which compared to other Sky Bars are reasonable prices. The cocktails from Red Sky Bar not only look and taste very good, there are also real gems among them. 

A selection of cocktails available at Bangkok's Red Sky Bar

Tuk Tuk Cocktails

Pearls of cocktails are, for example, the Tuk Tuk Cocktails, a 550 baht. There are at the time of writing (2022) three different Tuk Tuktails, as we have affectionately called them. The Amazing Tuk Tuk, the Sky Tuk Tuk and our favorite, the Tuk Tuk Ice Tea. Try all three and we’d love to hear which one you’ve labeled a favorite. Of course, this can be any cocktail from the menu. 

The Tuk Tuk cocktails of Red Sky Bar in Bangkok

Giant Cocktails

Want to make a big splash? Then choose to share a Giant Cocktail (1,999 baht). This way you and your company can enjoy a giant cocktail for four people. We’ve been told that many couples have tried this and left the Red Sky Bar waddling and giggling. The best seller is the Sky Punch, mixed with dark rum, grenadine, orange and pineapple juice. 

A Giant Cocktail from the Red Sky Bar in Bangkok

Other beverages and snacks

Of course, you’re not obligated to order a cocktail at Red Sky Bar. Red Sky has an extensive wine list on which numerous champagnes also steal the show. A cola, other soft drink or non-alcoholic Heineken costs 190 baht and a regular beer (Singha) costs 250 baht. For 250 baht you can also have a mocktail. So you have that “luxurious” feeling of a Sky Bar but without alcohol. Little hungry but don’t want to dine at the Red Sky Restaurant? Red Sky Bar offers various snacks starting at 255 baht.

Heineken 0% and bitterballs at Red Sky Bar in Bangkok
Snacks from the Red Sky Bar in Bangkok

Dresscode Red Sky

When it comes to dress code, the staff at Red Sky is not too difficult. That’s another reason why this place is recommended if you feel like a relaxing night out without having to look your best. Of course, you may have spontaneously developed an appetite for a cocktail after a busy day of shopping. Red Sky quenches your thirst without you having to change clothes first. The dress code of the Red Sky Bar is quite simple. For men, no flip-flops, no sportswear and no sleeveless shirts, but clean shorts are acceptable. Red Sky’s dress code makes the crowd look mixed, some guests pull out all the stops and others just have their casual clothes on. It’s all possible at Red Sky!

Warm evenings, sunsets, twinkling lights, a cool beverage in your hand and great views over Bangkok, that never gets boring, does it? Visit more Sky Bars & Rooftop Bars in Bangkok.

A staircase going from Red Sky Restaurant to Red Sky Bar

Red Sky Bar Happy Hour 

UPDATE December 2021 – Dure to the current Covid-19 situation, there is no Happy Hour.

Daily from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm is Happy Hour at Red Sky Bar. That is, buy a drink and get one free. You do pay the tax and service charge of the free drink. You will be served some small snacks with it.

Red Sky Bar menu and other information 

  • Red Sky Bar’s drink menu can be found at this link.
  • All prices mentioned in this article exclude 17% tax and service charge which is almost always 10% of the bill.
  • Red Sky Bar is open from 4:00 pm to 01:00 am.
  • Red Sky Bar is located on the 56th floor of the Centara Grand at CentralWorld.

If you want to stay for dinner at the Red Sky Restaurant or be sure of a seat during sunset, make reservations via the website, phone (+66 2100 6255) or this email address.

Red Sky in Bangkok seen with a drone
Red Sky in Bangkok seen with a drone

Red Sky Restaurant

Red Sky Restaurant is located one floor below Red Sky Bar, on the 55th floor of the Centara Grand at CentralWorld. The tables at this insanely good restaurant are mainly displayed outside under Red Sky’s large signature arch. For guests who prefer cooler seating or during a heavy rain, they can also dine inside. Whether you sit inside or outside, the location, the quality of the food and drink, the friendly atmosphere and the professional team guarantee a special and delicious evening out. You find yourself literally and figuratively (almost) in heaven!

Outside at Red Sky Restaurant in Bangkok under the iconic lighted archway
The inside area of Red Sky Restaurant in Bangkok
The inside area of Red Sky Restaurant in Bangkok

Heavenly dining

One thing is certain, guests will dine heavenly at Red Sky Restaurant! The high-quality and particularly French-inspired dishes are prepared with cooking techniques from the French school. Not surprising, because with the talented French Chef Christian Ham at the helm, it could not be otherwise. More on that later. 

During our last visit to Red Sky (December 2021), the seasonal Italian white truffle was the focus. Also referred to as the diamond in the kitchen, the white Alba truffle is the protagonist of about six dishes including a tagliolini (pasta) with truffle, a dish with white asparagus and truffle, or a dessert combining the white truffle with a black truffle and ice cream. By the way, you can see the menu (December 2021) here.  

Red Sky Restaurant in Bangkok

Not a fan of truffles? Of course, there are plenty of other a la carte dishes to order. You can choose from various cold or hot appetizers, a dish of seafood on ice, hot dishes prepared with fish, meat or poultry and of course a number of beautifully prepared desserts. All courses are prepared with first class ingredients and as much as possible with seasonal products. 

Since we had not been in Thailand for almost three years, we had something to celebrate on our first official day after such a miss and ordered The Red Sky Surf & Turf Tower.

Outdoor seating area at Red Sky Restaurant in Bangkok

Red Sky Surf & Turf Tower

The Red Sky Surf & Turf Tower consists of two huge platters of renowned products from Burgundian world cuisine. The top floor features Surf (seafood) such as lobster from Maine (USA), scallops from Hokkaido (Japan) and super juicy shrimp from the Andaman Sea (Thailand). On the lower platter, Turf presents itself with perfectly prepared wagyu beef and a super juicy lamb rack! Here and there, below and above, are trays of greens like caramelized carrots, green asparagus and fries including two sauces to top it all off. What a feast! It was easy to see and taste that the kitchen staff at Red Sky had a great time preparing The Red Sky Surf & Turf!  

The Red Sky Surf & Turf Tower

Chef Christian Ham

It goes without saying that thanks to the entire kitchen staff, including the staff around it, many visitors will enjoy themselves to the max during a visit to Red Sky Restaurant. But in the kitchen there can only be one captain and that is the passionate Chef Christian Ham. This French (master) chef has made his mark over the past two decades in prestigious restaurants including Au Crocodile and Taillevent in France, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Hong Kong and D’Sens in Bangkok. All of these restaurants hold a Michelin star or more. Christian also trained numerous talented chefs at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Bangkok and Shanghai, China.

The master chef Christian Ham of Red Sky Restaurant in Bangkok
Chef Christian Ham of Red Sky Restaurant in Bangkok

During our last visit to Red Sky, we had the pleasure of meeting Christian in person. Chef Ham sensed well how delighted we were to be back in Thailand. To make our celebration complete he spoiled us with some exclusive extras… We were introduced to three different oysters of unprecedented quality, for those who love them see the pictures below. As if that wasn’t enough, we were also served a piece of perfectly trimmed Kobe sirloin steak of A4 quality. 

Three different kinds of oysters available at Red Sky in Bangkok

Wagyu Kobe A4

Wagyu Kobe A4 is the second highest quality wagyu you can get. Before the particular sirloin steak appeared on our plate, the piece of meat had to endure quite a journey including many inspections. The beef comes from Japan and has a special quality certificate. Then there is Kobe beef from the special Tajima Gyu cow, born and raised in a particular region of Japan. At the very top of this prestigious piece of beef is A5 Kobe, very exclusive and named the best beef in the world by many international chefs. The Kobe A4, which we were presented with as a surprise from the chef, was wonderfully tender due to the thin marbling of fat and literally melted in the mouth. 

The airport of Kobe in Japan
Raw Wagyu Kobe Beef
Prepared Wagyu Kobe beef

Red Sky Restaurant menu and other information 

  • For those interested, here is the menu at our time of writing (January 2022). 
  • Red Sky Restaurant is open from 17:00 to 00:00 (orders until 23:00).
  • The restaurant can be found on the 55th floor of the Centara Grand at CentralWorld.
  • The amounts listed do not include 17% tax and service charge which is almost always 10% of the bill.
  • We recommend you reserve a table via the website, phone (+66 2100 6255) or this email address.
Red Sky in Bangkok seen with a drone
Red Sky in Bangkok seen with a drone

CRU Champagne Bar

If you want to literally and figuratively shift up a gear during your visit to Red Sky, you can do so in the CRU Champagne Bar. You won’t get any higher than this on this insane skyscraper where Red Sky is located. At CRU the mixologists mix the (champagne) cocktails while the DJ does the same with the groovy tracks. Because of the name, you’ve already figured out that the champagne flows in abundance here! 

On the roof of Centara Grand at CentralWorld and above Red Sky is CRU Champagne Bar
The bar of CRU Champagne Bar in Bangkok

G.H. Mumm Champagne

CRU Champagne Bar is one of the few restaurants in Bangkok that sells G.H. Mumm Champagne. Even in all of Thailand, there are only a few businesses that have the honor of offering this special champagne. Mumm’s exclusive champagne tastes formidable and has been around for almost two centuries. If you want to try a unique champagne, order Mumm No 6, this special champagne is sold in Thailand only at CRU. 

G.H. Mumm Champagne for sale at CRU Champagne Bar in Bangkok

(Champagne) Cocktails

We kept it “ordinary” by ordering a champagne cocktail, but one with a very special presentation. The cocktail listened to the French name La Vie en Rose, with the champagne, Absolut raspberry vodka and strawberry puree served separately. A selection of some other (champagne) cocktails that caught our eye: 

  • The well-known Bellini with champagne with peach puree and small pieces of peach;
  • Ramakien (see photo) with Absolut Elyx Vodka, Campari, orange, lychee and lime juice;
  • Oolong Dragon (Beefeater 24 Gin, cranberry and lime juice, grenadine, champagne and a syrup of Oolong tea);
  • Coffee Blossom (Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Absolut Vodka raspberry, vanilla syrup, orange juice and ice cold espresso;
  • The showstopper disguised as a pink bird containing G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon Champagne, pink Beefeater Gin, strawberry liqueur, orange, grapefruit and lemon juice and to brighten up the cocktail for 8 people some flowers for extra flavor. The price for this Flamingo, as this champagne cocktail is called, is 4,490 baht.
Various (Champagne) Cocktails at CRU Champagne Bar atop the rooftop of Red Sky in Bangkok

Oysters and snacks

Of course, where there is drinking, there must be something to snack on, no matter how luxurious and exclusive the venue. CRU’s snack menu is not very extensive, but suffices to quiet growling tummies. You can order sweet potato fries for 295 baht and a serving of gyoza or calamari for 355 baht. A set of oysters with your champagne is also available for 955 baht, because a champagne bar without oysters is not a champagne bar!

Oysters at CRU Champagne Bar in Bangkok

Lift to the 59th floor 

CRU Champagne Bar is an exclusive and awesome place to visit when in Bangkok! You take a small elevator from Red Sky Bar on the 56th to the 59th floor and it seems like you are on the roof of the world. In the middle is the round bar and all around you have a fabulous view of Bangkok. At CRU, you are on top of the heart of Bangkok. We <3 it!

On the roof of Centara Grand at CentralWorld and above Red Sky is CRU Champagne Bar
On the roof of Centara Grand at CentralWorld and above Red Sky is CRU Champagne Bar

CRU Champagne Bar menu and other information 

  • CRU Champagne Bar’s drink menu can be found at this link (January 2022). 
  • CRU is open from 17:00 until 01:00
  • Dress code: sleeveless shirt, shorts or flip-flops are not allowed.
  • The champagne bar is located on the 59th floor of the Centara Grand at CentralWorld.
  • The prices listed do not include 17% tax and service charge which is almost always 10% of the bill.
  • If you want to be sure of a place in this exclusive Bangkok bar you can make a reservation via the website, telephone (+66 2100 6255) or this email address. A deposit of at least 4,000 baht is required, depending on the place you want to sit and the number of people.
Cheers at CRU Champagne Bar in Bangkok with the iconic Red Sky arch in the background


A little tip and hopefully in the future we can write more extensively about UNO MAS. This is a popular tapas bar located under Red Sky Restaurant on the 54th floor. So if you are addicted to Spanish cuisine, this Spanish restaurant is UNO to remember!

UNO MAS, the Spanish tapas restaurant at Centara Grand at CentralWorld, Bangkok
Spanish tapas at UNO MAS in Centara Grand at CentralWorld, Bangkok

Centara Grand at CentralWorld

Then, an honorable mention to the hotel that was able to make all of the above catering delights possible. The Centara Grand at CentralWorld, which is part of the renowned hospitality group Centara Hotels & Resorts with beautiful accommodations throughout Thailand. Centara Hotels & Resorts is again part of the Central Group and owns numerous quality accommodations throughout Thailand and several shopping centers such as CentralWorld and Central Embassy in Bangkok. The Central Group also owns the well-known Family Mart and Tops supermarkets. We digress, if you still want more information about the hotel, check Booking and/or Agoda for current prices, availability, and so on.

Centara Grand at CentralWorld in Bangkok


Next to Centara Grand is a huge and beautiful shopping mall, you can read more about it in our extensive article about CentralWorld.

CentralWorld shopping mall in the SIam area of Bangkok

General information about Red Sky 

Entrace: Free
Phone number: +66 (0)2 100 6255
Address: 55th and 56th floor (CRU 59 floor), Centara Grand at CentralWorld, 999/99 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan /  Bangkok 10330 Thailand
District: Siam
Route: Sky Train – Stop BTS Siam Center = 10 minutes walk or Stop BTS Chit Lom = 8 minutes walk


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