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The grounds of Rayavadee in Railay, Krabi
The grounds of Rayavadee in Railay, Krabi


If a paradise on earth existed, this heavenly destination would be called Rayavadee and the staff would be the angels on earth. In terms of hospitality, we are gradually getting used to and therefore perhaps a little spoiled, but since our stay at the resort called Rayavadee, hospitality has taken on a whole new meaning. 

On Sunday, December 19, 2021, we arrived for a few nights in Rayavadee, the days that we were guests here, we will never, no really never forget. The superb service, the wonderful grounds, Phra Nang Beach (our favorite beach), the special evening in one of the most unique restaurant locations in the world and so on. And that is exactly what we are doing below, indeed we will continue for a while, because what the heart is full of….

The grounds of Rayavadee seen with a drone
The grounds of Rayavadee seen with a drone

Our journey to paradise

To get from Bangkok to paradise is quite simple. From door (Mercure Bangkok Siam, in the Siam area) to door (Rayavadee in Railay) took us less than five hours. On Sunday morning, December 19, we traveled by land, sea and air. At exactly 10:00 am, we flew with Air Asia from Bangkok, arriving at the Krabi International Airport (KBV) an hour and a half later. We were met by some friendly people from Rayavadee who gave us a bottle of water, took our luggage and then labeled it. Then we were escorted to a resort van and less than five minutes later we were driving away, off to paradise.

Man holding sign of Rayavadee at Krabi airport

Image: Thailand Magazine

En route from Krabi airport to Nam Mao Pier in the Rayavadee van

Image: Thailand Magazine

Getting closer to paradise

From Krabi airport you are in half an hour at the pier of Ao Nam Mao. You drive on exactly the same road as to Ao Nang and turn halfway to the pier. At the beginning of the pier an electric trolley is waiting to take you to the end of the Ao Nam Pier, where you can take part in the special Rayavadee boat with comfortable benches. During the trip of less than ten minutes to Railay you can enjoy the towering rock formations along the coast. The province of Krabi should be visited at least once in your life. The boat stopped at Nam Mao Beach, in front of the entrance to the resort. Welcome to paradise! 

Ao Nam Mao or Nam Mao Beach means “drunk beach. Fortunately, the captain of the boat was completely sober. 

The Rayavadee boat that takes you from Nam Mao Pier to the resort

Image: Thailand Magazine

The Rayavadee boat

Image: Thailand Magazine

Arriving at Rayavadee in Railay, the best resort in Thailand

Image: Thailand Magazine

Welcome in Paradise!

Once off the boat, we were warmly welcomed by Rayavadee’s enthusiastic team. In the Raya Lounge, where guests check in, we were offered a refreshing welcome drink and cool towel. Check-in is done while sitting on a couch in the beautiful lounge, decorated with large wooden carved pillars and much more beauty. We met Khun Keiko, our relationship manager and our hostess who would both take care of us during our stay. The warm welcome from the staff made us feel right at home. 

Khun Nok, our very sympathetic hostess, brought out a large map with which she explained the resort and its enormous grounds to us. After a presentation of about fifteen minutes and some questions from our side, we could go to our room, or so we thought…

Khun Nok explaining to us about the premises of Rayavadee

Image: Thailand Magazine

Welcome drinks in Rayavadee

Image: Thailand Magazine

Land of the Princess

Before going to our room, Khun Keiko offered us an extensive tour of the gigantic grounds of Rayavadee. Understandable because the grounds are so overwhelmingly beautiful, of course that has to be shown off! There are two main paths that meander through the area like arteries. The red main path (see map) runs from Nam Mao Beach to Railay Beach West. The blue line runs from Railay Beach West to Phra Nang Beach. At Phra Nang Beach is also The Grotto, a special restaurant and perhaps one of the most special restaurants in Thailand.

Railay, with the Land of the Princes and Happy Island at the back

Rayavadee literally means the land of the princess and is the only resort in Thailand that borders three beaches; Nam Mao Beach, Railay Beach West and Phra Nang Beach. 

Phra Nang Beach (Railay) - The Land of the Princes

Our tour began with a walk towards Railay Beach West, where the pool is also located. We were constantly distracted by the variety of flora and fauna that the property has. Keiko told us about some the beautiful plants and unusual flowers and talked about the large fold-out map of different garden walks that was in our room. Including an encounter with an adorable family of monkeys (Dusky Leaf Monkey), we arrived at the large pool that partly overlooks Railay Beach West after a 15-minute walk. 

Keiko leads us around the grounds of Rayavadee

Image: Thailand Magazine

The Railay Garden Walk brochure

Image: Thailand Magazine

Buddha Bamboo in the lush green garden of Rayavadee in Railay

Image: Thailand Magazine

There are over 100 different tropical flowers, plants and trees growing on the Rayavadee property of over 100 acres. That does live up to the name Land of the Princess.

Dusky Leaf Monkey family on the grounds of Rayavadee in Railay, Krabi

The swimming pool at Rayavadee

It’s just that we were busy touring the grounds, because we would have loved to take a splash in the amazing pool! Of course we had already secretly looked at several Rayavadee pictures online, but WOW in real life it is even more beautiful. Like actually everything we saw with our own eyes during our stay. 

The giant pool of Rayavadee in Railay

The pool is divided into three parts, a children’s area of up to 70 cm deep, the Jacuzzi and the main pool with 154 cm as the deepest point. Later in the day, when we actually jumped into the pool, we not only looked out over the beach and sea of Railay West, but also against a towering cliff. Railay is one of our favorite destinations in Thailand for a reason!

The pool of Rayavadee seen from the air
The pool of Rayavadee with the cliffs and sea of Railay West

We appreciate a good sunbed, preferably with thick pillows and soft towels to go with it. In this case, the Sun Loungers from Rayavadee score a big 10! The cushions were so comfortable that we regularly dozed off, while we completely relaxed in paradise. A friendly staff member brought us a jug of cold drinking water and every now and then we got a snack like grapes or ice cream! All from the house, what a service!

Sun Loungers can’t be placed on the beaches. Railay is part of Krabi’s National Marine Park.

The pool of Rayavadee seen from the air
Sun Loungers at the edge of the pool of Rayavadee

Image: Thailand Magazine

Cold water with a small snack at Rayavadee's pool in Railay

Image: Thailand Magazine

We walked onto the field of palm trees next to the pool. “This is where wedding pictures are often taken,” said our guide Keiko with a smile on her face. We could imagine that… Rayavadee is a wedding location par excellence, but a marriage proposal won’t look out of place either… Uhm… we digress and must move on, which was exactly what we did, hopping towards Phra Nang Beach, the world famous Thai beach of which thousands of posters and screensavers exist.

Rayavadee Pavilions and palm trees in Railay

Sports & Games

As we walked towards Ao Phra Nang, we saw the Rayavadee Spa on our right with next to it the gym, squash court and behind it the tennis courts. Just a tad too hot for us, but it was good to know that this is the staging area during a tsunami warning. We hoped not to see those tennis courts again in the following days! 


Yep, even in paradise one sometimes needs to work on one’s fitness… Rayavadee’s cool gym has a number of weights for strength training and a number of machines for cardio workouts. 

Tennis and squash

Behind the gym is a real squash court, with two full-sized tennis courts behind it. Thanks to the setting with a huge limestone cliff, this is the most beautiful tennis court we have seen in our lives! The squash and tennis court is open from 08:00 to 20:00.

Do you really want to play tennis or squash, but you have no materials and nobody wants to join? Rayavadee will lend you a racket and tennis balls and can even arrange for a worthy squash or tennis player to join you. Will they let you win or will they sweep you off the court?

Wil je nou echt héél graag tennissen of squashen, maar heb je geen materialen en wil er niemand meedoen? Rayavadee leent je een racket en de tennisballen en kan zelfs ervoor zorgen dat je een waardige squash- of tennisspeler erbij krijgt. Zal die je laten winnen of veegt die je van de baan?

Tennis courts of Rayavadee

Relaxing at the Rayavadee Spa

To make a stay in paradise complete, Rayavadee Spa offers a number of different treatments and therapies. There are facials, body scrubs, body wraps, but of course also various massages available. 

If you want to be pampered, then a spa treatment is really for you. The Total Rayavadee with in the menu: a foot bath, Rayavadee signature massage, foot massage, head massage, facial and a delicious cup of herbal tea. Sounds pleasant right?

Want to know more about the Rayavadee Spa? Check out the special Rayavadee Spa brochure.

The Rayavadee Spa

Image: Thailand Magazine

Massage table in the Rayavadee Spa

Image: Thailand Magazine

We strolled on and didn’t feel for a second that we were staying on the grounds of a resort, rather deep in a jungle. Everywhere there were small ditches and waters and around us it was lively green with beautiful flowers. The birds chirped after us and we felt completely happy. The last part, towards the beach, the area became rougher and narrower because of the two gigantic limestone cliffs on either side. Had we suddenly landed in a Jurassic Park movie set!

Waters in the garden of Rayavadee in Railay

Image: Thailand Magazine

Rayavadee is surrounded by two cliffs

Image: Thailand Magazine

Not even 100 steps further and suddenly we were standing with our slippers in the sand of the extraordinary restaurant The Grotto

The Grotto

The Grotto is one of the most extraordinary restaurants in Thailand and chances are that it is in the top 100 unique restaurants in the world. That is exactly why we decided to write a separate article about it. This is what this special place deserves. And for us, this location, located on our favorite beach, will forever remain special. On Monday 20-12-2021 we got engaged here. The team of The Grotto was so sweet and attentive during and after the engagement, there is simply no better place for a proposal in Thailand. (Men are you reading along…). While you’re at it, also read our article on The Grotto.

The Grotto's sign in the sand. The Grotto is Rayavadee's most famous restaurant and is located at Phra Nang Beach in Railay

Image: Thailand Magazine

Tables and chairs at The Grotto overlooking Happy Island

Image: Thailand Magazine

Tables and chairs in The Grotto at Phra Nang Beach

Image: Thailand Magazine

What is funny to tell is that during the countless times we visited Phra Nang Beach, we often peeked up towards those wonderfully soft-looking beach beds at Rayavadee. Always we thought “WOW those are really nice spots there under that tree, look at them lying/ sitting down”. Now we know for sure, those sunbeds are formidable and thanks to the big tree it is good to stay in the shade!

Sun Loungers at The Umbrella Court of Rayavadee at Phra Nang Beach

Image: Thailand Magazine

Sun Loungers at The Umbrella Court of Rayavadee at Phra Nang Beach

Image: Thailand Magazine

Sun Loungers overlooking Happy Island at The Umbrella Court by Rayavadee on Phra Nang Beach

Image: Thailand Magazine

Umbrella Tree Court

That place with the beach beds under the tree is called the Umbrella Tree Court and is right next to The Grotto. A sun deck with great views of Phra Nang Beach and Happy Island. While you are lounging, you get here, just like at the pool, a carafe with cold water and some goodies like fruit. If you are hungry you can also order food in combination with, for example a fresh fruit shake or a festive cocktail.  

The Umbrella Court during sunset from Rayavadee at Phra Nang Beach

Two of the four restaurants that Rayavadee is rich in are located on Phra Nang Beach. Krua Phranang, which was unfortunately closed and The Grotto. In between the restaurants is the Rayavadee Villa. 

Rayavadee Villa

The insanely beautiful Rayavadee Villa consists of a 417m2 plot and overlooks one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, Phra Nang Beach. Of course you have your own swimming pool including a built-in Jacuzzi. On the grounds are two cottages, one with two bedrooms and in the other the dining room and separate living room. Of course, a lovely terrace, a kitchenette and a chill area cannot be missed here. The Rayavadee Villa is a fabulous accommodation for that super deluxe vacation. We almost forgot to tell you that while staying in this amazing villa you have your own butler at your disposal.

>>> More information about Rayavadee Villa such as current prices can be found on Booking and/ or Agoda..

View from the pool of the Rayavadee Villa on Phra Nang Beach and islets
Map of the Rayavadee Villa at Phra Nang Beach

Krua Phranang

In Krua Phranang it’s all about the authentic Thai cuisine such as Thai curries, Som Tam salad or various fish dishes, but also taste one of the southern specialties. In the restaurant it is possible to sit inside (air conditioned) or outside. We opted for outside because of the beautiful view of Phra Nang Beach during sunset, while slowly the stars appear in the sky. Despite not having eaten here ourselves, we have heard from several people that this is the best restaurant in Rayavadee. Chef Amphan, who specializes in southern Thai cuisine, can easily be placed in the list of master chefs of Thailand. So now you know where to go if you want to dine in Rayavadee. Then just don’t forget to have a cocktail at The Grotto….

Inside at Krua Phranang. Rayavadee's restaurant at Phra Nang Beach
Outside on the deck of Krua Phranang. Rayavadee's restaurant at Phra Nang Beach
Outside on the deck of Krua Phranang. Rayavadee's restaurant at Phra Nang Beach

After admiring the part of Rayavadee at Phra Nang Beach, we walked back towards Nam Mao Beach, where our tour started. After about ten minutes, we stood in front of a gate. Keiko, opened the doors and there in front of us we saw our very own Pool Pavilion, set in a beautifully maintained garden. 

Our Pool Pavilion at the Rayavadee

Image: Thailand Magazine

Rayavadee Pool Pavilion

On the grounds of Rayavadee there are a total of 12 Pool Pavilions, all including a swimming pool of no less than 3×8 meters. Around it is a large garden that is maintained weekly. At/halfway into the pool you will find two sunbeds with soft cushions. In our case, we looked out on the huge limestone cliff along which you walk from the Walking Street of Railay to Phra Nang Beach. 

Pool Pavilion with large cliff in background

Image: Thailand Magazine

Because of the use of inconspicuous colors, the 115 m2 pavilion blends perfectly with its natural surroundings. Opposite the pavilion, you can also chill out at the semi-covered terrace with garden table and chairs. The wifi coverage is top notch both inside and outside, useful if you have a deadline to meet or want to show your friend/family at home your beautiful pavilion via video calling.  

Rayavadee's pavilions blend beautifully with nature in the large garden
Pool Pavilion van Rayavadee
Pool Pavilion van Rayavadee

After we opened the door to our cottage, we walked straight into the living area of the Rayavadee Pool Pavilion. The living room has a huge sofa, which also serves as a sofa bed for a child. Across from the comfortable sofa is the TV cabinet with a large TV on it and below it the mini-bar. The cabinet includes an ice bucket, bottle opener and other handy tools. On the cupboard were, among other things, cups and a kettle. Tea and coffee is provided free of charge, where the coffee can be made with a “French” coffee machine, an ingenious device where you filter the coffee with a press. It’s very nice waking up in the early morning with a fresh cup of coffee, especially with those delicious Rayavadee cookies baked according to a secret recipe. Yes, on the cupboard was a tin full of those cookies.

The living room of the Pool Pavilion of Rayavadee
Cups, snacks, cookies and a kettle in the Pool Pavilion of Rayavadee, Railay

Image: Thailand Magazine

The teak stairs of the Pool Pavilion brought us to the bedroom with the most comfortable bed in Thailand. Next to the bedroom was the well-kept bathroom including his and hers sinks, a nice bathtub and extra shower stall. Everything was thought of in our pavilion, such as a CD player with relaxing music in the bedroom and wonderfully soft slippers and bathrobes. In the bathroom there were several toiletries including toothbrushes, shaving kit and after sun. Downstairs we found mosquito spray, a flashlight and more useful items that made the stay complete.

Bedroom of the Pool Pavilion in Rayavadee, Railay

Image: Thailand Magazine

Bathroom with his and her sink of the Pool Pavilion in Rayavadee, Railay

Image: Thailand Magazine

Bathroom with freestanding bathtub and separate shower of the Pool Pavilion in Rayavadee, Railay

Image: Thailand Magazine

After returning the first evening and visiting our friends at Railay Family Restaurant on Walking Street, yet another surprise awaited us. Our bed had been made again, our bath slippers were neatly placed next to the bed, the bottles of drinking water had been replenished and two delicious chocolates were waiting for us. Turn Down Service… Speaking of service, we hadn’t touched our bags for a second from the airport in Krabi until our Pool Pavillion. Sigh, we could stay here for a year! That evening, after a long day full of wonderful moments, the lights literally and figuratively went out in paradise.

Map of the Pool Pavilion of Rayavadee in Railay

Raya Dining

Raya Dining is the third restaurant we encountered on the Rayavadee property. It consists of a large terrace and spacious indoor area. Thanks to the large limestone rocks and green garden, breakfast was a real treat! The restaurant is open until 11:00 pm, but we were only here during breakfast and afternoon tea on our last day. What we did notice immediately upon entering was the huge air-conditioned wine cabinet. That says it all, a top restaurant!

The terrace of Raya Dining restaurant at Rayavadee
The terrace of Raya Dining restaurant of Rayavadee

Image: Thailand Magazine

Inside at Raya Dining restaurant

Image: Thailand Magazine

Unfortunately, the fourth restaurant, Raitalay Terrace, was still closed due to Covid-19. Unfortunately we can not inform you about that, although we are sure that it is also tip top in order. Who knows, we might dine there again when we return to this special place in Thailand. 

Rai Talay Terrace of the Rayavadee of Railay

Continental Breakfast (07:00 hours till 10:30 hours)

For us (westerners), there are a few prerequisites for a great breakfast. A variety sweets and of bread and cheese (yes we are Dutch), freshly squeezed fruit juices, good coffee and tea where you have plenty of choice and finally the service. All these conditions were met! Besides the numerous types of bread and spreads, there were also plenty of other choices. From warm Thai dishes to muesli with yogurt or milk, which you could pimp with various nuts and dried fruits. An A La Carte option was also available and of course we had to try it during our blissful days in Rayavadee.

Fresh fruit juices during the Continental Breakfast at Rayavadee

Image: Thailand Magazine

Different types of bread during the Continental Breakfast of Rayavadee

Image: Thailand Magazine

Plate of appetizers during Rayavadee's Continental Breakfast

Image: Thailand Magazine

Afternoon Tea

Three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm, Rayavadee’s lucky guests are offered afternoon tea. Luck was on our side, as we happened to be staying at the resort on a Thursday. We were able to choose from several cold/warm types of tea/coffee and along with that we were given a plate of savory and sweet snacks, all very tasty. Our favorite was the chocolate mousse. It’s just a pity that it was served in too small a glass so that not everything could be spooned out. This, by the way, is the only comment we can make about our stay…. 

Afternoon Tea at Rayavadee in Railay

Image: Thailand Magazine

Afternoon Tea at Rayavadee in Railay

Image: Thailand Magazine

After our first breakfast, we retreated to the Pool Pavilion where we could sit back and relax for an hour or two. A little rest before our special activity with two great guides from the resort would start…. 

Tours, excursions and activities

Guests of Rayavadee can book a variety of tours, excursions and activities. From a tour by water on a luxury speedboat to Koh Phi Phi or Phuket to an excursion by land to the jungle and lake of Khao Sok National Park, among others. Prefer something closer to home? There are cooking courses and even climbing courses to follow. For children there is also plenty to do, don’t worry about that. A lot of information about what Rayavadee has to offer can be downloaded here. Special wishes? The team of Rayavadee knows what to do!

Klik hier voor alle informatie over het natuurpark Khao Sok National Park in Thailand
Read all about Phuket in Thailand here
Click here if you want to see all our articles about Koh Phi Phi in Thailand

Bat Cave

We opted for two activities close to “home”. Together with two incredibly competent and nice guides, we climbed the Bat Cave on the first day. These are two caves in a cliff near the resort. The lowest cave partially overlooks Phra Nang Beach and the second, the highest cave, offers phenomenal panoramic views of Railay West. Should you be reasonably fit, DO IT! You’ll be in good hands anyway with the two great guides. 

Railay is known for its many rocks that are great for climbing. If you are an avid mountaineer, then Railay is definitely the destination for you too!

View from the Bat Cave over the beach of Phra Nang Beach in Railay

Image: Thailand Magazine

View from the Bat Cave over the beach of Railay West

Image: Thailand Magazine


The next day we decided to book a slightly more relaxing activity. We wanted to explore the area by kayaking. Super fun and enjoyable, since our friends, the two guides from the day before, also joined us. We sailed around the two islands including Happy Island in the sea opposite Phra Nang Beach. Then we went to Railay West, where we maneuvered between the rocks in the water. From the water, Railay is also breathtakingly beautiful and we wrote this before, this area of Thailand is truly one of our favorite beach destinations and if you haven’t been here yet, please put it on your list! 

Kayaking in the sea of Phra Nang Beach

Image: Thailand Magazine

Our friends and guides at Rayavadee in Railay

Image: Thailand Magazine

They care!

The staff at Rayavadee not only cares deeply about its guests, but also about the environment in which the resort is located. For example, an awful lot of care goes into the wonderful garden. The water for the swimming pool and the resort itself is drawn from deep wells scattered around the grounds. The water that can still be recycled is used to water the plants and the resort itself makes compost to feed the plants. Plastic, on the other hand, is used as little as possible. As an example, the straws we received were made from sugar cane. Keep up the good work Rayavadee, you are doing such an amazing job!

The Rayavadee team keeps Railay clean
The Rayavadee team keeps Railay clean
The Rayavadee team keeps Railay clean

The different pavilions and villas at Rayavadee

We had the beautiful Pool Pavilion, but Rayavadee houses many more types of pavilions. In total, there are 94 pavilions and 8 villas scattered here and there on the gigantic grounds. Couples or parents with a child can stay in a Deluxe Pavilion of 90 m2 or Terrace Pavilion of 115 m2 in addition to the Pool Pavilion. All pavilions have two floors, with a spacious sofa in the living area downstairs. A child can sleep on this.  

A pavilion on in the lush Rayavadee garden
A pavilion on in the lush Rayavadee garden

Rayavadee also has a number of spacious family pavilions which include a second bedroom. These pavilions can be booked with or without a private pool. If you really want to unpack with the family, you can book one of the villas. We already wrote about the Rayavadee Villa, but on the property there are also three Family Villas, two Phranang Villas and a Raitaly Villa. Of course, each villa comes with its own private pool.

A villa in Rayavadee, located in Krabi province, Thailand

Guests at the Rayavadee receive a pendant containing the keycard to the room. This pendant also serves as proof that you are a guest on the land of the princess. Think of it as a kind of backstage pass but for the Railay peninsula.

Whichever sleeping quarters you choose, they are all equipped with a flat screen TV including DVD/CD player. A hairdryer, flashlight, comfortable slippers and soft bathrobes, as well as tea and coffee making facilities. There are plenty of toiletries in the bathroom and clean sleepers can choose from a variety of pillows and blankets. Outside by the front door, you’ll find two umbrellas in a small cabinet. It’s the little things that do it…. 

A pavilion on in the lush Rayavadee garden

Image: Thailand Magazine


By now we have visited countless luxury highly rated resorts, but while checking out at Rayavadee, our eyes did get a tad moist. Of course thanks to the wonderful stay in our pool villa, the special dinner at The Grotto, the amazingly beautiful garden including Jurassic Park surroundings…, but even more because of the extremely friendly and competent staff! We cannot emphasize enough that the team of Rayavadee is fantastic.

Yep, the team at Rayavadee is the very BEST in the resort. And therefore a call to all hospitality companies in the world… Go and visit the Rayavadee family for a few days, we are sure you will have a great time and learn something about hospitality.

Part of the Rayavadee Team on Phra Nang Beach and in front of Happy Island

All you need is LOVE

After our engagement during the Sunset Rayavadee BBQ at The Grotto, we returned to our seventh heaven, overjoyed. In the living room we found a bunch of flowers and a card with many congratulations and sweet messages from the many staff members we had met during our stay. Upstairs in the bathroom, they had left the bathtub filled with flowers with a bottle of champagne next to it. Real angels, we LOVE Rayavadee & Team!

Flowers and gift (congratulatory card) from the Rayavadee team after our engagement

Image: Thailand Magazine

Bath full of flowers after our engagement at The Grotto, Rayavadee

Image: Thailand Magazine

Rayavadee is a wedding venue par excellence, through this wedding brochure you will find more information on how to organize and celebrate your special dream day in paradise.


Our thanks go to everyone at Rayavadee whom we had the pleasure of meeting during our stay in December 2021. From the people working in the garden to the kitchen and restaurant and from chambermaid to our guides and hostesses. All of you are WONDERFUL!!! We could not have wished for a better place for our engagement! Our special thanks to Khun Nan, Nok, Keiko, Bew, Mod Deng, M, Pong, Gift, Adam, Susan and all the people on the congratulatory card! You have truly made our stay in Rayavadee unforgettable! On our wedding day, August 4, 2022, we will of course think of you and the beautiful moments we experienced together! The next time we are in Railay, as a married couple, we will definitely come and see you and toast to life together!

Chock dee kaa/ krub!
Ilonka & Riel

Congratulatory card from the Rayavadee team after our engagement

Image: Thailand Magazine

Actual prices and general information

Check in: 14:00 hours – Check out: 12:00 hours
For actual prices check: Booking and/ or  Agoda.
Address: 2R4Q+6GP, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi, Thailand.
Address in Thais: 2R4Q+6GP ตำบล อ่าวนาง อำเภอเมืองกระบี่ กระบี่.
Phone: +66 (0) 2301 1861
E-mail: reservation@rayavadee.com

Our map with hotspots in Railay

Especially for you, we have created a map of fun and interesting hotspots near the Rayavadee. It shows the various good restaurants, coffee shops, fun sights and other activities. Have fun!


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From Thailand with LOVE! June 2020
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