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Phra Nang Beach in Railay
Phra Nang Beach on Railay


Welcome to the earthly paradise of Railay! At least, that’s how it feels every time we get here! Railay is located in the west of Thailand not far from Krabi Airport. Although Railay is a peninsula you can only reach the area by boat because it is surrounded by high rocks. But fortunately you can get there easily with a short longtail boat ride from Ao Nang or the piers of Krabi Town.

If you are planning to visit Railay we advise you to stay a minimum of two nights in this paradise. Often Railay is visited in a hurried and massive daytrip. A pity because there is plenty to do and it is a lot less crowded and chaotic when all the day trippers have left for their next destination. You truly can discover & experience the fun activities and beautiful beaches of Railay if you stay longer than a few hours. And believe us, the surroundings of Railay are so incredibly beautiful! The peninsula consists of four beaches of which Phra Nang Beach is perhaps our favourite beach in all of Thailand!

Want to know what to do in Railay? Click on the pictures below and discover & experience paradise!

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