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Longtail Boot  Met Kussens Van Railay Eco Tour, Met Opde Achtergrond Een Hoge Rots In De Zee En Een Blauwe Lucht

Image: Thailandmagazine.com

Railay Eco Tour

A luxury snorkeling adventure in an insanely beautiful setting!

In March 2024 we spent the whole day at sea with the folks from Railay Eco Tour, in Krabi. A tour we had been looking forward to for a long time because of the incredibly beautiful surroundings of Krabi. Today was the day! In the early morning the boat was waiting at the floating pier of Railay West. The boat was truly a picture to behold! On the deck there were comfortable cushions and there was a canopy with curtains, which was very nice with the blistering Thai sun, so you could really sit in the shade if you wanted to. 

We were warmly welcomed by our friendly guide Farook and captain, Plah (meaning fish 😊). As the boat headed out the bay of Railay West, our guide told us what our day would be like and explained the facilities of the boat. We had our own Marshall speaker, we could get unlimited water and soft drinks, there were towels and there was a hand shower so we could rinse off the salt water in between. What a luxury!  We had a full-day mixed trip to Hong Island. The trip would last until about 6 p.m. We were all set! The other islands included on this trip were Chicken Island (Koh Poda), Koh Tup, and Koh Mor.

Lachende gids maakt wai terwijl naar de camera terwijl hij in de booot zit

Image: Thailand Magazine

The atmosphere on board was casual and welcoming, making us feel immediately at ease. The guide was mostly at the back of the deck where the captain steered the longtail boat. We could call him through the little door if we needed him, so we really had the boat to ourselves. Sometimes he would give us information about a sight, such as the king’s vacation home we were sailing past. Despite having a wireless Marshall Speaker on board, during the tour we preferred to listen to the captain singing Thai love songs from the deck! Somehow this completed it for us!

Hong Island

Our first destination was Hong Island, an island with an enchanting bay where of course we couldn’t resist taking a refreshing dip in the clear water. But before we could immerse ourselves in the sea, we decided to climb the viewpoint – well, climbing is a big word, actually it was just stairs, but a lot of them! After a small but challenging session of stair climbing (with a well-deserved break here and there), we finally reached the viewpoint. From there we were rewarded with a 360-degree breathtaking view of the surroundings and the picturesque little islands in the distance. 

blauwe drijvende pier met op de achtergrond de hoge rotsformaties van Hong Island

Image: Thailand Magazine.

Breathtaking panoramic views!

The sweat and effort were absolutely worth it! After we admired the view, the refreshing dip in the clear sea was extra delicious! Our guide had brought towels and a drink for us. Just chilling for a while! But not too long because we also wanted to do the mini jungle trekking on the island. The trekking, which is easy to do without too much effort, took us past beautiful limestone rock formations that reminded us of Railay Beach and we also saw a baby monitor lizard. All the activities on the island were optional, that is, we could have chosen to just stay on the beautiful beach alone. That’s one of the advantages of a private tour!

uitizicht op blauwe zee met daarin kleine eilanden gezien vanaf het 360 graden viewpoint vanaf Hong Island

Image: Thailand Magazine.

Hidden lagoon

Then it was time to board our luxury longtail boat again because Hong Island had another wonderful surprise in store! Namely, Hong Island has a hidden lagoon that you can only access by boat by navigating a narrow opening between two limestone cliffs. Inside the lagoon the water was very shallow, you can just stand there while being in the middle of the sea. The lagoon is completely surrounded by beautiful, immense, overgrown rock formations. So beautiful that it is impossible to describe, you really have to go and see it for yourself! This part, by the way, is where Hong Island got its name, as Hong means room in Thai, which refers to the “room,” in the island.

Boot onderweg naar rotsen met verborgen lagune

Image: Thailand Magazine

2 reusactige rotsen met daar tussen een klein bootje in een ondiepe zee

Image: Thailand Magazine

After this amazing experience, it was time for lunch, and this was no ordinary lunch, but a delicious lunch in the form of a picnic on a beautiful little white beach! When we got there, there was another longtail boat further away, but it left not much later, leaving us with the entire bay all to ourselves! Meanwhile, our guide had set up the complete picnic with cushions for us, and when we say complete, we really mean complete! We were spoiled with various drinks, fresh coconuts, and delicious Thai main dishes and snacks and desserts. We felt truly privileged to experience this. 

verlaten wit strand omzoomd met rotsen en groene vegetatie vanaf de zee gezien.

Image: Thailand Magazine

Picknick Op Verlaten Strand Tijdens Met Op De Achtergrond Een Longtailboot Op Zee

Image: Thailand Magazine

Thais Eten Geserveerd Op Het Strand

Image: Thailand Magazine

Secret cave

After lunch our guide took us to a hidden cave, near where we had unsuspectingly been sitting was the opening. The opening was not very large, but once inside it was an incredibly large space! Our guide told us that when the weather gets very bad, fishermen sometimes shelter here in this cave. You could also see this from the remains of the campfire. Cool!

After the Hong Island adventure, the guide told us that we would now sail for about twenty minutes towards the other islands we were going to visit. We took advantage of this time to stretch out in the shade of the boat, as we had become quite tired from all these wonderful impressions.

Rots in de vorm van een kip

Image: Thailand Magazine

Chicken Island, Koh Poda, Koh Tup en Koh Mor

As the boat slowed down, we saw high rocks looming again. In fact, we sailed right under them! We also passed the very special Chicken Island, which looks like the head of a chicken (yes really!). At several places we had the opportunity to go snorkeling, but because there were quite a lot of jellyfish (we were in Krabi during the jellyfish season), we decided not to do so. Although we saw plenty of others who did just do this, we were already thoroughly enjoying the boat tour.

Not much later, we docked at a beautiful white sandbar connecting the two islets Koh Tup and Koh Mor. This allowed you to walk through the water/over the sandbar from one island to the other. Again, we swam in the lovely bay. You could also climb up a bit (which of course we did) to a point where you had a nice view of the sandbar. Along the way we also saw a hornbill not far from us! After this we headed to the last beautiful island, Koh Poda!

longtailboot onder laaghangende rotsen

Image: Thailand Magazine

uitzicht vanaf viewpoint op witte zandbank in zee met longtailboten

Image: Thailand Magazine

Koh Poda

Koh Poda is a bit bigger and a bit more developed island, but certainly not less beautiful! You can discover a large part of this island on foot; there are snow-white beaches surrounded by a crystal-clear, slowly descending sea. This island is also known for the gigantic rock you look out on; you truly fall from one natural wonder into another! During our boat trip, we noticed that whenever there was a piece of plastic or something similar somewhere on the beach, our guide would pick it up. That made us very happy because that is something we do ourselves regularly! Nature is so beautiful and if we all help a little, it will stay that way! Our reusable water bottles were also constantly refilled from a large drinking water barrel instead of a new plastic bottle each time, as we see many other tours do.

Hoge rots in het water, met een kano ernaast

Image: Thailand Magazine

There is a restaurant on Koh Poda where you can buy something to eat and drink, but we didn’t do this because we were taken care of just fine on our boat! Again, we decided how long we wanted to stay; all we had to do was walk back to our boat. Of course, staying longer at one destination does leave less time for the next island. But it’s very nice that you don’t have to keep an eye on the time!

kapitein serveert grote schaal fruit

Image: Thailand Magazine

Unfortunately, after our adventure on Hong Island, it was time to return. With the sun slowly on the horizon, the beautiful light created a magical atmosphere as we sailed back into Railay West bay. It was so beautiful that you almost forget not to just take pictures the whole time! What a day full of wonderful memories we had experienced!

Lachende gids en kapitein bij aangelegde longtailboot in Railay.

Image: Thailand Magazine

Also looking forward to this amazing tour with Railay Eco Tour?

There are beautiful islands to explore in Krabi. You can choose full-day or half-day tours. There are also different types of boats available, from traditional longtail boats to super luxury speedboats for some extra comfort and speed. For more information, please visit www.railayecotour.com

Don’t forget to book through our online booking form to get a discount on your tour!

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