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Tuk tuk along the road in Bangkok during the evening, picture taken with long shutter speed.


Public transport in Bangkok and the rest of Thailand is quite diverse! In the center of Bangkok you have the choice between the motor taxi, (meter) taxi, tuk tuk, BTS Sky Train, metro (MRT) and the bus. But the waterways are frequently used as well (Chao Phraya River Express for example), this to avoid the traffic jams in Bangkok and because it’s a very convenient way of transportation in BKK. Bangkok is also called the Venice of the East.

In the small canals (klongs) of Bangkok the taxi boat sails and on the huge river the Chao Phraya River Express goes from pier to pier. For longer distances to the north or south there is also the (sleeper) train. Depending on where you are you also have the Songthaew, a kind of city mini bus. In some places you can also rent a scooter or car because the roads are quiet and passable. If you are in Bangkok for the first time, your first choice might be the meter taxi because it seems fast and easy. Still, it is not always the smartest or nicest option. If you really want to experience Bangkok, there are other means of public transport in that you should try. 

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