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Because a picture often says more than 1,000 words, we have the section Picture This. In Picture This we share a special (current) event or beautiful destination with you by means of pictures. We make use of social media and other photo platforms. Did you take a photo you’re proud of or did you see one on Instagram that you think we should post? Then tag us: #ThailandMagazine. Who knows, maybe we’ll put your picture on Picture This!

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ICONSIAM seen from across the Chao Phraya River
Levels of ICONSIAM
Decoration in ICONSIAM, Bangkok
Decoration in ICONSIAM, Bangkok
ICONSIAM on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok seen from afar
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Decoration  in ICONSIAM, Bangkok
Amazing workplace in ICONSIAM
Decorations in ICONSIAM, Bangkok
Decorations in ICONSIAM, Bangkok
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Decorations in ICONSIAM, Bangkok
H&M in ICONSIAM in Bangkok, Thailand
Decorations in ICONSIAM, Bangkok
Decorations in ICONSIAM, Bangkok
LOFT shop in ICONSIAM, Bangkok
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Fireworks at ICONSIAM
Toilets in iCONSIAM, Bangkok
Toilets in iCONSIAM, Bangkok
Lucky Cat in ICONSIAM
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% Arabica in ICONSIAM, Bangkok
Floors in ICONSIAM
% Arabica in ICONSIAM, Bangkok
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