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Because a picture often says more than 1,000 words, we have created the Picture This section. In Picture This we share a special (current) event or a beautiful destination with you by means of photos. We use social media and other photo platforms to show you the very best of Thailand!

Did you take a photo you’re proud of or did you see one on Instagram that you think we should post? Then tag us: #ThailandMagazine. Who knows, we might put your picture on Picture This!

Songkran! The traditional Thai New Year celebration that takes place every year on April 13th. Before and after the 13th of April, it is also party time, because sometimes this party lasts up to a week! Although of course there is much more behind this party, most people know Songkran as the mega-sized water festival of Thailand. The Thai are going out on the streets together to have the biggest water fight of the year! Super fun to see and to participate in, because not participating in the Songkran when you are in Thailand is almost impossible if you dare to take to the streets at least!

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