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Because a picture often says more than 1,000 words, we have created the Picture This section. In Picture This we share a special (current) event or a beautiful destination with you by means of photos. We use social media and other photo platforms to show you the very best of Thailand!

Did you take a photo you’re proud of or did you see one on Instagram that you think we should post? Then tag us: #ThailandMagazine. Who knows, we might put your picture on Picture This!

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The coast of Koh Kradan seen from a drone
The coast of Koh Kradan seen from a drone
Sunset on Koh Kradan
Sunset on Koh Kradan

Images: ____y.iing & tathata130813 (Instagram)

Squid in the ocean of Koh Kradan, Thailand
Coral in the ocean of Koh Kradan, Thailand

Sleeping onKon Kradan

The Sevenseas Resort TIP
– Kalume s Eco Boutique Resort
– Paradise Lost Resort
Ao Niang Beach Resort
– Coral Garden Resort

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Good eats and drinks on Koh Kradan

Going out on Koh Kradan

Listen to the rhythm of the sea as you enjoy the sparkling light show of the stars in the sky, or at least there is nothing to go out on Koh Kradan.

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