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Because a picture often says more than 1,000 words, we have created the Picture This section. In Picture This we share a special (current) event or a beautiful destination with you by means of photos. We use social media and other photo platforms to show you the very best of Thailand!

Did you take a photo you’re proud of or did you see one on Instagram that you think we should post? Then tag us: #ThailandMagazine. Who knows, we might put your picture on Picture This!

Railay in the province of Krabi is one of those destinations where we prefer to come back every year. Railay consists of four beaches, a walking street, a hidden lagoon, a number of caves and towering limestone formations. In Railay there is a beach that we are really in love with, Phra Nang Beach. A wonderful destination! More about Phra Nang Beach can be found in our extensive article about Railay. Of course you can also have a look at the pictures of Railay below. Probably you will become as big a fan of this paradise as we are!

click on the photos to enlarge and zoom in

Phra Nang Beach with rock
Phra Nang Beach seen from a cave
Krabi Railay photographed with a drone
the great rock Phra Nang Beach
dusky leaf monkey in a tree shaft
Krabi Railay Beach from the air with a drone
Longtail boat where you can buy food
sunset with pink hue on railay west
Princess Lagoon with super nice blue-green water
Railay East from the princess viewpoint
Railay West
Phra Nang Beach with large rock and longtail boat
Princess Lagoon
Mangrove during low tide with longtail boat on dry land located on Railay East
Longtailboat on Phra Nang Beach at sunset
The beautiful garden of the Railay Village Resort
Klik hier om te lezen wat er in railay te doen is
Princess Cave with all wooden penises on Phra Nang Beach
sunset on Phra Nang Beach
Pool at Bhu Nga Thani Resort on Railay East
Taking a dive on Phra Nang Beach
sunset on Phra Nang Beach
macaque in a mangrove tree on Railay East
macaque in a mangrove tree on Railay East
macaque in a mangrove tree on Railay East
Sailboat and Krabi Railay Beach from the air
Speedboat and Krabi Railay Beach from the air
Sunset on Krabi Railay Beach
Superb Grafitti on Krabi Railay Beach (half palm trees hatch on real palm trees)
Princess Lagoon op Ao Phra Nang Beach
Railay West with longtail boat in the foreground and large limestone cliffs in the background
Dripstone on Krabi Railay Beach
Krabi Railay Beach from the air
Beautiful green wilderness with blue sea at the end
Sun through the leaves on Phra Nang Beach
Litter you can sit in at Tew Lay Bar overlooking the bay of Railay East
Burger and drink at Tew Lay Bar overlooking the bay of Railay East
Hammocks at Tew Lay Bar overlooking the bay of Railay East
Rock climbing at Phra Nang Beach
Phra Nang Beach met longtail snack bootjes
The pool of Railay Village Resort
Limestone rocks on Krabi Railay Beach
longtail boat with sunset on railay west
the Princess Lagoon with a couple in it
the rock of Phra Nang Beach from above with a drone
View of Railay Eats from the Princess Viewpoint
longtail boat with the rock of Phra Nang Beach in the back
Phra Nang Beach from above with a drone
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Lees de review over het Railay Vai
Avatar Railay Resort garden
Sunset on Railay West
baby macaque on a lamp
dusky leaf monkey in a tree
macaques that fleace each other
Mother macaque with baby macaque
The jungle of the Princess Lagoon at Railay
Ladder to the Princess Lagoon on Railay
De Princess Lagoon at Railay
sunset on phra nang beach with all longtail boats in the foreground and the famous rock in the background
Phra Nang Beach with a drone photographed
Ancient tropical tree in the Princess Lagoon
The Grotto Restaurant at Phra Nang Beach
De Princess Lagoon in Railay
Railay West
the floating pier of railay east
Sunset on Krabi Railay Beach
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In and around Railay

Besides enjoying your stay at this resort, there are of course many other fun things to do! We have picked a number of nice locations for you. Such as well-appreciated restaurants, places to go out and sights worth seeing, you’re here now anyway! We hope this will make your visit to Railay even more fun! Via the InfoBox below you can find more information about the subject per tab.

  • Railay Garden View Resort | At Railay East
    Cheap resort located in the quieter part of Railay East.
  • Avatar Railay Resort | At Railay East TIP
    Our favourite resort in Railay! Super friendly manager, great rooms, nice restaurant, nice pool and cool garden!
  • Railay Great View Resort | At Railay East
    Fantastic views from the infinity pool and rooms!
  • Sunrise Tropical Resort | At Railay East
    Fine resort with a good restaurant, not far from Phra Nang Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand.
  • Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa | At Railay East
    Special and beautiful resort with hospitable staff and very spacious rooms.
  • Railay Village Resort & Spa | At Railay West TIP
    The only resort on our list that is located on the beach of Railay West. Lovely pool view rooms and a great crew.
  • Rayavadee | At Phra Nang Beach
    Super the luxury resort which is located on our favorite beach (Phra Nang Beach) with a special restaurant (The Grotto). Top location for a honeymoon!

Curious about the best hotels in Railay? Then read “Best hotels in Railay Beach”.

  • Sunrise Tropical Restaurant (CLOSED)
    Delicious Thai and western dishes that you can eat both indoors and outdoors. This restaurant is located at the footpath on Railay East in the direction of Phra Nang Beach.
  • Railay Family Restaurant
    Run by a very nice and hardworking family in the center of Railay Walking Street. Good and cheap!
  • Avatar Railay Bistro TIP
    Cosy restaurant where you can hang out in the beanbags after dinner with a tasty cocktail in your hand. This restaurant is part of our favorite resort in Railay, Avatar Railay.
  • Kohinoor Indian Restaurant
    For years in the top three of TripAdvisor and that’s not for nothing. Delicious Indian food in the centre of Railay Walking Street.
  • The Grotto
    Part of the super-luxury Rayavadee. Dine in style at a unique location. It looks like you’re a guest in a cave here.
  • Govinda’s at the Beach
    For anyone who (once) wants to eat something without meat. The vegan hotspot is located in Railay Walking Street and not far from the Railay West beach.
  • Crêpe & Waffle Homemade
    The name says it all, (Thai) pancakes and waffles, ideal for a tasty snack during your stay in Railay.

If you want to know more about the restaurants below read our article “Best restaurants in Railay Beach”.

Railay does not have large clubs or other large-scale entertainment venues, but that’s the charm of Railay! Is there nothing to do in the evening? Sure there is! In Railay Walking Street there are a number of bars where you can chill out and have a drink. Along Railay East is a (partly elevated) concrete path where a number of nice bars can be found. Almost at the end of the concrete path is the Tew Lay Bar. This bar has a very cool terrace with beautiful views over the bay of Railay East. To get there you keep following the path of Railay East in a northerly direction. The Tew Lay Bar is a bit further than the Last Bar (which is not the last bar). From the floating pier on the east side of Railay you are about 10 minutes away. Have fun!

Everything there is to see and do in Railay you can read in our extensive article about this beautiful area. About 15 minutes by longtail boat from Railay are Krabi Town and Ao Nang.

  • How to get to Railay from Ao Nang
  • How to get to Railay from Krabi (Town)

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