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New feature – Picture This

Because a picture often says more than 1,000 words, we started the Picture This section. In Picture This we share a special (current) event or beautiful destination by means of photos. We make use of social media and other platforms. Did you take a photo you’re proud of or did you see one on Instagram that you think we should post? Then tag us: #ThailandMagazine. Who knows, we might put this picture on an upcoming Picture This!

Loy Krathong 2019

Loy Krathong is our very first Picture This. The meaning of the word Loy in Thai is floating. What floats then I hear you think… The Krathong of course! This is the “little vessel” that is made of mostly natural materials such as strip leaves or bamboo. They are real works of art that Krathongs, often they are made in the shape of a (lotus) flower but we have seen them float by in many different shapes and sizes! What they all have in common is the cargo on the “ship” A candle, three sticks of incense, flowers and often a few coins. You can make the Krathong yourself but they are also sold a lot. At the waterfront, often together with a loved one, the Krathong is released into the water. The Thai do this to thank Mae Kong Ka, the goddess of water, for the rain. The Thai also believe that with the Krathong drifting away, their sins are washed away as well. This year (2019) Loy Krathong was celebrated throughout Thailand between 11 and 13 November.

Loy Krathong 2020 will be held from October 31st until November 1st.

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Fireworks during Loy Krathong 2019
Driving Krathongs with lit candles during Loy Krathong 2019
Floating Krathong resembling a lotus flower with a burning candle inside during Loy Krathong 2019
Floating Krathongs during Loy Krathong 2019
Fireworks over the Chao Phraya River during Loy Krathong 2019
Full Moon during Loy Krathong 2019
Girl with her made Krathong in her hands during Loy Krathong 2019
Girl praying by the river during Loy Krathong 2019
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