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The Giant Buddha of Phuket with a view over the island
The Giant Buddha of Phuket with a view over the island

Image: Elias


Phuket is not only the largest island in Thailand but also the most visited island in the country. There is so much to do on Phuket. That is why we decided to divide the island in three parts. There is the quiet north, the touristy middle and the south which also includes a few small islands. For now, we have the North online and we will work on the middle of Phuket.

The northern part of Phuket

In the north of Phuket lies the international airport and the Sarasin Bridge that connects Phuket with the mainland (Phang Nga). The north is largely part of the Sirinat National Park, the largest national nature park of Phuket. This park consists of a number of beaches, including the longest beach on the island, Mai Khao Beach.

Further south, there are a number of beautiful beaches, such as Nai Yang Beach and Nai Thon Beach, where you can relax. Highly recommended to start or end your holiday on Phuket.

Highly recommended and perhaps Phuket’s most beautiful resort is Trisara. Also on the grounds of Trisara is Phuket’s only restaurant with a Michelin Star, called PRU. This amazing restaurant has not only received a Michelin Star, but also a Green Michelin Star several times, thanks in part to the hard work of Dutch chef Jim Ophorst and his fantastic team!

In short, there is enough to do in the relatively quiet north of Phuket.

The middle part of Phuket

In the middle of Phuket lies the longest beach on the island, which is Bang Tao Beach. Many consider Layan Beach as part of Bang Tao Beach, we have described them separately. Surin Beach and Kamala Beach are two ideal beaches for a worry-free quiet vacation on Phuket, here you can relax and enjoy the numerous good accommodations and restaurants these beaches have to offer.

On Kalim Beach, which is just before Patong, Phuket’s most popular beach destination, you will find the very best Italian restaurant on the island (Acqua Restaurant). Just below Patong are the two small paradisiacal beaches Tri Trang Beach and Merlin Beach. Both beaches are just steps from each other.

The middle of Phuket is the busiest part of the island thanks to Patong. Yet you can enjoy very relaxed tranquility and ultimate service on several little beaches north and south of Patong!

The south and east of Phuket will follow as soon as possible.

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