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Rocks in the water of Phang Nga seen from above
Rocks in the water of Phang Nga seen from above

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The beautiful Phang Nga province is part of the Ao Phang Nga National Park and is known for its special high limestone rock formations. These are not only on land but also in the sea! They tower dozens of meters out of the emerald green water. Phang Nga Bay has more than 40 islands and the largest mangrove forests in Thailand!

Phang Nga what is there to do?

The most visited islands in Phang Nga are the unique and floating Muslim village of Koh Panyee and the spectacular James Bond Island. The high limestone cliffs in Phang Nga are full of beautiful caves and hidden lagoons to explore. For many, Phang Nga is a vacation highlight! Another literal highlight is the lesser known Samet Nangshe Viewpoint. Here you can view Phang Nga Bay from a completely different angle. Especially during sunrise this is truly magical. Definitely worth a visit or an overnight stay just like the Thai city of Phang Nga Town. This city has surprisingly much to offer! You will run out of time in the beautiful Phang Nga!

Where lies Phang Nga in Thailand?

The province of Phang Nga is located in the southwest of Thailand on the Andaman Sea and sandwiched between Phuket and Krabi. The bowl that forms these places together is called Phang Nga Bay. This is also the place where James Bond Island, Koh Panyee and Hong Island are located. Slightly lower, east of Phuket are Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi, these islands also belong to the Phang Nga province.

In the western part of Phang Nga lies the popular resort of Khao Lak and the beautiful tropical Surin Islands and Similan Islands. Phang Nga is quite big and has a lot to offer!

In het westelijke deel van Phang Nga ligt de populaire badplaats Khao Lak en de mooie tropische Surin Eilanden en Similan Eilanden. Phang Nga is behoorlijk groot en heeft veel te bieden!

How to travel to Phang Nga? 

You can easily reach Phang Nga from various destinations in Thailand, such as Phuket, Krabi and Kao Lak. You can join a tour that you book locally or use a minibus, cab, plane, train or boat. Through the link or the form below of 12Go Asia you can easily plan your trip / view and book as you wish. You will immediately see how long the trip takes and what the prices are.

The best travel period or Phang Nga 

The best travel times for Phang Nga are the months of January, February and March, in these months the least rain falls. You have a good chance of sunshine and a calm sea. The most dry month is February. Throughout the year there can be a shower every day but it can also be days dry. Usually the rain is of short duration and then the sun breaks through again.

In the months of June to September most rain falls, it rains longer and more. But even then you can hit it and have fine sunny weather. December is also not a bad month to visit Phang Nga, the rain decreases more and more towards January. Moreover, nature is still beautiful green from all the rain that has fallen in the previous months. The average temperature is around 27 degrees and the warmest months are March, April and May. In those months it is on average 30 degrees in the Phang Nga province.

Because of the sheltered location of the Ao Phang Nga National Park, the sea is often calm and you can visit Phang Nga Bay all year round. In Khao Lak, the sea can be rough in the rainy season from May to October and the Similan Islands Surin Islands are closed to visitors.

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