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Red and green chillies in wicker baskets
Red and green chillies in wicker baskets



Pattaya is literally home to all kinds of markets! There are authentic markets, tourist markets and everything in between. There is even a completely recreated Floating Market! The markets in Pattaya are the perfect place to try all that delicious Thai food and get a taste of the culture, literally and figuratively! The prices are low compared to the restaurants in Pattaya. Thai markets are different from most Western markets, you can buy fresh fish and have it prepared and eat it on the spot. Many markets also cater to the needs of western tourists, increasingly you see sushi, kebab, hamburgers and even pizza on the menu.

Pattaya has a lot of nice markets, you just need to know where! After reading this article you know which market you can’t miss when it comes to good food and where you should go for the best clothes and souvenirs. Have fun!

spices in large bowls

Pattaya Floating Market

The Pattaya Floating Market is a copy of the traditional floating markets of Thailand such as the Amphawa Floating Market near Bangkok. But even though it is a copy it is still a great experience. This market is fun if you have never been to an authentic floating market before. The floating market represents north, south, central and north-east Thailand. Each part has its own cuisine, traditions and art. There are many food stalls and stores with souvenirs and trinkets. If you like culture, shopping and good food, you can wander around for hours in the beautifully designed market. Fortunately you don’t have to walk all around and you can use the free train that takes you to the four different zones. Of course you can also view the colorful market from a boat that you can rent on site. Every day there are free shows such as Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), traditional Thai dance and music performances.

Costs, location and opening hours Floating Market Pattaya
Ticket: 200 baht or 1,000 baht including all the extras such as ziplining, a boat tour, photo in costume and so on. The different activities can also be booked separately at the floating market in Pattaya. A cab from Pattaya costs about 300 baht one way.
Open: The market is open daily from 09:00 – 20:00.
Location: Google Maps

people in boat at the Floating Market Pattaya

Pattaya Night Bazaar 

Located near Pattaya Beach, the Pattaya Night Bazaar is the place to try out your bargaining skills. Here you can really buy anything you need or don’t need. This market is also called Made in Thailand, but do not assume that everything is actually made in Thailand. Neighboring China has also contributed. In this large covered market there are many small stores with clothes, bags, suitcases, souvenirs, watches, shoes, toys and much more. You will see many branded items, but don’t be fooled because everything is counterfeit and therefore fake. At the back of the market there is also a small dining area. If you want to store even more you can continue in the shopping mall Central Festival or the Bua Khao Market.

Opening hours and location Pattaya Night Bazaar
Open: The market is open daily from 08.00 to 23.00.
Location: Google Maps

Handmade colorful bracelets for sale

Bua Khao Market

The open-air Bua Khao Market is a market where you can get all kinds of things. You can go there for clothes, shoes, bags and much more. You can even get your nails done or (semi – permanent) makeup put. There is also a section with fruits and vegetables and snacks such as satay and chicken. The Soi Bua Khao Market has a more Thai character than for example the Pattaya Night Bazaar. Here the locals also do their shopping and the prices are a bit lower, although you will obviously have to haggle for this. Across the market is a vintage market with second hand products.

Opening hours and location Bua Khao Market
Open: On Tuesdays and Fridays from 09:00 to 17:00.
Location: Google Maps (near the Pattaya Night Bazaar)

Pickled fruit in a large pan
Squid on the barbeque at the market

Thepprasit Road Night Market (Pattaya Weekend Market)

The Thepprasit Night Market is also known as the Pattaya Weekend Market. It is the largest and perhaps the most fun weekend market in Pattaya. This market is THE place in Pattaya if you like shopping and good food. The market has over 500 stalls with a large selection of clothing, shoes, accessories and lots of food stalls. The Thepprasit Night Market also sells pet supplies and pets. Because of this the comparison is sometimes made with the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. The products are generally dirt cheap so you quickly buy too much. Fortunately, you can also buy an extra suitcase or bag. If you’re looking for second-hand products, you can head on over to the Vintage Market.

Opening hours and location Thepprasit Road Night Market
Open: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5pm to 11pm.
Location: Google Maps, Thepprasit Road

colorful wallets for sale

Second Hand Market & Vintage Memorabilia

This second hand market is very nice to stroll through even if you don’t need anything at all. Especially if you like to look for hidden treasures like coins and amulets. But also electronics, clothing, shoes (sometimes new) and long forgotten toys are for sale here. The market is nice and messy and many products are displayed interchangeably on a rug. You can also buy tasty snacks, but don’t worry these are not second hand…

Opening hours and location Second Hand Market
Open: The market is open daily from 14:00 – 22:00.
Location: Google Maps (near the Thepprasit Road Night Market)

Thai snacks Khanom Krock

Jomtien Night Market / JT Night Market

The Jomtien Night Market also known as the JT Night Market is located within the stumbling distance of Jomtien Beach. The market is only separated from the beach by a road. As a result, you have a sea view from the tables at the front of the market. Dutch people quickly feel welcome at this market because of the large cozy mill at the entrance, but don’t expect cubes of cheese with pickles. What can you expect? Smoothies, pizzas, donuts, satay, pad thai, kebab, pieces of chicken, sushi and many different kinds of fish and shellfish. After eating, you can also have a cocktail at the cocktail stall. There are about 50 stalls, some of which also sell souvenirs and clothing. A pleasant market to visit if you are in Jomtien!

Opening hours and location Jomtien Night Market
Open: Open daily from 17:00 – 23:00.
Location: Google Maps (Jomtien, 5 km south of the center of Pattaya).

Jomtien Market stalls
woman preparing thai snacks

Don’t visit markets in Thailand just before closing time, some stalls close earlier or when they sell out.

colorful dreamcatchers on the market

Image: Sandu-Bandu

insects for sale as a snack at the market

Image: romas_ph

Rompho Market Jomtien / Thai Food Stalls

The Rompho Market in Jomtien, Pattaya begins in the early morning as a fresh market. The Thai, expat and tourists do their shopping here or take an early breakfast. Clothing, all kinds of household and personal care products are also for sale here, which is especially handy if you leave your toothbrush at home. In the evening, around 5:00 p.m., the market changes to a more foodstall-like setting and gets crowded. Plastic chairs and tables are set out and the food fest can begin! More food can be found in one of Jomtien’s most popular restaurants, Kiss Food & Drink. In the streets around the Rompho Market are several bars to end the evening with a nice drink.

TIP If you’re up and about before sunrise, you can often feed the Buddhist monks here and get blessed. 

Opening hours and location Rompho Market Jomtien
Open: Daily from 06:00 – 24:00.
Location: Google Maps

Herbs and spices in large bowls
Chicken on the barbeque
bowls of fried quail eggs for sale

Pratamnak Night Market / Russian Night Market

The Pratamnak Night Market is located in the northern part of Jomtien and not far from Pattaya Beach. The Pratamnak Night Market is a bit different from the other markets in the area. In fact, many stalls are more like small restaurants and have their own terraces with tables and chairs. Here there are no plastic tables, stools and chairs but more restaurant-worthy furniture such as neat tables and even benches where you can eat. This makes the market look a bit more styled. A fun and original concept for a market! In between there are also just some fruit and vegetable stalls.

In the middle of the market is a large lively square with many tables, here again the usual Thai concept applies. Just buy wherever and whatever you want, find a spot and enjoy! There is a stage where sometimes performances take place, together with the cocktail bar, this results in pleasant evenings.

Besides the many meat and fish stalls, there are also clothing shops with shirts, shorts, dresses, sunglasses, caps, flip-flops, toys, bracelets and makeup.

All kinds of markets

Don’t be surprised if you are addressed in Russian. The Pratamnak Night Market is very popular with Russians because it is located in the area where many expats from Russia have settled. The Thai people have adapted excellently to this. Besides the fact that many menus are also in Russian they also sell popular Russian dishes. That is why this market is also called the Russian Night Market.

Opening hours and location Pratamnak Night Market
Open: Daily from 19:00 – 23:00.
Location: Google Maps

fruit with Russian names

Wat Chai Mongkhon Market

The Wat Chai Mongkhon Market is one for the culture sniffer and lover of authentic Thai markets. This market is a typical Thai fresh market. The market is covered and overflowing with fresh known and unknown spices, vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. 

It is the place to practice your Thai words or just immerse yourself in the Thai local atmosphere. There are also a number of clothing and fabric vendors, but even the clothing is geared more towards the Thai than the tourist. Although the children’s clothing may appeal to wanna bee spiderman or mermaids. At the back of the market are more typical Thai stores.

Also visit the beautiful temple and monastery complex of the same name Wat Chai Mongkhon across the road, handy for a cultural day.

Opening hours and location of Wat Chai Mongkhon Market
Open: Saturdays from 07:30 – 22:00 and the rest of the week from 09:00 – 22:00.
Location: Google Maps

Thai silk
herbs and spices in large bags for sale at the market


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