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The long beach of Pattaya Beach in Koh Lipe, Thailand
The long beach of Pattaya Beach in Koh Lipe, Thailand

Image: ThailandMagazine.com 


If you visit Koh Lipe during the high season it is almost certain that you arrive at Pattaya Beach. This because of the convenient location, the sea water in the bay of the bowl-shaped Pattaya Beach is very calm during high season. If you are going to swim here, beware of the many longtail boats that sail here and are moored. An advantage of this beach is that its attached to the Walking Street of Koh Lipe.

Pattaya Beach is the southernmost stretch of beach in all of Thailand. With clear weather you can see the Malaysian island of Langkawi.

Longtail boats moored at Pattaya Beach in Koh Lip, Thailand

Almost on Pattaya Beach but not quite…

Before you arrive at Pattaya Beach you will be dropped off on a pontoon placed in the sea. From here you and other visitors to Koh Lipe will be picked up by a longtail boat. You will have to pay 50 baht per person to visit your final destination Koh Lipe. We have heard that on a regular basis there is also a transfer directly from the ferry or that the speed boats sail all the way to the beach.

The long beach of Pattaya Beach in Koh Lipe, Thailand

Image: ThailandMagazine.com 

Pattaya Beach during low season (rainy season)

When the monsoon reaches Thailand, the quiet Pattaya Beach becomes a lot rougher. With the showers and storms that come with the monsoon season, this beach of Koh Lipe is not the best place to stay. We were on Koh Lipe at the end of July and fortunately we didn’t suffer from heavy showers. We found this beach pleasant and relaxed but we preferred Sunrise Beach.

The beach and sea of Pattaya Beach on Koh Lipe with children playing in the foreground
The beach and sea of Pattaya Beach on Koh Lipe with moored longtail boats
The beach and sea of Pattaya Beach on Koh Lipe at sunset

The water and beach of Pattaya Beach

In the clear sea water it’s lovely to stay on Pattaya Beach, the sea is regularly calm in high season and the water temperature is very pleasant. In addition, the sand on Pattaya Beach is that fine white powder sand. Lovely to walk on with your bare feet and to swirl through. The beach is very wide and ideal for a walk during the morning or evening when it feels cooler on Koh Lipe. On the west side of the beach are many trees that give you the necessary shade during the heat of the day. If you want to take a splash in the water we advise you to do so in the delimited stretch of sea where no longtail boats are allowed.

the beautiful and clear blue-green seawater of Pattaya Beach on Koh Lipe, Thailand

Snorkeling in front of Pattaya Beach

The snorkeling in the sea around Pattaya Beach isn’t very much. This is because there is very little to see in the clear water. If you still want to snorkel we advise you to take a look at the sides of the bay. Even better is to book a snorkel tour on Koh Lipe where you will be taken to various places and islands around Koh Lipe for a half or full day.

The clear sea water of Koh Lipe with in the background Pattaya Beach (Koh Lipe)

Sleeping on Pattaya Beach

At Pattaya Beach you’ll usually find the more expensive and luxurious resorts like the Akira Lipe Resort (which is definitely worth it for a couple of nights). This because they are right on the beach. If you walk a bit further you will soon find cheaper accommodations that are not even that far away from the beach or Walking Street.

Adjacent to the beach itself you will find several restaurants and bars. From luxurious and commercial to typical Thai with a hippie vibe. Something for everyone. You can’t only eat and sleep at the various resorts on the beach but also often take a massage. The prices are more expensive than what you are used to from for example Bangkok, but after all that is on (remote) Thai islands. Koh Lipe is unfortunately no exception.

Laptop and cocktail overlooking Pattaya Beach, Koh Lipe
Restaurant pn Pattaya Beach, Koh Lipe
Sunset overlooking Pattaya Beach, Koh Lipe



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