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The town of Patong and Patong Beach on Phuket
The town of Patong and Patong Beach on Phuket

Image: tampatra


Some people are crazy about this popular beach destination, others really don’t want to know about it at all! Obviously we are talking about Patong (Beach) on Phuket. And despite Patong being the most visited destination on Thailand’s largest island, we also see the charm and stratification that this giant coastal town has to offer. Through the article below, we find out whether Patong is a place to love, or not….

The town of Patong on Phuket

Image: panya99

The best travel time to visit Patong is from November to April. In this period it rarely rains and the average temperature is 27°C. Obviously, the prices for accommodation in this period are by far the most expensive. The best travel time including higher prices applies to Phuket as a whole.

In May to October, the prices for accommodations on Phuket are the lowest, but the chances of heavy rain showers are greatest. These months it is also less possible to swim in the sea water because of strong currents and high waves. When the sea is too rough and dangerous, red flags are placed on the beach to serve as a warning.

Chill day at Patong beach (Phuket)

It’s almost unimaginable but Patong underwent a huge transformation not even that long ago. In the late 1970s, some powerful people decided that Patong should become a tourist resort. In the years preceding that bold decision, Patong was a small fishing village and was sporadically visited by a few backpackers. Tourism was virtually non-existent.

Old Patong Collage

Thanks to clever marketing, good PR and huge promotional campaigns, Patong’s tourism grew to what it is today. The result is an immensely popular vacation destination with a mass of tourists. Today, in addition to visitors from Europe, Patong is mostly flooded with tourists from Russia and China. Many catering establishments today even have menus and information boards with Russian or Chinese texts. 

Patong was sometimes called “the little Sweden.” This was before the Russian and Chinese enclave flooded the city. In fact, it used to be Scandinavians, especially from Sweden, who sought out this coastal town on Phuket.

The letters Patong Beach at the edge of the beach

The terrible tsunami of 2004

It was December 26, 2004. During the early morning of Boxing Day, Phuket is rocked by a devastating tsunami. A large part of the Thai west coast like Koh Phi Phi and Khao Lak is largely destroyed by the wall of water. Patong also gets hit hard. While writing this text we are thinking of all the victims of this unmitigated disaster. It took years to get back on our feet, but the Thai, including the people of Patong, have more than proven their resilience. Therefore, we also firmly believe that they will overcome the Covid-19 crisis of 2020 / 2021 as well! Read more about our fundraising campaign immediately after this terrible event.  

Despite the fact that the coastal area was hit hard, you see almost no traces of it today. It is the tsunami warning signs with the indicated evacuation route that take us back to that conscious Sunday in December 2004….

Waste after the 2004 Tsunami in Patong, Thailand
A Tsunami warning sign in Patong

Patong Beach

It is busy, very busy, on Patong Beach, especially in high season. This beach on Phuket is the busiest beach on the island and we’re pretty sure, in Thailand too! Quietly reading a book or putting your towel on a nice quiet spot might not be an option for you when you visit Patong Beach. You will certainly not get bored! On the beach and in the water there is plenty to do. There are many different water sports to practice. But Patong is so much more than just a beach. More about that later…

A few years ago Patong Beach was even busier, just look at the picture below. Then came the clearing and the administration of Patong city made sure that there was more space so it became a lot more relaxed on the beach. Despite that, it can still be very crowded but like the one in the picture thankfully not anymore.

Crowds at Patong Beach on Phuket, Thailand

Haad Patong, as Patong Beach is mainly called by the Thai, is a crescent-shaped bay in the center/middle of Phuket. Like most of the island’s beaches, this popular beach is located on the west side overlooking the Andaman Sea. The yellow-gold sand is nice and soft, which in turn contributes to the immense popularity of this coastal town. Partly thanks to such a popular beach, there are many facilities conveniently close by. For example, there are several public toilets and you can score something to eat and/or drink everywhere. To give you a better understanding of this nearly three kilometer long beach, we have divided the coastal strip of Patong into three parts; The north, center and south of Patong Beach.

Patong Beach seen from above with a drone

The north of Patong Beach

As soon as you drive into Patong from the north, from Kamala Beach for example, you come out to a traffic circle with dolphins. On the left you drive into town and on the right you come out on the parallel road to the beach. This is Patong’s well-known Beach Road, officially Thaweewong Road. Try to park your car or scooter here because in the north or south, finding a parking spot is the greatest.

In the far north of Patong Beach, the beach runs into rocky outcroppings, behind which Kalim Beach is hidden. The northern part is the quietest and the place where mostly locals like to come. Because of this, there are (fortunately) fewer tourist attractions such as roaring jet skis and beach vendors to be found. Snacks and drinks can be bought at the 7-Eleven opposite the dolphin traffic circle or at the stalls on the edge of the beach.

The north of Patong Beach on Phuket

Once you’ve gotten some goodies you eat them at the beach, of course. The trees on the edge of Patong Beach provide cooling shade if necessary. On the border from north to center is a small park called Lo Ma Park, also known as Dolphin Park. A nice park which is regularly visited by Thai families to eat and / or drink in the shade. 

Surfing is best in the northern sea of Patong. It is therefore not surprising that the best surf school in Patong is located here. You can stay at a number of well-known accommodations such as Four Point by SheratonIbis Phuket Patong and Red Planet Phuket Patong.

Coconuts to drink from at the Four Point by Sheraton in northern Patong Beach on Phuket

The center part of Patong Beach

After passing the dolphin park you come to what we call the middle of Patong Beach. This is where it gets nice and busy, including all the bells and whistles: parasails, jet skis, sun beds, umbrellas, banana boats, beach vendors, massage spots, tour providers and so on…. Everything comes together here to form a colorful mix of colors, smells and sounds. If you don’t like it, you better move to the northern or southern part of the beach.

In the middle of Patong Beach you pay an average of 180 baht for a sunbed and 160 baht for a beach chair including parasol. Prices for water sports activities are discussed further down. Also, most tours to nearby areas such as Bon Island or Freedom Beach are frequently offered on this part of the beach.

The middle and busiest part of Patong Beach on Phuket

Then there is the popular and crowded Bangla Road which is perpendicular to the middle of Patong Beach. This touristy walking street is known worldwide for its vibrant nightlife. Following Bangla Road is the Jungceylon Shopping Center and the Banzaan Fresh Market.

Backpackers can go to the super nice hostel Lub d, which we also tipped in our article on the best accommodations in Bangkok. Besides this hostel, there are of course plenty of good resorts to be found. Two good resorts are the Double Tree by Hilton Patong Banthai Resort and Baan Lamai Beach Resort & Spa.

Bangla Road adjacent to Patong Beach on Phuket

The south of Patong Beach

At the very south of Patong Beach, a winding river empties into the sea; like Kamala Beach, it is frequently use by fishing boats. The Patong Pier is also located in the southern part. Here, mostly passengers from the cruise ships are brought to the shore by smaller boats. From the Patong Pier also depart numerous longtail boats to for example the smaller southern beaches such as Freedom Beach and Merlin Beach. 

Cruise ship off the coast of Patong on Phuket

As mentioned earlier, this part of Patong is quieter than the middle (center) and finding a parking space for your car or scooter is much easier. Also, you can still lay down your towel in the golden sand of Patong Beach and find a nice spot under the palm trees that provide you with shade.

The southern part of Patong Beach where it is a bit quieter

Want to sleep in a fantastic resort in the south of Patong? Then consider staying at the phenomenal Amari Phuket down Beach Road. The resort is at a fork where you turn left for of smaller beaches like Tri Trang Beach and Merlin Beach, turn right to arrive at this fabulous resort. 

The (public) transportation in Patong 

Obviously, there are plenty of cabs in Patong. But a cab ride is expensive and therefore it is advisable to find a centrally located hotel, resort or hostel in Patong to visit and explore from there on foot. If you prefer to take a cab, take the cheaper option, namely a motorcycle cab. Of course, this is only practical if you are traveling alone and with not too much hand luggage. Fortunately, there is also a cheap and fun alternative, the Baht Bus and otherwise you can always grab a Grab as an alternative.

Taking a taxi? Always take a metered taxi or agree on a fixed price before you get in or use Grab.

The Baht Bus / Songthaew

The Baht Buses, which run a fixed route in or from Patong, are very cheap! Some of these buses are blue and red, in other cities they are often called Songthaews. These partially open buses have two benches facing each other and that is exactly what Songthaews means – ” two benches”. By the way, it’s not always Songthaews that are used as Baht Buses, there are also “regular” Baht Buses that run on Phuket.

Tuk Tuk

More expensive than the Baht Bus, but for fun you can also choose to take an atypical Tuk Tuk. Atypical because these tuk tuks look nothing like the typical Tuk Tuks in Bangkok. The Tuk Tuks of Phuket look more modern and more like toys.

A red tuk tuk in Patong on Phuket
A regular baht bus in Ptong on Phuket
A songthaew baht bus in Patong on Phuket

Renting a scooter in Patong 

If you want to rent a scooter in Patong, assume a minimum of 200 baht per day. Also remember that you need an international driver’s license for this. Always wear a helmet and know that you are most likely not insured. Get information from your insurance company (from your home country) if you have questions about this and never leave your passport behind. We always leave a copy of our passport or pay a deposit. If the rental company doesn’t want this, we rent somewhere else.

A good scooter rental company in Patong is Motor Bike Rental Phuket, which gets lots of good reviews online. There is no need to leave a passport and the price-quality ratio is good. The cheapest scooter (Honda Scoopy) you rent for 250 baht a day and for 1,400 baht a week. The Honda PCX with 150 cc gets you for 3,000 baht per week.

Renting a scooter on Phuket in Patong

Where on Phuket is Patong located?

Patong lies on the west coast of Phuket, with Phuket Town on the other side in the east. To the south of Patong is the resort of Kamala and to the north is Karon. Patong is located in the busiest and central part of Phuket.

How to get to Patong from the north of Phuket? For example, from the international airport.

From Phuket International Airport to Patong by public transport

From Phuket International Airport you can easily take busses to Patong. There is the so-called Phuket Airport Bus Express that runs from the airport to Phuket Town, Patong and then on to Karon and Kata. For only 150 baht per person, you’ll be in Patong from the airport in an hour and a half. The first shuttle bus leaves at 07:30 and the last one at 20:00.

A better option is to take the Phuket Smart Bus, (an annoying song starts on the site, just so you know). The Phuket Smart Bus goes from the airport along Nai Thon Beach, Surin Beach, Kamala Beach and then stops at Patong Beach. After that, it continues to Karon Beach, Kata Beach and its final destination Rawai Beach. The bus goes back and forth on this route. The first bus from the airport to Patong runs at 08:30 and the last at 21:00. In one hour travel from the Phuket International Airport to Patong, super convenient! more information check the timetable. The cost is between 50 and 170 baht per person depending on your final destination. From the airport to Patong costs 150 baht.

By taxi from Phuket International Airport to Patong

A one-hour cab ride from the airport to Patong costs an average of 700 baht. Agree on a price in advance or take a taxi which has a meter (and is on).

The Phuket Smart Bus
The Phuket Airport Bus Express for a temple on Phuket

How to get from Patong to Phuket (Old) Town and back again?

By public transport from Patong to Phuket (Old) Town

It is easy to travel from Patong to Phuket Town by public transportation. Along Patong beach, blue and yellow vans run regularly to Phuket (Old) Town. Want to come along? Signal to the driver and tell him where you want to go. Assume 50 baht and in an hour to one and a half you are in Phuket Town. The ride is long because you have to stop several times along the way to let passengers in and out of the van. Want to get off, press the button and voila you are at your destination. A cheap and fun adventure!

The Phuket Airport Bus Express

As described above, a bus runs from the airport past Phuket Town through to Patong and back again. This way you can easily travel back and forth between Patong and Phuket Town. The last Airport Bus Express bus from Phuket Town to Patong doesn’t go very late, around 9pm or so. Keep this in mind or just grab a cab or regular bus back if you want to stay longer in Phuket (Old) Town. More information on the Phuket Airport Bus Express website.

The regular bus from Patong to Phuket Town

As far as we know, there are at least two regular bus services from Patong to Phuket Town and back. In the southern part of Patong Beach is the Patong Bus Station. Here you can find more information and board the bus. For 30 baht you can buy a one way ticket to Patong (Old) Town, which will take you half an hour to get to the (old) town.

The bus in Phuket Old Town on Phuket

By taxi from Patong to Phuket (Old) Town

By taxi you will be in Phuket Town in about 15 minutes (depending on traffic). Do not pay more than 550 baht for the fare, we think 450 baht is a decent price. If the driver is neat and friendly give them a tip. After all, the last few years have not been an easy time for them (Covid-19 period). A tip of 50 baht or even 100 baht is super cool – so much for one less drink or pad thai, right?

Dog with cab sign in Thailand

How to get to Patong from the south of Phuket? From Nai Harn Beach, for example.

What kind of activities and attractions are there in Patong?

At the beach, in the center and around the town of Patong, there is a lot to do! Here are some fun activities and attractions on land, sea and air.

Swimming, snorkeling and diving

Swimming in the sea of Patong is a true feast! The sea water is clear and nice and warm with an average of 28 degrees. In Patong there are many diving schools that are only too happy to take you to the best snorkeling and diving spots around Phuket and beyond. There are also tours to Koh Phi Phi or the Surin and Similan Islands. Crazy about the beautiful underwater world? Then book a two or three day overnight tour to the Surin Islands!

The sea of Patong Beach on Phuket, Thailand

With so called liveaboard trips you stay a few nights on a ship while visiting the most beautiful dive sites around Phuket. Of course the diving schools of Patong also offer a PADI Open Water Diving course. In our opinion the best place to do this is on Koh Tao. Koh Tao is one of the best and cheapest dive sites in all of Thailand. If you prefer to dive on Phuket, then Nai Harn, Kata Noi, Ya Nui and Laem Sing are good places to explore. Snorkeling spots in the immediate vicinity of Patong include Tri Trang Beach, Merlin Beach and Paradise Beach.

Bubble rings in the sea of Koh Tao

Parasailing, jet skiing and a ride on the banana boat

Parasailing and jet skiing are two very popular water sports off the coast of Patong. Especially in the middle part of the beach you can book a parasail trip for 700 baht, and a jet ski for half an hour can be rented for about 1,000 baht including a life jacket. A trip on a banana boat where you are tossed up and down and from side to side costs 300 baht per person. Let’s go bananas!

Parasailing above Patong Beach on Phuket

The infamous jet ski scam…. We have pointed out on our site many times that jet ski rental companies have misguided intentions. In short, the jet ski is already damaged, but this has been professionally removed. As soon as you return the jetski after use, they tell you that you caused damage and you have to pay for it. Therefore, always make a video and/or photos around the jet ski you rent. Also look carefully if there are no (in)conspicuous things that do not seem to be right and check the online reviews of the rental company in advance, often this will also help. 

If you want to rent jet skiing, rent it from KHIT Jet ski, a reliable rental company with very good service.

Jetskies in the sea of Patong on Phuket

Surfing and padding

The best place for surfing is in the north of Patong Beach or opposite Kalim Beach. Want to rent a surfboard, sup board or other equipment? Check out Andaman Sea Surf School. As the name suggests, they not only rent out equipment, but you can also get surf lessons here. A one-hour lesson costs 1,500 baht and for a two-day course of one and a half hours daily you pay 3,330 baht. Renting a surfboard or sup board costs 300 baht per hour and 700 baht for three hours. More information can be found on their website.

Surfing in the sea of Patong on Phuket, Thailand
Suppen in the sea of Patong on Phuket, Thailand

Across the middle of Patong Beach is Surf House Phuket. A surfers paradise for when the sea of Phuket is too calm or too rough. You can not only surf (flowboard), but also shop, party, eat and drink. In a basin, the FlowRider creates waves on which you can surf, this is very appropriately called flowboarding, an easy and accessible way to learn to surf. Expect to pay 1,000 baht per person for one hour of flowboarding including materials and food. Enjoy the waves!   

Surfing at Surf House in Patong


Wakeboarding in Patong is done at the Phuket Wake Park, the place to (learn) wakeboarding. If you get totally hooked you can even stay there. Phuket Wake Park Apartments consists of 28 rooms, a pool and a restaurant. Wakey wakey and back to wakeboarding is the motto! A double room costs 650 baht in low season and 1150 baht in high season per night. In the accompanying hostel you can stay for 420 baht per person per night.

If you only want to (learn) wakeboarding, the Big Cable (the course) can be used daily. The rates are 400 baht for two hours from Monday to Thursday and 450 baht for two hours on Friday to Sunday. A lesson costs about 1000 baht per hour and beginners get the special rate of 600 baht, which includes half an hour of private training, one hour on the course and all the gear you need to learn wakeboarding.

Wakeboarding at the Phuket Wake Park near Patong on Phuket
Wakeboarding at the Phuket Wake Park near Patong on Phuket
Wakeboarding at the Phuket Wake Park near Patong on Phuket

Activities on mainland

Besides all those fun water sports, there are of course plenty of fun things to do on the mainland of Patong. Lazy or very active, there is bound to be something for you.

A massage (on Patong Beach)

After a busy day in Patong or Phuket Town a (foot) massage on the beach is of course superfine! Everywhere on Patong Beach you’ll find small massage places where a Thai massage or foot massage of one hour costs between 100 and 400 baht. The prices depend mainly on the location and the professionalism of the masseur/masseuse. Of course, in the center of Patong you can also get a massage at more luxurious massage parlors where you can not only get a massage but also enjoy a beauty treatment throughout the day. These salons are obviously more expensive than those on the beach.

A massage on the beach of Patong

Picnic in Lo Ma Park (Dolphin Park)

Do as the locals do. Get some goodies from a local eatery, the 7-Eleven or a street food stall and then have a nice picnic in Lo Ma Park. This small park is located in the middle of Patong Beach. The park, which is right on the beach, is also called Dolphin Park, as lo ma means dolphin in Thai. 

Lo Ma Park or Dolphin Park adjacent to Patong Beach on Phuket

Visit a Muay Thai fight

At several locations in Patong you can visit Muay Thai matches. Like the Patong Boxing Stadium, which is open every Monday, Thursday and Saturday night from 21:00. Tickets are available from 1300 baht per person and a VIP ticket including free shirt is offered for 1,800 baht. If you are staying in Patong, Kata or Karon, you will be picked up and dropped off for free. You can book tickets online here.

A Muay Thai fight in Patong on Phuket
A Muay Thai fight in Patong on Phuket

Another popular place for Muay Thai matches in Patong is the Bangla Boxing Stadium, where you can go on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings from 21:00 to midnight. This stadium looks a bit more modern and is in terms of Muay Thai matches a bit more authentic. No shows here but real fights with both Thai and international Muay Thai boxers. A regular ticket costs 1700 baht and VIP seats cost 2500 baht. The Bangla Boxing Stadium is located opposite the Banzaan Market, not far from Bangla Road.

A Muay Thai fight in Patong on Phuket
Knock Out During a One Muay Thai Fight in Patong on Phuket

Flying Hanuman

Flying Hanuman offers a super cool experience where you whiz from tree to tree through the jungle of Phuket! A 15-minute drive from Patong Beach, you can book several options at the eco-friendly park, including platforms, ziplines, spiral stairways, sky bridge and an adrenaline descent. Needless to say, you’ll also get some drinks and fruit for coolness and energy.

The cheapest option costs 1,800 baht for an hour and the most expensive is almost 3,000 baht with the added bonus of lunch plus hours of fun in the lush jungle. There are two start times, at 08:00 and 15:00. More information can be found on the Flying Hanuman’s site.

Ziplining at Flying Hanuman near Patong on Phuket, Thailand
Ziplining at Flying Hanuman near Patong on Phuket, Thailand

Kathu Waterfall

The Kathu Waterfall in itself is not so spectacularly beautiful, but the surroundings all the more so. A fifteen minute drive from Patong, the waterfall itself is easily reached by a series of stairs. Keep in mind that there are about 1,000 stairs to climb if you want to go all the way to the top and bring extra (swimming) clothes if you want to take a refreshing splash in the water basin. 

Steps to the Kathu Waterfall near Patong and Kamala on Phuket
The Kathu Waterfall near Patong and Kamala on Phuket
The Kathu Waterfall near Patong and Kamala on Phuket

Wat Suwan Khiri Wong

In the northeast of Patong is the Wat Suwan Khiri Wong, also called Patong Temple or Wat Patong. From the center you are quickly there by public transport, a rented scooter or cab. Buddhist temple lovers can visit the Patong Temple daily from 07:00 to 15:00. A (small) donation will certainly be appreciated by the Buddhist monks. 

The word wat means temple in Thai.

Naga at the Wat Suwan Khiri Wong temple in Patong on Phuket
Wat Suwan Khiri Wong temple in Patong on Phuket

There is so much more to do in Patong! 

In addition to the above activities, there is so much more to do in Patong. For example, you can visit a number of small beaches in the immediate area, such as Tri Trang, Merlin, Paradise and Freedom Beach. North of Patong, less than half an hour away, are the beautiful beaches, Kamala, Surin and Bang Tao. Other activities in Patong and the surrounding area include an Escape Room, laser game center, bungee jumping or go-karting.

In the last part of this article we will discuss nightlife and shopping. We tip some very good accommodations and let you know where you can eat and drink in some great restaurants. Let’s start right away with some nice places with spectacular views over Patong!

Patong bay in the dark

Image: njphotos

Wassa Homemade Bar 

You’ll find the Wassa Homemade Bar in the mountains behind Patong. For convenience, we have marked this top spot on our map so you can drive there or ask for a cab. Every day between 16:30 and 00:00 you can enjoy tasty drinks and meals with a view that will blow your mind! A cocktail costs 250 baht, a soft drink 60 baht and a fruit shake 100 baht.

Lo Ma Park or Dolphin Park adjacent to Patong Beach on Phuket

Image: Natthakritta Phokaew

Grandpa’s Garden at Patong

The owner of 9 Zaab and No9 2nd Restaurant tipped us off to this nice place with an excellent view over Patong. Grandpa’s Garden is mainly known among Thai people, you won’t meet many Western tourists. During your visit, order a few tasty Thai dishes or have a few drinks while enjoying the green surroundings. Make sure you are brought here by an all-terrain vehicle or pick up, the road is quite impassable. Otherwise, send a message to Grandpa’s Facebook page or stop by 9 Zaab or No9 2nd Restaurant, they’ll know what to do.

Iced coffee with some goodies at Grandpa's Garden at Patong
Bowl with a dish at Grandpa's Garden at Patong
Beer during sunset at Grandpa's Garden at Patong

MOJJO Rooftop Bar Patong 

MOJJO Rooftop Bar Patong is part of the Skyview Resort Phuket Patong Beach. The bar offers visitors a perfect panorama of Patong and the Andaman Sea. The menu features delectable cocktails and South American snacks. From time to time there is an All You Can Eat Pizza night where for 399 baht you can have unlimited pizza for three hours. Happy Hour is on Friday and Saturday between 17:00 and 20:00, that makes us happy!

There is another MOJJO Rooftop Lounge & Bar, found on top of the Skyview Hotel in Bangkok. This cool rooftop bar we can hopefully add to our long list of sky bars in Bangkok next year (2022)! To be continued…

MOJJO Rooftop Bar of the Skyview Hotel Patong overlooking the city

Patong’s Nightlife 

Patong has some very good clubs where international artists perform regularly. But the nightlife in Patong also has a downside. Think of the tourists wandering or crawling on their way home. Or ladies who are forced into prostitution. Patong is the place on Phuket where you can party all night (and day) long. While we and many others in Thailand enjoy the beautiful nature, fine beaches and the good food and the occasional cocktail, other tourists in Thailand prefer to visit the go-go bars and the like. So too in Patong. Fortunately, there are also plenty of venues that know how to enrich Patong’s nightlife, such as the clubs, discotheques and bars below where you can have a super fun night. 

Warning sign with Drunken People Crossing on it in Bangla Road, Patong on Phuket

Bangla Road 

The street in Patong where both worlds meet is the immensely popular and infamous Bangla Road. Patong’s Walking Street is at right angles to Patong Beach and is 350 meters long. Scooters and cars are prohibited on Phuket’s most famous street, it’s not a walking street for nothing…. Soi Bangla (Soi stands for street in Thai) contains numerous bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs, nightclubs and of course a 7-Eleven can also be found. Most venues close at 01:00 and others go on all night. Be prepared for a fun night with banging music, dancing people, flickering neon lights, offered flyers with all kinds of “shows”, street performers, street food and most probably a few more surprises to come…

Jumble of billboards in Patong's Bangla Road on Phuket
Neon sign with Patong Beach Phuket Thailand on it above Bangla Road in Patong

Bangla Road is the place on Phuket for anyone who loves the nightlife. This could be a family looking to eat at a nice restaurant, a tourist looking to make a night of it or that couple looking to have fun drinking cocktails until midnight. In Bangla Walking Street, it’s all possible! As a family with young children, do keep in mind that there are a lot of scantily clad ladies and ladyboys walking around. This is also part of the “cultural” nightlife of Bangla Road and makes it what it is.

Moulin Rouge in Bangla Road, Phuket
Sign with Sexy Lady Show in Bangla Road, Phuket
Sexy Lady in Bangla Road, Phuket

The bests clubs and discotheques in Patong

Here are a few good nightlife spots in Patong where you can dance the night away and have a good time. 

  • Sugar Club Phuket
    Hip and happening with Hip Hop and R&B.
  • Illuzion Phuket
    From Dance to Hip Hop and from underground to commercial dance, you will find it all here.
  • Seduction Beach Club & Disco
    Here you can go wild from Thursday to Saturday, both inside and outside!
  • Tiger Night Club
    A commercial discotheque with several beer bars, pool tables and DJs.
  • Empire Discotheque
    Even more Hip Hop is to be found in this club with an industrial look.
  • KUDO Beach Club
    The hottest pool and beach parties can be found here at the beach of Patong!
  • Shelter Phuket
    Techno and/or house lover? This is the place to be! 
Tiger Night Club on Bangla Road in Patong on Phuket
Illuzions on Bangla Road in Patong on Phuket
KUDO Beach Club at Patong Beach on Phuket

Shopping in Patong

Besides going out, Patong is also a mecca for shopping! Not far from Patong Beach, Jungceylon and Banana Walk Mall are nice shopping malls. Of course there are also a number of (evening) markets to be found in Patong. After all that (window) shopping, there is also something nice to eat and/or drink. Below we zoom in on the most popular shopping malls and markets in Patong. Believe us, a visit to a Thai shopping mall is a welcome change when it’s too hot or very wet outside.


In 2016, Jungceylon became Patong’s largest shopping mall. The complex houses hundreds of stores, businesses and restaurants. In addition to lots of brand-name clothing, as in any reputable shopping mall in Thailand, there is also a mega-sized supermarket (Big C), cinema, bowling alley and food court. Jungceylon is open daily from 11:00 to 20:00 and you will find this shopping mall at the end of Soi Bangla, about 500 meters from the beach.

Levis winkel in Jungceylon Shopping Mall in Patong, Phuket
Charles & Keith winkel in Jungceylon Shopping Mall in Patong, Phuket

In addition to clothing stores, the 200,000 m2 Jungceylon also houses electronics stores, massage and beauty salons, banks, toy stores, jewelers and many more types of stores. After you have bought those nice souvenirs for home, you can visit the many restaurants, coffee shops and bars after shopping.

The large Sino-Portuguese ship at Jungceylon Mall in Patong, Phuket

The front part of Jungceylon at Patong Road 2 is called Silang Boulevard. Here you will find restaurants, beauty shops, massage parlors, sports stores and the Food Bazar. In the two areas, Thairapy and Sense of Wellness, you can enjoy a massage or beauty treatment to the fullest. Outside is The Port, a central square with a 20-meter ship in a pond. Water shows are regularly held around it.

The water show of Jungceylon in Patong on Phuket

In Sino Phuket the cultural aspect of the local culture is shown through a Sino-Portuguese architecture, you can visit the food court, but also stay at the Pimnara Boutique Hotel. In Phuket Square which includes a bowling alley, cinema and many nice stores, you can also perform as a nightingale in the hi-tech karaoke halls. And then there is IT Island, the place for electronics lovers and gadget freaks! Here you will find everything in the field of computers, cell phones, cameras and other gadgets. 

Besides the Pimnara Boutique Hotel there is another hotel in Jungceylon; the Millennium Resort Patong Phuket which gets a lot of good reviews.

Millennium Hotel Phuket, part of Jungceylon Mall, Patong

Banzaan Fresh Market

This is one of those lively (fresh) markets that we love! At the Banzaan Market you will find all kinds of (fresh) food both inside and outside. Think of countless kinds of tropical fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices. But of course also meat, fish and poultry. Even clothing, toys and souvenirs are featured here.

The escalator takes you to a food court where you can buy dishes and snacks and then gobble them up at the tables in the main hall. If you are looking for a neat fresh market where you can also eat cheaply and deliciously, then this is the place for you! The Banzaan Fresh Market is open daily from 06:00 to 20:00, but keep in mind that in the last hour many of the products are already sold out. By the way, this market is located in the extension of Bangla Road, just after Jungceylon. 

Front of the Banzaan Fresh Market in Patong, Phuket
Fresh produce such as vegetables at the Banzaan Fresh Market in Patong, Phuket
Street food at the Banzaan Fresh Market in Patong, Phuket

Banana Walk Beachfront Lifestyle Mall

Banana Walk is located on Beach Road, a few minutes walk from Bangla Road. The Banana Walk Beachfront Lifestyle Mall has three floors jam-packed with quaint stores, coffee shops like The Coffee Club, restaurants and beauty/massage salons. There is a beer garden where live performances are accompanied by a refreshing beer. Prefer the wine? Then do so at Wine Connection, a well-known restaurant chain with amazing wines and delectable food. You can also find Villa Market, a supermarket with a lot of western food and very well known among the expats. Banana Walk is open daily from 11:00 to 23:00 and is a nice change after a day on the beach at Patong Beach.

Banana Walk Mall just opposite Patong Beach
Banana Walk Mall just opposite Patong Beach

OTOP Shopping Paradise

A fun night market and not far from Patong Beach is the OTOP market. Here you can eat and drink to your heart’s content at the many street food stalls. You’ll also find the same touristy stuff you find everywhere on Thai (night) markets. Too bad, because this market was actually meant to offer handmade souvenirs and products from the region. Too bad, because a market like this would be very welcome in a place like Patong. The OTOP Market is open daily from 17:00 to 00:00 and can be found on Ruamchai Road near the Swissôtel Resort Phuket Patong Beach.

OTOP Market in Patong
OTOP Market in Patong
OTOP Marker in Patong

There are a number of other (evening) markets and shopping centers in Patong. These include the Paradise Night Market, the Malin Plaza Patong Night Market, Mille Malle shopping center and Central Patong, which recently opened its doors in 2019. Also currently (September 2021), the Anona Plaza, which will be located on Beach Road, is being worked hard on. This will be a mix of entertainment, dining, sleeping and shopping. Perhaps we will add Anona and other locations another time to this article about Patong.

Some other nice beaches near Patong

Click on the images to read more about these beaches in Phuket. 

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Which accommodations in Patong are the best?

There are so many good hostels, hotels and resorts in and around Patong that we have compiled a list of what we think are the best accommodations in Patong:

Chilling out on your pink inflatable flamingo in the pool of your resort in Patong on Phuket (Skyview Hotel Patong)

Despite the fact that our selected locations in Phuket have a very good reputation, it’s possible that due to (for example) new management the quality has become less good. Or unfortunately locations have been forced to close their doors because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic… If you have useful information, please let us know! Also, if you have a favorite restaurant or other great tip for Patong, be sure to let us know through our Thailand Magazine Facebook group, or Instagram and Facebook page. Via e-mail is also possible. THANKS!

A selection of the best restaurants in Patong

Patong has countless restaurants of which we have made a small selection of some not to be missed locations throughout this article and below. Whether you are looking for a nice breakfast, light lunch or superior dinner, Patong has it all! We mention a few unmissable Thai restaurants, but also the Italian, Japanese and Indian cuisine are well represented in the list below.

  • No9 2nd Restaurant
    Exquisite fresh sushi and Thai dishes can be found at No9 2nd Restaurant!
  • 9 Zaab
    From the same people as No9 2nd Restaurant, just very good.
  • Hern Coffee and Bistro
    Super nice place for a snack and drink almost at Patong Beach.
  • 22 Thanon Sanamyen
    This little restaurant was tipped off by a Thailand Magazine reader with the words, “It looks like a garage but, you can get extremely good food here!”.
  • Rim Talay
    Part of the Amari Phuket Hotel Patong where you can order a lot of delicious Thai food.
  • La Gritta
    Also belonging to the luxury Amari with a selection of phenomenal Italian dishes.
  • Baia del sole Phuket
    Another insanely good Italian restaurant with delectable dishes from la bella Italia! Located a bit out of the center but very reasonably priced!
  • Siam Thai Restaurant
    A typical Thai restaurant where the friendly staff serves delicious food quickly.
  • Amritsr Phuket
    Authentic food from northern India, highly recommended if you like Indian cuisine.
  • Chao Leh Kitchen
    Thai at its best in a super nice restaurant, part of the Four Points by Sheraton.
  • The Coffee Club
    You can’t dine here, but it is excellent for breakfast and lunch. You can also order an (iced) coffee or fruit shake – we are fans!
Babka's at Hern in Patong
Thai snacks at Rim Talay in Patong
Pad Thai at Chao Leh in Patong

Talking about good and tasty food… Of course you can find many kinds of street food all over Patong Beach and in town. We like to alternate this with a good restaurant. And sometimes… then we just take it easy and have a sandwich with a cool drink at the local 7-Eleven (or try something new)….

A tasty Roti Pancake in Patong

Our map of central Phuket

Especially for you, we made a map of middle Phuket with all the mentioned restaurants, clubs, markets, shopping malls and so on. Enjoy!


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