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Pastel Rooftop Bar And Mediterranean Restaurant

Pastel Rooftop Bar and Mediterranean Restaurant

An unforgettable evening with great cocktails and amazing food 100 meters above Bangkok’s street level

“Pastel is a fantastic rooftop bar & restaurant in Bangkok!” We share this enthusiasm time and again with others who (are about to) visit Bangkok. Having explored about twenty-five and twenty rooftop and sky bars in Bangkok, Pastel undoubtedly deserves the title “Bangkok’s most vibrant and atmospheric rooftop bar.” We arrived there early, peaked around midnight and were the last guests to walk out the door. Pastel is definitely one for the books, not only because of the party, but also thanks to the excellent service, unparalleled ambiance and of course delicious food and drinks! Below are our experiences and more information about this top venue that opened its doors on December 23, 2022.

Het logo van Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant met daarachter het fraai gedecoreerde plafond

Where in Bangkok is Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant located?

Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant, as this hotspot is officially known, has rapidly emerged as a popular rooftop bar and great high-altitude restaurant. It is located on the 22nd floor of the Aira Hotel in Soi Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok. Thanks to its central location in the Nana district, Pastel is easy to reach from any corner of the city. The BTS Nana station (skytrain) is literally around the corner, just a five-minute walk away. 

Pastel Rooftop Bar has an open side and offers a breathtaking panorama of the Bangkok skyline. Therefore, if possible, we highly recommend reserving a table on the outside during sunset. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

By the way, on Google Maps this amazing rooftop bar is called Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Dining, just so you know. More information about the Aira Hotel can be found via Booking.com end/or Agoda.

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The decor and design of Pastel Rooftop Bar

Pastel Bangkok is actually divided into three sections. First, there is the lounge, with comfortable sofas surrounding dining tables where you can enjoy excellent snacks and drinks. Next is the terrace, the outer section where we sat at round tables surrounded by relaxing chairs. Ideal for sunset and views of Bangkok. Finally, there is the bar area, where you can see the mixologists at work and where there is plenty of late night partying.

De bar van Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant

The decor of this fantastic rooftop bar is modern and elegant, with a stylish color palette of pastel shades, blue and white, complemented by pink neon letters. All this creates a warm and trendy atmosphere. We especially love the constantly changing color ceiling and the accompanying murals! Then there is the carefully selected and appropriate furniture, which simply completes Pastel. The staff’s corporate clothing and some maritime surprises here and there give Pastel another dimension without being overly nautical. Really great fun!

De rode loungebanken van Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant
Het terras vam Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant met uitzicht op de skyline van Bangkok

Pastel's visitors

The lucky guests who, like us, visit Pastel are a colorful mix of adventurous tourists, hip locals and expats looking for the best of the best. It is a popular spot for young professionals from Bangkok and surrounding areas who work hard during the week and want to relax afterwards. Thanks to the good music, fine ambiance, excellent service, delicious food and exquisite cocktails, Pastel Rooftop Bar is the perfect place for that! One thing is for sure: a visit to Pastel Rooftop Bar in Bangkok is a great experience, including a phenomenal view of the Thai capital.

Feestende mensen bij Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant . Bij Pastel in Bangkok weten ze wel hoe ze een feestje moeten vieren

The fantastic and unique Pastel atmosphere

In our opinion, the atmosphere while visiting Pastel is one of the “unique selling points” of this 100 meters high rooftop bar in Bangkok. Although the first impression upon entering may be trendy and slightly chic, the atmosphere is actually relaxed and open minded. The fantastic staff certainly plays a big part in this. What we especially like and find special is the little party at the table when, for example, the “Pastel On The Yacht” is served. But more on that later. In the last hours of the evening, there is not only a party at the table, but the whole section is partying opposite the bar, very fun to witness!

Pastel Bangkok is a great location to enjoy a cozy drink and delicious snack with your partner or a group of friends! We are very curious about your opinion on this rooftop bar in the Nana area. Let us know via our Bangkok Facebook page or in our Bangkok Whatsapp group.

Feestende mensen aan een tafel van Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant

Pastel Rooftop Bar's themed parties in Bangkok

Speaking of parties… At least once a month, Pastel Rooftop Bar also hosts themed parties. Several concepts have already passed the revue, some examples are Ladies Night, Amazonia, Pastel in Paris, Pastel Night Fever and the Tulum Edition.

Keep an eye on Pastel Bangkok’s calendar of events.

Ladies Night bij Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant in Bangkok
Amazonia thema avond bij

Great dining at Pastel Mediterranean Restaurant

Our first visit to Pastel – and believe us, more will follow – was with a group of five. Therefore, we opted for a variety of delicious Mediterranean appetizers that we could easily share.

Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Dining’s extensive menu offers an array of small dishes, a selection from the raw bar, salads, pastas and risottos, main courses with a choice of side dishes and the “share it” section. Whether you like a nice piece of meat, fresh fish, poultry or a vegetarian dish, Pastel has something for everyone!

Een pakketje met eten erin bij Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant

Sunset Menu with oysters and sparkling wines

During our first visit to Pastel, we were in good company with some fine friends. To start the evening off right, we as a party first chose something from the Sunset Menu. It was the start of a festive evening with the setting sun as the backdrop. We can’t stress it enough: make sure you really reserve a table here before sunset! Pastel’s Sunset Menu features a variety of oysters, a selection of bubbly and rosé wines and cocktails, including four different Spritz Aperitivo’s. Our choice fell on the oysters and bubbles!

Soon an ice-cold plate of six Gillardeau N4 oysters was served by a friendly lady from Pastel. Of course, sparkling wine was not to be missed, so we ordered a bottle of delicious Ferrari Maximum Blanc de Blancs to properly usher in our evening. We already knew this fresh sparkling wine, made from Chardonnay grapes grown in Italy, from our previous visit to one of the best restaurants in Asia, namely Le Du.

Check out the Sunset menu at Pastel Bangkok Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant.

Verse oesters, mousserende wijn en cocktails bij Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant in Bangkok

As the sun set and the day gradually turned to night, we asked some of the incredibly friendly staff for advice. “We want a mix, a tasting of this menu where you take us on a culinary Pastel journey, can you help us?” There was busy deliberation, and finally we were assured, “We will take good care of you!”. Yep, that amazing Pastel team certainly pulled that off incredibly good!

Sunset seen over Bangkok's skyline from Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant
Scooter with the text above "All in need is Pastel"

Numerous (small) dishes to share

From the “Small Plate” section, we received the vegetarian Focaccia Al Tartufo. This was a large round focaccia with black winter truffle, truffle ricotta and fior di latte (a type of mozzarella from around Naples, Italy). The Uni Croquetas with sea urchin and crab were truly unique and delectable! Finally, we were served a hefty tomato; how we shared it remains a mystery, but the Wagyu “Petit Farcis” with a spiced filling of Wagyu beef was extremely tasty.

These three delicious appetizers really took me back to my native Italy. The mozzarella from the neighborhood of my aunt who lives not far from Naples, the sea urchins from Sardinia where I visited so often as a child, and the tomatoes from the garden of my grandparents who owned a large plot of land in the middle of the country. Sigh, la bella Italia… But still I prefer Thailand!

De foccacia met truffel en kaas van Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant
De zee egel krokettjes van Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant
tomaat gevuld met wagyu bij Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant

Pastel's Signature Dishes

During our first visit to Pastel, we regularly saw a group of the Pastel team singing and hopping to a table with a spectacular boat full of seafood and other delicacies. Each time I thought, “I want that one too!” My wish came true when suddenly a merry band of the fabulous Pastel staff was already celebrating at our table, complete with fireworks!

The “Pastel On The Yacht” consisted of oysters, langoustines, a serving of raw Hamachi – a fish akin to mackerel – and a whole lobster. As a bonus, the boat serves the ‘Tuna Surprise: Chu Toro tuna tartare with avocado and puffed quinoa. Chu Toro is located just under the skin, at the back of the tuna’s belly – a very tasty piece of tuna! Of course, this majestic vessel is accompanied by some delicious sauces, it is a perfect dish to share. And not only offline, the “Pastel On The Yacht” is often shared online on Instagram and TikTok.

Pastel on the yacht met zeevruchten en
Pastel on the yacht met schaal- en schelpdieren tijdens onze avond uit bij Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant in Bangkok

In addition to this bountiful seafood boat, we also got a meat and fish dish. As a meat dish, the signature Rossini: a 200-gram tenderloin topped with a piece of foie gras and shavings of winter truffle, accompanied by asparagus and mashed potatoes. As our second dish, we had the pastis-balanced sea bass in a salt crust. Both were delicious, but my personal favorite was the fish!

By the way, the ‘Pastel French Fries’ with black truffle and Parmesan cheese were not to be sneezed at either. If you visit Pastel Rooftop Bar for a nice drink and snack, this is definitely a must.

Be sure to check out Pastel Bangkok Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Dining’s extensive menu.

Een tafel vol eten bij Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant

Pastel's dessert menu

After a heavenly meal at an altitude of about 100 meters, we were actually already satisfied, but we were urged to absolutely taste the dessert: the Baklava 2.0. This was presented to us as a delicious finale from Mediterranean cuisine, and it certainly was!

Pastel Bangkok’s dessert menu boasts about ten tempting desserts. Next time, we definitely want to try the Flowing Tiramisu, and the Jeux d’enfants that will make even adults happy. There is even a Dessert cocktail added to the menu: The Golden Palm. This cocktail is a mix of espresso, Caffe Bolgheri, 42 Below, salted caramel ice cream and – as the name suggests – gold leaf.

Also check out Pastel Bangkok Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant dessert menu.

Balkava 2.0 dessert met ijs, koek en nootjes bij Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant
Dessert met ijs, cake en fruit bij Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant

Heavenly cocktails at 100 meters high in the sky of Bangkok

Where there’s good food, there should definitely be good drinks too! And Pastel Rooftop Bar absolutely takes care of that. Their drink menu is as extensive as their food menu. In addition to a wide variety of spirits, fine wines, local and international beers and soft drinks, 

Pastel also offers inventive cocktails devised by experienced mixologists. After our festive start with a glass of Ferrari wine and oysters, we moved on to several rounds of cocktails served to us until late in the evening (or rather, until close). Below is a small selection of some of the cocktails we were served as a party of five. They were all outstanding!

Be sure to check out the drink menu at Pastel Bangkok Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant. Among the drinks we had from left to right and from top to bottom were del Cléopatra, Sexy Mykonos, La Belle Epoque, Sangria Rosso, Agrabah Ice Tea and Monte Carlo.

Een collage van de verschillende soorten cocktails bij Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant in Bangkok

New menu (late September 2023)

At the time of writing, Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant’s new menu has been released. Although we haven’t had a chance to taste this yet, we want to show you some previews. The most recent menus with dishes and drinks from Pastel Rooftop Bar in Bangkok can be found here.

Crostini op de nieuwe menukaart van Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant in Bangkok
Calamari op de nieuwe menukaart van Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant in Bangkok
Dessert op de nieuwe menukaart van Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant


As you may have already noticed on Pastel’s menus, the prices at Pastel Rooftop Bar are Western prices. Of course, compared to street food on the streets of Bangkok, this is on the pricey side, but we are talking about a high-end rooftop bar in Bangkok where the food and drinks are of high quality and everything is well taken care of down to the last detail.

As a couple, you can expect to pay around THB 4,000 for a fun night out at Pastel, including four cocktails and a bite to eat. But trust us, you’ll get an insanely fun and festive evening in return!

De professionele mixologist van Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant in Bangkok
Het nette en erg vriendelijke personeel van Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant in Bangkok

Our experience, a super fun night out!

Whether you are looking for a romantic night out, a place to party with friends, or just want to enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxed atmosphere, Pastel Rooftop Bar in Bangkok definitely does not disappoint. This festive rooftop bar offers an unforgettable evening of delicious food, great drinks and stunning views of the city.

With our experience of visiting nearly thirty rooftop bars/sky bars in Bangkok, we can say with certainty that Pastel Rooftop Bar is truly the very best rooftop bar when it comes to atmosphere. Here at the end of the night there really is a party. If you love that, you just have to experience this when you are in Bangkok!

Our huge compliments go out to the entire team at Pastel Bangkok. Everyone we have met, from the general manager to the DJ, and from the team on the floor to the kitchen, you are all amazing! We look forward to seeing you again and having a great night together – All we need is Pastel, THANKS!

Het superteam van Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Restaurant  in Bangkok

Five reasons why you should visit Pastel Rooftop Bar when in Bangkok

  1. What a party!: Enjoy entertainment such as performances by talented DJs, musicians, dancers, drummers and saxophonists, adding to the lively and festive atmosphere.
  2. Breathtaking views: Located on the 22nd floor of the Aira Hotel, Pastel Rooftop Bar offers panoramic views of the Bangkok skyline. A perfect place to enjoy both the view and delicious Mediterranean cuisine.
  3. The amazing staff: The team at Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Dining is amazing! Not only do they provide excellent service, but they really know how to create a party together with the guests!
  4. Food & Drink: Not only is the atmosphere outstanding, but the food and drinks are also of high quality. The dishes and cocktails are prepared with passion and craftsmanship, so you can expect an authentic and flavorful Mediterranean dining experience.
  5. Fixtures: The colors and materials used in Pastel match perfectly. The subtle maritime theme adds to the ambiance and completes the experience.In short conclusion, Pastel Rooftop Bar is a must-visit destination in Bangkok for an unforgettable evening of fun, breathtaking views, excellent food and drinks, and a great atmosphere!

General information such as opening hours and address of Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Dining

Pastel Rooftop Bar is open from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m., and sometimes even later. It is recommended to make reservations in advance, especially during sunset and weekends, as it can be quite crowded.
Reservations: pastelbangkok.com/reservations
Address: 22nd floor of the Aira Hotel, 14 Soi Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok 10110
Want to stay overnight at the Aira hotel after a fun night out? Then book a room through Booking.com and/or Agoda.
Phone number: +66 (0)9570 35679
E-mail: info@pastelbangkok.com
Website: pastelbangkok.com
Facebook: facebook.com/pastelbangkok
Instagram: instagram.com/pastelbangkok

The dresscode at Pastel Rooftop Bar

The dress code is casual chic, so sportswear, flip-flops, sleeveless tops and open shoes for men are not allowed

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