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Old tree in the white sand with a plate from a restaurant
Tree on the white sand of Coral Beach with sign of restaurant


Pakarang Beach, also called Coral Beach, is an extension of Khuk Khak Beach on the other side it borders Cape Pakarang. There are only a handful of resorts on this almost deserted beach. The sea is a long stretch of shallow and during low tide the beach is very wide so you can make endless walks on the beach. Swimming is more difficult, but if you sleep here at the beach there is nothing wrong because the resorts have beautiful large swimming pools.

Apsara Resort with walkway seen from above

Image: Apsara Beachfront Resort

Surfing and Kayaking

In the monsoon season, between May and October, there are many more waves. Then surfing is a popular activity in the waters of Pakarang Beach. If you want you can take surfing lessons and rent surfboards or kayaks at the Memories Beach Bar (200 baht / 1 hour). You can take surfing lessons for 1.000 baht per hour.

Memories Beach Bar with cabins and atmospheric lighting on the beach

Image: Memories Beach Bar

At the Memories Beach Bar there is the most entertainment on the beach. In addition, there are a few small restaurants and bars, further it is here mainly to enjoy the tranquility at your resort. The center of Khao Lak is about 20 minutes drive away. You can sleep at Coral Beach in the Apsara Beachfront Resort & Villa and The Grand Southsea Khaolak Beach Resort.

Apsara Beachfront Resort room with access to the pool
Beautiful beachfront resort seen from above
Golden brown sandy beach with sail boat

Pakarang Cape 

Pakarang Cape is located in the extension of Pakarang Beach. The beach here runs in a kind of winding pointed shape. Leam Pakarang as it is also called here means coral point. At low tide you can walk a long way over this point, a good place to watch the sunset and the fishing boats. In this part of the water there are many rocks and the sea is shallow. On the beach near Cape Pakarang you can see a lot of dead coral, that is where the name Coral Beach comes from.

Loungers on White Sand Beach, Khao Lacquer

From Pakarang Beach you can walk to the beautiful beaches White Sand Beach and Coconut Beach. By scooter from the Apsara Beachfront Resort & Villa you can get there in 10 minutes. Nang Thong, the center of Khao Lak, is about 20 minutes drive away.

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Pakarang Beach en Cape

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