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white beach with sunbeds and umbrellas on a blue sea
white beach with sunbeds and umbrellas on a blue sea

Image: Netfalls


Pak Weep Beach is located directly north of Coconut Beach. On the other side borders Bang Sak Beach where you will come by yourself if you take a long walk along the beach. Pak Weep is about fifteen minutes drive by cab to the Nang Thong Beach / La On Village, the center of Khao Lak.

Sunbeds at the beach of Pak Weeb Beach in Khao Lak

Family friendly beach destination

Pak Weep Beach is often referred to as Khao Lak’s most family-friendly beach. This is because the beach really takes children into account. There are slides, climbing frames, toys and swings in the trees. In addition, the clear sea is usually calm with few waves.

Aerial photo of the Mai Khaolak Beach Resort & Spa

Clean natural beaches

The beach of Pak Weep is interrupted here and there by small rocks and is bordered by trees that provide fine shade. Between these trees are luxury resorts, nice little bars and eateries that sell delicious Thai food. Also massages on the beach are possible. Hiring sunbeds and umbrellas on Pak Weep Beach is not allowed.

About halfway Pak Weep Beach you have to cross a wooden bridge at high tide to continue walking without getting your feet wet. Near the footbridge there are nice places where you can eat and drink something.

View from behind rocks on Pak Weeb Beach across the street

Restaurants and bars at Pak Weep Beach

Delicious lunch or dinner with your feet in the sand, who wouldn’t want that? Pak Weep has a nice selection of good but also affordable restaurants. There are a few nice bars on the beach, most have happy hour while the sun slowly sinks into the sea.

The Rock Beach Bar & Restaurant

This bar probably owes its name to the peculiar pointed rocks sticking out of the sand here. There is a cozy wooden bar with seats, sunbeds and beanbags in the sand. You can easily find The Rock Bar by the lights in the trees. Of course there is happy hour here as well. You can find The Rock Bar on the very southern part of Pak Weep Beach. If you walk a little further you’ll come to Coconut Beach where there are also nice bars.

Pason Restaurant & Bar

Tasty and affordable food in a cozy setting. Pason is a super nice place to have lunch in the shade of the trees or dine overlooking the sunset. Between 16:30 and 19:00 it’s happy hour and cocktails only cost 100 baht. There is an extensive menu on which of course fresh fish is not lacking. For the children there are playground equipment and toys.

People at bar with thatched roof on the beach
Row of palm trees on beach with shade in the sand

The restaurants, bars and accommodations selected by us are very well regarded. Nevertheless, it may be the case that the quality of the location deteriorates due to, for example, new management. A location can also close down. To keep Thailand Magazine as up to date as possible we would like to hear from you! If you have had a negative experience or have a own favourite spot in Thailand, please let us know by mail, Instagram or Facebook. Thanks!

Krua Thai Restaurant TIP

Krua Thai is a popular restaurant at Pak Weep Beach. So popular that it’s not a bad idea to make a reservation if you want to get a place here. This restaurant is even one of the best restaurants in all of Khao Lak and has romantic spots under the trees on the beach. The restaurant is located near the canal with the wooden walkway. This restaurant is different than you would think given the location. Krua Thai is not expensive and has a good price/quality ratio. The restaurant is also run by a friendly family. We can not imagine what is left to be desired. Recommended!

Boom Boom Restaurant and Bar

The Boom Boom Restaurant are the neighbors of the KruaThai Restaurant. They also have a good reputation to uphold. The dishes are cheap and tasty. There is an extensive cocktail menu and happy hour between 17:00 and 19:00.

Freshy Bar

The Freshy Bar is a sweet little van that has been converted into a bar with colorful disco lights. Around the van are plastic chairs in the sand overlooking the sea. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be that complicated, because what else do you need? Between 16:00 and 18:30 it is happy hour and all cocktails are 99 baht. Make sure you’re here because the Freshy Bar is also a beautiful place to watch the sunset. With a cocktail or shake in your hand of course!

Bus of Freshy Bar on the beach with plastic chairs, sale of cocktails on the beach

Sights around Pak Weep Beach

Pak Weep is perfect for relaxing days by the sea or long walks along the beautiful coastline of Khao Lak. If you manage to leave the lovely beach there are a few fun activities in the immediate vicinity.

Sai Rung Waterfall / Rainbow Waterfall

A beautiful waterfall that is especially worth a visit in the low season. In the high season (dry season) the waterfall can be less beautiful because there is little water. When the sun is shining and you are there at the right time, you can see a rainbow. From the parking lot it’s a half hour to three quarters of an hour walk. The last part of the route is the path dotted with rocks. At the waterfall you can swim and paddle. Thai children and a single tourist glide down along the lower part of the waterfall.  A fun and refreshing activity! The Sai Rung Waterfall is located 3 km from Pak Weep Beach.

Not far from the waterfall is the restaurant Klong Koo. Here tables are set up in a shallow part of a babbling river, here you eat with your feet in the water!

Swimming at Ton Prai waterfall in National Park Khao Lak
Restaurant Klong Koo eat with your feet in the water in Khao Lak
people eating at a table with their feet in the water

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Spending the night at Pak Weep Beach

There are 3 major resorts at Pak Weep Beach, two of which are a 5-star resort. So when it comes to luxury and pampering, it’s okay if you go to spend the night at the beach of Pak Weep.

Robinson Club Khao Lak

Robinson Club is a beautiful 5-star resort with excellent service for parents with children. From baby bath, baby carriage to baby monitors everything is available on request. Daily activities are organized for children up to 12 years old. Robinson Club Khao Lak is a great family resort! There are also villas with private pools available.
More info

Beyond Resort Khaolak

Beyond Resort is an Adult Only 4-star resort, great if you travel without small children and need peace and quiet. The resort has a beautiful garden with lots of flowers. There is a large swimming pool with sun loungers in the water at the beach. For ultimate privacy and tranquility there are also villas with private pools available.
More info

Photo taken from the air from the Robinson Club Khao Lak
Palm trees and luxurious sunbeds at the pool of the Beyond Resort Khaolak

Mai Khaolak Beach Resort & Spa (TUI BLUE Mai Khaolak)

This is a popular resort at Pak Weep Beach. The 5-star resort has a beautiful large swimming pool that meanders throughout the resort. Mai Khaolak Beach Resort & Spa has many different types of rooms and suites available including family rooms with cribs. The resort is located in a central location of Pak Weep Beach near nice restaurants. Entertainment for children is plentiful but adults can also have a great time here!
More info

Mai Khaolak Beach Resort & Spa Room with large double bed and direct access to the resort pool
Lounge sofa on the private terrace with access to the swimming pool at Mai Khaolak Beach Resort & Spa

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