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In the north of Thailand, between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, lies the lovely pittoresque village of Pai. In the old days you mainly came across backpackers here who stayed much longer than planned, some even never left. This is understandable because the hip, charming village is a place where everyone quickly feels at home!

From Chiang Mai you’re about three nauseating hours. What’s that for? Shortly through the bend, the road to Pai has no less than 762 bends and that’s just one bend too many for many. But once you’ve completed 762 bends and arrived at your destination, you soon realize that the drive was worth it! Rent a scooter and explore the area because “all roads lead back to Pai”. You can hardly get lost in the area because you always end up on the way back.

By the way, you can also rent a scooter in Chiang Mai and drive there yourself. It’s even possible that your backpack will be brought to you in Pai and that you only have to ride yourself (with possible fellow passenger) without a heavy backpack. Would you like to organize it all easier and money doesn’t play a role? Then a flight from Chiang Mai might be something for you… (update was a flight, not anymore)

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