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Sushi stall at the Pai Night Market on Pai Walking Street
Sushi stall at the Pai Night Market on Pai Walking Street

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Upon arrival in Pai you will most likely arrive in Pai Walking Street. This if you have taken a van from Chiang Mai, for example. During your visit to Pai you will probably drive through it several times with your (rented) scooter. And there’s a good chance that you will have at least one night of your multi-day stay here for a few snacks and drinks during the Pai night Market. A night market in the heart of the charming village of Pai. A place where you can stroll through and sit and enjoy the variety of people passing by.

Walking street by day

Image: ThailandMagazine.com

During the day in Pai Walking Street

During the day Pai Walking Street is a fairly quiet street where you can score breakfast, lunch or coffee/drinks here and there. You can also rent scooters here and there with which you can easily explore the surroundings of Pai. Furthermore, the Walking Street is full of clothes shops, souvenir shops and massage parlours. Also you can also book a place to sleep at the hotels and hostels located on this street. Nice and central!

Collage Pai Walking Street / Pai Night Market

Pai Walking Street & Night Market

What appears to be a sleeping street during the day wakes up around the time the sun sets. Almost the entire street becomes a large market with market stalls and shops on both sides (Pai Night Market). Even though Pai has many good restaurants, you can also choose to make a street food buffet during your walk down this street. In addition to clothing and food, you’ll also find many artists displaying their works of art such as jewelry or paintings along the way. The Pai Night Market on Pai Walking Street is between 500 and 1,000 meters long depending on the low or high season. A walk at a leisurely pace with a stop here and there will take a maximum of half an hour.

collage stalletjes op de Pai Night Market in Pai Walking Street

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Pai Walking Street by night

Between about 22:00 and 23:00 the market stalls, shops and food stalls close. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there is nothing left to do in Pai Walking Street. A number of restaurants stay open and most bars only close when the last visitor leaves. These bars in and around Walking Street often play live music or have a DJ spinning. Enjoy a few more drinks and then go back to bed so that the next day you can (again) discover the beautiful surroundings of Pai.

Nightlife in Pai

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What to do in the vicinity of Pai Walking Street

We found some nice options for you in the area. From well-appreciated places to sleep and restaurants to places of interest and bars that are worth a visit.

Adres: Rungsiyanon Street
Pai Night Market opens at 18:00
Pai Night Market closes at 22:00 (sometimes 23:00)


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