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Pai Land Split in the north of Thailand
Pai Land Split in the north of Thailand


Around the village of Pai the geological forces of Mother Earth are clearly visible. You will find a number of waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, mountain formations and the Pai Land Split. From the village of Pai it is a twenty minute drive by scooter. Nice to visit and see but not very special.

We still spend two hours visiting the Pai Land Split. The Land Split in Pai is a nice example of how humans knows how to turn a problem into a solution. If you are in Pai visit this location for a (short) visit and support the friendly Thai family with a financial donation. For this you will get a biology lesson about what is growing and flourishing in Pai including a vegan tasting.

The sign with The Land Split on it (Pai Thailand)
The Pai Land Split

Pai Land Split’s history

Before the land got a gorge / split, the Pai Land Split was a perfectly normal piece of land of a farmer family in the region of Pai. The family grew crops there like so many farmers in the region. Until a small earthquake in 2008 caused a crack to appear. The Pai Land Split was born… And because there is a fault line at the exact location of this piece of land, the Pai Land Split “grows” further and further out of its seams. The earthquakes in the region in 2009 and 2011 caused even more fissures to form along this fault line.

Support your local farmers sign at the Pai Land Split

Image: ThailandMagazine.com

Currently (in the year 2018) the crack is about two meters wide and in some places eleven meters deep. As the land was no longer usable, the farmer came up with a plan out of necessity. He would give the many visitors to Pai a place where they could make a stop along the way. In exchange for a donation you can visit the Pai Land Split. You will even get something to snack and drink. That’s peasant wisdom!

The family has to make a living from donations given (and some sales of products to visitors). You can decide how much you give but at least give something to support these friendly people.

A donation is greatly appreciated at the Pai Land Split
A walkway in the Pai Land Split

What is there to “experience” during your visit to the Pai Land Split?

On the grounds of the Pai Land Split there is a mapped trail that you can walk either to the left or to the right. This gives you a view of the gorge and along the way you will see various shrubs, trees and plants marked with name signs. Well it is not only geography but also a lesson in biology that you get during your visit to this location. The Pai Land Split was not very exciting for us. What we did find exciting was that we walked into a red ant’s nest and were attacked by dozens of biting ants. Yes on the Pai Land Split is eating or being eaten.

There is a chance that you will encounter a spider or snake. Just pay attention to where you put your hands and feet during your visit to the Pai Land Split.

Papaya on the trees on the grounds of the Pai Land Split
A large crack in the ground at the Pai Land Split
Spices, vegetables and fruit on the grounds of the Pai Land Split

Image: ThailandMagazine.com

Snacks and drinks during our visit

What made the visit to the Pai Land Split pleasant is the hospitable and friendly farming family that manages this area. Upon arrival you will be welcomed immediately and given a glass of refreshing cold roselle drink. This drink is made from a hibiscus plant where the flowers are used to brew this lightly perfumed drink. After a walk on the land you will get several trays with snacks on your return.

Strange bug while we visited the Pai Land Split in Thailand

Image: ThailandMagazine.com

We got banana chips, sweet potato, tamarind and tamarind paste, peanuts, longkong (fruit), mango and papaya. Quite a meal and many vegans crave during a walk on dry, arid ground in the north of Thailand. You don’t have to pay anything for all this delicacy. However, it’s expected that you donate something in the special “donation box” at the entrance. When we left we got some bananas with us. On to our next destination, the Pam Bok waterfall a 10 minutes drive away.

If you are not familiar with the local products then this is your chance to taste them, such as lesser known longkong fruit or banana chips with tamarind pasta.

Snacks and drinks at the Pai Land Split (Longkong, sweet potato, banana chips, peanuts, Mango etc.)

Image: ThailandMagazine.com



Information about the Pai Land Split

Open: Daily from 09:00 to 17:00
Admission: Free of charge, they do expect a donation
Address : Tambon Amphoe Pai, Chang Wat, Thung Yao, Mae Hong Son 58130, Thailand
Route from Pai center: From Pai center you leave in a southerly direction via Highway 1095. When you see the sign Land Split turn right and follow the road for another 2 km. Route via Google Maps.

Image: ThailandMagazine.com

The guestbook of the Pai Land Split in Thailand

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