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An electric tuk tuk from MuvMi in Bangkok, Thailand
An electric tuk tuk from MuvMi in Bangkok, Thailand

Image: MuvMi


Since 2018, Bangkok has a new means of public transportation, and what a one. MuvMi is green, noiseless, convenient and well priced! Meanwhile, by the beginning of 2022, MuvMi already has more than 100 electric tuk tuks running through Bangkok. More than 1 million passengers have already used this great service including us.

Despite the fact that sometimes nothing beats a roaring, rattling tuk tuk tearing through the streets of Bangkok, we are converted. This is the future of the tuk tuk in Bangkok, yes MuvMi is here to stay! 

A MuvMi tuk tuk in Bangkok, Thailand

ordinary tuk tuk | Image: Dave (Flickr)

An old-fashioned tuk tuk in Bangkok, Thailand

A thouhgt that became reality

The idea behind MuvMi was simple: Embrace modern IT capabilities such as an app and connect it to a mode of transportation that can transport parties over small distances. The creators of MuvMi saw that there was a gap to fill next to the BTS (Sky Train) and MRT (Metro) in Bangkok. The electric tuk tuk offered them this solution, as it is maneuverable among the heavy traffic and can also get to the more difficult to reach alleys and streets. A big advantage of an electric motor is that it is a lot less environmentally damaging and also quieter. 

Then there is the “shared riding” element that MuvMi takes advantage of. Users may be sharing the planned ride with a few more passengers. That’s why the service is so inexpensive and also extra sustainable. Another point for the environment, hooray! Three cheers for MuvMi, because this is truly an insanely good idea! 

Happy passenger in an electric tuk tuk from MuvMi Thailand

Image: MuvMi

We don’t like MuvMi… We LOVE MuvMi!

Even before we had a chance to use MuvMi ourselves, we secretly had butterflies in our stomachs when we heard about it. MuvMi contributes to a better world and embraces the possibilities of the digital world. In addition, it is a cool 100% electric tricycle that moves silently through the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. And indeed, we are totally in love with MuvMi! During our last visit to Bangkok (late 2021/early 2022), we used MuvMi several times. We can’t wait to use this grandiose mode of transportation through Bangkok again!

A MuvMi Tuk Tuk pick up point near Mercure Bangkok Siam and National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand

Image: Thailand Magazine

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Clean and silent

There are very many reasons why we (and you soon) are fans of MuvMi. Bangkok is a great city, but the air pollution is terrible! That’s partly why MuvMi is such a fantastic addition to the city’s public transportation system. MuvMi’s 100% electric tuk tuks contribute quite a bit to a cleaner and quieter Bangkok. In each area where MuvMi operates, there are a number of charging stations where the tuk tuks can “refuel”. This is why we chose to split MuvMi’s service into different areas. A tuk tuk can then quickly reach a charging point and, after being recharged, can be used again immediately.

MuvMi is all electric

Image: MuvMi

The MuvMi App

MuvMi uses a handy and simple app that you can download from the Apple or Android store. After downloading, enter your Thai phone number and get your first ride all for free! Use referral code 8D14A2 to support us, because then we also get a free ride (:-…. After registration you can start booking your first MuvMi trip! From our own experience we can tell you that the app is very easy to use! 

Only owners of a Thai mobile number can use the app and service of MuvMi (end 2021).

First ride for free!

Again, the first ride with MuvMi is really completely free! This way you can test in an area how it works and experience if this whisper quiet and environmentally conscious way of traveling through Bangkok is also for you! After your first ride, you can choose to add credit to your app. Use referral code 8D14A2, that makes us happy too!

MuvMi tuk tuk in Bangkok, Thailand

Image: MuvMi

Very easy to use

After installing the MuvMi app and your free ride, using the app is child’s play. If you like the service of MuvMi, then after the first ride you will add credit (bahs) to your personal MuvMi account. After this first deposit, MuvMi will also give you a bonus. Our advice, first transfer 100 to 300 THB. This way you have enough credit for a number of rides, depending of course on the number of people you travel with and how often you plan to use this convenient service. We can tell you, however, that your feet will be overjoyed if you replace MuvMi with the leg cart a few times.

There are several ways to transfer money to your account, but most tourists use a credit card or Wise card to transfer money. It is also possible to transfer money via bank transfer, but we have no idea how long this takes. We ourselves used the credit card option. Users who hold a Thai bank account can also pay via a QR code. Finally, there is also a voucher option, this is often used as a marketing or promotional tool.

Image: MuvMi

In the menu you can then choose the areas. At the moment (early 2022) there are seven areas where MuvMi runs. These will be expanded in the near future. For most tourists in Bangkok, the areas where MuvMi is currently driving are already very practical. Through the menu, you can also share a code with your friends with which you can build up extra credit in your MuvMi. Of course you can also share our code (8D14A2) if you like us. There is also an option to contact us. This is useful if something happens such as a disagreement with the driver, a forgotten bag or for other questions.

If you have chosen one of the seven areas in the menu, you end up in a map where you see all the dots. You can also zoom in and out to enlarge or reduce the area. If you know where you want to get on and off, then you can also fill that in with the From To option. After you have indicated your starting and ending destination, click on next. 

Image: MuvMi

Now you can choose how many people you want to take the route with, we as a couple obviously chose two. A total of six passengers can take a tuk tuk. We ourselves have not experienced this while using a MuvMi tuk tuk, but it could be that you share the ride. Cozy right? You can also choose to order a whole tuk tuk, then you can be sure that you have no co-drivers. Then you can make the payment and click “request car”. 

The next screen shows you where you can get in, including a picture of the pickup point and how long it will take for the driver to arrive. Also information about the tuk tuk itself such as the license plate number and the name of the driver is shared with you.

We had some trouble finding the exact pick-up point during our first two rides. We hope that in the future MuvMi can implement Google Maps or something similar.

Last thing you need to do is scan the QR code of the MuvMi tuk tuk before you take your seat. After that buckle up and your ready to go!

Image: MuvMi


What from 10 THB? Yes, a ride with MuvMi starts at 10 THB per person. The most expensive ride, as far as we know, costs 75 THB. As an example, we (as a couple) spent a total of 69 THB for a ride from Khao San Road to Chinatown. This is so much cheaper than a cab, grab or real tuk tuk! Just another one of the many benefits of MuvMi!

MuvMi’s tuk tuks run between 06:30 and 21:30. After that time, you can use the old-fashioned tuk tuks in Bangkok.

Image: MuvMi

The six (actually seven) MuvMi areas

At the time of writing (February 2022), MuvMi can be used in seven areas of Bangkok. Unfortunately, with MuvMi it is not possible to travel from one area to another, so transportation remains within the boundaries of an area. Below we explain a little more about the seven different MuvMi regions. Because two areas are so close to each other, MuvMi has brought them under one area, namely Phahol and Kaset. 

MuvMi's early 2022 zones in Bangkok, Thailand

Image: MuvMi

To make it a bit easier for you as readers, we also mention a few well-known locations so that there might be some recognition points per area. We have also listed the areas that are most familiar to tourists first. MuvMi will be a handy means of transportation for Thailand Magazine to discover Bangkok better and easier. We can explore a district faster this way and it provides (less) tired feet!


Khao San Road, whether you are a fan of this famous backpacker street or not, (almost) everyone knows KSR. Also in the area of Khao San Road the electric tuk tuks of MuvMi are driving around! Also, there is a stop at the nicer, at least we think so, Rambuttri Road. Of course, MuvMi’s tuk tuks also stop near tourist attractions like Wat Pho, Wat Saket, The Grand Palace and Chinatown.   

Photo of people partying with link to Khao San Road,l euke neighborhood in Bangkok
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Photo with link to information Chinatown Yaowarat Road, one of Bangkok's popular neighborhoods in Thailand.

Asoke and Nana

Asoke, also written as Asok, is one of our favorite neighborhoods and we have stayed here regularly, such as at the beautiful Westin. Asoke is home to the huge Terminal 21 shopping mall, for example, but KoreaTown is also very nice to visit, especially if you like Korean cuisine!

Nana is getting trendier and hipper, and we have also slept here regularly, the last time in January 2022 at the Novotel on Sukhumvit 4. Among other things, Nana has some cool sky bars, like Above Eleven and Spectrum.  

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Chula and Samyan

Chula, which we call the Siam area ourselves, is our favorite area in Bangkok. Almost always when we visit Bangkok, we spend at least a couple of nights here. For example, at the Mercure Bangkok Siam. This area is the center of downtown where lots of shopping malls are practically next to each other, like MBK Center, Siam Paragon and CentralWord. Also the super cool Red Sky (restaurant and sky bar) is located in this area. 

Samyan is located east of Chula and is adjacent to Lumpini Park. Convenient because after a day of shopping you can go directly to the park to relax. 

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Ari and Pradat

Ari is Bangkok’s hip district where many young Thais and expats like to visit. This area has many trendy cafes and coffee shops, an area with a rich coffee culture.

Pradipat is a district in Bangkok where you can eat deliciously and cheaply and where you can take MuvMi to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Chatuchak Weekend Market is the largest market in Thailand and perhaps in all of Asia.

Phahol and Kaset

Actually, these are two of the seven MuvMi regions, but because they pretty much blend together and there was a lot of demand from MuvMi travelers, MuvMi decided to combine them into one big region. Both regions are virtually unknown to us. Phahol, which is actually called Phaholyothin, consists mainly of office buildings and residential areas and we know that in Kaset there is a large university, the Kasetsart University. Further location unknown…


On-Nut is not very far from Bang Kachao, where we rode our bikes across a special island in the middle of Bangkok. But even in On-Nut, we have yet to figure out the area. Bangkok is just huge! We are sure that MuvMi will help us discover Bangkok further and faster!

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MuvMi is the future!

First of all, we are convinced that visitors to Bangkok will increasingly spot a MuvMi tuk tuk. It is expected that by the end of 2022, there will be more than 1,000 electric tuk tuks running through all the neighborhoods of Bangkok! Perhaps the next step is a MuvMi Longtail boat through the canals of Bangkok?

The caravan with MuvMi tuk tuks in Bangkok, Thailand

Image: MuvMi

MuvMi is the future!

Image: MuvMi


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