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Sculpture in a museum in Bangkok


Bangkok may be a hypermodern city, but behind all those flickering lights and luxurious shopping malls is a large selection of museums and cultural sights that give an insight into the special Thai history and culture.  Of course, first of all there are the many temples with often special art treasures, on which alone you can spend your entire holiday!

In addition, Bangkok has at least one hundred museums that you can visit. Some even have a very special setting. For example, you can go to the Erawan Museum. This is located in the body of a giant three-headed elephant. Or to Ancient City, an open air museum through which you have to ride a bike or golf cart because it is just too big to walk.

You can also discover many art treasures at the markets. At the Chatuchak Weekend Market, for example, a whole section is dedicated to (modern) art and you can sometimes see the artists themselves at work. In short, there is enough – or almost too much – to see in Bangkok for the art and culture lover!

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