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Busy runway in front of MBK Center in Bangkok
Drukke autoweg voor de deur van MBK Center


The MBK Center is a jumble of (small) shops which makes it look a bit like a market, but completely covered and not unimportant, with air conditioning. MBK Center is not hypermodern but it has its charm. You can wander around for hours, sometimes involuntarily because you easily get lost between the more than 2.500 shops. The MBK mall is popular among young Thai and tourists, partly because the prices here are affordable. In MBK you can shop cheap but you have to negotiate for that! Negotiating, also called haggling is a must here (like at many places in Thailand) because otherwise you will pay too much. It is smart to orientate yourself first, because the same product can be cheaper 3 shops further down the road. 

Escalators at MBK Center
Small shops at MBK Center

What is sold in MBK Center?

In the MBK Center you can buy pretty much everything in the field of clothing, accessories, souvenirs, electronics and household supplies. There are also a lot of counterfeit items sold. Here you can buy a real but different Diesel shirt for little. Of course we mean the same but different (typical expression in Thailand). Usually, but not always, the sellers are honest about it when you ask about it. But often the asking price says enough to know it’s a counterfeit product. In the phone department we could choose from an original iPhone, a reasonably good counterfeit iPhone and something that actually only has the appearance of an iPhone. Each category has a different price tag.

Haggling and negotiating about the price is the most normal thing in Thailand but you must have the intention to buy the product. Haggling for it when you don’t really want to buy anything is not the intention.

Man on his phone behind the counter at a little electronica shop in MBK Center

Electronics, clothing, make-up and good food!

The MBK Center has 7 floors and each floor usually sells products in a certain category. The first 3 floors are mainly focused on selling clothing, accessories and cosmetics. Here you can also get a manicure or a cheap facial treatment. The 4th floor is almost entirely occupied by electronics and gadgets, the place if you are looking for a cheap drone or wireless earplugs for example. For phones and accessories you have to be at Mobile Mania because whether you are looking for the very first Nokia from 1827 or the latest one, Mobile Mania has it! At Mobile Mania it is also possible to sell and/or exchange your own old phone.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest discounts and promotions, install the MBK app on your phone: download link for Android and download link for iOS.

Cheap food at MBK Center

The 5th floor also consists partly of electronics but mainly in the field of camera supplies. There is also an outlet store of local and international brands. In addition to the camera supplies and outlet store, Fifth Food Avenue ensures that you have enough energy to continue shopping. On the 6th floor there is a mix of clothing, art work (Graft Village) and Food Island. The 7th floor is dedicated to even more food and entertainment. Here you can go to the cinema, go bowling or loose on the slot machines in the large Arcade Hall Hero City and eat a hamburger at a famous fast food chain.

Bij Fifth Food Avenue worden ze blij van elke toerist en daarom krijg je op vertoon van je paspoort een gratis drankje.

Tokyu Department Store

And then there is the Japanese Tokyu Department Store attached to MBK Center. You’ll also find clothing, shoes, cosmetics and accessories in this four-storey shopping mall. However, unlike at MBK, you can assume that the brands on offer are real. On the 4th floor you will find food stalls (Thai/Japanese). There is also a supermarket that is known for its large collection of dried fruit. On the ground floor of MBK Center there is also a TOPS supermarket.

The square in front of MBK Center

At the end of the month (when the salary is paid) the offers are often exhibited on the ground floor and sometimes MBK Center stays open until midnight.

Information: MBK Center

Open: Daily from 10:00 – 22:00
Phayathai Road., Pathumwan Bangkok 10330
Pathum Wan
Route BTS: National Stadium Station is almost next to the MBK Center, take exit 4.

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