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De Mahanakhon CUBE vanaf de straat gezien
De Mahanakhon CUBE vanaf de straat gezien

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE


The ultimate foodie paradise next to Bangkok’s most popular attraction

We have another great tasty tip for you! This time before or after you visit the King Power Mahanakhon, Bangkok’s coolest attraction and skyscraper! In late 2023, we finally had the chance (and time) to visit the Mahanakhon CUBE. An annex on Mahanakhon’s grounds that looks much smaller than the giant next door. But as we heard, with a very tasty content. 

Indeed, in the CUBE you will find nineteen top restaurants. Each and every one of them are gems, some of which even received a mention in the Michelin Guide! Across two floors, Thai and Western-oriented eateries are gathered to showcase the best of the best food and drinks.

We had heard about the set menu promotion, this was the perfect excuse to stop by the CUBE for a tasty tasting of some of the dishes available at the Mahanakhon Eatery on the first floor. Before we tell you about our own experience, let’s zoom in on the CUBE’s concept and the various eateries you can find on the ground and second floors.

Voorkant van de Mahanakhon CUBE
Entree van de Mahanakhon CUBE
Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE

The Mahanakhon CUBE concept 

In 2020, the seven-story Mahanakhon CUBE opened its doors. A paradise for Food lovers! Not only Thai cuisine is well represented here, but Western dishes are also showcased to perfection. More than twenty restaurants are located on the ground and second floor of the CUBE, and the beauty of it is, you can take a seat anywhere. Whatever and wherever you order, you may consume it in any restaurant located in the CUBE.

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De Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Where in Bangkok is the Mahanakhon CUBE located?

You can find the Mahanakhon CUBE in the Sathorn district near the popular Silom Road. The Sathorn/Silom area is well known as a business district and is an important hub for (business) travelers from Bangkok’s major offices and financial companies. The square where the CUBE is located, is crowded anyway because of the popular tourist attraction the King Power Mahanakhon. Less than five minutes from the CUBE lies The Standard Bangkok, one of Bangkok’s finest and famous hotels. In fact, during a visit to the Mahanakhon CUBE you have everything closeby: great restaurants, a stylish hotel, Bangkok’s coolest attraction. And all that is easily accessible!

How to get to the Mahanakhon CUBE?

To get to the CUBE, you can take Bangkok’s public transportation system. You can use a taxi, Grab or tuk tuk (we recommend MuvMi, the green tuk tuk alternative). However the easiest way to get to the CUBE is by sky train. At least, if you’re located close to a BTS station. It’s very simple, after boarding the right sky train from the Silon line, get off at Chong Nonsi station and take Exit 3. You are already facing the unmissable King Power Mahanakhon and the opposite located Mahanakhon CUBE.

King Power Mahanakhon, Bangkok’s most populair attraction

The comparatively small cube-shaped building of the CUBE faces the giant Mahanakhon Tower. This tower, also known as Bangkok’s pixel tower, is well presented in the beautiful skyline of metropolis Bangkok, day and night. All up, on the roof of the King Power Mahanakhon you will find the Mahanakhon SkyWalk attraction and the highest rooftop bar of Bangkok called Sky Beach. While visiting the Mahanakhon SkyWalk , you stand on a glass platform that rises 310 meters above ground level. An extraordinary experience and definitely a challenge for people afraid of heights (you can do it!). You can skip the glass tray and just enjoy a drink at Sky Beach while enjoying unparalleled 360-degree views of Thailand’s capital city!

Read more about the King Power Mahanakhon and the many facets this gigantic cool building has to offer!

De King Power Mahanakhon toren met helemaal bovenin de SkyWalk

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Het glazen platform, de SkyWalk bovenop de King Power Mahanakhon toren

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Superb eats and drinks!

Crazy about good food? Then you must be on the ground and second floors of the Mahanakhon CUBE ! At the Mahanakhon Eatery, located on the first floor, you will find European-oriented restaurants where you can eat. On the second floor is the Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE. Here you can enjoy a wide range of Thai bestsellers spread across nearly twenty Thai restaurants, some of which are generations old! Well-known, but also lesser-known Thai dishes are sold. This way, you as a visitor can become a little more familiar with the partly unknown, but oh so delicious Thai dishes.

Lekker gerecht bij Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Lekker gerecht bij Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Lekker gerecht bij Mahanakhon CUBE

Mahanakhon Eatery

The Mahanakhon Eatery on the first floor of the Mahanakhon CUBE offers various types of Western food and beverages from a total of seven curated food and beverage venues. Below we briefly describe what to expect from each location. What we can say to you right now is that they are all amazing. That will be hard to choose, we can tell!

The Mahanakhon Eatery is located on the first floor of the Mahanakhon CUBE and is open every day of the week from 7 am and 10 pm. 

At the time of writing this article the Mahanakhon Eatery Promotion Set is still there, but we don’t know for how long. Via this delectable promotion, you may choose from a selection of dishes to order from some of the Mahanakhon Eatery’s gems. This menu is easily shared by three to four people. If you are two people, like us, then it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to get this all up. You can find more about this set action further down in our Mahanakhon CUBE article.

De Mahanakhon Eatery op de begane grond van de Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Thailand Magazine

Isabella Italian Rotisserie by Andreas

Italian restaurant Isabella is a household name in Thailand. Not only can you enjoy perfect pastas and pizzas (and other perfectly cooked Italian food) here, it’s the chicken we had to be here for. This is because the owner, chef Andreas Bonifacio, has taken the “pollo al grill” to the next level. A tender and juicy piece of chicken with a crispy spicy skin at its best! The grilled whole or half chicken is served with various sauces and side dishes. 

Heerlijke kip bij Isabella Italian Rotisserie by Andreas in The Eatery van de Mahanakhon CUBE
Pizza bij Isabella Italian Rotisserie by Andreas in The Eatery van
Verse pasta bij Isabella Italian Rotisserie by Andreas in The Eatery van de Mahanakhon CUBE


At el’ mar you order the best from the sea. Here we saw a large group of people socializing at the table and especially enjoying a large selection of seafood. El’mar also has a large bar at which you can take a seat. In it is placed a large ice bucket in which the different types of oysters are displayed. Crazy about crab or lobster, el’mar is the place to be.

Meat and Spice by Another Hound Cafe

You can order the best meat from the Mahanakhon CUBE at Meat and Spice! Another Hound Cafe. The company behind this concept, we’ve known for several years from its various establishments in prime locations in Bangkok. Another Hound has become big by serving the best of the best, not only in terms of quality, but their service is also of a high standard. As the name Meat and Spice suggests, the dishes have an Asian Western twist, or the best of both worlds. 

As we described before already, if you would like to eat something different from the other(s)? No problem, if you order a piece of nice fresh fish and someone else orders that delicious looking prime cut of meat. At the Mahanakhon CUBE, you can consume the different orders at the same place. Order food and drinks at different places and enjoy them wherever you want. What a delicious concept this is!

Avril Gourmet & Bordier Selection

Craving a piece of oven-fresh crusty French bread along with delicious meats and/or cheeses? Check Avril Gourmet & Border Selection! A true Valhalla for the gourmets among us. Shopping at Avril in the Mahanakhon CUBE is like doing so in a small picturesque village in France or in La Bella Italia. You even can buy a bottle of Italian olive oil or a beautiful piece of butter of the very highest quality, like the world famous Breton butter Le Beurre Bordier. Those delicious ingredients like Spanish Iberico ham, French Brie or Italian salami are obviously perfect to pair with the wines from Maison du Vin described below.

visgerechten bij el'mar in The Eatery van de Mahanakhon CUBE
Lekker stukje vlees bij in The Eatery van de Mahanakhon CUBE
Border Selection in The Eatery van de Mahanakhon CUBE

Maison du Vin

Located in the Mahanakhon CUBE, Maison du Vin was opened by Thailand’s largest and very best wine importer, The Wine Merchant. From the first floor, you take a small staircase upstairs and find yourself in an old-fashioned looking French wine house surrounded by hundreds of different types of superior wines. For a good glass or bottle of wine you have to be at Maison du Vin in Silom. The professional sommeliers of this wine store will help you with advice and the great thing is, you can just open the wine during your dinner somewhere else in the CUBE!


Craving for something sweet like a dessert? You have to be here at ICI in the Mahanakhon CUBE! This little joint in Bangkok sells perhaps the most unusual-looking desserts you will see during your trip through Thailand. The two adorable desserts we ate from ICI were incredibly clever and beautifully made. Art for the mouth! The owner and her team have really managed to make ICI something unique. 

Our tip, at least save room for dessert at ICI. See below for three of the edible works of art available for order at ICI. PattICIrie with a big ICI!

Other Cafe

We conclude this list of the Mahanakhon Eatery with the Other Cafe. Craving a good cup of coffee after a delicious meal? At Other Cafe, they know how to make a good cup of coffee like no other. You can not only go here for an average black coffee, cappuccino, or espresso. The baristas at Other Cafe also offer a selection of special coffees. For example, order bestsellers like the Thai Crispy Late or the Kenzo Volcano. If you want to know what they can brew for you, just walk into this ultra-modern coffee shop in the Mahanakhon CUBE, you’re there now anyway!

Goede wijnen bij Maison du Vin in The Eatery van de Mahanakhon CUBE
De lekkerste desserts bij ICI in The Eatery van de Mahanakhon CUBE
Lekkere koffie bij Other Cafe in The Eatery van de Mahanakhon CUBE

Mahanakhon Eatery Promotion Set, our experience

After a long journey from Koh Kood to Bangkok, we had gotten quite hungry. So after checking in, we wanted to eat something first before visiting our most favorite building in Bangkok. It had been six months since we had been on the roof of the King Power Mahanakhon. The last time was at 5:30 in the early morning during sunrise to shoot a never-to-be-forgotten-after-wedding-photo-shoot after our wedding on Koh Samui. We were eager to see the team again and enjoy together the phenomenal 360-degree view this building offers. The King Power Mahanakhon is simply a venue like no other!

Since we were in the area anyway, we decided to finally stop by the Mahanakhon CUBE. We had heard a lot about the ultimate set promotion, it is so delicious and great value for money, many of our Bangkok friends told us. We took a seat on a soft bench at Isabella, the Italian restaurant of master chef Andreas Bonifacio and asked about the promotional set menu. We were given a fill-in-the-blank menu on which we could tick off a number of dishes for each restaurant.

After explaining the set promotion of the Mahanakhon Eatery, we looked at the friendly manager of Isabella with surprise and asked him “all this for 2,000 THB++ the kind man replied with a smile on his face and said “no for 1,999 THB, but are you sure you want to order this for two?” We immediately started filling out the paper on which there were five different columns. 

Mahanakhon Eatery Promotion Set Menu

Image: Thailand Magazine

The first column consisted of three different sets of small dishes from Avril Gourmet & Bordier Selection. We chose Set C, raw ham and ciabatta from Italy, Russian salad, French cheeses, and how could it be otherwise pickles from Holland, our home country. 

The second column was for el’mar and a simple choice for us. We love calamari, so we were very curious to see how they would taste in the CUBE. The second el’mar dish we chose was the grilled Hamachi with bacon, beans and mango salsa. In retrospect, both dishes were fantastic!

The third column was for Meat & Spice, again we could choose from three different sets. Our cross came for the salad with prawns and the dessert with red hot chili chocolate. We had arrived at column four, that of Isabella, the restaurant we were seated at and very secretly actually came for. The heavenly chicken and then also a slice of pizza of the day, the choice was easy! 

Finally, the last column, number five, is that of ICI. This one offered us a choice of five different desserts all with a cute name. We looked at the small images on the menu and unanimously chose the Smiley. The second choice was “uhm a chocolate dessert we already get from Meat & Spice, let’s order that cute cheesecake with that little mouse on it, it looks so cute”. The order was placed! 

Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Onderdeel van de Mahanakhon Eatery Promotie set bij de Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Onderdeel van de Mahanakhon Eatery Promotie set bij de Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Our verdict. We could spend hundreds of words extolling all the heavenly dishes we were served in front of our noses (see, I’m already starting). So we’ll just stop here and tell you this: everything is incredibly delicious! For a price of “only” THB 2,000, this is actually unheard of. In the West, you easily pay triple for a king’s meal like this. 

Remember this, if you plan to visit the King Power Mahanakhon Tower, also plan a visit to the Mahanakhon CUBE. Before or after your visit, sit back and enjoy the delectable variety of dishes, with or without a set menu promotion!

Also, let us know how you experienced the Mahanakhon CUBE, we are very curious about your opinion. You can reach us at:

Mahanakhon Eatery Promotie set bij de Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Mahanakhon Eatery Promotie set bij de Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Mahanakhon Eatery Promotie set bij de Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE

Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE can be found on the first floor of the foodie cube in Bangkok. Here you can experience some of Thailand’s best street food meals, snacks and desserts in a modern and hygienic environment. Each of the restaurants listed below are curated by a team of skilled food professionals. Some of the Thai Taste Hub restaurants in the Mahanakhon CUBE are even named in the world-renowned Michelin Guide. Along with SOOK SIAM (at ICONSIAM), the Mahanakhon CUBE is one of the very best locations to get a taste of Thai cuisine in Bangkok. 

You’ll find the Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE on the second floor of the Mahanakhon CUBE and you can visit any day of the week from 10 am and 8:30 pm. 

Unfortunately, we haven’t had the time to dine at the Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE ourselves yet. As soon as we do, we will expand our Mahanakhon CUBE article. To give you a better idea of what to expect on the first floor of the Mahanakhon CUBE, we have briefly described what restaurants can be found there and what they have to offer, among other things. We can’t wait to take the stairs to the first floor of the Mahanakhon CUBE next time!

Gerechten uit Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Phed Phed Hey!

At Phed Phed Hey! at the Mahanakhon CUBE, delicious dishes from Isaan are prepared. The chef’s family comes from the northeastern province of Thailand named Nakhon Phanom. With the culinary knowledge gained there, the dishes are prepared with love just like grandma used to make them. We have heard a lot of good things about the som tam with strawberries! This dish will definitely be on our wish list! Good to know, phed stands for spicy, you have been warned!

Nai Ek Roll Noodle

Nai Ek Roll Noodle is a phenomenon from Bangkoks Chinatown. Now this noodle shop also has a branch at the Mahanakhon CUBE. Nai Ek Roll Noodle’s are very popular in Bangkok. Try them in the aromatic black pepper soup with crispy pork (Kuay Chap), a tip from the Michelin Guide.

Jek Meng Chicken Rice

Have you ever eaten Hainanese chicken with rice? No? Write down or remember this dish for a (next) visit to Bangkok. You find Hainanese Chicken Rice shops all around in Bangkok (and Thailand), and for good reason. According to the culinary experts at the CUBE, Jek Meng’s is amazingly delicious, which is why this very restaurant is featured in the Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE.

Som Tam met aardbeien bij Phed Phed Hey in de Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE
Gerecht met roll noodles bij Nai Ek Roll Noodles in de Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Jek Meng Chicken Rice

9 San Laan

Chef Lalita, the owner of 9 San Laan prepares a bowl of delicious boat noodle soup. Many of the guests stop by especially for the special 9 San Laan soup with Wagyu beef. By the way, the owner/chef has completed the gastronomic course at the French Cordon Bleu, a training that many a chef says sacrebleu to!

Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu

There are some very popular pad thai restaurants in Bangkok, Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu’s is one of them. A steaming plate of pad thai is something that practically everyone likes! If you are not really familiar with Thai food yet, this is a great first dish to try at first. Our tip; order the Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu (shrimp) or the Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu Moo Kob (with crispy pork), yummm!


Crazy about chicken as we are?! We already wrote about Isabella’s super tender chicken or Jek Meng’s chicken with rice, but here’s another chicken tip! At Pinn they serve different dishes with chicken like the Soy Chicken with their signature thin noodles, or the Chicken Peri Peri, but also grilled chicken with a sauce prepared by a Michelin Chef is an option. Choice stress!

Gerecht bij 9 San Laan in de Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE
Pad Thai met garnalen bij Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu in de Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE
De kip van Pinn in de Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE


Kruwn is also from the team at Phed Phed Hey! and thus another Isaan-oriented restaurant that can be found in the CUBE. This is mainly where you go for the fried or grilled meat paired with sticky rice and a dozen different types of dipping sauces. Delicious, but very spicy, yep you have been warned again!

Boon Lert

Boon Lert has been a household name in Bangkok for over 40 years! The restaurant serves a portion of super good egg noodles with grilled pork. The pork is marinated in a magisterial marinade for four hours and then prepared. Add silky egg noodles and flavorful wontons stuffed with pork. Throw everything into a flavorful broth and you have a dish you must have tasted, on our wish list.


Pad Krapow is the most popular Thai dish around! If you ask a Thai about his/her favorite Thai dish, nine times out of ten the answer is “pad krapow.” Therefore, we are also very curious to see how the dish consisting of minced meat, Thai (Holy) basil and many, many peppers will taste at Prow. To make the pad krapow complete, order it with a portion of white rice topped with a fried egg with soft egg yolk, sooooo incredibly delicious!!!

Gerecht met sticky rice bij Kruwn

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Noodle gerecht bij Boon Lert in de Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Pad Krapow met ei bij Prow in de Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE

Maverick Suki

Since 1960, Maverick Suki has been serving delicious dishes like their legendary tender marinated pork in the spicy sukiyaki sauce or their Chicken Fried Noodles. What we will order from Maverick Suki during our next visit to the CUBE, we don’t know yet. What we do know is that we will definitely take a look and maybe walk out with two dishes.

Tub Tim Krob Siam

A dessert is the last thing you should order at the Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE. Tub Tim Krob is also called the “red rubies” dessert. This dessert has become internationally famous thanks to its inclusion in CNN’s top 50 best desserts. Take diced water chestnuts, put them in a sweet red liquid and you have (in a nutshell) Tub Tim Krob. We ourselves have never eaten this dessert … yup, on our wish list!

Chumpol Patonggo

The Chinese Patonggo is a love child whose parents are an American doughnut and a Spanish Churro. We love it and as soon as we see patonggo somewhere we have to buy a serving of it. Patonggo is deliciously crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. This snack is made for delicious dipping in a dipping sauce of condensed milk or pandan. If you have never eaten pantonggo before, this is your chance! Order a cup of coffee with it. Order a good cup of coffee with it, at Other Cafe on the first floor, for example.

Suki gerecht bij Maverick Suki in de Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Suki gerecht bij Maverick Suki in de Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Chumpol Patonggo

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Our future wishlist at Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE

Our wishlist for another visit to Mahanakhon CUBE, this time at the Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE includes: Strawberry Som Tam at Phed Phed Hey, Kuay Chap at Nai Ekk Roll Noodle, Hainanese Chicken Rice at Jek Meng, Bboat Noodles Soup from 9 San Laan, Pad Thai with shrimp at Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu, Soya Chicken with Noodles at Pinn, Fried chicken (yes again chicken) with sticky rice and two different types of chili sauces and extra chicken skin to get rid of that chicken addiction. .. 

We’re not there yet, there are still more dishes that should be on our wish list: the egg noodles with grilled pork at Boon Lert, a simple but so delectable pad krapow at Krapow, pork sukiyaki at Maverick Suki, Tub Tim Krob at Tub Tim Krob Siam and patonggo at Chumpol Patonggo with a condensed milk dip to properly end our visit to the Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE 

We can hear you thinking “that crazy couple is going to roll out of the Mahanakhon CUBE barrel-fed if they are going to finish that wish list.” Therefore we’ll have to make choices and break down our wish list into several bite-sized chunks. No punishment as we are only too happy to visit the CUBE, also this is a great excuse to stop by our favorite Bangkok skyscraper every now and then, the King Power Mahanakhon, a place that is extra special for us.

Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Gerechten bij Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

The second floor of the Mahanakhon CUBE

On the second floor of this foodies paradise in Bangkok, there are three stores where the main focus is on tasty drinks. There is Flash Coffee, a coffee shop where you can enjoy a good and cheap cup of coffee. Then there is Makai Acai, the superfood bar with healthy drinks and bowls.Finally, there is a shop of Thailand’s most popular Thai Tea brand, ChaTraMue. Tea lovers can enjoy delicious cold and hot teas here. We love the typical cold Thai tea called Cha Yen (cold tea), a must try if you haven’t had this before.

There is more to find than just good foof at the Mahanakhon CUBE

Did you know that the Mahanakhon CUBE also offers relaxation and sports? In fact, the building also has a fitness center, sports bar and a number of wellness centers. 

The Big Board

On the fifth floor of the Mahanakhon CUBE, you’ll find The Big Board. This is Thailand’s first Sports Bar focused on cryptocurrency and stocks. Not only can you peer at a screen showing sports games here, but also screens showing various stock prices. Wondering how your digital currency has gone up (or down) in value? You’ll also find that on the big screen at The Big Board. There are screens everywhere showing sporting events, and the big screen is a whopping 20 inches tall. Of course, you can also get something tasty to eat and drink at this special sports bar.

Acaii bowl in de Mahanakhon CUBE
Cha Tra Mue Thaise thee in de Mahanakhon CUBE
The Big Board in de Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

F45 Training

At F45, down in the basement, you can work out those newly added calories right away. F45 has a large training room where a 45-minute HIIT workout will sweat off the delicious meal you just had.


At SOLNE, the aesthetic clinic located on the third floor of the Mahanakhon CUBE, offers customized experience by specialized dermatologists. 

Go Eun Clinic

Korean-based Go Eun Clinic is located on the third floor of the Mahanakhon CUBE. Here you can go for “maintaining body shape” among other things. From fat killers to hair transplants and acne treatments to rejuvenation treatment. You’ll walk out of the Go Eun Clinic looking brand new.

Let’s Relax Spa

Personally, we prefer to opt for the Let’s Relax Spa, a renowned wellness center located on the fourth floor of the Mahanakhon CUBE. There are so many options to book at Let’s Relax Spa, from foot massages to a comprehensive dream package of an hour and a half of pure relaxation. Want the best of the best? Then book the Full Spirit package, after this more than three-hour session you will come out of the CUBE sifted as reborn.

Relax Massage in de Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

Ontspanning in de Mahanakhon CUBE

Image: Mahanakhon CUBE

General information about the Mahanakhon CUBE

Address: 96 Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Rd, Khwaeng Silom, Khet Bang Rak
Address in Thai: 96 ถนน นราธิวาสราชนครินทร์ แขวงสีลม เขตบางรัก กรุงเทพมหานคร 10500
Opening times Mahanakhon Eatery: 07.00 till 22.00 hours
Opening times Thai Taste Hub Mahanakhon CUBE: 10.00 till 20.30 hours
Opening times Let’s Relax Spa @ Mahanakhon CUBE: 10.00 till 23.00 hours
Phone: 0066 (0)26 778721
E-mail: contact.cube@kingpower.com
Website: kingpowermahanakhon.co.th/cube
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MahanakhonCUBE
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mahanakhoncube

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