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Read everything about Lumpini Park in Bangkok
Swan boats in the lake of Lumpini Park in Bangkok


Lumpini Park is by far Bangkok’s most famous park. The park is not only loved by tourists but also by the Thai themselves. Lumpini Park is a big green oasis in the hectic and crowded city of Bangkok. The park gives you the opportunity to relax, cool off or get some exercise. If you love nature then a visit to Lumpini Park is a must. Here you will find a variety of flora and fauna and its most famous inhabitant, the water dragon…

Visit Lumpini Park in Bangkok around 17:30. At 18:00 the national anthem will be played and then everyone in the park will stop to pay homage to the royal family. As a tourist it is nice to stand still for a while.

Lumpini Park in Bangkok from above

History of the Lumpini Park

In the 1920s, after World War I, a large park was created on the spot where exhibitions used to be held in a kind of open-air museum. Formerly the area where now Lumpini Park is located was called Sanam Sala Daeng or Sala Daeng Fields. After the opening of the park it was named after the birthplace of Buddha (Lumbini in southern Nepal). In 1925 Lumpini Park was opened and it also became the first public park of Bangkok.

On the square near the main entrance (southwest) of the park stands a statue of King Rama VI. It was King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) who made this place an open air museum in the first place and thus created space for the park. In the twenties when this park had just opened it was still on the outskirts of the city. Now a century later the park is located in the heart of Bangkok’s business district. This way you can clearly see that Bangkok has grown a lot, really a lot!

In 2025, Lumpini Park will celebrate its 100th anniversary, so a large-scale renovation will begin in late 2022 that will allow the park to thrive again in 2025. In the coming years work will be done on the facilities in the park, but also new trees and plants will be installed. At the end of 2024 the park will be partially redesigned and the park will be open again, we are so curious what this major park will look like!

Lumphini Park1 - C Hakan Kavas_1536x900

What to do in Lumpini Park?

Lumpini Park is an incredibly versatile park where you can easily stay for a few hours without getting bored for a moment. Besides a great diversity of flora and fauna, there are also many other attractions or activities. We have listed some of them for you, check them out below.

There are a number of rules in the park:
– It is forbidden to smoke in the parks of Bangkok. A fine for this will cost you 2,000 baht.
– At 08:00 and 18:00 the national anthem is played in which everyone stands still and is silent. It is much appreciated if you do the same.

Lumpini Park Map in Bangkok, Thailand

Obviously the nature in the park!

Despite the fact that Lumpini Park is a city park, you’ll find plenty of nature here that you can enjoy. Besides the many greenery and beautiful tropical flowers that grow here, more than 30 species of birds live in the park. There are also turtles and other reptiles such as our favorite water dragon, officially named the monitor lizard. These large lizards mainly swim around in the water like the lake and in the surrounding ditches of the park. But don’t be afraid if suddenly such a monster comes crawling ashore in front of you. They are more likely afraid for you and don’t spit fire. Wonderful to see how time seems to have stood still with these little mini dinosaurs!

Amazing nature at Lumpini Park in Bangkok

There was a period that the monitor lizards got the upper hand in Lumpini Park. Visitors started to complain about these overgrown lizards, so a large part of the lizard group was moved to other green areas where man and monitor lizard are less of a burden to each other. But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to encounter water dragons, big chance! But you don’t have to worry about tripping over them either.

The monitor lizzard at Lumpini Park in Bangkok

The playgrounds for children

For young children Lumpini Park is also a very nice park to visit. There are plenty of playgrounds where children can romp around and play on swings and slides. The park is also nice and spacious so the children can run around to their heart’s content.

A quick nap in Lumpini Park in Bangkok

Sports and exercise in Lumpini Park

As soon as you walk into the park you immediately see a lot of Thai movement, there are ball sports like basketball and Takraw, the last one is a kind of combination of volleyball and soccer with a braided ball. There are also some calmer forms of movement like yoga or Tai Chi. In the park there are also several fitness machines. Wonderful to see how this park is used to keep fit! Cycling, jogging and hiking are possible on a 2.5 kilometer long trail that winds through the park.

Sports at Lumpini Park in Bangkok

There is a walking trail all the way from Lumpini Park to Benjakitti Park, called the Green Mile. In our article about the Benjakitti Park you can find out more about this. Highly recommended!

The  green mile connecting Lumpini Park and Benjakiti Park

The (swan) lake

There is also a large lake in the park where you can relax on the side while reading a book in the shade. Or you can rent a swan boat for 40 baht per half hour to paddle around the lake. After your performance of the swan lake you can relax on the waterfront with a (romantic) picnic!

Swan boats in the lake of Lumpini Park in Bangkok

Eating & Drinking in Lumpini Park

Prior to your visit to Lumpini Park you can buy some delicious snacks and drinks at the food stalls on the square. There is also a possibility to rent a picnic mat if you didn’t bring anything yourself. Then find a nice spot along the water and/or in the shade and enjoy! In the park you can also buy food and rent mats at various restaurants and market stalls that can be found here. Of course you can also get some goodies in advance at the 7-Eleven convenience store nearby.

Food stalls at the entrance at Lumpini Park in Bangkok

A social function

The park is home to various social organisations such as Home for Hope, which takes care of homeless children, or the MBA Apprentice School, an organisation that offers people computer or cooking courses, among other things. There is also a library where one can rent books to read in the park for example. In our opinion it is not possible to hear these as a holidaymaker but you can try it (please let us know right away). This library is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 08:00 – 20:00.

seating area at Lumpini Park in Bangkok

(Music) Festivals in the Lumpini Park

Between January and April when the weather is optimal for outdoor festivals in Bangkok there is a music festival kept every Sunday in Lumpini Park. Even the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra performs here regularly. A very special happening to experience this in such a green oasis in the middle of the hectic metropolis of Bangkok. There are also many other festivals and festivities in the park.

Lumpini Park in Bangkok

In the surroundings of Lumpini Park

There is a lot to see and do in the area! We have collected a number of great options in the area for you, such as well-appreciated sleeping places, restaurants, shopping malls and places of interest that are worth a visit, you are so close now! We hope this will make your visit to Bangkok even easier and more fun!

Information about Lumpini Park in Bangkok

Open: Daily from 04:30 – 21:00
Entrance: Free
Address: Rama IV Road
District: Silom

How to get to Lumpini Park with public transportation in Bangkok

Route BTS: Halte Sala Daeng + 3 minutes walking
Route MRT: Halte Lumpini + 2 minutes walking
Route MRT: Halte Silom + 1 minute walking

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